Sour Revenge, Chapter 1

Revenge. What is it? To exact punishment on behalf of someone else. When revenge has been exacted, it is typically referred to as sweet. But revenge is not always sweet. It can be bitter, tasteless, sour. Revenge is always exacted, in some way or the other, in the world of Club Penguin Warfare. But when the war broke out with the Nachos, revenge was required. In whatever form necessary.

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So I had this plot idea…~

Would you guys like pictures of the people in here or…?


I apologize in advance for any mistakes and also caution Drust swears like a sailor :,D


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This is a change?

Okay so, I have this project for English and we have to produce a story with a twist? 

Eh, well, I’m going to post this, because I need help with choosing a name for the park. 

Oh and sorry for not being CP related. c: 

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Club Penguin Army Saga – Chapter 2

This is the second installment of the Club Penguin Army Saga that was originally released in 2010. To read more about The Saga and view Chapter 1, click HERE.

Chapter 2

Through the Storm

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The Club Penguin Army Saga – Chapter 1

Years ago, I created a story called the Club Penguin Army Saga using my website, CPA Central. It was intended to be a weekly adventure story that addressed the army community as a whole. Unfortunately, when CPA Central was hacked in 2010, all work that had been done to the story was lost. After much effort trying to recover the story, I eventually gave up, assuming the story to be gone forever. Over two years later, while browsing through the archives of some Club Penguin Army-related websites, I stumbled across two posts on the website of an old friend. In these two posts were the two chapters of The Saga that I had written. Apparently, the friend has liked them so much that he had copied them over to his website and they were saved. Now, I am sharing these chapters with you.

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The Return of the Cokemeister and the Vimtomeister

Splashy: Domain coming for CPASC, in about 2 weeks time. A little celebration thing for 10k views also coming soon.

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The Return of the Godfather and his Awesome Mafia Friends

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