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Sour Revenge, Chapter 2

Where did we leave off in Chapter 1?

While in the truck, I took my backpack off and pulled out a small notebook and a pen. I was going to write a war diary.

My name is Splashy. I am an ACP Master General. The ACP are at war with the Nachos. This is currently the pre-war. This is my version of the events.

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The Retirement of ѕplαѕнy, тoхιc ғιвre vιмтo

I did not want it to come to this. I never thought I’d retire so soon. But I don’t want to be on the same site as Becca.

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A Day At CPASC – Le Originale

Had to delete 3904 words thanks to Becca. Well, enjoy this.

There’s swearing in this, so yeh.

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Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2 – Part VII (C11)

Hi, and welcome to Part 7 of Operation: Destroy ACP, Episode 2. Recently there’s been a lot of controversy on CPASC & CPAC, but that has generally been settled now and we’re good. Blue1 should release a post later on explaining more. But for now, this is the longest thing I have ever written, and beating the longest post ever on CPASC – Previously held by Drust, at 5940. Read the whole thing, guess how many words it is.

-Warning, Chapter Eleven contains explicit language-

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Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2: Part V (C8 & C9)

Hello all, and welcome to Part V (5) of Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2. In this part, Mch & Splashy interrogate Aqua while the ACP launch a search party to find Ken. Enjoy 🙂

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Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2: Part IV (C6 & C7)

Hello all, and welcome to the 4th installment of Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2.In this episode, Flipper & the secret crew have a meeting again, and not all goes well at the secret IW cloning base.

*Note – Chapter Seven contains explicit language.*

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Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2: Part III

Hello CPASC readers! I am back again, after a short leave as I spent some time with my family on the other side of the country. I will start posting more regularly now, and I hope you enjoy Part III! This is only one chapter, C5, but I do hope you enjoy.

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