The Demise: Part 4

What is this? Is that Shadow? He is alive? Yes, I am alive and back, and I am ready to get back on track with my story, The Demise. After the lengthy Chapter 4, it is now to time to unveil both Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, in a part that will have you jumping off your seats at the end. I must also note that I am sorry for the delay of my story. Along with being busy, being sick, and dealing with family issues, the writer’s block fairy came along and cast a spell upon me. I finally found the remedy and I am feeling swell. Here is a follow up of Chapter 4:

“You gave me quite a scare, kid,” he chuckled. “I expected a buff, macho man carrying two machine guns and a machete, yet here I stand looking at a frightened teenager.”

Nicholas attempted to look up at this man, but he could barely move his eyeballs. His arms and legs began to go numb, and his line of sight started to decrease.

“Well, I assume the shot you just received is beginning to take effect. Have a nice nap, kiddo,” Commander Splashy spoke.

With that, Nicholas shut his eyes and began to dream. He dreamed about a world where this never happened, where he was not taken away from his home.

“You’ll be needing it.”

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The Demise: Part 3

I’ve been waiting for a good amount of internet time before writing this, and I was finally able to get a decent amount. Here a little peek at the ending of Part 2:

Nicholas froze in his tracks, and he watched Jack start to put his heads up, but then out of the blue, he grabbed both of his pistols and began firing. He watched as his new friend was ripped apart by bullets and dropped to the ground. Nicholas was scared. It only took him a second to realize that Jack was dead, and he was about to die, too.

Fortunately for Nicholas, the men did not shoot.

“Get down on your knees!” they barked at him.

Nicholas did as they said, and before he knew it, they ran at him with a blindfold. His eyes were covered up by darkness, and his mind began to wander off. He did not care that he was being taken. He just witnessed Jack die, even though he had not known him for a very long time. He was frightened and wanted to sleep, and he did.

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The Demise: Part 2

I began writing this part a bit earlier than I expected, which is pretty good for me as it will allow me to get out the story a bit sooner than expected. Well, let us begin Part 2 of The Demise. Also, like Becca did, I will show the last few sentences of the last part so people will understand where the story is currently taking place and what is happening. Here is a follow-up of Part 1:

The man without the gun inched closer to Nicholas. He seemed to have an intrigued look on his face.

“No. We will not kill this boy. Did you see what he was able to do to our troops? Instead of killing him, we will take him in. A form of advanced recruiting, you might say.”

The men around him nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Sir!”

“Good. Now then, Lieutenant Jack, radio in for a medic,” the man said with a sly smile. “We have some work to do.”

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Introduction || The Demise: Part 1

Hello. My name is ShadowStar. I was recently hired by Blue to work for CPASC, which I am currently glad to be a part of. I do love to write stories, and it will be fun to see how I can mix Club Penguin Armies into my stories. As I do not like big, fancy introductions, I will begin my first story, The Demise. The first part will involve the Prologue and the first chapter, and each part after that will be two chapters. Well then, here is my first story: The Demise. Read More