GT Stories

GT Trilogy, Cheeze’s Story

By: Cheezepleaze

Max Hellen typed at a staggering 97 WPM on his computer, sending e-mails to other companies and clients. He was a great employee, his boss just wouldn’t notice him though. He hardly knew what he was typing, but whenever he read over it, it always made absolute sense. Max lived in civilian land, away from the cruelty of armies, with his wife. He knew about all the wars though. Battles were like baseball when it came to popularity.

People rooted for a certain army, although they aren’t in them. Max knew about the ACP, GT, Nachos, IW, and all of the rest of them. His mind wandered around in his brain, typing still,  but thinking. He wondered why anybody would risk their lives in such a terrible environment. “HELLEN!” the boss screamed, demanding attention.

“Sorry sir,” Max said slightly embarrassed not to hear his boss trying to get him to focus. “There’s a promotion coming up soon, and I want you to have it.” Max’s face lit up with joy and thoughts of more money in the check every month. “Thank you so mu-” “I also want Joe over there to have it,” Max’s boss interrupted, trying not to get his hopes up. Too late. “Oh…”

“You two better be on your best behavior, if you want the promotion, that is.” Max felt determined. “Yes sir,” He said as he put his hands back to the keyboard and typed away. Later that night Max came home to a fresh dinner and a loving wife, Karen. Karen gave Max a small kiss and told him that she cooked ravioli today. “Cool beans.”

Max watched some of the war, GT vs Nachos, on tv. “Go nachos!” Karen laughed silently and brought out some plates. “I think the nachos are going to catch up and win Karen!” Max noticed Karen staring against a wall, eyes completely un-focused.  “What is it Kear bear?”

“Huh? oh nothing.” Max gave her his, kind of pathetic, best “oh-really-face”. “Well, I think I’m pregnant.” Max’s eyes widened and he started choking on a piece of ravioli. He coughed up some red sauce on the table and continued “WHAT.” Well I’ve been having tons of random cravings and I’m feeling bloated.

“Are you sure you’re not just fat?!” Max then realized the idiotic mistake he just uttered out of his mouth, and watched his lovely wife stomp away. “Kear bear?” he whispered against the door. The door suddenly opened, and Max fell over, the force of an angry pregnant woman throwing a pillow and sleeping bag, overpowering him. He went to the couch.

The phone rang at exactly 11:47. Max got up and mumbled “Who calls this late at night…” He picked up the phone and tried sounding as awake as possible. “Hellen residence.” A deep voice from across the phone said “Hello, would you like to join the Golden Troopers? Max hung up.

Meanwhile, across the fence and far to the GT base, GT leader Ganger heard a beeping noise and sighed. “Jerk. That’s the last of me being nice to strangers.” Max went to sleep, determined to be ready for the big promotion competition tomorrow.  On a somewhat larger scale, Ganger was determined too. Determined to beat the nachos at a war that would change Max’s life forever.

Chapter 2

Maxs eyes slowly opened, revealing his ceiling, the light shimmering on it. Wait- the light? He looked at his alarm clock, 6:45! He was gonna be so late! He quickly grabbed his suit, and put it on, while combing his hair. He skipped brushing his teeth and eating.

He got in his car and drove. He quickly zoomed past a yellow car. Then the yellow cars sirens went off. He just sped past an undercover police car. “GOD DANG IT!!!” Max pulled over.

“License  and registration.” Max sighed and pulled out his wallet. Or at least he tried to. Max’s face turned deep red and his eyes widened. He forgot his wallet in all the rush. Great, I’m going to be so fired…”

The cop searched his car, which took about 5 minutes, then taxed him, which took about 5 minutes, and finally gave a lecture which took about 20 minutes. By the time Max made it to work, he was 1 hour and 30 minutes late. “Your fired.” Max’s boss ruthlessly said, walking into his office with his back turned. “Sir please! one more chance!”

“Do you know how many people would kill for your job? You come late, your out, scaddadle.” Max was about to speak but his boss finally made it into his office and slammed the door in his face. Max turned around and saw all of his fellow employees staring at him awkwardly. “Get back to work…” Nobody did. Max walked out with his head hung low.

“Karen you won’t believe what just happened!” Max said on his cellphone. “You were fired?” Max was actually pretty shocked that his wife would even think that Max was a bad worker. Then again, she was right. “Uh yeah, how do you know?” “I got a call from your boss saying that your last pay check is coming tomorrow.”

Max started thinking about the speeding ticket, the loss of job, and even the phone call invitation that happened last night. Next thing you know he realized he’d been driving around his neighborhood at least seven times. Maybe that explains the two drivers tickets. He didn’t need to start thinking, he needed to start thinking about the right things. He drove into his garage and walked into the house.

“Karen I got two tickets from a police officer… Its gonna cost 300$.” Karen’s eyes widened. “THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!?!? YOU BETTER FIND A NEW JOB OR ELSE ONE DAY YOU’LL END UP ON THE STREETS ALONE.” Karen slammed the door leading to her room on Max’s face. Second time that happened today.

Max did some heavy thinking. He had two options, get a new job, or join the Golden Troopers. Armies pay you at the end of your service, and they pay you a really large amount. All he would have to do was go the 4 year term, the he would be payed 400,000$. Which, in club penguin, would last him half of his life! Then when that ran out, he would just go another 4 years.

Then again the problem with that would be that he wouldn’t be with his wife for four years. Getting a job, he would stay with his wife and not have his freaking life in danger, but he would most likely be on a budget. He decided to go with the job. He looked through the phonebook and called every single job that sounded nice, then asked them if they wanted more help. Then he went down a notch and asked every single job that sounded ok. Then any job that wasn’t way too bad.

He gave up with the phonebook. His phone rang as Karen was making dinner. “Hello, Penrose residence.” “Join the nachos. All those other armies are lame, and they have no fun.” Max hung up on the nacho leader, Ads.

“Karen what should I do…” Karen looked away from the pot she was cooking with. “You should get out of this god dang house and look around for help wanted signs!” All of a sudden a flower vase practically exploded, followed by the wall behind it having a small hole in it. “Karen get down!!!” Karen and Max huddled together on the floor.


Karen and Max were on the floor for about 10 minutes when the police showed up. They scanned the bullet that was lodged in their wall. Luckily, it was only one bullet from  a battle far far away, if it were any closer…Max decided to stop thinking for once. Karen was crying.

The police finally claimed it was a Nacho bullet. I didn’t even know how that was really possible, as he thought about it, because the nachos border was facing his house, and they wouldn’t be attacking their own base. Max didn’t really care though, his house was attacked and he was going to make sure the police did something about it. “Well hopefully that never happens again.” Max was startled. “Is that all the badged rangers have to say?”

“Badged range-” “Shut up, my wife could have DIED and all you do is say you hope it doesn’t happen!?” Max interrupted the cops soon-to-be question. “I’m sorry but everybody knows that nobody messes with the armies. “Even if they murdered someone?” The cop headed for the door. “I suggest you move out. Apparently this is a bad bad neighborhood.”

The cop left, leaving Max frustrated and annoyed. His wife still crying. “We have to get a new house, I don’t want to raise our baby on a battle field.” “We can’t, not with the bills along with the tickets AND I still have no job…” Max felt he was almost in tears. He had to find a good job soon.

The very next morning, Max went for a bike (he already chose to sell his luxury car to pay off the tickets). He saw a help wanted sign in a comic book store. As nerdy as it seemed, he had to for now, so he walked in and showed his papers. They grabbed his papers and threw them in the recycle because they claimed “papers are for plants, welcome to the job!” Max didn’t quite get that statement. Oh well, he took a look at the comic books, because no costumers were coming in…

“Pirates, Army zombies, Super hero army…” Max realized that people really tried to make some big bucks out of the violence going on there. He wondered again why people would even join an army, considering there was really nothing to fight for. He picked up the army zombies comic and started reading, expecting of course, the worst. He saw a zombie in an ice warriors uniform and it was infecting the entire iw base. Max couldn’t help but laugh.

A costumer walked up to him, staring awkwardly at Max, who was laughing at a zombie comic book… “Its…Funny…” Max said quietly. “Yeeeeeah, so whats your recommendation.” “Oh I just got here.” The costumer left, walking across the street to the other comic book store.

Max’s new boss saw the whole thing roll out. “You don’t know the first thing about comics do you?” Max sighed. “Your fired, Max.” Max realized that his life used to be awesome, and how in just a few days he was now sad that he got fired from a comic book store. Sort of pathetic, he though.

Max left, and went home again with no money. “Kare bear I’m home.” “How’d your job go?” Max sat down at the dinner table and replied “terrible.” Karen too had a bad day, trying to find a job with a baby in her.

Karen finally blurted out “We have to sell our home.” “Of course we do.” “No Max, I don’t mean for a new one, our rents finally gone past, the government is taking away our home.” “What?” Karen didn’t respond, knowing that Max heard perfectly well. “We have one more day left.”

Karen burst into tears, spraying the table… “Its ok honey, we’ll get through this.” Karen fought her tears, clearly losing “are you kidding me, we are” the rest was a kind of random mumble of strange sounds, that most likely made sense to Karen. “Maybe its a good thing, this house is gonna kill us anyways!” “Its better then the streets! I mean” more mumbles and sobs.


Max was terribly sad watching Karen erupt like this. He had to stop her! “Kare bear, we can get through this, I know we can.” A whoosh sound flew by, as a hole eroded into the wall. Max immediately knew what was going on. “KAREN, DUCK!!!”

Karen and Max hid underneath their kitchen table. Max quickly peeked under and saw more holes, EVERYWHERE. The couch’s furry white stuff inside flew out, their TV shattered. Max rushed his head back under the table, and bumped his head. He found it amazing that Karen wasn’t crying yet. “It’s ok Karen, just stay low.”

“Karen?” Max turned and looked at the unresponsive wife. Something didn’t seem right, her face looked…Like the happiness had been drained of her. Max noticed red sludge on the back of her head and his heart skipped a beat. Plenty of beats, actually. Everything seemed in slow motion as Max suddenly realized what had happened. Somebody had just murdered his wife and unborn son.

Max didn’t find courage, or didn’t grow stupid, but he decided to step out from under the safety of the table. He decided to climb over the fence, ripping a wound in his arm, and tearing his sleeve. He then saw his murderer. A man in a sombrero just evilly grinning. Max found himself trapped within a trail of thoughts, of murder, hate, and anger.Next thing you know he was standing beside a man in orange, firing rapidly at his sombrero enemies, the nachos.

Max did what seemed right, and powerfully punched the Gold Vested veteran in the cheek. The golden trooper suddenly fell flat on his face, unconscious. Max picked up his fallen gun, and aimed specifically on the grinning nacho, not thinking. Max honestly had no emotions, he was in a state of pure shock. What seemed like seconds, eventually become minutes, and Max finally ran absolutely out of ammo. He dropped his gun.

He noticed that the man he had knocked out started slowly moving. Max wondered how long he had been there, shooting at that one man, that had retreated by now. The man suddenly pulled out his backup gun, a pistol, and pointed it at Max’s head. Not the best idea for a man whose wife had just been murdered. Max moved the slightest bit, and the man pointed the pistol at Max’s leg and fired. Max crumpled to the floor in pain, not only by the bullet, but as he started to regain himself and the emotions flooded in.

“State your army.” Said the golden man, standing tall over Max’s head in the night. Max quietly stammered “I-I don’t have a-an army.” “Well then state your business here on the battlefield.” Max decided that nothing in his life really mattered anymore, so there was no point in keeping his pain a secret. “My-my wife, Karen, she just got shot by the sombra- nacho guy.”

“So are you joining the Golden Troopers of club penguin or not.” Max didn’t have to think, his instinct already decided for him. “You bet your ***.” Max replied with dignity. “I like your style, sorry I shot you in the leg with my unicorn ray.” Replied the man, now suddenly showing a new, definately goofier, side of himself.

“I named my pistol the unicorn ray, just letting you know, don’t want to make you think I’m crazy.” Too late, Max thought quietly, although in quite a greater mood, determined to kill the nacho. “My name is cheeze, and I’m looking for a new recruit to join my squad. Suddenly a girl appeared, with a tiger-painted helmet. “HI I’M ANGEL! I LIKE NEW RECRUITS.”

Max felt the urge to back away quietly, but wanted to be polite to his new squad. Then this “angel” girl suddenly screamed “LOPII! GET YOUR STINKIN’ BUTT OVER HERE!” A guy named lopii suddenly looked at angel then said “sorry” quietly. “Checking out Kali again, lopii?” Cheeze said, knowingly. “You know it!” lopii said, instantly knowing that being embarassed would make him look pathetic, whilst if he tried the player attitude, it would work. Which in Max’s mind, it actually did work.

Max looked over at another squad, consisting of Kali,Agentboot, Kanye, and Natalie. “Which one is kali?” Max said, finally speaking to his new friends. “The hot one.” Angel seemed offended. She pulled out her pistol and shot so close to lopii, even Max was scared. Lopii completely spazzed out and fell on the floor, angel laughed.

“So wheres my Xats cheeze?” Angel said, staring accusingly at cheeze. “What?” “We made that bet, that if lopii stared at Kali 5 times today, I would get 40 xats!” Cheeze reached into his pocket, remembering the deal. “Xats are like army money,” Lopii informed Max. “You can buy cool stuff with it.”

“Ok everybody into the tunnel, we’re heading back to GT camp.” Cheeze said as he started walking. “Aw man, it took us like a day to get here!” Lopii complained. “This time we brought the jeeps,” cheeze said sort of happy himself. They all climbed down a ladder and climbed into a green jeep.

“To GT base.” Cheeze ordered, showing his more leader side again. In the corner of his eye, Max saw something change color. He looked at where it was, and saw that Cheeze’s necklace had turned from blue to red, then back to blue. “What’s that?” Max asked curiously. “When my necklace turns red, I become a leader, when it turns blue, I become…”

“Special.” Lopii added with a smirk. And with that, the engines of the jeep started, and they began their descent through the underground of IW land, and into GT’s. (See map at bottom of page.) “Max, you are going to be private 2, consider yourself lucky for skipping private 1, but we all know that you could pass the grueling boot camp, plus I think you’ve been through enough today.” Cheeze said, remembering sadly Max’s story. (Also see ranks at bottom of page.)

They had to go through IW land to travel through to the nachos, but didn’t want to interfere with IW, so they just dug a huge freaking tunnel.

You see, if Cheeze didn’t go easy on Max, Max would have been private, instead of private 2, then gone through “boot camp.” Where you spend a year learning the basics. Cheeze often thinks that he can teach better then the boot camp.

Chapter 5

Max didn’t feel very comfortable in this dimly lit tunnel. It seemed like if somebody lit a match everything would explode. Explosions are funny, Max thought. “Hahaha EXPLOSIONS!” Everybody laughed with Max. Suddenly Cheeze’s necklace turned red, and cheeze screamed “GAS MASKS ON, WE’RE BEING JOKE BOMBED!”

Max saw everybody put on clear masks. HAHAHA MASKS! It was funny how Max was the only one laughing, because Max felt so wonderful. Suddenly lopii shoved something on Max’s face. Max suddenly found everything dark and scary, and he saw some orange dudes in uniform, without sombrero’s. “Nachos?” max asked.

“No, DCP, everybody get ready to jump out of the jee-”gunshots. Cheeze fell over and screamed “OPEN THE DOORS AND JUMP OUT.” Max opened the door but saw the jeep was still moving! He definately did not want to jump out, it would sting like crazy…But angel just had to shove him out. Max tumbled and finally got some strength to stop himself.

He saw the green jeep burst suddenly into flames, and he screamed “CHEEZE!” Then angel quietly comforted “don’t worry, his necklace is red.” Suddenly cheeze jumped out the open door and watched half the DCP troops get run over by a flaming vehicle. Max was handed a gun by agent boot, and Max saw squad kanye standing by, helping out in the battle. Cheeze noticed a button on his gun, tons of buttons actually. He pushed the emote of a sun, then suddenly a giant fireball burst out of his gun, and exploded near a dcp, bursting two of them into fire.

GT was about to put the finishing touches to the pathetic attempt at attack, when suddenly 3 guys popped out of the ceiling holding futuristic looking guns. “Everybody here, get on the ground or we shoot.” When  Max actually saw these people lay down with their hands up, Max did the same. “I could kill you all right now, unless you give us 1,000$. “They would be happy to pay you,” Max said cleverly, pointing to the few remaining DCP. “We only have….8000$, one said with quaking feet and shaking arms.

One of the invaders shot his gun, launching a red beam straight at a DCP, and in less then 0.0000001 of a second, the DCP troop vanished. Give me the cash, and you GT’s will supply us the other 2,000. A man named sercan slid some cash to the evil crusade. 2,000$. The people started laughing, then they pushed a button and disappeared. Instantaneously, all GT’s shot down and killed the final DCP crew.

“What was that?” Max said, voice cracking from fear. “Those were poopoo faces ” Cheeze replied, after lopii let cheeze go. “IATW, or I Am The Walrus. They stole the penguin bank and always buy the latest stuff, they kill almost every army member they see. Maybe they were running low on cash, so they spared us.” Angel said rather intelligently. “I had to hold cheeze back because, well, his necklace was blue…” lopii added.

Squad cheeze got into squad Kanye’s un-flamed jeep, and they drove to GT, exiting the tunnel. Cheeze took everybody back to their bunker room, then led Max to The Office. The office was where every leader met up. Max had to meet every leader so that they could judge if he deserves needs boot camp or not. “Oh and by the way, what you launched out of your gun was a sun bomb, we use those buttons  to outperform our enemies. Good luck with the leaders, sometimes they can be as mean as agent boot after he gets rejected.”

Chapter 6

Max stepped into the leaders office. They were currently yelling at each other….Not a very good sign. “Uh hi everybody,” Max said awkwardly. “I don’t like him.” “I’m ganger,” said the one who made the previous, hurtful, comment. “I is wiggle!!!” “I’m Rio.”  ” I’m Sai.” “Swimmy.” “I’m skloop.”

“Ok, and who are they?” Max said, pointing to the few in the corner of the room. “I’m Jerry.” “I’m Albaro.” “Ok cool,” Max said, fully acquainted. “Ok Max, come to the shooting range.” Jerry said, already walking toward the door. When Max made it in, he grabbed one of the guns and watched as the human-shaped target move towards him.

Max started firing his gun, and then saw that he was missing terribly to the right, so he moved his gun, and shot it a few times. He knew he messed that up. “Ok now on to the learning part. Tomorrow you will take a test about buttons on a gun, army land, and what to do in an emergency. Max walked back to his squads bunker. He had to pass that test somehow

Max walked in and saw everybody staring at the ground, even somebody that Max hadn’t seen before. “What ar-” “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” angel said, as she motioned for Max to get closer. Then they all jumped up and threw water balloons at him. Max jumped out of the way, but got hit in the legs, and his head was forced into a table leg. Then Max laughed and asked who that squad was, pointing to Sercan, Lotus, Rock, and AgentBoot. “We’re a squad that hangs out with other squads because we don’t like being alone :s.

Good enough answer for Max. Max asked who was the most experienced person in the room. Everybody raised their hand simultaneously, and laughed. “Cheeze can you help me?” Max said, choosing his squad leader. “Hokay.” cheeze replied. “Help me learn the buttons of a gun, army land, and what to do in emergencies!”

Cheeze handed Max a small piece of paper. Max unfolded it, and unfolded it, and unfolded it, and unfolded it, and after about 30 minutes, the entire room was covered in paper titled “Buttons of a gun, Army land, and what to do in an emergency.” Max read through it. He read the entire thing in 1 hour. “Hi, I’m boot.” “Hi I’m M-” “YOUR NOT A GIRL? Awwww,” and with that, boot walked away.

Max yawned, he was tired, but he had to memorize this stuff. He kept reading. “picture of a musical note gives a high-pitched noise that makes enemies go through severe pain, and could cause deafness. An igloo emoticon launches a bomb that explodes and destroys all heat around it, causing everybody within close range to freeze. The emoticon of a  light-bulb launches an electric current that zaps whoever it touches, and any ele-” Max started to lose focus. “Ele… ele…” He finally passed out.

Max felt something on his hand. And sadly, his pants. He suddenly woke  up and just as he feared, his hand was in a cup of milk and he wet his pants. “HAHAHAHA,” everybody laughed. “Whoever falls asleep first gets pranked Max, you gotta learn these things the hard way!” Max blushed and chuckled.

He got ready then walked into the leaders office, to take the test. “Question 1.” Max took the test question by question. The test seemed pretty easy, but you could only make 1 mistake. He waited in the office, fully prepared for boot camp… “Max, your test WAS”

Chapter 7

Max your test WAS… Perfect scored.” Max sighed of relief and said “Thank you so much!” “No just kidding you failed so hard you will spend 2 years in boot camp, you suck,” Wiggle said evilly. Max’s face blushed red and he was about to quit… “Just kiddin’ welcome to the army kid.” Max forgot to laugh…

Max walked through the halls. “Hi I’m rock.” “I’m Max! Hey have you ever liked that one girl, angel?” Rocks eyes widened and he started running in reverse screaming “WOOP WOOP WOOP.” Max was starting to notice a pattern in the sanity level within the GT.

“Lets try again, I’m rock!” “Hi I’m Max?” Max said as he continued walking to his bunker. “Have YOU ever liked angel, Max?” Max laughed, “no I was just trying to make small talk.” Rock sort of laughed and said “whatever teaches your peaches, Max.”

“No seriously!” “Ok Max, whoever shares your pears!” “No joke, I don’t like angel!” “Ok Max I believe you, whatever Hannah’s your banana’s…” Max was getting irritated. “That one didn’t even make sense!!! I DON’T LIKE ANGEL SHES UGLY” Max lied to get the attention off him.

It didn’t work. He was standing right outside the room. When he opened the door, everybody was staring at him and angels eyes were tearing up. Max was about to glare at rock, but he went freaking ninja… “Angel, I was just tryi-” Max started. Angel didn’t let him finish and starting crying.

“Angel, I’m sorry your not ugly!” “Ok!” angel said. Everybody laughed at Max, and for the hundredth time since he got here, his face flushed red. “So Natalie…” Boot started. “No” nat walked away. Max wondered why everybody hung out in his bunker, maybe they liked his squad, or maybe they all just wanted to humiliate the new guy…

“So angel…” Angel slapped boot and walked away. Boot started to walk up to Max. “Wait, not a girl,” and boot walked away. “I’m lotus.” “Sup lotus,” Max replied. You know the sky, the clouds, the glass windows, the moderators…”

“Moderators?” Max asked. “MODERATORS?” Everybody replied fearfully. Suddenly a red siren went off and everybody motioned for Max to get into a little room. Needless to say, he did. “So Kali, its kinda romantic in here, don’t ya think?” Several slapping sounds came from around boots general area.

Max stayed completely silent. “Its ok Max, you can talk, moderators only attack us if they see us disturbing nature and whatever. They think their good guys, by killing us.” “Do you like any girls?” Max said to lotus. “Nah, but rock likes Angel, and boot likes…Everybody…”

After everybody left the bunker for sleep, Max started thinking about the war and stuff. “Ok so Cheeze, Angel, Lopii and me are in a squad. Our rival squad is Kanye, Natalie, Agentboot, and Kali. The other squad is Sercan, rock, and lotus(because they are so elite, they don’t need a fourth member.)  Rock likes Angel, Boot likes a lot of people, and I don’t know yet… Maybe I like Kali? Maybe.

Chapter 8

Max woke up to cheeze screaming “MAX HURRY WE’RE UNDER ATTACK! TO THE FIELDS!” Max quickly got up and followed cheeze. Max noticed a few things 1. Cheeze wasn’t holding a gun. 2. He saw his other squad mates asleep. He asked cheeze. “Those people were DEAD, and I’m going to grab my gun, QUICKLY HEAD OUT THIS DOOR I’LL GRAB MY GUN!”

Max saw bright lights and assumed he was dead, then he heard laughs. And clicks, of cameras. Max then noticed what he was wearing. Pink pajama pants… OH GOD I- “YOU FELL ASLEEP FIRST MAX!” Max was interrupted with what he though.

Max slapped his face… “Alright hardy har har.” “We could have taken OFF your pajamas Max, I bet you wouldn’t even have noticed!” Everybody laughed at Rocks joke. Ok Max was done with this, he thought. “I am going to freaking prank somebody else.”

A LEADER! Not any leader, FLIPPER. Max laughed evilly, when he was in his room alone. Now he had to think of a prank. Suddenly 7 people with actual guns screamed “MAX THIS IS NOT A DRILL, THE NACHOS ARE ACTUALLY INVADING OUR BASE.” “Yeah sure,” Max said unbelieving.

Then suddenly 1 of them fell over, and all the others tried to fire back. All of them died by the surprise ambush. Max immediately tried to find his gun, but couldn’t. “Oh god oh god oh god oh god!” He heard nachos walk near his room, and he hid against the wall, and grabbed the nearest weapon: A freaking kitchen knife. Max waited until after they passed and killed all 3 nachos left, one by one stealthily.

Max quickly ran to the barracks room for a new gun. He saw Cheeze and his squad supplying themselves with ammo. “Oh thank god you guys aren’t dead!” Max said “No time for talking Max, grab a gun and lets freaking go.” Angel nodded in agreement and handed Max a gun, a grenade, and his helmet, and screamed “MOVE OUT MAX AND LOPII.” Right, last night I must have forgotten that lopii likes Kali.

Max walked out of the GT base and immediately saw about 1,000 soldiers battling it out. Cheeze said “everybody follow me, we can’t see any enemies from over here, we’re getting up-close.” Everybody followed, even though Max was anxious about getting “up-close” to an enemy, let alone 100′s of ‘em. Then suddenly a small blue thing started flying towards them. It was an ice bomb, about to explode. Cheeze did what he thought was necessary, and jumped straight on to the ice grenade.

Cheeze flew into the sky a few feet, then landed with a thud. His stomach was slightly blue and completely ripped up. Cheeze’s eyes were closed and his pulse, according to angel, was close to gone. “MEDIC!” All three of them started screaming. A GT medic ran up to cheeze, put him on a stretcher, and ran off.

“Ok everybody, this is why they assigned one more experienced person to the group, just in-case the leader gets hurt. So everybody follow me, lets get close to the enemy like cheeze said.” Angel then screamed “keep a look out for the NARFS.” Lopii looked at Max, and Max shrugged his shoulders. They all ran with angel, looking for some cover. They saw a line, yellow painted on the floor.

“This is the line that medics aren’t supposed to cross…If one of us gets wounded, all of us run out of here, you hear me?” “Yes ma’am.” Then angel said softly “On 3 we sun bomb.” “1…2…3! GO GO GO PRESS THE SUN EMOTICON!” And Max did.

He watched as 3 fireballs exploded at the nachos. And then Max noticed…THE CAT TANK. Max saw a huge tank, with a picture of a cute kitten on it. “Guys as awkward as this sounds, we are going to kill that kitten.” Lopii and Max nodded, knowing the dark deed had to be done. “What button should we press, Max I’ll let you choose.”

“Uhhh” Max tried to remember tactics. The night bomb blinds an enemy… Won’t work, its a machine. A metal object! Wait a minute, metal object! Max then said “LIGHT BULB.” Maybe thinking way too much comes in handy sometimes.

They all jumped out from behind the trees and launched their wires, armed with 100,000 volts of electricity, enough to make the wires IMMEDIATELY turn black. Then watched as the cat tank not only malfunctioned, but practically exploded. Then they heard an explosion within the tank, and watched the top fly open, exposing several limbs of a dead nacho flying out from the tank, fried to explosion. Then suddenly, Max lost his vision. Everything turned black, pitch black. He then felt a piercing pain on his chest, 3 spots.

The pain was excruciating. He felt like he just wanted to DIE. Max knew that soon enough, he probably would die. He was shot 3 times and he had no vision. Then suddenly, everything came back, and Max noticed that his vision was still blurry, maybe a side effect from the blindness tactic or maybe because he felt he was about to pass out. He saw lopii, in the distance.

Being carried by angel. Away from him. Max then noticed that he was farther away from the tree, simbolizing that angel tried to carry them both, but probably presumed that Max was dead already, and had to drop SOMETHING to save somebody. So he dropped Max. He looked into the sky, and just stared for what seemed like an hour. Then saw 3 faces.

2 unfamiliar faces, and one that was glued to Max’s mind since the beginning of the worst day of his life. The man who killed Max’s wife. Max passed out. Believe it or not, Max woke up. Surrounded by people, and he was laying down. “Don’t move.”

Chapter 9

Max asked where he was. “You’re in the GT hospital, Max.” “What…what happened? Last thing I saw were nachos staring me down…” “I don’t know, but the leaders want to see you, after you’re in good enough health.” “When is that?”

Max suddenly felt a pain in his right arm, and his eyes closed. His eyes opened soon after. “What was that?” “He’s awake!” This time a familiar voice spoke, instead of the doctor’s voice. Angel’s voice, thank freaking god.

Everybody started cheering and saying “Congratulations Max!” Max was kind of confused, he was in his bunker after the blink of an eye, or maybe he was out for WAY longer then he thought. “What did I do?” “Max come to the leaders office RIGHT away!” The announcement rung through the entire building. Max got up, felt a bit of pain, and started limping to the leaders office with the support of some of his friends.

Max opened the door and saw the leaders sitting there. “Whats going on?” “Max, you are getting promoted to private first class!” Max smiled, he got a promotion! But then he remembered. “What happened to cheeze?” “Oh…Cheeze is in the hospital. The doctors and nurses still don’t know if he’s going to live, it’s a 50/50 chance.”

Max couldn’t be happy knowing that his squad leader might die. “What happened to him, I hardly remember.” All Max remembered was cheeze diving, flying up in the air, then nothing really…The near death incident wiped out his memory of that battle. “His stomach, it was frozen, and the bottom part of his left lung.” Max asked if he could visit him, and the leaders rejected him.

Max walked back to his bunker and everybody was dancing in a circle. “Uhhhh.” Everybody continued dancing. “Can I join in?” Everybody stopped and stared at him. Max felt incredibly awkward. “OK!”

Everybody danced and chatted for celebration of the promo(which wasn’t only for Max, but he’s the only person in the story that got a promo right now) . “I think cheeze is gonna be alright, he always is.” Angel reassured him. “Yeah.” Max saw boot walk around talking to every girl in the room for about 3 seconds, the girl says something, then he walks away. Then Lopii walked up to Max.

Max and lopii got up, away from angel, and started talking. “I want to make my move on kali today.” “Well then go man, go ask her out, the worst she can do is say no.” Lopii considered it. “Yeah alright, I’ll finally talk to kali today.” Lopii walked away.

Max then remembered what he was going to do! Prank flipper. Max wondered what to do… He thought and thought and thought. “I just got rejected…” Max looked up to see boot looking sad, but instead saw LOPII.

“Kali just rejected me.” Max looked with sad eyes at poor lopii. Max was sure that lopii really, really liked kali. “I feel like I could lock myself in the closet…” Lopii said. Max thought. The giant closet in the GT hallway! “THATS IT!”

“I should lock myself in the closet?” Lopii said, staring strangely at Max. “No, its going to be reserved!” Lopii walked away. Max ran into the leaders office and screamed “FLIPPER!” Flipper responded “lulwut?”

“QUICK! THERE’S SOMETHING AWESOME I HAVE TO SHOW YOU!!!” Flipper quickly got out of his seat and screamed “OK!” Max ran through the hallway, secretly giggling on the inside. Flipper skipped through the hallways, following. Then Max opened the closet, grabbed flippers hand, and threw him in. Max got in, grabbed flipper and tied him to a chair.

“Time for you to die flipper.” Max pointed a paintball gun he found at flipper. Flipper suddenly broke our of the ropes, and grabbed Max. “DIE!” Angel opened the door and asked “whats going on?” Flipper punched angel in the face, and angel collapsed.

Flipper closed the door and grabbed a gun. “How did you find out I was the traitor, Max?” Max looked up at flipper. “It was just a- a joke.” “YEAH WELL WHO’S LAUGHING.” Angel started getting up, then flipper shot her, and angel fell again, as red blood poured from her leg.

Max had no clue what to do in a situation like this. Flipper pointed the gun at Max. Max tried to think. Flippers finger moved and there was a boom. There was a sudden blast on Max’s chest, on his heart. Max collapsed.

There was laughter. People all around him was laughing. Even angel. ANGEL? Max got up, wait a minute. He was just pranked in the middle of his own prank.

Max was sure he felt pain on his chest, extreme pain! Paint on his stomach, a paintball gun. Suddenly cheeze came out laughing. His doctors grabbed him and screamed “YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO BE UP YET!” Everybody stared at each other. “Told you he’d be alright.”

Chapter 10

Max lie awake in his bunker, thinking, of course. “My wife is dead and I’ve been goofing off in base.” He though, angry at himself. “I have to act now,” Max said as he quietly got up. He tip toed out the door, but lopii caught his attention. “Max what are you doing?”

“I’m heading over to the nachos base.” Lopii stared at him wild-eyed. “Are you insane?” “No,” Max started “I just have nothing to lose.” Lopii thought for a moment. “I’m coming with.”

Max knew he couldn’t hold lopii back, so he replied “fine, just stay quiet.” They walked outside and snuck through the hallways. Suddenly a door flung open with a creak, exposing Lotus. After a brief talk, lotus was coming as well. Then another door opened, exposing Natalie. Nat was coming as well.

Everybody was about to leave, when out of nowhere, Jerry walked up to them. “And where do you think you’re going?” Everybody explained to Jerry about their plans (which I obviously can’t tell YOU, the viewers, yet.) Jerry told them that some kind of leadership had to be abolished, so he decided to come as well. Now what once was Max’s crazy one man army, consisted of Max, lopii, lotus, nat, and jerry. Thankfully nobody liked each other in that group.

They all opened the door and snuck into the vehicle room, where they grabbed a jeep and drove into the tunnel. Jerry consisted on driving, despite Max’s disapproval. It was very dark out, but Max knew that he would be alright. He felt the jeep tip forward, making Max’s head hit the seat where Nat was sitting. “Max just can’t keep away from the ladies.” Lopii said as him and lotus snickered.

Suddenly Jerry stopped the engines, turned off the car and told everybody to jump out. Everybody jumped out, guns at the ready. “Guys, the nachos and DCP were planning a raid on our capitol… And with this many people, they are going to win.” Everybody agreed. But Max noticed that there were hardly any people in the tunnel at the moment. Just a bunch of tanks, and jeeps, and helicopters even.

Only a few guards. Jerry used hand signals for everybody to split up, hiding behind two different jeeps. Jerry, and natalie behind one jeep, Max, lotus, and lopii at another. Jerry signaled to move forward on 3. He put down one finger, then the other. Max settled his gun, put his finger on the trigger and got ready to run.

Finally Jerry put down his last finger, and everybody moved forward, stunning a guard. He tried to shoot Lopii, but Jerry stabbed his head before he could even move. Jerry heard someone coming, probably hearing the commotion, so Jerry grabbed the knife and threw it at a random area. Max wondered what good that did when suddenly a guard appeared and got stabbed right in the eye. People suddenly realized why Jerry was a leader. Max told everybody that they could buy some time if they cut all the gasoline tanks on every vehicle.

It took about an hour, but finally they destroyed all the nearby vehicles chances of moving. “Max we don’t have enough time to take out all of these vehicles like that.” Max sadly knew Jerry was right. “Then we take them down some other way,” lotus suggested with a grin. Everybody moved forward, exposing a new wave a vehicles. No guards, they commenced operation “target practice.”

After about two hours of shooting cars and making them explode at times, they destroyed nearly every vehicle. Then they saw people running towards them, one of them was AGENT BOOT, in a nacho sombrero. “Boots a traitor?” Natalie said quietly. “No,” Jerry started “I sent him as a spy to destroy as many nachos as he could.” Agent boot was a secret agent.

Out of nowhere one of the nachos spontaneously combusted (or exploded for you younger ones) , catching another nacho on fire. Then another few nachos exploded, leaving just boot and 3 other nachos. Boot screamed “RETREAT!” Then pulled out his pistol and shot down the 3 nachos in the blink of an eye, then continued to fart in the face of one of his dead “comrade.” “Wow boot.” Jerry said. Max didn’t quite know if Jerry said wow in awe of boot being so quick at hand, or wow in shame of boot farting in his face, Max was about to say wow because of both.

“I saw a squirrel Jerry.” Jerry noticed that boot had a squirrel resting on his shoulder. “Would that be him boot?” Suddenly boots eyes widened and boot screamed “I KNEW HE WAS EVIL!” Boot grabbed his shotgun and started firing. The squirrel quickly scampered away, but boots shoulder began to bleed. Lopii and lotus both face-palmed.


Suddenly another person in a nacho uniform appeared. Max grabbed his gun and fired, but the guy started flying! He landed, threw Max’s gun to the floor, and said “sup guys.” Everybody pointed their guns but Jerry screamed “STOP. Surf, what info do you have on the nachos?” Surf looked at Jerry and said “Their base contains so much explosives, if somebody set off an explosion in the nachos base big enough, the entire thing could go down in flames.”

“Good, you can finally return back to GT.” Surfs eyes lit up, as if he was just granted all of his pride again. “Thank you sir, I am glad that I can return to my real army.” Max finally realized what was going on, surf was a spy working for GT! But Max wondered how in the world he flew. He asked surf but surf told him he would never ever tell.

Back at GT base, after every vehicle was malfunctioned, Max realized that surf was…A player. All the girls wanted him, but surf didn’t seem to care. Thankfully none of the girls in Max’s main 3 squads liked surf. That kind of “like” anyways. Meanwhile, Max saw rock saying something to angel. Max tried to make out his word, by looking at his lips.

“Whale….Hue…Go…Meow…Width…knee.” Max said to himself quietly. Hmm. Whale could be will. Hue is you, Go could be…yeah I think go, meow could be out, width is with, and me. So lets see, will you go out with me. “WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME!?” Max screamed in surprise.

A girl who he didn’t quite know said “ew,” then walked away. Then a very built guy walked up to him and said “I’m danny, and I’m her boyfriend.” Danny pointed to the girl that Max just accidentally asked out. “You, me, paintball fields, you get to choose the map, I’LL bring the ambulance.” Max stared at everybody that was staring back at him. Max was so busy, he didn’t get to read angels answer to rock.

Max quickly ran up to rock and dragged him into the hallway. “What did she say!?” Rock stared at him, “DON’T TELL ANYBODY OR I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WILL WAKE UP WITH NO TONGUE.” “ok, ok!” “She said yes!” Max stared at him.

“Whatever you say.” “Seriously!” “Whatever teaches your peaches!” Rock walked away. Max was walking back to his bunker when he suddenly saw a guy. That guy said “Hey man, a tip for the paintball game you have today, Danny is trigger happy, when he hears something he wastes like an entire clip.”

“How many clips do you get?” Babi said “depends, usually 3, but maybe you can make him get 2.” Max smiled “thanks man.” Max knocked on his door. “WHO IS IT!?” Max said “Max?”

Max heard murmurs and then finally the door opened. “Its time for you to know,” lopii said. They all held up a red panda. No not a giant panda painted red, one of the small pandas that aren’t really pandas, they look more like a mix between a monkey and a fox. “His name is bobby!” angel screamed. Max said “Why are you guys so secretive about him?”

“No pets are allowed in this building, so we hide him under angels bed.” It yawned and shut its eyes. “Awwww,” all of them said together. Max said to angel as quietly as he could “Congrats with rock.” Angels eyes widened and she said “I have to go to the bathroom. MAX HAS TO GO TO THE WOMENS ROOM AS WELL.” She said when she noticed Max wasn’t coming.

Right when they stepped outside, angel slapped Max and said “Never speak of that.” And then she punched him in the gut and said “That’s just in case you do tell anybody!” Then she gave him a cookie and left. Max then realized that he was running late on his paintball match. He could tell because when he saw all of his friends walking down the hall they screamed “GET TO THE PAINTBALL FIELDS YA IDIOT.” Max immediately ran there, grabbed his gun, and jumped into a weird door that had a picture of an icicle on it. There was a dramatic change in weather when he closed the door.

It was freezing, and Max had no jacket. there was a building labeled “GT’s southern territory.” And Max walked towards it. He walked in, and it was warm in there. Max thought he would just stay there for a while. “I SAW YOU RUN IN HERE, YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM ME MAX.” Danny said as he stepped into the southern territory paintball map.

Max noticed that the walls of the “Gt base” were covered in paint balls. Max quickly ran into one of the 4 rooms. He then heard paintball bullets fly past his face. “YOU CAN’T HIDE FOREVER!!!” Max realized he was right, Max couldn’t run forever, so he jumped out the side of the door, ready to shoot. He ran straight into Danny, and Danny grabbed Max by the neck and threw him to the floor.

Max thought to himself “this guy must really love his girlfriend.” Then realized that this was no longer a paintball fight. This was just a fight. Max shot Danny 3 times, jumped to his feet and punched Danny’s gut. Danny laughed, grabbed Max, and punched him in the stomach, sending Max flying, and landing on the floor with a thud. Max had to think.

This guy is invincible to paintball bullets that close up. He really needs something to hurt him. Max then noticed the fireplace in the room next to him, so he grabbed Danny and threw him into the living room, only to be thrown against a wall. Max got up, but got drop kicked, and Max lost his breath. Max then grabbed Danny’s arm, and shoved it in the fireplace, making a sizzle sound. Danny screamed, then punched Max with that same sizzling arm, making Max’s face feel the surprising heat.

Max was sick of this, so he shoved Danny’s head really close to the fire. “Danny don’t make me shove your face in here.” Danny was sick of this. He kicked Max’s face, grabbed Max, and got ready to toss him into the fire, when suddenly Sercan and Kanye came in with  pistols, and shot Danny through one arm, and out the other. Danny fell over, unconscious, and Max asked whats going to happen to him. “He’s going to be kicked out of GT forever.”

Chapter 12

Max was walking through the halls, to go to the infirmary to be checked, when suddenly babiblue walked up to him. “Hi!” “Hey babi I have to get to the doctors. I can’t talk right now.” Babi smiled and walked away. Max stared at him questioningly, then just walked away. “Max all we can do is recommend rest for a while. Like stay in here for around a week.”

“A whole week!? But the nachos are gonna invade us anytime!” “Max, you have to. Dr’s orders.” Max stepped into the hospital. Meanwhile drastic things were going on in the leaders room. “Ice Warriors are joining the war in favor of the nachos, we are out numbered.” Flipper said sadly. “Well then lets call in our allies.”

3 Days past and tension grew in GT. Max was lying in his hospital, bored to tears, when suddenly Ganger stepped in. “Can you walk, kid?” Max stood up and started limping. “I need you to go through nacho territory to get to the TG.” The doctors were about to deny, but then Ganger gave them the “Hey-Guess-Who-Signs-Your-Bonus-At-The-End-Of-Your-Term-Face.”

It was squad cheeze, squad kanye, and squad sercan all driving straight through nacho territory. Everybody geared up and grabbed their guns then loaded into the helicopters. Max went in the helicopter with Kanye, Rock, and angel. You could tell that rock and angel wanted to talk to each other, but Kanye would butt in. Suddenly a shrieking noise came from a helicopter, it was terrible! It stung like 1,000 birds.

It was cheeze singing from the helicopter beside his. “I DON’T WANNA BE A CHICKEN I DON’T WANNA BE A DUCK AND SO I SHAKE MY BUTT!” Everybody laughed until angel jumped out of their helicopter. “ANGEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Rock screamed worriedly. She was hanging from Cheeze’s helicopter. She climbed in, slapped Cheeze with a fish, then jumped out of the helicopter, where she was pulled up by me and Kanye.

A helicopter started falling, it slowed down and just fell from the sky. The helicopter just left them. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WE HAVE TO STOP.” Kanye screamed to the pilot. The helicopter started falling, and Kanye noticed that the pilot was shot in the chest. “BRACE FOR IMPACT!”

Metal and dust flew everywhere, cutting at Max’s back, and his legs collapsed underneath him. He grabbed the cane that Ganger gave him and slowly got up. “Report.” Kanye said with a cough. “Here.” Rock and angel replied, also sounding weak at the moment.

Max also said here and then they got out of the wreckage. Immediately they saw that they were surrounded by tons of nachos. And a few IW, too. Max saw that his cane had a button on it, he had to act fast. He pointed his cane at the enemies and pressed the button, releasing a weird thing that looked like a tazer. Then Max teleported.

He looked over at his friends, he was in the nacho line! But then he saw himself, with a video game controller. Weird second Max looked at his hands and saw that he was a nacho, or a GT in the body of a nacho. Max used the nachos gun to fire down the line of his “team mates.” Then got shot down. Max teleported back.

When Max teleported back into his normal body all he felt was pain. A stinging sensation almost everywhere in his body. He looked around and all of his team mates were unconscious. Max blacked out as well. He woke up in a room with babiblue. Wait…babiblue?

“You weren’t assigned to this mission, babi.” Babi nodded, “I know. I was captured too, but you need to get out of here NOW.” Max stared at the floor. “Yeah I kinda figured that when you wake up in an enemy base you have to get out.” Then babi nodded no and said “I am going to blow up in 5 minutes.”

Suddenly a nacho guard walked up to Max and tried to punch him in the face. Max evaded and swung too, but was dodged. Then babi blue pulled out a pistol and shot the nacho. “Max take this pistol, your gonna need it to save everybody in here.” Max nodded, and he realized that he was going to save lives, or die. Max ran out from the room, shot down 3 surprised guards, and ran through the halls.

He saw a room labeled “Explosives.” Max also saw 4 guards about to see him, turning the corner. Max quickly jumped into the explosives room, and grabbed some C4. He ran out, and grabbed his cane. He limped over and beat 2 guards over the head, the other two turned around. Max smashed another face but then the last one pushed a button and a siren went off.

Max finished him off and quickly ran through the halls, shooting down even more nachos. He saw a jail cell, filled with his team mates. Max then fell over, the pain in his legs from running too much. He shot down a few more nachos then ran out of ammo. He tried to get up, but fell against the cell bars. He quickly opened the door with a key he got from a dead nacho.

Max’s view went black once again. He woke up being carried by his team mates, running out of the building. “MAX, WE WILL GET YOU OUT OF HERE.” Suddenly Max’s ears popped, and a blast of heat flew into Max’s face. Max was shoved by the force of the explosion. He flew against the ground, and he heard a breaking noise.

A figure appeared from the flames, kali. She was frowning. She was completely ok, physically. “Guys, babiblue sacrificed himself for me.” Everybody looked at each other sadly. “Yeah for all of us,” Sercan added.

“No, he took the bomb off of him, he could have ran out of the building on time.” “But he saw me knocked out in a cell, so he opened it, and some Ice Warriors shot him down, I ran out of there.” Everybody looked around. After getting into a few nacho helicopters, they flew down to TG territory. “Join us in the battle against Nachos, IW, and DCP.” The TG leaders looked at each other, mumbled a few words, then finally said “yes.


As you all know, 13 is an unlucky number, so I have good news and bad news. I’m guessing by the merge that us and DCP are all one big happy family now, so…you’ll see. And the GOOD news is…jk that was the good news you jerks *d*. So the bad news is that one of the newer characters is going to die. You’ll see that as well…If you read of course.

Back in GT base, after being escorted back by GT pilots safely, Max was in the infirmary, along with most of his friends. Sercan squad, Kanye squad, and Cheeze squad. And then surf, and the new girl, Karina. “Hey everybody, I’m karina and I was sent to squad Sercan.” Lopii’s eyes widened and he forgot to breath. He gasped and then said “Why weren’t you assigned to squad Kanye!?!”

“Because squad sercan only has sercan, rock, and lotus, and I could help even it out a tiny bit.” Karina smiled at lopii, and then lopii suddenly blurted “Will you go out with me?” Karina was kind of weirded out, but she couldn’t help but break out into a smile “ok.” Cheeze saw movement in the corner of his eye, and saw surfs eye twitch. Uh oh, Max thought quietly to himself. He couldn’t do anything thought, because he was caught in the middle of this tucked in a bed with some apple sauce on the table beside him.

Nat started clapping, then rock and lotus joined in, then angel, boot, and kali, then finally Max joined in. The leaders had to clap too. Surf just looked away with his eyes rolling. Suddenly 6 girls walked into the infirmary and screamed “I HEARD SURF WAS HURT!” Surf smiled, even though he was still mad about lopii beating him to Karina. “We’re all going to be ok.”

One week later….

Nothing much changed, DCP switched sides with GT, and TG. IW joined in with the nachos. IW, and nachos, Vs. GT, TG, and DCP. Almost everybody was out of the hospital, but Kanye squad’s helicopter landed a little more rough, so they had to stay a bit longer. Other then that, Cheeze, Max, Angel, Lopii, Sercan, Karina, rock, lotus, and surf were all ok. From Max’s room he could often hear Kanye squad whining about how they could move without hurting a muscle.

Max sat on his bed playing with the red panda’s feet. He thought about how things were turning out, so many relationships bloomed…sorta. Rock and angel, Lopii and Karina, well thats about it actually. He continued thinking about how he thought those would work out, when his door busted open, and he saw Cheeze, Surf, and angel standing there (well surf was flying actually.) They motioned for him to follow them, and with that they got up and ran. “Where’s lopii,” Max asked.

“He’s outside in the jeeps already, hes waiting for us.” Max got in the jeep with his equipment, and then the jeeps quickly zoomed forward. “Whats going on guys?!’ Cheeze stared at Max seriously “I have passed gas.” Angel smacked cheeze and said ” We found a really good opening in the nachos defense right now and we came to raid their servers before they could fix them.” Max’s stomach felt un-easy.

“What about squad kanye?” Cheeze’s necklace turned red and he said “they are boarding the jeeps and fighting along side us proudly.” The jeep hit a bump, and Max was glad he was wearing his helmet right now. “SQUAD CHEEZE, WE ARE GOING TO JUMP OUT OF OUR JEEP AND GET BEHIND IT, ONCE WE ARE BEHIND, POINT YOUR GUNS AT THE ENEMY AND FIRE, DUCK WHEN RELOADING AND STAY WITH ME.” The jeep did a swerve, and cheeze screamed “NOW.” Suddenly the doors opened, and Max jumped out behind angel.

In mid-air he noticed that the nacho base was very close, but no nachos or IW were in sight. He still had to listen to orders though, so he ran behind the jeep and pointed his gun at the nacho base. “Everybody keep your guns at ready, point to the trees, I’m expecting an ambush.” A puffle shaped ninja star flew through the air and hit a tree on the nachos side. An explosion happened and it exposed a nacho, on fire. Everything happened terribly slowly in Max’s eyes, but the adrenaline made it unforgettable.

“FIRE AT THE TREES.” Ganger screamed with a blow horn, followed by thousands of thud sounds, as trees got bullet holes in them. Nachos started jumping out from behind the trees, and blue jeeps started coming from behind with turrets. Lopii turned to Max seriously and said “IF I DON’T MAKE IT, TELL KARINA I LOVE HER.” Then he saw something fly into the air and launch 7 fire-balls at the trucks, making them all encased in red.

Surf was up there flying, and firing. Max watched and surf started swerving out of control. He crashed against the top of a jeep, and he saw Karina. Karina was surrounded by IW, about to take her hostage. Lopii started running to Karina, even when he knew he would most likely be too late. Then a loud booming echo raged in every soldiers ears, as surf flew as quick as he could right next to Karina.

He took out 4 of them in surprise, and everybody else started shooting them all down one by one. Karina ducked as a nacho pointed a pistol at her head, and so he missed, and Karina tripped him. He was shot in the head instantly. An orange helicopter with a dorito logo on it flew overhead, shooting down other nacho helicopters. Max kept shooting at IW when he saw rock running towards their jeep, along with Karina, Sercan, and lotus. “I convinced them to come over here angel, because we both might di-”

The DCP copter was too late for rock, as he was sprayed along the back. Rock fell over, his head slamming into the jeep in a bloody mess. Angel screamed “ROCK” and then electrified the nacho copter. It was neck and neck by now, but then TG’s jeeps drove in, and took out every IW, and once the focus was on one side, all nachos were destroyed too. The golden alliance had won this nacho base, and found that it was worth it, because they found the blueprints to a new machine that the nachos had been working on. They drove back to base, each one thanking one another.

Max found it funny, how fast it was to get to a battle and for one to end. Yet the battle itself is so long, and causes so much pain. Max wanted to end the nacho that killed his wife, and get the revenge he craved desperately. He wanted to just join, kill, and leave, but now he wants to keep his friends, watch his friends change, and grow to higher ranks. Sadly, things he didn’t want happened as well.

Everybody surf knew gathered at the ceremony. Max got another double promotion, but his happiness was cancelled by the names of his fallen comrades. Especially surf, because he knew him so well. An eighth of the boys were crying, a third of the girls. More promotions, and the wounded list. Rock’s spine was skinned, and if it had been a millimeter closer, it would have killed him, but it didn’t and there was a 3/4′s chance that he would die.

Max went back to his bunker with Cheeze, who was sad, angel, who was crying, and lopii, who was also sad, and in shock that his girlfriend almost died and he wasn’t the one who saved her. He wasn’t envious though. He was grateful, that surf would end his life to save the one girl that wouldn’t go for him. They all finally went to sleep, after sharing the red panda for about 30 minutes. And then it happened.

Chapter 14

Max heard something walking around in his bunker. Probably just his panda, but why is pandy awake so early? Max opened his eyes a tiny bit and saw 3 nachos. Was this some strange dream? It felt so real, so he woke up Cheeze, and Lopii, angel was missing. They all quickly walked out of their bunker to see around 30 nachos walking around.

Cheeze whispered “The supply room is right across the hall, if we run we can make it, but first…” Cheeze stared at the alarm for a minute then said “too quiet,” then suddenly started screaming “NACHOS ARE HERE NACHOS ARE HERE NACHOS ARE HERE”. “NOW YOU PANSIES!” They all ran down the hall and heard bullets flying after them. Lopii fell over, so Cheeze picked him up and chucked him into the supply room. They ran in after him and Cheeze investigated lopii.

“Just a moon dart, he’s only knocked out.” They grabbed their guns and opened the supply closet door, expecting to see tons of violence by the woken GT. All the nachos were gone though. Ganger called Cheeze, Max, and lopii into his office. “You woke everybody up just to prank us? This is not something us GT joke about Cheeze.”

“The nachos really were here, I swear on the river sticks.” Ganger stared at Cheeze. “He’s telling the truth, they took angel and drove off.” Suddenly banging noises on the door rumbled. Ganger opened it and saw 5 people telling Ganger that all the girls in every squad was taken. Ganger ordered an immediate roll out of every single troop.

Lopii woke up in a jeep going 107 miles per hour, by a bump that sent him flying into the trunk. “We probably should have put on his seat belt,” Cheeze said with a smile. “Whats going on?” ”The evil nachos took all of our girls.” Lopii’s eyes widened. “EVEN KARINA!?”

Cheeze was frowning too. “Cheeze are you dating somebody?” “NO!” Lopii looked at Max, “you don’t know? Man you are out of the loop. I’m not allowed to tell you, but he’s not-not-not dating Nat.” Max went back in his head. “Well that was useless information.”

“Wait, he’s not not not NOT dating Nat.” ”Wait does this mean he’s dating Nat or an emphasis on he is not dating Nat?” “Uhhh he’s not not not not not not dating Nat.” “That didn’t answer my question!” “I’M DATING NAT YOU IDIOT’S”. Lopii and Max smerked at Cheeze, their plan worked.

Max was bored, so he thought about all the relationships, so he wouldn’t forget. Angel-Rock, Karina-Lopii, Cheeze-Natalie… Well thats about it. Cheeze saw the nacho base in the distance, but even more important he saw 3 nacho cars still driving. The jeep in front of him wasn’t going to catch them, so Cheeze went to the side and then in front of it, then increased its speed as much as it could. 175 MPH. He tailgated the jeep and he was about to hit it, when the jeep pulled to a sudden stop, making a giant crash.

“Is everybody alright,” Cheeze said. Everybody was ok, but the nachos did a lightning bomb, and everybody started getting shocked. Cheeze screamed “GET OUT.” and they all jumped out. The nachos pointed their guns, but all of them were shot down, they nearly shot Lopii down too. Everybody got ready to jump into the nacho base, guns pointed and up against the wall. Boom.

Chapter 15

Boom. The walls flew outward in a heated explosion knocking every GT troop backwards. Luckily that explosion HAD to kill every nacho in that building. Except that there were none. Max sat up to see just a burning building, with nobody in it. That building had been a setup, and now as Max looked carefully, he could see the silhouettes of nachos around them.

Nachos surrounded them, and hand cuffed each GT, one at a time. Even Cheeze told his squad to stand down. The nachos kicked around the GT a bit, beat them for the fun of it. They finally decided to get to their point and lined us up, we being too weak to do anything at the moment. Max was fighting for something and he wouldn’t go out without a fight.

He looked around at the nachos and tried his very hardest to find the one who killed his wife. He wiped some blood off his lip and continued searching angrily. Suddenly gunshots made his train of thought blurry. Half the 30 nachos went to sleep, the other 15 not wanting to miss the execution. Cheeze looked at the line, none of his close friends had been shot yet. Then he saw him.

Max saw the nacho who killed his wife, and something within him just snapped. He felt like some kind of maniac, wanting to do terrible, terrible things to that man. He knew he couldn’t do much, but he had to do something, he needed it as much as he needed his own blood. So he stood up and ran over there. Remember that it was night time, and it was as dark as halloween night during an elcipse. *simile taken from a Club Penguin Book XD* Nobody saw Max as he ran up, kicked down the man, and started stepping on him stomach.

Max started bashing his face with his metal hand cuffs, and was finally thrown off, by a nacho who probably traced Max to the sound of his team mates womanly screams. “I believe we have a volunteer to go second.” Max kicked down another guy and was grabbed by two others. He couldn’t believe that all the GT people were just standing there watching him about to be shot down. The execution of this man will be in vain, IW/Nacho alliance FTW, goodbye all GT men.”  “Ready…Aim..F-”

All gt jumped up and got ready to attack, of course nachos were expecting this, but they didn’t expect 1/4th of them to carry guns. This surprise attack on their surprise attack was overwhelming, and Max sighed of relief, that 1. He was alive, and 2. That his golden army didn’t suck butt. Strangely, everybody had their hands un-cuffed. Then Max saw surf fly into the air, shooting down a few more Nachos. Most nachos then retreated, and GT only had 1 casualty, the guy that was executed before surf showed up. Max had to know what was going on, so he walked up to Rioters.

“I thought surf was dead.” Riotors looked at Max and said “Thats the thing about spies Max, you should never think ANYTHING about them.” “Spies? There’s more in this army?” Riotors looked at him and laughed and said “For sure they work for us, but I wouldn’t say that they are technically IN our army at the moment, the only spies that I can think of are surf, sora, and mudkipz. “Not even leaders know about spies huh?” “Only the 2ic’s can lead the spy division.”

“Ok everybody, where they are keeping the girls is still a mystery, so I kept this one nacho alive.” Everybody stared at the nacho with a flashlight pointed to his face. “I will never tell.” Ganger kicked him and he started rolling down a hill, bashing nearly every part of his body against the ground. “Is that the best you got,” he screamed, blood spurting out of his mouth.” “Not even close.”

After doing things that I not dare mention in this post, the nacho still never gave away the location. He died of loss of blood in the middle of saying “I am no traitor.” Max had honor for this tough guy, even though he was an enemy, and he could tell that everybody else did too. They mostly wished he had just told them so they wouldn’t have to kill him. Lotus, boot, surf, and lopii walked up to Max to chat. They started following everybody to where footprints of the nachos lead.

“If they lay a hand on kali I’m going to rip off their face.” Things about Angel, Kali, and Karina went around in their chat group. Most likely things you don’t want to hear. In the distance they saw a giant IW base that looked a bit more like a jail. Giant lighthouses, jail guards and dogs, a gate that needs a key to get in, and you couldn’t possible climb out with the barbed wire on top and it was stone wall going about 100 feet up. Ganger started making a very awesome sounding complex plan, when suddenly Flipper threw a strange duck or something then screamed “PLATYPUS POWA.” The platypus knocked out a guard, then the guards started looking around fearfully.

3 of them walked up to the platypus. Then it exploded, sending each of them into the air on fire. A siren went off, and the guards released the dogs. Max thought for a second and decided to do something besides stand there and shoot, he would be bait. He jumped down the giant hill, squashing a rottweiler, and continued running. The guards saw him and started firing, but it was so far away they couldn’t possibly hit him.

Suddenly a giant dark ball flew out of one of their guns, and Max went flying. His vision went black, and he heard the dogs running closer and closer to him. The nachos ran after the dogs and Max tried to beat them off with his gun. One dog bit the gun and threw it away, then nachos voices hushed the dogs and said “looks like we have an intruder.” There were more guards running towards them, when GT finally opened fire. Max ducked as low as he could and hoped that GT could see better than he could right now.

He heard grunts and screams as the guards were all shot down. Even whimper’s from the dogs. Max felt sorry for the dogs, they were raised by the nachos to not have fun, never fear death. Before he could finish the thought, his vision came back and he saw Cheeze motioning to follow him, and Max slowly saw every GT guy walking down the hill, guns firing. Max started walking down too, when his legs were blasted with fire, he flew all the way back up the hill. “OH  COME ON.”

Max was actually thankful though, he saw two of his fellow GT people on fire, just laying there dead. Max poked the picture of a puffle on his gun, and a ninja star the shape of a puffle flew out. The puffle bomb hit a guy in the face, then exploded. The spotlight shined on GT finally, and then another spotlight, except this one from an IW helicopter. A TG helicopter showed up and started a dog fight. GT took heavy fire from the Nacho/IW infantry coming from the jail entrance.

“GT MOON BOMB ON 3.” Max thought about it and realized it was a very good idea, they shined a light for better vision, so GT would take away their vision. They all fired dark balls, and it was like a giant black-hole lit up the sky, except…it was moving…and it exploded once it hit the nachos. “CHARGE.” Ganger screamed quietly. Everybody ran as fast as they could, avoiding the nachos (which were just firing in a straight line.) The nachos looked around, wondering where they went once they got their vision back. One by one they were all knifed, with a hand on their mouth to muffle their screams.

A few GT were firing to block off the screams, but the fire was coming from the nachos side, so they looked back to ask where the GT were. They opened fire. Flipper was in the very front, but he knocked everybody behind him backwards, and lifted his legs. His shoes shot acid, burning down 7 nachos, while the people who weren’t knocked over fired and killed all the other. The GT began to walk inside the jail, expecting the worst. Surf, and 2 other people (most likely the other spies that flipper was talking about) started flying up the wall instead of walking through the front, and ganger whispered to everybody “When they open fire, everybody use mind control to shoot each other.”

Chapter 16

Ganger jumped into the building, and  immediately shot down a nacho, the fired his mind control and so did all the GT behind him, and suddenly there were hundreds of nachos shooting each other down. Max fired his and hit a nacho, then immediately got shot in the head, but there was no pain because he instantly went back into his own body. They walked into the building with only 6 casualties, and saw that the girls were not in there, it was a trap. Ganger walked outside and saw that the sun was rising. He saw jeep tire tracks in the mud and said “lets go.” As Max was running, following flipper and his squad, he thought.

There had to be a reason that the nachos  were caught off guard, and there had to be a reason that the girls weren’t there. It couldn’t have been a trap if the nachos weren’t expecting them. Maybe the girls were transfered to a different building? They still would have expected the GT to come though. Suddenly a beeping noise came from under lopii. “LAND MINE!” lopii said with a run.

All the GT started running forward, as explosions went off. Max quickly ran, when an explosion blasted him to the left, and wounded his right arm. He quickly got up and an explosion in front of him stopped him in his tracks. After he gained his thoughts, he ran through the black smoke with a cough. Max stopped where Flipper and Ganger stopped. “We passed the all the land mines, according to the metal detector.”

“EVERYBODY LINE UP, BEHIND FLIPPER AND HIS METAL DETECTOR.” Everybody got into a straight line and started marching forward. Max looked back and saw tons of burned GT, and a GT that was still moving…ROCK? Max stepped out of line and started running to rock. An explosion made Max do a flip and land on his cheek, but he got up and finally made it to rock. Max picked him up and looked for the line, that should have stopped and waited for him.

It wasn’t in sight. Max was scared out of his mind, he could run into more land mines with flippers metal detector not leading the safe way. Or even worse, he could stumble upon some nachos all by himself. “Hey Max, you didn’t have to pick me up, the guys would have found me on the way back.” “Do you really think that they would come back in this land mine filled direction?” “Huh, I guess my mind got knocked around by the explosion…”

Max started running forward, with Rock on his back. The line probably didn’t see him leave because of the darkness. After running for about 4 minutes, Max finally realized that he had a flashlight in his backpack, so he pulled it out. He spun it to the left and saw a few trees, to the front, a few bushes, to the right a giant IW base and the GT squad lined up near the door ready to break in. He quickly turned off his flashlight and ran to them. “On 3, I sun bomb the door and you guys run inside searching for the girls.”

1…2…3!!! Ganger then used his sun bomb to blast the door open and with that, we all jumped up and one by one entered the house, while rock stayed behind. Max saw an IW, but he was quickly shot down by an ally, then a few more IW jumped out from the wall, and they both fell. The GT saw 3 doors and decided to split up. Max was entering door 2. Max was given the duty to open the door, so Max opened it and hid behind it while his team mates look inside the room.

“DUCK IN COVER!!!” Max quickly dived, and Max was knocked up against a wall, unconscious. Meanwhile in door 1, GT got ambushed by IW, and knocked out by moon bombs. In door 3, GT saw the girls, and 8 dead IW soldiers. GT thought that they were saving the girls, but the girls escaped the last base and decided to go destroy this one. “Looks like the backup finally arrived.” Then the IW opened fire at the GT’ men’s backs

Chapter 17

The GT men were shot in the back, and they fell over in pain, and some in death. The girls waited until all the bodies fell, and started firing back, it was a bloody battle. Max woke up, and with blurred vision saw the backs of unsuspecting IW soldiers. Max didn’t quite know what to do so he used the most common used tactic, the sun bomb. He fired the ball of fire and made some IW turn and fire at him. He quickly got up and began to run, covering the back of his head with his arms.

 Max running like crazy

The girls fired and mowed down the IW, leaving Max strangely unharmed for once. Max fell on his knees from weakness, and felt like passing out again. He looked around at the bloody mess and saw GT bodies by the 10′s. He looked around to see if anybody he knew was K.I.A. He crawled around every room, and saw rock, lying face down on char coaled flooring, and a pool of blood, and Ganger with minor hole in his head. Angel ran over to rock and kicked his body.


“Definitely dead alright!” Max wondered why angel was so unharmed, then realized that he shouldn’t have expected anything out of that human shaped demon of whirling crazy. Max saw that angel WAS sad, but she just didn’t want to show it…so he went along with it. Suddenly a scream said “ALL GT REPORT OUTSIDE ASAP, TIME FOR A NAME-CALL.” Max identified it as Flipper, and limped outside to show that he was alive. When flipper started calling peoples names (which 1/20 of the time was not being answered) Max saw that all of his other friends were alive, even  Surf (who was carrying kipz) , and Ias, the three spies that were flying around watching GT.

After this whole battle went down, and GT walked home safely, and everybody went to their base. Max couldn’t believe that ganger and rock died… Ganger was such a good leader, always giving the right commands. And rock was such a good troop, always listening and staying alert. He attended the funeral and afterwords headed down to his bunker with Angel, Cheeze, and lopii. “Intense battle, right guys?” cheeze asked, finally relaxed. “Yeah, 2 close friends dead, and flipper and Max got knocked out, AND kipz is in the hospital.

“Everybody please report to the auditorium, I have an announcement.” Flipper said over the intercom. “What do you thinks going on?” Max asked innocently.  Cheeze’s eyes lit up like a christmas tree. “Never ask Cheeze a question that could use creativity for an answer.” “I THINK THAT FLIPPER HAS A BOMB IN HIM!!!” “I second that!” Angel screamed with a pillow over her face.

When everybody went into the auditorium, flipper told everybody about the tragedy of so many dead troops, and said that promotions were out. He listed everybody and said that Max got promoted all the way up to Staff Sergent! Sercan got promoted to 2ic, as did Cheeze. “Everybody, while kipz is in the hospital we need a new 3rd known GT spy, so please welcome temporary replacement, my apprentice Namine!” Everybody clapped and Namine did a little speech like she just won the nobel peace prize.

Squads Cheeze, Sercan, And Kanye all stalked into Cheeze’s bunker for a party, celebrating the successful re-invasion of GT females. While kali shoved her face in a bowl of cockroaches for a dare, Max saw cheeze talking to a girl. The girl smiled and said “Ok, I’ll see you at 12.” Max walked over to Cheeze and whispered “SCORE!” Cheeze smiled and said “I know right, I finally got one. Maybe now I won’t look like such a noob.” “You don’t need a girlfriend to look pro!”

“GIRLFRIEND? MAX NOPE! I’M TAKEN.” Max looked around at all of his friends, which were staring at him awkwardly. Kali emerged from her bowl and screamed “I WIN!!!” Then saw everybody and joined in on the awkward stares. “Uh guys no that must have sounded kind of-” “Max she’s my apprentice, her first lesson is tommorow,” cheeze interupted.

 Awkward stares

“Oh. Well you’re taken!?” “Yup, by Nat remember?” “NO.” Cheeze looked at the floor, thinking, then said “EVERYBODY, I TOLD YOU ME AND NAT WERE DATING RIGHT?” “NO!” “Ok well…yeah.” Surf busted into the room and walked over to kali. Everybody minded their own business, but Max watched surf ask kali out, and she said yes. Max drank some fruit punch then accidentally looked out the window, to see Dan standing there with a sign that said “Get outside.”

Chapter 18

Quickly, Max grabbed his coat and ran outside to meet Dan. “What now” asked Max, gasping for breath. “I believe the unicorn is above us all, may it rain grass, to seek the temple.” “WTF????” Shouted Max, who was cursing under his breath… “I KNEW I shouldn’t of listened to this madman…, even if he is our advisor” After that he slowly trudged away, leaving Dan to stare at the clouds predicting the worst possible scenarios that could happen to GT. Suddenly Danny, his sworn enemy, jumped round the corner. His clothes were torn, and his tattered sombrero was pulled down low. “Me, you, fight. 5 days. Your old house. Be there, or Nachos will murder you.” Danny flew off into the night sky.

Meanwhile, back in the camp, Flipper, Sai and Rio had realised an active count to see how many troops they had left after the many deaths of innocent soldiers. Anyone who didn’t fill the form was going to be fired, so there were long queues stretching for miles back. Occasionally while troops were filling out forms, Rio would jump out and scream – I’M NAKED SUCK MAI LOLLIPOP PL0X. Whoever he pointed the lollipop at had to clean the toilets, so it was pretty fun.

Back in his bunker Max was thinking about what had happened the past week. He hadn’t lost many friends, but still he missed Rock and wished he didn’t have to die. Also, he was thinking how Dalek Cam was getting on n hospital. Everyone knew he was developing a problem, and Max was glad that their best spy was being fixed up. Talking of spies max new that the 3 Gt spies were currently on a mission. He wasn’t meant to know this, but while he was at the water fountain he heard Flipper kissing Namine and wishing her luck.

The day past with Max playing cards and having gossips with Lotus and the crew, and soon he was fast asleep dreaming. He had a weird dream about flying potatoes lazering random horses. Must of been the cheezepleeze effect he thought to himself. Then, there was a terrible crash. Several more. So many crashes that Max was actually full awake, and was slowly walking round the GT Snow Plow base. Then he saw them. 2 blood drenched spies hobbling about with a corpse on their back.. It couldn’t be? Well there’s Surf missing his gun, Ias randomly crashing into things Max thought to himself. But that means… no? Namine’s body was the corpse. She was dead.

Flipper wouldn’t get out of bed. He locked himself in the toilet, making no noise. Whenever you approached him you always heard a strange ticking noise.. but there was no clock’s in the Leaders room. Eventually the news had spread about Namine dying, and how she was actually in a relationship with Flipper. All battles were cancelled, and a beautiful funeral was prepared. Just as it was about to start Flipper came out of his room and dressed in his black, assassin like suit, speaking no words.

Having lunch was a quiet affair, people talked about Flipper’s future and whether he would stay as leader, who would replace him, or maybe if he’d stay. However the story about the spies being badly injured hadn’t got around yet, and they all thought Namines death was a one off. Nobody knew max was there and was the first to know, so he slowly slurped his soup. Later on the leaders posted the active count results and how GT had over 100 active people, however, Flipper wasn’t at the meeting.

Rio and Sai organized a practice battle between GT, Rio’s team against Sai’s. Cheeze’s crew was on Riotor’s team, and they were absolutely “Pwning”. All in all it was a great event, and Max really enjoyed it, especially when he paintballed Lotus in the eye. For once, everyone in Gt had forgotten all the bad things that were happening, and were actually having Fun. Something they hadn’t had in ages with the war springing up left right and centre.

After having laughs with friends Max eventually fell behind a haystack, and begun to relax. Suddenly, he heard a big thump, and lotus was lying beside Angel, who was wiping her face. Max knew that he should’ve of been the one next to her, as he knew what was coming next. “Soooo, this is fun, right?” Lotus asked carefully.. “Yeah, I loved it when I paintballed your head, you took a time out to restyle your hair!” She laughed that beautiful laugh, and Max filled with Envy, wanting to scream.

“I don’t know how to really say this..” Lotus started, “And I know it must be hard getting over Rock so soon, but-” Angel finished off the sentence for him; “Will you go out with me?” There was a slight pause. “Well, if your asking, yes,” Lotus slowly replied. “Really?” Angel asked eyes wide, then she launched forward and hugged him. Max was crying inside, and knew that was his only chance with Ange. Then, the intercom buzzed and Flipper’s voice filled the room. “Can everyone report to the battle planning room, I have an important announcement”

Flipper stood on the stage and started the speech. “Ladies and Gentlemen..” Angel squeezed Lotus’s hand. Max sat there slouched down in his chair, staring at Angel’s hair. “Probably all of you know by now, that my girlfriend, apprentice, and much loved GT spy, has been killed. It has been a tough decision, and I hope you will agree with me. I have lost too many friends in the Golden Troops, and I just cry looking at where Namine slept, I can not carry on working as the leader of the Golden Troops” Many gasps around started to fill the air.” Therefore, it is with great sadness that I hand in my resignation today. It has been an honour serving you, and I hope you can forgive me. Goodbye GT.” And with that, the hugs, kisses, and handshakes begun

*note, this chapter was done by Flipper*

Chapter 19

The next few days were boring, with a sense of sadness filling the air, the deaths of some and Flippers retirement lowering the mood. Nothing much happened, Max and his squad just hung around with their red panda (they named him pandy.) Max sat on his bed a vast amount of the day, recalling his goal here in GT, the fight with Danny (whom Max recalled actually wearing a nacho uniform), and other topics. Sadly enough his dreams got stranger and stranger, and so did he. He was sure that soon enough he would be eligible for mental hospital residency.

4 Days after the angel and lotus/Flipper retiring incidents, during the night, Max geared up, stole a jeep, and drove to his old house, which was torn to pieces by bullets. As he nearly arrived, he noticed that it was a full moon. As he got himself prepared for the fight, and he was about to slow down, his tire hit a mine, and the jeep flew into the air. His face was slashed at by tiny shards of glass, and he shut his eyes in protection. When the jeep hit the floor, it barrel rolled, throwing Max around. It was about to stop rolling, when it hit yet ANOTHER set up land mine.

By now Max felt queasy, the smell of salty blood raiding his nose. The jeep smashed into the ground, upside down. Max climbed out the window and fell to the earthy floor. He was weak, and he knew that he had just been set up by Danny. The worst part was knowing he probably couldn’t do anything once they arrived. And he couldn’t.

Max’s blurred vision made out 5 figures wearing orange and sombrero. They grabbed him, and walked him to a jeep. They threw him onto the jeep, and one man said “remember me? Its funny these coincidences…You are being kidnapped on the exact spot that I murdered your wife.” Max tried to adjust his vision,but he couldn’t. He moved his mouth just enough to make out the words “I will kill you.” All of the nachos laughed, and they all hopped in and drove away.

The ride was bumpy, with Max tumbling in the back of the jeep helplessly. He knew that the nachos were going at least 80 MPH, enough to make it so that if Max were to use some of his last seconds of consciousness to jump out, he would most likely break his neck…or die. He wiped blood off of his cut lip. Blood dripped into his eye, so he blinked. When he opened his eyes he was tied to a chair, and across the table was nacho leader Pie1530. “Now Max, you are going to tell your buddys in GT to go visit this here address, you know to come and save you, or else we’ll make Franky here make sure you do.”

Pie pointed to Franky, a  muscular man in the corner wearing sunglasses. There was no point wearing sunglasses indoors, he probably just did that to look tougher, but Max felt like laughing…if he wasn’t in this terrible situation. “I’m not going to sell out all my team mates just to save myself…” Suddenly the other leader with a name tag of  “Ads” walked in. “Max my buddy tells me you’re out to get him. What if we were to sweeten your side of the deal.”

“If you tell your buddies to come here, we will leave you alone in a room with the man who murdered your wife. Better yet, we’ll tie him to a chair for you, and give you a crowbar.” Max thought about it for about 10 seconds. He started chuckling, then progressively went into a raging laugh. “You guys are pathetic, killing your soldiers to kill our soldiers…how evil can you get?” As you can imagine, the nacho leaders weren’t pleased at all with Max’s insults. Pie called Franky over and Max was punched in the stomach, and the face, with bronze knuckles.

“Ok lets see what you’re friend Flipper has to say about this.” The door unlocked and busted open, and Flipper was thrown in. “We’ll leave you ladies alone to catch up.” The nachos left, and Flipper looked at Max. “Max, they are going to kill us both at the same time either way, we might as well not die in vain.” Max asked Flipper what he meant by at the same time. “Max they planted a bomb inside me, they have the remote that can blow this entire building up.”

Chapter 20

Max stared at Flipper for a minute. “You have a bomb inside of you?” Flipper nodded. “That’s why I left, they said if I didn’t leave the building, they would blow it up.” “Why would they take you prisoner instead of just destroying the base?” Flipper looked at Max seriously and said “I don’t know everything, Max.” Max tried to think of any reason why, and couldn’t.

“Maybe their waiting for GT to come here?” “They still could have killed the same amount by blowing up the base, or probably could have killed more.” Max honestly had no idea of the bombs evil purposes. Suddenly Pie and Ads walked in. “Brainstorming, ladies?” Pie was about to say something else, when suddenly there was an explosion, knocking Pie and Ads tripping, and Max and Flipper falling over in their chairs. Pie and Ads were about to grab Flipper, when he suddenly punched Pie in the face, exposing that his chair partially broke, letting his arms free.

He kicked Pie over, and Pie tripped him. Flipper was about to start wrestling Pie, when Adster pulled out a pistol, and pointed it at Flippers head. “We both know that since you planted the bomb in me, I’m too valuable to kill.” “We can plant the bomb into some other GT monkey.” Flipper got off of Pie and accepted defeat. They grabbed Max and Flipper, and pulled them into a new room, with a lock.

Flipper looked at Max. “Max, are you prepared to die for this army?” Max nodded his head truthfully, and realized that Flipper finally broke. The door was shot open with a sun bomb, sending its guard, Franky, flying to the floor on fire. Ads and Pie didn’t do anything to help Franky, they both grabbed guns and started firing down GT and TG soldiers. Pie got into cover, looked at Max and Flipper, and sent a radio message to IW for backup.

Max saw nachos in the distance, behind GT getting prepared for ambush, so he screamed “BEHIND YOU!” GT soldiers looked back and shot down the nachos before they could make their move. Pie was fed up with Max and just decided to shoot him. He grabbed his pistol, put it up against Max’s head and BOOM. He fell over, blood squirting to the floor disgustingly. Max saw Sercan giving Max a smile, as if to say, “I saved your life, you owe me.”

Ads didn’t get out of cover to shoot Max. He pointed his gun at Max and
fired. Before he fired, Max tipped his chair over, making an uncomfortable fall. Only the tip of his ear was shot, and Max was saved. His squad suddenly jumped into the room and shot Ads down.  Flipper motioned for Cheeze to come closer, then after a few whispers Cheeze untied Max only, and told everybody to move out.

Max didn’t have to understand what they were saying, he knew that something big was about to happen. Max ran out of the room with Cheeze and Angel, and started firing at the nachos. “Everybody do you’re own thing, but be away from the building in two minutes, GO.” Max ran to the left and shot down 2 Nachos, while narrowly dodging 3 puffle-shaped exploding ninja stars. Then he saw him. Outside of the building, in the window, staring at Max, was the man who murdered his love.

Max ran outside of the war zone, and pointed his gun at the murderer. “Now Max, I want to have a fun fist fight, instead of just a boring old shoot down, so what do ya’ say?” He put down his gun. Max ran towards him and threw a punch to the face, which skidded against his ducking head. The man kneed Max in the gut, then threw him to the floor. “Forget this,” Max said with a grin, and with not much effort, he shot him in the head, ending his little game.

Chapter 21

Max stared at Flipper for a minute. “You have a bomb inside of you?” Flipper nodded. “That’s why I left, they said if I didn’t leave the building, they would blow it up.” “Why would they take you prisoner instead of just destroying the base?” Flipper looked at Max seriously and said “I don’t know everything, Max.” Max tried to think of any reason why, and couldn’t.

“Maybe their waiting for GT to come here?” “They still could have killed the same amount by blowing up the base, or probably could have killed more.” Max honestly had no idea of the bombs evil purposes. Suddenly Pie and Ads walked in. “Brainstorming, ladies?” Pie was about to say something else, when suddenly there was an explosion, knocking Pie and Ads tripping, and Max and Flipper falling over in their chairs. Pie and Ads were about to grab Flipper, when he suddenly punched Pie in the face, exposing that his chair partially broke, letting his arms free.

He kicked Pie over, and Pie tripped him. Flipper was about to start wrestling Pie, when Adster pulled out a pistol, and pointed it at Flippers head. “We both know that since you planted the bomb in me, I’m too valuable to kill.” “We can plant the bomb into some other GT monkey.” Flipper got off of Pie and accepted defeat. They grabbed Max and Flipper, and pulled them into a new room, with a lock.

Flipper looked at Max. “Max, are you prepared to die for this army?” Max nodded his head truthfully, and realized that Flipper finally broke. The door was shot open with a sun bomb, sending its guard, Franky, flying to the floor on fire. Ads and Pie didn’t do anything to help Franky, they both grabbed guns and started firing down GT and TG soldiers. Pie got into cover, looked at Max and Flipper, and sent a radio message to IW for backup.

Max saw nachos in the distance, behind GT getting prepared for ambush, so he screamed “BEHIND YOU!” GT soldiers looked back and shot down the nachos before they could make their move. Pie was fed up with Max and just decided to shoot him. He grabbed his pistol, put it up against Max’s head and BOOM. He fell over, blood squirting to the floor disgustingly. Max saw Sercan giving Max a smile, as if to say, “I saved your life, you owe me.”

Ads didn’t get out of cover to shoot Max. He pointed his gun at Max and fired. Before he fired, Max tipped his chair over, making an uncomfortable fall. Only the tip of his ear was shot, and Max was saved. His squad suddenly jumped into the room and shot Ads down.  Flipper motioned for Cheeze to come closer, then after a few whispers Cheeze untied Max only, and told everybody to move out.

Max didn’t have to understand what they were saying, he knew that something big was about to happen. Max ran out of the room with Cheeze and Angel, and started firing at the nachos. “Everybody do you’re own thing, but be away from the building in two minutes, GO.” Max ran to the left and shot down 2 Nachos, while narrowly dodging 3 puffle-shaped exploding ninja stars. Then he saw him. Outside of the building, in the window, staring at Max, was the man who murdered his love.

Max ran outside of the war zone, and pointed his gun at the murderer. “Now Max, I want to have a fun fist fight, instead of just a boring old shoot down, so what do ya’ say?” He put down his gun. Max ran towards him and threw a punch to the face, which skidded against his ducking head. The man kneed Max in the gut, then threw him to the floor. “Forget this,” Max said with a grin, and with not much effort, he shot him in the head, ending his little game

Chapter 22

Max sat in his bunker thinking. He killed the man who killed his wife. He got his revenge, but something still seemed missing. Its been missing ever since he got back from the final Nacho/Iw battle 2 days ago. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he knew that something had to be done. Suddenly Angel and Cheeze walked in.

“Hey Max, you’re gonna miss the promotion ceremony.” All three of them left, and met up with the other squads. They looked up at the podium and saw Jerry saying “Everybody did a good job in battle, thank you for fighting with the Golden Troops. Now here are the promotions.” Max got promoted, along with most of his friends. Even Cheeze and Sercan got promoted.

Angel and lotus hung out as often as they could, always happy, and Max was happy too. He got over angel, strangely. Max had been through a lot, and he felt as if every one of his team mates were family. The new leaders were Flipper, Jerry, and Sai. Cheeze and Sercan became 2ic’s, and Kanye stayed 3ic for now. A guy named newhouse became 3ic.

And sercan also revived Skloop. He is Alive Now.

Max got out of the unofficial “Noob Ranks”, but was still considerably low. Max went on tons of missions with his squad, and Squad Kanye, and squad Sercan. Nobody died, because the missions had a low danger rating. They went on tons of parties and stuff. THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Chapter 23

Cheeze kept staring at his watch. “Cheeze do you have something planned?” Cheeze jumped out of his bed and screamed “YEAH AND I’M ABOUT TO BE LATE.” Max wondered why  cheeze waited until he was almost late, but it wasn’t his business. Cheeze ran into the leaders office, literally he ran into the door. Skloop opened it and pulled Max in.

“Ok everybody, now that we’re all here, lets get down to business. As you know, freeland is an island only occupied by natives. Apparently, ACP moved in and took some of the land to take their resources, because of the crisis we are in. After that, nachos, IW, Nw, and tons of other armies moved in to take some land too. We are running out of resources as well, and we are going to move in there and fight for land. We are not only going to fight the hardcore warrior natives, but we will most likely come to blows with other armies.”

“You’re squads will be deployed in a month, take you’re guns, sun screen, bug repelant, and other survival items. You will be dropped off in the jungle near the shore, from an airplane.” Cheeze screamed “SO THIS IS LIKE AVATAR?” Everybody stared at him. “Like the movie….”

GT Trilogy, Tap’s Story

By: Tap Dancer36

Chapter 1

As a recruit for the PSA, Tap was fairly strange. While the other Agents used their spy phones and tech gear, Tap used his bullwhip from a trip into the southwest (Mexican food territory) and a standard 44 Magnum. He was with the PSA branch for years and was top of his class for capturing and/or killing walruses in the field. His knowledge with explosives and unknown to him, his parents were true FW with fire immunity, he seemed like the guy they sent to blow stuff up. He was resting in his rooms thinking about times with Led, Gumball and Skittles along with his times with Penguin Soup and thinking where his former friend, now communist foe Rock went when he heard a knock at the door. “Maybe they finally have a damn army for me now where they aren’t hysterical and firing us agents once they found out about us.” he thought as he went to answer the door.

“Agent Tap” said the tall, muscular penguin at the door Tap had known as Arctic. The civilians called on her advice for the penguin times while really she is the Director of both the EPF and PSA. “I have a new mission for you that you may know about already.”

“Herbert again?” Tap asked. He knew the polar bear and him were enemies since he sunk him in the lake.

“No, your friends and fellow agents Lopii and Lotus were killed in battle yesterday.” Said Arctic. Tap was speechless as he knew Lopii and Lotus were both engaged to two beautiful young women and planning to be married next month. “Your job is to figure out who/what killed them, and destroy it.” Tap was surprised since the last time he was with the armies was the Ice warriors, which he was fired from for trying to shut down the drug cartel the leaders ran.

“What is my mission Arctic?” I asked while mentally yelling at agent Rookie, a fellow friend of mine, to turn down the music.

“You are to join the Golden Troops. Lopii and Lotus were with them hunting down two of their troops that disappeared in the southwest a couple hours before they died.”

Tap was angry, when he was a rookie agent using his tech gear he was sent to investigate the southwest for Herbert when a bunch of insane penguins in sombreros were screaming “NACHOS” and mugged him, he got beat up badly but killed one of them and stole his bullwhip and magnum and scared the rest off by creating an explosion. “When do I leave?” Tap asked grabbing his Fedora and his duel deck for he knew Golden Troops were masters.

“Now” said Arctic teleporting Tap to the southeast, into the newly recovered GT territory.

Chapter 2

Breaking and Entering

Now most of you PSA agents reading this would think this would be easy, right? Get in, get info on who was killed and get ready for battle against who killed your friends. It was not that easy considering Tap was dealing with the best hackers in the army world. The PSA is good, but the Orange Alliance’s were better. He got in by disarming the guards by hiding in a tree, using his whip to steal their guns and using his nacho voice to make them run off after what they thought were nachos. He snuck over the gate and dropped their weapons by the gate and ran across the ugliest red penguin ever. He was similar to the same dudes Tap faced what felt like a million years ago, but they were insane, this guy looked like he could break the iceberg, with one toe. Tap quickly grabbed his bullwhip and choked the guy to death. Then he threw the corpse into a trash can and ran into the building into the main computer room.

Old Tap was good, but every time he tried getting into the computer he got a message saying “You failz-Jerry2cool”

“Damn you Jerry2cool!” Tap yelled when behind him he heard a familiar, deep voice.

Tap turned back and looked into the face of his former commander in the PSA who sent him on the dangerous mission all those years ago “Johnny? Is that…Is that you s-s-sir?” Tap said shaking pointing to the name Jerry2cool.

“Tap? That you? I thought we would never see each other again after I left PSA and yeah, you just damned me” Johnny, or should we say Jerry, said laughing. “So what brings you here to our part of the wilderness? And why the hell did you try hacking my computer?” Jerry asked Tap

“I was sent by Arctic to find Info about the attack yesterday that killed Lopii and Lotus. I had to hack into the computer to get info because I think it was Rock who was responsible for it.”

“Tap, come into my office, we have some things to discuss including your GT rank.” Jerry said.

Chapter 3


2 Years after this incident Tap was given the job Janitor, Only Jerry knew that Tap was a PSA agent for the head Commander Ganger hated PSA agents and only let Jerry enter because he retired. Tap was doing his best keeping his cover silent even though the UMA in disguise as nachos knew where he was, and they were going to kill him. He was sweeping the Floor of the hallway near the cafeteria when somehow a Red got in and was trying to kill him, again. He saw a new recruit and to cover up any evidence, shot him. Then he saw Tap leaning out from behind a trash can, whip and taser ready Tap whipped the Red in the arm then knocked him out with the taser, to teach him a lesson, Tap broke his neck and killed him. It was another low ranking red brainwashed by Wgfv.

Suddenly Ganger came out M14 in his hands and saw Tap by the two and screamed “TRAITOR!”

Tap ran like hell away only to get caught by Nico and sent to the Head Generals office. It looked like It would be a 1v1 against Ganger, and Tap would win. When he got there he Saw jerry behind Ganger and he knew that he wasn’t dead. Instead He was given a Plaque that read The Janitor aka Tap. Later Tap went for a walk to his favorite tree outside of base. On his way he came face to face with his arch enemies and they had teamed up and ready to kill him. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the noob” said a cold drawling voice of the last person who Tap thought would be a Red.

“When we are done with you, there will be nothing left.” Said a rough growl from a huge Polar bear with a crabby sidekick.

It was Herbert and Rock, beside Herbert on the ground was Lopii, unconscious and severely beat up. “What the hell did you do to our friend?” Tap yelled at Rock.

“Making sure he wouldn’t escape before trade off” sneered Rock.

“What trade you asshole?” Tap said cautiously

“The one where GT gets Lopii and Lotus while we get you and don’t try grabbing that gun of yours, or we kill Lopii.” Said Herbert dangerously.

“Fine.” Tap said as he dropped his gun. “Escort those two back now while I am with you to make sure you don’t drop your word” Tap said.

Chapter 4

The Cheese Please

Lopii and Lotus were returned to base after two years of confinement. Lopii saw Karina and began making out with her while lotus was depressed since Tristin left. Tap on the other hand was in trouble, he was being brought to the damn Reds for an unfair trial when he saw another PSA agent locked up. Quicker than lightning Tap grabbed his bullwhip and killed the guards hauling him to jail and went and freed Cheezepleeze after 3 hard years of confinement. Tap quickly saw a communist tank and, being the pyromaniac he was, freed the other Prisoners Of War and saw a bunch of soldiers running out of the base in the other direction wearing gold uniforms, but Tap and Cheeze knew they had to find a radio station to contact Lotus, Lopii, Arctic, and Tristin.

“So what have you been doing the past few years Tap?” Cheeze asked. He knew Tap was hunting down Herbert but didn’t know why.

“Johnny aka Jerry recruited me into GT to help protect it and to use it as a way to do my missions of hunting down and killing Wgfv and Pink Mafias and to track and arrest Herbert. I thought I had him till I found out he and Rock teamed up with the Reds to kill me.”

“Well I need to know where my Nat is at” said Cheeze.

“Bad news, Nat joined the nachos and that is our next target since they have a station where I can get transmissions to Lotus and Tristin.”

Once Tap and Cheeze got there, Cheeze went off to find Nat dead so he went and visited the nacho president; he gave the man a hug and then got shot in the foot. He then pulled out his machine gun and shot the nachos only to find out Billy Mays stole the remote to the 75 pounds of dynamite and pushed the button. We never heard from him again. Meanwhile Tap had met up with a former Leader of GT Riotors; he was the only non PSA to know Tap was a PSA agent and quickly rigged up a satellite. Tap then Called Tristin “Tristin, Lotus didn’t die that day when looking for Wenny and the traitor Nat. All PSA agents have clones and Lopii’s and Lotus’ clones did die!”

“OMFG” yelled Tristin, saying her first swear word ever, “WHERE IS HE!”

Tap told Tristin lotus was at base and depressed because she retired and she quickly got there for when Tap returned to base, she and Lotus were making out like crazy! Meanwhile Tap contacted Arctic and told her that Rock and Herbert are with the communist and that he requested an additional agent to help him out with this mission. Later that day Rio got a call from Arctic about the PSA…

Chapter 5

Agents TBR

Rio went into PSA head quarters after passing his test with flying colors and met his room mate, Agent Boot or Boot as he was better known. Boot was an odd fellow in Tap’s opinion and seemed similar to the stories he had heard of Wenny, and Tap couldn’t help wonder if they were related. Meanwhile Rio was getting ready for his mission with Tap; it was going to be difficult since he and tap were as opposite as night and day. Rio was a spectacular leader making 9 armies he lead power houses. He is well known on the island but it wasn’t until Tap and Jerry told him about the PSA did he even know about the bloody place! Tap on the other hand is old, real old that I, the writer, don’t know how old he is yet. He also almost became PSA 2ic and had to complete this mission, and train Rio, to become the 2ic. After packing up and getting a quick bite to eat they teleported to the Southeast and, anonymous to them, they were being followed by Boot. It wasn’t long before Tap and Rio got attacked. Rio pulled out his basketbomb and Tap grabbed his bullwhip and they were ready to die fighting a hell of a lot of reds, (20v1) when they heard a strange cry: “IT’S HORNY TIME!”

Two penguins, one wearing orange and the other wearing black, ran after them holding condoms and M16’s and started shooting the reds and raping the reds killing 20 and sending the other 20 away, never to be heard of again.

“Boot? What the hell was this for?” Tap asked grinning.

“You guys looked in trouble” said Boot grinning

Chapter 6

The Offer

When Tap got back to base the celebration was huge since he found five MIA’s and saved 4 of them, saved the base, and destroyed a nacho base. Cheeze was awarded his Medal for killing the Nacho president Post humorlessly. After the Party, Ganger ordered Tap into his office.

“Tap, how the hell do you do it? You saved this base, killed a hell of a lot of nachos, stole a tank, freed many of our Prisoners of War,  how are you doing this stuff? You are a janitor only! You never fight with us and you stay on base cleaning up or out visiting your northern friends.

“For your service, I wish to promote you to Pyro Commander and you will direct all parts of the missions that require explosives”

“Generous offer sir but I wish to stay a janitor, I will build the Explosives needed for the jobs and I am sure Boot will help with the biological weapons.”

Suddenly Kali came in half panicked half disgusted and said “Sir? Sadius and Boot are making horny hour, what should we do?”

Ganger reached for his M14 and asked Tap” What weapons do you carry old man?”

“A 44magnum, a taser, my bullwhip and a pound of TNT” said Tap smiling madly.

Chapter 7

The Hackers

Tap had left Rio and Boot at base while he uncovered his Camel, since Tap served in the First World War; he knew how to fly these planes. He got in his plane and took with him his weapon that defeated the Red Baron in the war, his Walking Stick. He flew over to the northwest island known as hacker Isle to avenge the deaths of his friends and comrades. He remembered Arctic’s words before he joined GT all those years ago.

“Do what you must to bring the Reds down, but do not become too attached to the army you are with.” How the hell was Tap supposed to not become attached, these guys trusted him, he loved his job as a janitor possibly even more then he loved being an agent. Tap was one of the best but he was never happy, he wasn’t allowed to fall in love, he had to stay on base except for missions, and he wanted to kill more Walruses, not help out with the base’s new recruits. He saw his target and he knew a free walrus was there, he was going to kill him and his comrades, or die trying.

He dropped in silently and killed all the young hackers without remorse, he heard laughing and saw Sora and a young hacker there and snuck past them. Once he found IATW, he would run out unnoticed and bring his smelly corpse to base. Easy, simple and he would do it. He pulled out his Walking Stick, aimed at IATW and fired a shot so quiet not even an elephant could hear it, but the young hacker did. IATW was dead, but the kid was coming and Tap had to do something. He quickly jumped behind the trashcan like he did last week, but this time he stabbed the kid in the stomach, no remorse.

“2 down” Tap thought when suddenly he was face to face with Sora, and he did the last thing imaginable. He sat down and cried like a baby and thanked Tap for killing IATW and the other hackers.

“Thank you, they had me under mind control and if I didn’t obey them, they would, they would kill me! Thank you for saving me Tap!”

Tap had been able to read minds, and he tried and he saw young Sora was lying so he grabbed Sora, pretended to believe him and took him and the corpse back to the forts where Sora would be killed. Before he knew it Sora had Tap pinned and had all his weapons. Tap decided there was one thing left to do, blow the isle’s fortress up immediately. While Sora was calling Rock (“Both my old friends betrayed the agency and teamed up, what the hell” thought Tap) tap was creating a pipe bomb big enough to blow the island sky high and when Sora hung up the phone, The Island blew. Tap brought back Sora’s body to base only to be Arrested for Treason for “helping the hackers today” said Flipper. Tap was really having a bad week.

Chapter 8


Tap spent 9 months in jail without any word of his trial. He suspected Flipper was under UMA control but he had no proof. Lopii, Lotus, Surf and Tristin visited Tap weekly. Tristin and Lotus gave Tap a guitar and Harmonica to help entertain the other inmates. Surf sneaked some CPAC papers to Tap so he could read the news and Lopii kept Tap company until his untimely death from the Hands of Rock. I was in jail also due to the merge failing so I learned about Tap’s history also. Tap was trying to contact PSA and when he did, he had a surprised visit from Dddd, Gumball, Skittles and Ledzepplin. They sent Message to Tap from Arctic that he was on his owns since after he was arrested, Herbert destroyed the HQ and Rock killed Boot and Lopii with one touch. Tap knew the trial had to occur soon or the Reds will control the Island.

One day Lotus came in and told Tap some news that shocked us all. Tristin was on leave from the army due to the fact she was pregnant with Lotus Jr. He then Pointed at me and said “Swimmy, you made a mistake with the merge, but you don’t deserve to be in jail.” Then he looked at Tap and told him “Flipper seems odd, he wants to turn GT red and wants to combine GT and Red land.”

“Damn him, when I get out, I will kill him as soon as he says ‘GT is a communist army’ and I will steal what’s left of the nacho metal force and go to Red Isle and kill the communists, at all costs” said Tap.

“Well Tap,” said Lotus grinning, “I have a present for you and Swimmy” He pulled out what looked like Swimmy’s knife and Tap’s bullwhip, along with the keys to the jail cells.

“Thank you Lotus!” Swimmy said turning the knife into my EPF phone.

“Same Lotus old buddy!” Tap said putting on his hat and wanting to get his magnum and Walking Stick. “Swimmy, Rio has gone missing and we are tow agents from the same government society. Let’s team up and find Rio and kill Flipper and Rock.”

“Tap, lets do it!”Swimmy said.

“Hey don’t forget us, Penguin soup for ever!” said Led with Gumball, skittles and Dddd nodding with approval.

“Lotus, wanna join?” Tap asked.

“No,” said Lotus, “I have a son coming.”

“May hell be unleashed” said The Janitor.


2 years later

Tap, Swimmy, Dddd, Led, Gum and Skittles had banded together to help the remains of the PSA and EPF defeat the Reds. Rio is missing, Lopii and boot were killed and the world war in the area was getting nasty. Tap had heard of rumors that included Sora had resurrected and Rock was looking for immortality. Herbert was still at large, but he was weaker and was using the ban nuke on the Allies. As the War gets closer, Tap has to kill Flipper and ultimately must choose between GT or PSA for the war. Swimmy must help sneak back into GT ranks to stop the construction of Pixel Bombs for the Pixel Bombs are able to create black holes if used in the right way. Penguin Soup makes it bigger than Penguin band and helps the Allies in the War Front. Sercan, the Jedi of the mountain in the Golden Mountains begins to train Tap and a new army takes over Hacker Isle, and they are Aqua with parrots and sunglasses.

Chapter 10

Betrayal and Assault

Penguin Soup’s newest albums were to promote the war for the Allied side and to increase troop morale. They were on the remains of Hacker Isle along with the PSA remains, IW high command, ACP leaders and high command, Nacho remains and the new Elite Penguin Force. Rio was found on the Island and had created makeshift radios and cloaking devices to protect his band of rebel Reds called the Purple Heads. Tap had run off from GT as soon as ganger came across his Ban Nuke, which would destroy all troops, civilians and medics but kept the buildings up. Their tech department stole the plans and modified them to create the pixel bomb, a bomb that destroy everything and created an explosion that reacts too similar to a  black hole.

Although IW and Nachos told the world they were neutral, they were secretly helping by supplying ACP. Mchappy was holding a meeting and the following people were there: Mchappy, Tap, Arctic, Gill, Icey, Billy Mays, 50cent, Riotors, Penguin Soup and Commando. Suddenly the trap door opened and a short figure with lots of weapons popped up wearing a ninja uniform with a moon and skull logo. He was ready for battle and he said “My name is Vendetta; I am from an underground army called the Night Warriors. The pixel bombs have started hitting us and we wish to destroy the people who are attacking. We have an underground army of 100 men that are ready to attack at any moment.”

After a moment, Icey stepped out and shook Vendetta’s hand and said “welcome to the club Vend.”

The plan was simple, the IW navy, ACP army, and Nacho Tank Force would attack GT head on, the EPF would swoop into GT territory with Ban Nukes and attack the people, and they would land and kill all survivors. If overwhelmed, NW would attack GT from when needed and help transport the Pixel Bombs to PSA Island where Tap would dispose of them.

When preparing Tap grabbed the only weapon that was left that could defeat GT if needed, Sora’s Hacker Gun, the last hacker gun and the only to survive the explosion. The gun had the spirit of Sora and tap would get rid of it as soon as GT was defeated. Lotus and Tristin were dead and Lotus Jr. was missing. No one knew, but the day Lotus released Tap was the day he was fired. That same day Tap became the child’s godfather and he was afraid the Rogues got to the kid. Lotus Cheezeplease Inred II was in danger Tap thought and he would save him.

The plan on GT’s base worked well until NW betrayed The Allies and helped the Red’s get both Sora’s gun and the Pixel bomb. What was worse was The CPAC was destroyed by Pixel Bombs and Skloop was killed in the explosion. Icey was killed when his battleship was destroyed by e Red submarine and Arctic was killed in battle by Ganger. Knowing the Code Tap was now Director of the PSA, and further more Tap was elected by the troops of IW for leader because he seemed like the best guy. 50cent and Billy survived, but 50cent lost his leg and was forced to become advisor. The war had only begun.

Chapter 11

The Jedi of the Mountain

Weeks after the attack, a black hole formed over CPA central and Tap knew GT perfected their bomb not to do that, so he knew the UMA made theirs and also a funeral was held at Hacker Isle for Tristin, Lotus and all the soldiers who died that were in the Allies or PSA. Tap heard news when a couple of navy troops found a Soldier’s body near UMA and ruins of his weapons on Red Island. Tap knew that UMA wasnt destroyed yet, but reports were sent saying two people slipped off of the island and Tap had a horrid feeling Rock and Sora were alive, and controlling GT and NW. Unrest between the Nachos and ACP caused the leaders to be killed and the new leaders merged into IW to make the CPA. Tap knew he had to finish the war soon so the Armies could unmerge, The GT was stabilizing, but he could feel a disturbance in something when suddenly an old man appeared in front of him.

“You are the chosen one, what you do now will affect the entire future. Follow me.” He said. Tap did what he said and was teleported to a mountain near CPAC, or what was left of it. “Train my Apprentice, you will journey in there with your friend, you will fight your foe and kill him, then one of you will die.”

“What?” Tap said with shock as he had very few friends left that were alive. The old man known as Sercan the brave told Tap to move all forces from Hacker Isle and train with the weapon known as a Lightsaber for his final battle.

Tap told Rio, his last surviving friend since Penguin Soup was killed off by UMA, everything the old man said. Rio was going to go into the black hole, when suddenly he saw it. Rock was going to merge his and Sora’s soul into one and kill off everyone. Tap saw his future and saw Rio was going to offer his life for Tap to continue leading CPA. The final battle was here and Tap was going to die.

Chapter 12

The Dreadful Ending

Tap Walked towards the black hole as if he knew what was happening, he brought he duel disk and his bullwhip for he was going to duel Sora, and kill Rock. Rio was his second for when Tap died, Rock and Surf will be weak and one of them would be possibly dead. They approached the black hole and they jumped, the saw all their dead friends along with Rock and Sora. Sora looked ready for a duel while Rock looked like he wanted to make Tap stay there. Rio attacked Rock while tap killed Sora with a duel. Sora was good but Tap is the Master. Then out of the corner, he saw Rio die from Rock. Sora was dazed and Rock was weaker, but still strong. Then out of nowhere Tap hear a scream and Saw a Troop in a gold uniform with a bloody machete. “This is a private matter, Nic” Rock said and he snapped and Nic got tied up with Dark Vines.

“Rock, we fight, I win” Tap said pulling out his Lightsaber, he activated it and it turn a bright orange. Rock pulled out his lightsaber and it was Black. 5 minutes into the fight, Nic jumped up, stabbed Rock’s hand and rock killed him. Suddenly Tap’s Parents Appeared and they were the Fire Warriors. The ignited Tap and Tap used the fire as his final attack and created an Explosion. Tap grabbed Rio’s and Nic’s bodies and left Rock in Hell Forever. When he got out, the black hole and all the Pixel Bombs’ implants were restored to normal. Tap went to GT and Ganger tried to kill him for the attack, but Tap separated Ganger’s molecules out of pure anger and sadness. The troops held a memorial while Tap had to finish up political matters before returning home.

The Ending

As soon as Tap got to PSA, he made an announcement to the CPA, the EPF was done, and Tap appointed Rookie as Commander of PSA affairs. CPA was restored to their original Empires of Nachos, IW and ACP. Tap appointed Flipper as ACP leader and Gill/Arcticslider as IW leaders. Tap returned to Hacker Isle and Made PH a full powerhouse, eventually expanding to a new place called Rune Isle, Mimo Island and driving out the Shadow Alliance from hiding, He appointed Harv and M2 as leaders and went to GT, where he was again offered a high ranking position, which he accepted. Kludd ruled with Tap for many years and he ruled the Red Isle as a colony. He is still leading today. Tap’s final act before retiring was putting the names of the fallen throughout the past 10 years, including Rock and Sora, on a Monument still there Today. At the end, He appointed Surf, Kali and Bud (Lotus Jr.) as Leaders. Tap went to CPAC, and was never heard of again. He was 200 when it happened. Surf and Kali ended up married along with Emo and Karina. Surf and Kali had a daughter, named Tristin, and for Rock, well he wrote the story and sent it out of the black hole.

GT Trilogy, Surf’s Story

By: Surfersboysc 


For 3 years after the arrival of Max, little issues happened, a few rebellions, a few traitors. GT prospered but soon the option to merge came and GT accepted it join TG. Now for 5 years TG was large, GT escaped the merge to form G2 , but quickly went back. For 9 months it was normal and suddenly. It was declared. GT G3 shall be formed and we shall not re-merge! It was accepted and GT left and began to prosper once again. But soon a new problem arose, 2 of the loyal GT soldiers had gone missing. Natalia and Wenny had dissapeared overnight. They were rumours that Rock or Sora might have taken them, but nobody could believe it.

Rain was pelting down on the roof of the jeeps, Lotus and Lopii were leading the Red Panda squad(Named after the Red Panda who had passed away). Lotus turned the jeep onto one of the dirt roads of the desert. Their mission was to rescue Natalia and Wenny who had been missing for 72 hours. Suddenly from nowhere the Red Panda Jeep exploded. The Golden Jeep and Trooper Jeep both pulled over and got out the buckets. They had been planning for this and quickly exstenguished the fire. They pulled out the bodies from the jeep. 2 dead, 6 survivors. Lopii and Lotus both lied on the ground of the desert. Their skin bloody and charred. Lt. Jack examined the rest of the squad. Tristin, Karina, Jerry, Ganger and two privates kneed on the ground near the bodies. Jerry and Ganger quitely murmured while Tristin cried with Karina.

Chapter 1

For 2 years Karina had kept to herself since her only companion she had trusted had retired. Tristin had mourned for Lotus too deeply to go to the field. Karina however had become battle-hardened. She had excperienced loss and she wanted revenge on the killers of her beloved Lopii. She had trusted him and he was taken from her world. She would take someone from somebody else’s as well. Tristin had been too mournful to talk, sleep, or eat. She starved herself and cried herself to sleep at night and always wokeup screaming and sweating. It had driven Karina crazy sometimes. When she was retired it was both a  blessing and a curse upon Karina.

General Jack sat in his room searching his journal for the day he lost his best friend, Lotus in Red. Lotus had always been cheerful and he had been in deep love. General Jack was sometimes jealous of his old friend’s good luck, until the day Lotus had lost his life to a mine on that dirt path. General Jack chewed on his apple as he read over the entry. Suddenly a loud knock took him back to reality. He got up from his seat and strolled to the door. He opened the door and saluted “Head General Surf, have I been called to duty, sir”, Surf simply replied “At ease soldier, I have come to talk to you.” Jack pondered what Head General Surf could want to chat about, he was a very secluded man, for as long as Jack could remember. “Jack, I’ve been pondering who would of set up a mine in that very location, a secluded road in ACP territory meant for safe passage of our troops. Only ACP and our soldiers know of it.”Surf said. Jack said”Surf, I have come to a conclusion that it might of been one of the captured soldiers, who had been tortured until they had realeased information.” Surf said”I’m afraid that might not be the case”

The Janitor swept the outside walkways of the GT Military Base. He felt that something was about to happen that nobody would understand. Nobody could understand even the fact that he was assigned to his job from the PSA. A spy that acted as a protector of GT. PSA had been planning to find a suitable place to train their troops secretly. The Janitor was beginning to believe that here was the place. Suddenly  he heard the gunfire, he ducked and pulled out his bull whip and taser. He crawled on on the ground until he found where it was coming from. He saw a Nacho pulling the body of a dead trooper behind a wall. The Janitor crawled to behind a trash can next to the Nacho. He leapt out and whipped the man on the arm. The man dropped his gun and screamed. The Janitor took out his taser and tazed him. The man slumped on the ground, The Janitor twisted his neck ’till he heard the snap and ran away from the corpse.

Ganger set in his office with his feet on his desk and a throwing knife in his hand. He picked his hand up and through the throwing knife as hard as he could. He hit the Nacho poster straight through the knick. He wiped his hands together and let a gigantic grin cross his face. The sound of gunfire let him focus on the real world again. He loaded his M-14 and ran out the door. He looked around, he saw a body get pulled behind a corner. He heard the crack of a whip and a scream. He saw a shadow speed across his line of vision. It stepped into the light of a lightpost and he saw the face. “TAP!!!!, YOU TRAITOR” He screamed. 40 soldiers poured out of their rooms and into the night. All ready for combat and saluting to Ganger. “Soldiers, we have a traitor among us, The Janitor has killed one of our own.” He heard several gasps and saw several soldiers nod as if they knew it would of happened. “Spread out and capture him, bring him to me and confiscate his weapons!”

Commander General Kali had taped a flashlight to her pistol and now shone light upon the corpse of a Nacho. On his right arm lay a whip scar, on his neck was a tazer burn. He lay with his neck at an akward position suggesting his spine had been snapped. She pointed the flashlight at the body next to him. She called for General Jack to come look at it. “General Jack, would you say the Janitor killed both of them?” asked Kali. “No look at the Nacho then at our friend, it looks like The Janitor only killed the Nacho, notice the bullet in the side of the GT soldier?” answered Jack. “I’ll go report this to Golden General Ganger.” Said Kali as she ran off to report her findings. When Ganger had finished listening it was obvious that she was telling the truth, Kali was one of his star pupils. She had never lied it seemed. Kali asked”Sir, should we call off the search?” Ganger replied “No, I want him brought here to be rewarded, and Commander General Kali.” “Yes, Golden General Ganger,sir?” replied Kali. “The Janitor’s name is Tap.” said Ganger.

To be continued…

Chapter 2


As Tap was taken to see Ganger, he eyed his bull whip and taser on Pvt. Johnson’s belt. He knew he couldn’t reach it no matter how hard he tried, and he would probaly get hit for trying. Colonel William walked behind him with a pistol aimed at Tap’s head. His training in the PSA meant he could escape, yet Tap didn’t want to. He would face off with  Ganger 1 on 1. Head General Surf, a man who had recently earned Agent Tap’s respect, was leading Tap’s gaurds to the great walls of the Military GT Base. It’s steel barbwire covering the smooth limestonewalls at the top. In sunlight it looked as if the base itself was radiating light from all the steel coverings placed around it. Tap stared at General Jack who was standing with Lt. Marshall at the gates of the base. After he had passed through he saw Golden General Ganger with his gaurd of 2 dozen soldiers. Then he glanced at what Ganger was carrying. It was a case, with see-through glass. He saw a golden medal decorated with a bull whip and a taser. There was a plaque reading”For Tap A.K.A. The Janitor, for a heroic act of bravery in defending our base.” Ganger smiled and said “Hello Tap, it appears you are the hero of the day.”

Karina sat on her bed glancing at her new roomate, AMR is what she said her name was. AMR laid down her suitcase and put a case on her desk. She was supposed to recieve her rank tommorow. She had been transported directly from the Academy in the Tropical Regions. She had been specially trained to kill in close-combat. She had arrives with two soldiers yesterday. Kludd and Strix were their names. From what Karina observed both AMR and Strix were attracted to eachother. Its reminded her of Lopii and her when they had first met. Kludd was a trained assassin, he had 13 knives, 2 gernades, a Japanese longsword, a variety of poisons and a sniper rifle which could de-form into a pistol for quick-fire situations. As for Strix, all Karina knew was that he was good with a gun.

Kludd sat in his dorm next to Surf, discussing tactics on how to raid a base. Surf told him that they were planning to invade a Nachos Prison Base in 2 days. Apparently, two days from then Kludd would be sit on top of the gaurd wall and snipe the two gaurds that were infront of the main gate. Then he would go to the back entrance and attack the leader of the Prison Base, who was only known to be a female with a machete. The team going to raid the base was currently, Surf, Kludd, Strix, Amr, Jerry, Jack, Ganger, Karina, and Kali. Once Surf had left, Kludd pulled out his poisons and put them in order. He been ordered to coat his bullets with a spasm poison. One that would make the unlucky person have spams until their muscle dissolved and they slowly died. His knives however were to be coated with a poison that spread fast for a fast-kill.

Ganger appointed everyone to their position. Kludd and Jerry were to be on top of the wall. Surf and Jack were to back-up Kali and Karina. Strix and AMR were going to go on an expedition around the base to put mines on the paths and the roads. On Ganger’s go Kludd and Jerry fired two shots and took out the gaurds, then they ran to the emergecny exit wall to wait for survivors. Strix and AMR ran down a path with their bag full of mines. Surf and Jack follow Karina and Kali as they ran into the base.

Karina and Kali brandished their knives while Jack and Surf pulled out pistols in each hand. As they ran towards the first soldiers Karina threw her knife at a soldier. Jack fired both his pistols, while Surf pulled out his only knife and threw it at the biggest soldier. It hit the man in the stomach and Surf fired his two pistols, then yelled “WOOOOO, HEAD SHOT BABY!” Jack laughed and Karina had a confused look on her face. Kali, being her usual self had worn a dress to the raid. She twirled in her dress and winked at a Nacho, the Nacho stared at her and Kali did a front flip landed a foot away and sliced the man 13 times before back-flipping next to Karina who was fighting off a dazon nachos. Surf did his failure of a flip and shot 4 shots at the Nachos taking out 3 and maiming another. Karina and Kali ran down one passage while Surf and Jack ran down another just to get captured by 14 Nachos lying in wait.

Strix took another mine from the bag and laid it down. AMR activated it and they ran. They had put mines down on all of the paths and road. Their new goal was to get to the cells. AMR and Strix ran into the base and came to a fork in the road. “AMR I think we should split up, I’ll take the left path and you can take the right.” Strix said. “Well then, you better not get scared Strix, I won”t be there to comfort you.” Replied AMR. “You wish AMR” Said Strix. They both nodded at eachother and ran down their paths. Strix stared at what he saw, Surf was surrounded by soldiers. Strix watches as the Nachos poked him with knives. Surf was tied and gagged, he was leaning against the wall. Strix shrugged and said”Might as well kill ‘em all” He pulled out a rifle and aimed down the barrel. He shot 4 times and managed to takes out 5 soldiers. He took out his knives and threw them 2 at a time. Down fell 8 more. 12 down 2 to go. He ran at them. One of them stared at him in awe and the other  ran like hell. The one who was in awe died with a slash to the next and the one who ran got shot in the back of the skull. Surf said nothing except “Where’s Jack?.”

AMR looked at the cells and sighed,  no Wenny. She got all of the soldiers out and there was not a single GT soldier among them. She gave them the all-clear and gave them the escape path’s description. She then took a path outside and signaled to Jerry that it was all-clear. Jerry signaled for her to set charges all around the base. She had 20 minutes to set them and evacuate the building. She ran around and set charges on the empty-side of the building. She then messaged all of the other soldiers the get-out code. Strix and Surf messaged her that they were evacuating. Kali and Karina did as well. She set the final charges and ran. She sat outside the building and did a roll call. No Jack still. She messaged to Jerry that they were missing Jack. He ackowledged her.

Jerry and Kludd stared at the the gateway, where soldiers began pouring out. Jerry counted 70 in all. He saw one familiar face among them. “Traitor” he murmured. Staring at Natalie, he told Kludd”Fire at the girl to the very back of the soldiers. Kludd aimed his scope and fired the best shot he had. It hit her skull right between her eyebrows. She bled from there as the poison spread in her system. She began having a spasm and fell to the ground. Jerry took this as a good sign and pulled out a machingun. He aimed at the gaurds and fired everyshot he had. The soldiers eventually took notice of him and fired back. They died as soon as they fired due to the massive amount of fire coming from the wall. The remaing 32 soldiers got behind a barrier and tugged it along to safe position. Jerry cussed and said ” Their going towards our troops” Kludd transmitted a message to Surf to prepare to attack.

Surf set up the soldiers he had recieved from jeeps in a defenseive position. He counted 24 soldiers total. Kali, Karina, AMR, Strix and 2 other soldiers had retreated outside the base. Once the enemy soldiers were in site he yelled “OPEN FIREEEEEE.” The 32 living Nachos died in one volley of bullets. Surf ordered each soldier to get into a jeep and get back to base. Kludd and Jerry met him and discussed the turn of events when a sudden explosion knocked them awake. The prison burst into flames and the walls collapsed. Jerry retrieved information from AMR, when he got the bad news he nearly cried. “We’re missing Jack and Wenny wasn’t there?” AMR closed her transmitter and Jerry retrieved word from Ganger, who had returned to base. He walked over to Surf with a very sober face and said ” We raided the wrong base, Nachos have declared war unless we give an explination of freeing known criminals and spies.”

To be continued…


Chapter 3

So there Karina was, sitting next to the recovering Lopii. An akward silence was in the air. Lopii was sitting rubbing one of his many scars. Finally Lopii broke the silence ” Karina, I can’t go on with this.” Karina asked “What do you mean Lopii?” Lopii said ” I can’t fight anymore, I can’t be in GT, and I can’t be with you.” Karina slapped his across the face as hard as she could. She got up and walked away from him. She started muttering on about boys. She looked up at the sky and could see a twirl where the air should be still. She ran to the base and reported to Golden General Jerry ” General Jerry, Twirl above the northwest wall!” Jerry hit a red button and said into a microphone “Attention all soldiers, incoming hackers, get to your appointed positions!” Karina looked at the window into the courtyard to see Lotus and Tristin holding hands by the pond. Suddenly, Tris ran to one of the bedrooms and Lotus ran to the Weapon Warehouse. Surf was walking with his two pistols in his hands and his knives in easy-to-grab range. Nic ran by Surf towards the War Evacuation Base. Apparently he was in charge of gaurding and escorting the evacuees. Suddenly she heard a loud ringing. A disorted ray blast fired from somewhere out of her vision. Surf stared at shock at the bullet that was about to hit him. He rolled out of the way and ran as fast as he could. The blast hit the floor where he had been standing. The floor cracked for several meters. There were a few seconds of silent. Suddenly the ground around where Surf had been standing and wheres he was now exploded. Surf’s body was thrown into the air and landed in a very uncomftarble position. Lotus came out and yelled “MEDIC, MEDIC, MAN DOWN!”

Three hackers strolled the grounds shooting the ray blasts at anything that moved. The ground was littered with bodies and debris. Medics and soldiers were dead, or dying. Very few had been taken to the hospital. One of the hackers said “Sora, how does it feel to attack these noobs while they’re defenseless?” The one called Sora said “Tape, it feels great, I’m known as a traitor here.” The other hacker said “Tape, these noobs didn’t have a chance, there’s no pleasure.” Tape said “Shut up Joe.” Joe replied “I’m a retired Walrus I do what I want!” Tape replied “Now your a member of F0X35 so suck it up.” Sora now said “Shut up both of you.” They all agreed and kept their eyes peeled. Sora said “I suppose they have 200 evacuated, and probaly 40 wounded being treated. I’ll say 70 people dead out on the grounds.” Tape nodded and grunted his agreement.

Kali and Kludd kneed behind the bushes watching the hackers stroll the grounds. Kludd whispered to Kali “You think the men on the ground are okay?” Kali said “It doesn’t matter right now, focus on the hackers.” She picked up her sniper rifle and aimed at Joe, she pulled the trigger and he slumped to the ground. His gun rolled to the bushes and Kludd took it. He jumped and yelled “DIE BISH!!” He fired, but Sora was just as fast. Sora pulled the trigger and the ray blast went lightning fast. It hit Kludd in the chest and he flew into the nearest wall. His body leaned foward, then it lost control and had spasms. He stilled and Kali stifled a sob. She stared foward and shot Joe in the leg. Kludd has recently poisoned her bullets for her. Joe fell with a howl and started foaming at the mouth. His skin turned blue and his eyed turned black. Sora stared in horror at the perfect image of a nightmare. He pushed his a button and transported somewhere else. Kali ran towards Kludd. She felt his pulse. Barely beating was how his heart was doing. She called for a medic and ran around and pulled all the dead into a pile. 40 medics poured into the courtyard where the injured laid.

3 days had passed and a base camp had been settled in the north regions of GT Territiory. Surf walked on a cane and he looked at Kludd, Kludd sat in a wheelchair being pushed by General Jack. Kali was at the range with her new sniper rifle and fresh supplies of ACP-GT Trade Knife Collection Knives, but as she called them, Living-Hell. Karina sat writing in her notebook and AMR and Strix held hands happy to both be safe. Lotus lay with a leg missing and Tris holding him, their elbows locked together. Ganger examined the scene and called for a GT Meeting, 4ic+ only. Kali, Surf, Jerry, Ganger, Nic, Kludd, and AMR sat in the office tent discussing war plans. They were going to invade another Nacho base in 2 days. Ganger would give a speech 30 minutes after the Golden Troop Meeting at o8:00 hours. Unfortunatley, Kludd, Lotus, and Tristin were staying behind. Surf had lost his cane and decided he didn’t need it.


Chapter 4

  The scouts came back, with very good news. A neutral army in the war, IW, had decided to enter and help GT but had not planned to actually help at a battle. IW had been planning to attack border outposts, luckily GT and IW had decided to cut off the main entrances and lay siege to the enemy. IW had announced to the GT scouts to attack at 11:o0 hours. GT scouts came back and readied the soldiers and leaders. The jobs were announced. Nic and Surf would lead an attack party. AMR and Strix would attack the prison leaders and gaurds. Jerry and Ganger would attack the gaurds throughout the base. Karina and Kali would meet Nic and Surf to free the prisoners after aiding the IW troops to secure the outside.

IW set up their troops around the 4 exits of the base, they set up defenses to keep enemy reinforcements from arriving to surpise the GT soldiers. 12 GT soldiers were under Surf and Nic’s command. AMR and Strix would have 3 soldiers to help them attack. Jerry and Ganger had 20 soldiers under their command. Karina and Kali had 2 soldiers with them. IW had begun firing on the first evacuees when Surf and Nic’s attack squad charged. Jerry and Ganger attacked at the same time. Kali and Karina’s soldiers went with them to make sure everything was “A-okay” and AMR and Strix followed after Surf and Nic.

Surf was running when they met the first enemy squad. The result was a loss of 20 soldiers on the enemy and 3 on Surf’s squad. He now had 9 soldiers. 11 if he counted his self and Nic. Surf ran on without talking, his hope was that Jack was here. Jack, one of his only friends gone missing on a mission with Surf. Dragged apart Surf had been tortured, while Jack escaped. Surf had been very secluded for years after the many losses he suffered. He opened up to few, which probaly was why he lost his status he had in the first GT. Nic, Kali, Kludd, AMR, Karina, and Jack were the few friends he felt he could trust. Sure he had others, but they were not important to him. He had nightmares of the day he lost Lotus, that scared, charred, bloody body still haunted him. Now Lotus was back, at least the man Lotus. His old attitude was gone. He had been tortured for over 2 years. Now Surf pondered about Jack, would he be gone for years? His thinking distracted him, he ran straight into a gaurd of 20 soldiers. He didn’t notice when Nic and the others ran down the hallway they had planned. He had forgotten and now where is he. Two grabbed him by his arms and another grabbed his legs ’till another tied him. Then he was the light of a blade shining and heard a Nacho scream. He pictured Kali and Karina, fighting to save him, he managed to turn his head to see Wenny, bloody and scarred screaming his head off stabbing soldiers. He walked up to Surf and his face became friendly. He cut the ties and shook his hand. Just then Kali and Karina both bolted down the hallway in pink combat suits. Surf smiled and said “A bit late aren’t ya?”

Nic looked around, Surf was missing, he shook his head at him. Suddenly the lights shut off, he cussed at his bad luck. First his friend goes missing, now the lights go off. He pulled out his pistol, and taped a flashlight to the top. He turned the flashlight on to it’s red bulb. He shone the light around, his 9 soldiers remaining did the same. They ran on foward. Just then he estimated half the base’s soldiers came down his hallway. He fired at them and turned the white light on. The light blinded the Nachos and one soldier chucked a gernade and yelled “WOOOOOOOOOOOTAAA!!!!” Nic laughed and all the other soldiers screamed their heads of yelling “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTAAAAAA!” After about 5 minutes of wootaing and shooting the Nachos surrended and GT took 5 prisoners from the 70 that origanlly attacked.

Surf noticed the sparkles on Kali’s combat suit when the light’s turned off and he strapped a flashlight to his pistol. He asked Kali ” Kali, why the sparkles?” She replied “It brings out my hawtness” Surf shook his head. Wenny had a confused look on his face, Surf guessed he had lost his social abilities a little bit more than Surf. Kali had her sniper rifle strapped like a sash from her back left soulder down to her back right hip. Karina had all her throwing knives around her waist, and as for Wenny, well he just had a giant sword and a poison vial.

AMR and Strix ran down the hallway, knives drawn. They reached their destination and stared at the grand door. Strix walked over and pulled his knives out of the door gaurds. He wiped them on his uniform adding another layer of blood to the well-used uniform. AMR said to go and Strix kicked the door open. AMR pulled out a machine gun and shot the gaurds, while Strix threw his 12 knives 2 at a time. The 17 survivors ran from the room. Strix ran and took his knives from the ground and from the stomachs of the unlucky gaurds and Nacho politicians. AMR reloaded her clips and gun then stowed it in her backpack. She and Strix ran after the politicians into the evacuation route.

Now back at the camp they had posted 30 gaurds around the perimeter, they weren’t prepared for the invasion that came. 70 Nachos coming from underground tunnels charging into the camp. The 30 gaurds were killed and 40 off-duty soldiers were captured. One of them was Kludd. Now Kludd was a known assassin. He had a bounty on his head in the Nacho territories. He had killed a Nacho official when he was only a GT Academy Pvt. He had been paid 3,000 coins by the GT War Council. They had him hanged by his feet, when they captured him. He felt the blood rush to his head. They had made one mistake. Kludd’s hands were free, and so were his hidden knives. He pulled out 3 of them and killed his 2 gaurds. He pulled out his last one and cut his restraints. He fell and rubbed the burns he had from the ropes. He had let his self catch a breather and focus on his surroundings. He was in a clearing, he estimated 14:00 hours due to the position of his shadow. He down the nearest path and found his fellow soldiers. He cut them all free from their restraints. They had been tied into groups of circles. He led them down the path where they found their weapons. He had left soldiers liek Lotus behind. Kludd had recovered and was able to run short distances now. His ribs still ached but he was fine at the very least. He led the armed soldiers into the enemy camp. He had been excpecting an army of 40 or 60. What he saw were 200 soldiers in 5 single file lines. Each armed with knives and rifles. They were all Nachos. Wearing orange uniforms with their offical logo. The Nachos logo reminded Kludd of a Puffle with a mohawk. Without a face or color of course. It was golden with a black trim. Their uniforms included an orange sash. Not including the fact that they had the 2nd largest war-machine stuck. They were famous for tank effecientcy. The tanks were made of pure diamond coated with gold and with layers of steel and  a bullet-proof coating on the outside. It was powered by burning gasoline. The tanks were also known for their firepower. The balls it shot were the size of 3 bowlings balls. The first enemy volley was fired and so the first 10 GT soldier died. The last thing Kludd remember was getting shot in the leg and falling, screaming in pain.


Strix, AMR, Surf, Nic, Karina, Jerry, Ganger, Wenny, Jack, and Kali met outside. Surf had found Jack in a prison cage not far from where Wenny had said he had been held. Jerry said he had lost contact with base camp 11 hours ago. They returned to a burnt campground with nothing left. All of their supplies  gone. Dozens of bodies littered the ground. They figured that Nachos had found the camp and attacked. It was estimated that about 30 soldiers escaped or were prisoners. Surf fell to the ground and muttered about failing the purpose of life.

End of Book 1





Introduction, Book 2

Well Surf and the survivors of the GT base managed to crawl back to their the nearest base and cradle their wounds. They managed to get the soldeirs to train harder for battle. IW declared war on Nachos and ACP declared war on Nachos. ACP invaded the capitol of Nachos with their Class-A Bomber Planes. IW used their well known Navy to attack the Nacho ports. GT roused all of their inland troops to come to the borders and create a giant base to attack the enemy encampments. After 2 years of bombing and raiding the Nachos surrendered to the greater forces of the ACP and IW. The Nachos became the Nazis of CP, ashamed for their actions and releasing all their prisoners. They were re-named Death Warriors. They were to have no allies and were completely shattered. During this age small armies thrived and GT grew back in size. Several years later we arrive to the current time period. This war is known at WW1.


Chapter 1, Book 2


Golden General Jack switched his switch to “FIRE/ATTACK” mode and began to swoop lower towards the surface. He pulled out his handle and pressed the red button on top of the stick. The ship fired it’s rapid-fire bullets towards the enemy base. The anti-aircraft cannons began firing towards Jack’s plane. He did a flip with the plane to avoid the cannonballs. Jack muttered “Pshh, Only IW would think I was a real threat, the only threat I have is the bomb, Speaking of that I should probaly launch it now” He passed over the base then did a U-turn and fired at the anti-aircraft cannons. He saw a satisfying explosion and launched his missle. It was the newest development from the Academny. They called it a Pixel Bomb. It was known for destroying the entire space and leaving a vacuum. When you looked at it after the bomb hit, you saw a pure black void. It took out a 4 mile circmfrence. He took his plane out of the range of the debris and watches as the bomb made contact. He watched in pure awe as it made a small black hole, then swallowed the entire base, then became a black void, like somebody had erased it from black paper.

Golden General Surf and Golden General Kali discussed the possible launching of 100s of pixel bomb throughout the ACP territory. It was possible to dominate the largest army of the CP world. They planned where to attack. They could take out over half of ACP’s armies within a matter of days. But then they would have to rebuild them to finish off ACP and attack the other armies. They planned to split 150 pixels into 3 groups. Then another 25 would attack the small armies. The plan was made true by the approval of Supreme Dictator Jerry and Lord Ganger. Kali was in charge of making sure the bombs were made right. Surf had the more tedious task. He was in charge of preparing the ships and pilots. He also had to brief the army on the position of the war. They planned to send 50 bombs to IW, ACP, and Nachos. Then they would send 25 pixel bombs among the smaller armies like UMA, DW, and TG.

Kludd sat on his bed preparing for his flight the next day. He and   7 other pilots would spent the next 3 days Pixel Bombing the ACP territories. He had been training above the GT Desert for several days. He examined his pilot uniform with interest.  It was startling white aith a gold trim from the shoulders to the hip. The collar was gold was well. The buttons were made from the finest gold in the UMA territories. The pockets were made from silk and pocket’s buttons were made from silver. The overall material was  a silky cloth made in one of WW’s cloth factories. GT’s only allies in the war were WW and the Rebellion of The New Nachos. He now examined his new edition Polar-Style Pistol, it was made from a smooth, white crystal found in the deep core of the UMA Mining Territories. He laid down his head on his pillow and pondered how he was going to bomb the ACP. He had friends there. He now heard a sharp warning signal from outside. He ran outside and reported to the Courtyard. 299 other pilots reported with him. 20 leaders sat on the Courtyard Stage. Supreme Dictator Jerry announced the early departure of all pilots. All 300 pilots reported to their assigned hangars to load their planes.

Strix ran as hard as he could toward’ s his hangar. Finally a challenging mission. He was going to attack a IW Air-Force Factory/Prison Base. It was the 2nd largest factory in the IW nation. It had been 7 years since he had invaded that base with the Nachos with IW. Since then IW raids had attacked as hard as they could. 1,ooos of lives had been lost.  Strix’s squad would be flying A-5 Bombers. They were known for speed. Their accuracy could be better but that didn’t matter. These new bombs, the Pixel Bombs, they didn’t even take a close shot. It could miss by a mile and still destory the base. He now put his helmet on and buttoned his uniform. Now he climbed the ladder into his plane and prepared the controls. He attached his radio to his belt and plugged in the cord. He pulled out an MP3000 and put his earplugs in his ears. It was going to be a long ride.

Supreme Dictator Jerry was the leader of the New Order Operation. He was the Ambassador of GT. He would go across the Small Army Nations. He would ask for allies and any that declined would be Pixel Bombed. His speeches were long and meaningful. You may wonder why would they bomb them? Well this is a World War. GT was scrambling. GT had designed an army called The Orange Allies. The Nacho Resistant as the rebellion was called and WW, and GT of course. There were other resistances against the War. ACP were the dominating army. They had gained many of the smaller armies trust. It was a hard time in the world of a large army. The IW and the New Nachos(Having escaped their old name “Death Warriors” after the first 2 years.)were both lone armies. Medium armies and other large armies began to form small alliances to avoid the wrath of ACP.

By now Ganger was a greatly known leader. He was famous for his strict force and being welcome to new recruits. He was young for his wisdom of war. His succesor, Kali, was great at advertisements, Together they were an unstoppable team of convincing soldiers to join. Ganger was wisely known to be a great soldier. He had devoted himself to training at a young age. Other soldiers would spend hours in the gym. Ganger had no need for it. He had made his own training course that only a genuis could begin to understand the strategy of it all. He was greatly fit and was the pure image of success. He had become famous for helping GT rise with the help of Kali. Kali however was a very famous person herself. She had made advertisements for other armies and raked in cash and supplies from them. Ganger’s other succesor Surf was not known in the other armies. For years he was a seldom man. He had completely confined himself to his quarters unless commanded to come out by a higher rank. The tragedy of war had hit him hard. He had lost his family to the ACP. They had attacked his hometown in the South-Central Land. It had once been a resort for tourists, now it was a testing space for the ACP. Surf had been enrolled as a Sergeant when he had recieved the news. Since then he had opened up to few. The few consisted of Jack, Nic, Lotus, and others. He was a loyal soldier. He had also been friends with the traitor, Rock.

Jack was sitting by the pond in the Courtyard. He glanced at a bench and saw a journal. He walked over and picked it up. It was a pink diary, it was a leathery material. There was a name, it said ‘Karina Kritical’. He made a face and opened it. He flipped to a random page and began reading.

Dear Diary,

Today I recieved another package from Emo. It contained more of that perfume I love and a note. The note was about how much he missed me. I wonder what could of made him send the card. We usually talk over the transmitter. I’ll write him back and see what’s up.

Good night Diary,

Love Karina                 11/09/23     Time:  19:00 Hours.

Jack looked at it again and then heard a gasp. He looked and saw Karina. He dropped the book on the bench and ran. She yelled something that sounded like a curse at him and quickly flipped to the page that he had been reading.

Lotus laid on his bed at home. His child Lotus Jr. stared at him from the crib. His wife, Tristin, was in the kitchen cooking a special soup for the baby. Lotus sighed and looked around. From the kitchen he heard a scream and heard a thud. He quickly got up and grabbed the baby. He opened the emergency trapdoor and crawled inside. He put a gag around the baby’s mouth. He rocked the baby and shh’d it. He propped the door open. The door was under the bed and was compltely disguised except for a small black button. He looked out and saw black boots. He heard a deep voice and guessed that they were ACP soldiers. He then saw a green blur and confirmed it. He was crying in his heart, but his outside had an appearance of pure hatred. He grabbed a knife and laid the baby on the bottom of the emergency room. He climbed out of the room and into the bedroom, then he crawled out from under the bed and jumped out. He slashed an ACP soldier’s back. The man slumped on the ground and coughed. Then Lotus did an un-human like laugh that gave himself goosebumps. He killed two more soldiers with his same knife then threw it at the other one. He ran to his dresser and threw out the clothes. He grabbed his two pistols and ran into the kitchen. He shot all of the soldiers through the head. He kneed next to his wife’s lifeless body. He cried and heard a scuttle. He ran outside and saw a jeep leaving. He shot the back tires. And ran towards it. Two men came out. He shot them both. They fell over and might of died. Just then a man popped out to the top of the jeep. He got out his turret and hooked it up. Lotus tried hard, but didn’t manage to shoot him. The man aimed at Lotus and shot 2 shots. The first got him in the leg. The second hit his left lung. Lotus feel over and breathed in short gasps. His only thoughts were of the baby. Who would protect it now?

Surf had been allowed a vacation to visit Lotus and meet his new baby. The road there was very bumpy with potholes. Lotus lived in GT territory. Near the ACP border laid a small town. Lotus lived a few miles from it. ACP had been fighting GT in the War of 2020 for the town. It had rich soil and was not far from a productive mine. Surf now arrived at the town. He went turned off a road about 1/2 a mile from the town square. He drove 3 miles to see a house with the door open and two windows broken. He saw tire tracks and three bodies. Two ACP soldiers and Lotus lay on the ground. Surf jumped out of his car. He ran over to Lotus. He wasn’t breathing. He saw one of the ACP soldiers twitch. He ran to the man and asked him, “What happened?” The soldier responded “Searching for the child, didn’t find it, gunshots, lady dead, man outside, getting shot.” The man stopped there and stopped breathing. Surf ran to the house. He found his way into the kitchen. He saw Tristin and realized she was the lady. He ran into  the bedroom and saw the dresser wrecked. He saw that the bed was in an akward angle. He looked under and saw the trap door open. He crawled under and looked down. There on the floor asleep was a gagged baby. It had it’s mother’s nose and Lotus’s hair. He climbed down and picked the child up. He decided he would train this baby to be a man.

To be continued…

Chapter 2


Strix arrived at the IW base the same time as Surf arrived back the GT base. Strix decided that he would launch the bomb as soon as the first cannon fired at him. He circled around the base. Sure enough a security gaurd lit the warning beacon. Sirens blared and red lights shot up. An explosion of activity stirred on the base. Cannons began firing and the courtyard filled with gaurds. Strix fired rapid-fire bullets at the gaurds assembling. He was only toying with them. He knew that 200 Nacho prisoners lay in the base. He now fired a missle at each cannon. The cannons exploded one by one. He know fired his Pixel Bomb. As it went down it emitted a warning signal. It shot out mini-hacker missles around the base as it went down. In one instant 200 prisoners appeared 5 miles away from the base along with 4 IW gaurds. Then 4 IW officials appeared next to in a dug out pit. They had planned this Pixel Bomb specially. It was designed to free Nacho Rebellion warriors and to get 4 important IW leaders into custody. The Pixel Bomb hit the base and Strix flew like crazy away. The 4 un-lucky gaurds were slaughtered by the Nacho warriors. 5 Transports Planes landed for the Nachos. A prisoner escort ship arrived and took the 4 IW officials.

Lopii sat in his house alone. Being tortured for years takes it toll on a man. He slept with his sword and a a shotgun. He watched TV next to his window to make sure nobody was coming. This day he was doing just that. He looked out his window. An ACP jeep drove up to his driveway. He loaded his shotgun and stood behind the wall next to the door. He strapped his shotgun to his back. He pulled his sword out. The ACP kicked down the door and Lopii attacked. He turned into a savage beast. He hacked away at their arms and legs. He killed down the first 7 when they shot his arm. He kept fighting like a mad man. He attacked them until they stopped coming. He ran at the jeep dodging bullets. He leaped onto the front of the jeep and stabbed the driver through the glass. The  glass shatted and cut at Lopii’s face, arms, and legs. He leaped onto the top of the jeep and slashed at the turret manager. He kicked the body off the jeep and leaped  down to the ground. He cut at the door and kicked it. He then pulled it off the jeep and jumped in. He swung his sword and took out another ACP soldier. By now he had cleared the jeep of soldiers. He only had one door and 2 windows in his house. They couldn’t of gotten in his house. He crawled into the front of the jeep. He turned on the jeep and drove straight into ACP territory. He reached his first base with an ACP uniform and a nametag that said “Sgt. Robert”. He also had an M14 and his sword hanging by a belt. He had cleared the jeep of blood and corpses. He now drove into the base with a whole load of dynamite inside. He drove straight towards the the nearest gasoline tank he saw with a lighter in his hand.

Kludd now went in for his 3rd to last attack on the ACP. He aimed at the central building in the clearing. He fired and swooped out. His two wingmen went in and fired 4 missles. The missles hit the surrounding buildings. They clearing went up in flame. Soldiers poured out of the base like ants trying to attack the thing that stepped on the hill. Kludd fired his pixel bomb while the 2 other planes fired at the soldiers. They all did a quick U-turn and flew far away. The explosion was once again an epic site.

Ganger was now recieving 1,000′s of reports of a surrender in the small armies. He recieved many reports of new allies. The merge rate was unbelievable. He declared that WW1 was over. ACP and IW had both lost major bases. UMA had remained a neutral army. TG had decided to watch and wait. They also recieved a report of an un-authorized Pixel Bomb launched at the CPAC. It was also not a Pixel Bomb. It was a defected replica. It was very small. Yet it continued to grow at a slow rate. A fool had made a replica of the original. That fool forgot to test it. Now it was spreading across the island of CP Army Central Island. In a matter of 2 months the entire planet would be swallowed up. Ganger commanded an immediate evacuation to the highest Northern point in the GT territory. Jerry decided he would send an army to invade UMA who had been caught hacking GT files 3 weeks earlier.

This was a short chapter so I’ll make the next one extra long ;D


Chapter 3 (War Chapter)

  So there Jerry, leading an army of jeeps through the fire and flames of the UMA desert. They had already sacked the southern half of the UMA territory. It was covered in black holes and burned down cities. Jerry was merciless when it came to this war. His hatred was obvious. He had brought his trusted soldiers. Surf, Kludd, and Strix were among them. Kali, Amr, and the others of the main group had retreated to the North. Nic had stayed back because he thought he felt something, and he had to go to CPAC Island. Anyway it was true that Surf and Kludd were now somewhat good friends. Surf had opened up more now that Lotus Jr. was under his care. He had given Lotus Jr. to the army daycare.

Jerry had now split the army into 4 slices. Surf took one. Kludd took one. Jerry took one. Strix took one. Simple as that. Now Kludd had convinced himself that his half would destory trading forces in the woods of UMA. And so we will follow Kludd’s 1/4 of the army for this part of the chapter.

Kludd’s troops sat in the trees above the Trading Path. They saw the dust stir and aimed their rifles and sniper rifles. Kludd signaled to aim and prepare to fire. The car came down the path and slowed down. If the rifles didn’t kill it the mines down the path would. The car entered the firing rage and Kludd yelled “FIRE!”. The stunning noise of a 100 rifles firing at the same time scared the animals within the next mile of the land away. The car’s tired were hit. The windows all shattered. And the man’s head was full of holes. The car drove off the road and hit a tree. Kludd signaled for 5 soldiers to follow him. They opened the door’s of the car and climbed in. The car was the size of a 18-wheeler, but it used 4 wheels. Inside the found a large stock of rations and weapons. The took it and put it into the jeeps they had hidden in the woods. The soldiers got in the jeeps and drove back to their camp.

Kludd;s troops now sat outside the only trading outpost in the Western half of UMA. He had ordered for a dozen Pixel Bombs to be delivered with a dozen A-6 Bombers and 4 92-B Attack Planes. He loaded the A-6 Bombers with Pixel Bombs. The 92-B Attack Planes were equipped with special missles and rapid-fire poison-gas bullets.

The troops had all retreated to a 6 mile perimeter away. They were on a field so they had a clear view of the base. The bomb was dropped. The portal was created in a explosion of awesomeness. The stared at it. The air was being sucked into the whole. Even the trees began to fall over. The black hole reached its 4 mile max. and quick growing. The air became normal. The trees stopped swaying. The troops packed into the jeeps and planes took off to the camp. The jeeps weren’t going there. The jeeps headed off down a dirt road. They took out 3 UMA Supply Cars on the way to the next outpost. This was the only Western UMA Outpost left.

This outpost would be attacked from the ground. Kludd had brought in jeeps and tanks for the battle. He had assembled his true force of 300 soldiers. They now sat outside of the base. 14 Tanks in 2 single file lines. 200 Jeeps in 5 single file lines. and then 300 soldiers. The 300 soldiers all wore Kludd’s insignia on their uniform. Kludd rose his hand and shouted. “Soldiers and friends, today we destory the final UMA Western Territory base! We claim the Western half of UMA as GT land! We shall win! WOOOTA!!” The shouting of 300 soldiers chanting “WOOTA WOOTA WOOTA WOOTA” at one time was load. Loud enough to get the attention of the UMA. The first UMA gunshot was fired. Kludd counter-fired by sending his 14 tanks into a row and attacking the Northwall. The wall crumpled at the where the tanks fired. After many rounds of fire the wall collapsed and 300 cheering soldiers and 200 jeeps followed by 14 tanks charged into the base.

The 300 soldiers slaughtered the UMA soldiers. With bodies piling up the on the ground the battle was going in favor of the GT. The count was 273 GT v.s. 123 UMA. The tanks were dominating. The UMA was failing at the battle. UMA had fallen to 72 and GT had slowly fallen to 113. The tanks finished the UMA troops and the remaining 99 GT soldiers raided the buildings. You could barely walked on the battlefield. Bodies littered the ground. The outpost was cleared of enemies. The loss of 4 soldiers due to hiding soldiers lowered the remaining numbers to 95. 95 soldier marched away from the battle. 132 Jeeps drove away. 10 tanks drove away. A loss of 68 Jeeps, 4 tanks and 205 soldiers was a devastating battle. That was the end of Kludd’s war. His soldiers all marched away with brave faces to a base camp where they would have good laughs until the end of the war.

Surf’s army now lay around the final Port Defense Base of the Eastern Shore. From his original 500 soldiers only 234 remained. The war had been tough. He was out of planes and the jeeps were on low supply. He still had ships but the crew were weary. His 234 soldiers and 102 jeeps stood 100 yards away from their final battle.  The opposing army was sitting on walls. 300 fresh troopers and an unknown amount of cannons stood 100 yards away. Surf didn’t think he could do it. Eitherway he told his troopers to go on. They charged at the enemy. Surf was stubborn. Surf made the biggest mistake of his life…


     Chapter 4

The Final Chapter of Book 2

The Final Battles of UMA

Surf’s army charged with no re-thinking, what were they thinking? I shall never know. Surf’s army poured out of their spot and fired. What Surf hadn’t excpected was that they would destroy 2/3 of his army before they could fire at the enemy. Well I’ll start this chapter at the part where he was entering battle with 234 soldiers…

The 234 soldiers charged into the battle following Surf’s lead, they were sniped at, shot at , blasted at, and killed. The bodies cause many soldiers to trip over the dead. They got up and went on to probaly get shot. Now of course 234-102=132-32=100-30=70 which was how many were left when it happened. The explosion so large that the blast of it created winds that knocked all of the UMA from the top of the wall. They fell down screaming. The cannons fell with them crushing their bodies. GT cheered as the largest explosion ever seen was seen. It filled the sky. Purple streaks of fire crossed the sky. Orange blasts of firework-like things popped in the sky. The entire sky turned black for 2 minutes. The sun was blocked. It was complete darkness. Then the light of heaven came upon the world. The sky burned white. And when GT was able to see the UMA base again. It had crumpled into a pile of ash. The GT survivors roared with happiness. A Sopwith camel was seen by some of the northern troops crashing, It had the symbol of the PSA. Meanwhile the sound of 70 soldiers stomping  and shouting prayers was loud enough to hear as Jerry’s troops stood preparing for battle. The battle that Jerry would fight would go down in history as, The Final Battle.

Jerry’s 2,000 soldiers lined up in a large mass of men. His army consisted of his and Strix’s men. 40 Tanks with 1,000 jeeps lined up behind the army. 40 tanks firing and a flare sent up by Strix announced the beginning of a fatal war. The army of GT charged with a plan. The plan was to kill them then clear the base for Jerry to finish his purpose in life. They charged and for the first time Golden General Jack wasn’t afraid of battle.

Jack ran into the battle with the others. The tanks collapsed the wall. And 1,829 soldiers poured into the enemy base. UMA wasn’t prepared for this. Their defenses had fallen with the wall. And whenn almost 2,000 soldiers pour into their base no body expected it. The soldiers began forcing the UMA soldiers back into their palace. The turrets surrounding the palace stirred. The tanks brought the turrets falling off. The tanks finished the wall off. 20,000,000 tons of rubble lay around the palace. The palace was recieving heavy fire. Then it happened. The UMA began pouring out of the ground.

The tunnels under UMA were unknown of until then. 3,000 UMA soldiers popped up. Then the battle really began. The blast of 40 tanks took out 74 UMA. Then the back-up planes came in and attacked them. That wasn’t enough to save them all. 2,000 soldiers began, 57 soldiers ended. The planes were shot down. The tanks exploded. The jeeps crashed or were exploded. The soldiers were slaughtered. Yet GT made it to the end. GT escaped with thsose 57 soldiers. Strix and Jerry sat on the ground. They breathed in short gasps. Now all that was left was the UMA Leaders. The 57 soldiers with their leaders strolled over to the UMA Leader Council Area. They shot the gaurds. They broke the windows. They kicked the door down. The soldiers and Strix waited outside.

Jerry walked into the base. The gaurds were startled so he threw his knives at them. They both slumped onto the ground. He kicked the door open. He threw his knives. The leaders fell. Except for Wgfv. He shot Jerry through the chest. Wgfv opened the backdoor and ran. Strix ran with the soldiers as well. Jerry’s body began to dissolve. He became pure white light. He radiated energy. Then he exploded. The entire building exploded in a giant geyser of light.

13 Soldiers were killed from the energy. 44 remained. Strix stared past where the geyser had been. He stared into the eyes of Wgfv. He yelled the new GT war cry “WOOOOOOTTTTAAAAAA!” And he threw the only weapon he had left. His bayonette, he threw it as hard as he could. Wgfv shot three bullets. The bayonette hit Wgfv in the eye. He fell and screamed. Strix took the bullets to chest. He smiled and fell. Wgfv and Strix took the last breathe at the same time.

Conclusion of Book 2 of 2

Over 6 thousand funerals were held for the lost lives in the UMA Wars. The largest and grandest of them was held for Strix. He had been given all of the medals GT had to offer and a Club Penguin Jerry Peace Prize. It was named after Jerry who spent his life sacrificing himself to save the future generations of CP. Surf and Kludd were the only survivors of the leaders. They were given the same rewards as Strix and given a permanent settlement to govern. Kludd was given Red Isle and Surf was given the Northern Reaches of GT Land. AMR retired from GT after Strix died. Kali was the same her same old self dressing in funky outfits, but seemed to flirt a little with surf. Karina fell in love with a security officer named Emo. Jack became a famous officer in GT. Ganger was killed. The Janitor had been a PSA agent the entire time and had destroyed the black hole, Sora and Rock, but Nic and Former GT leader and PSA agent Riotors died. This was the after effects of the War. UMA was destroyed. Pixel Bombs were banned. Now the new age was allowed to reign. Now was the Age of Peace.


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