The Return of the Cokemeister and the Vimtomeister

Splashy: Domain coming for CPASC, in about 2 weeks time. A little celebration thing for 10k views also coming soon.

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The Return of the Godfather and his Awesome Mafia Friends

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The Secret Dystopia- Part I

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The Revolution- Part I

Yeah, I know I’m writing the Memoirs. Just shut up and read. Asd and I have written this plot and designed the characters together, and will now be alternating chapters. I will write the chapters narrated by President Atticus Corleone, and Asd will write the chapters narrated by Governer Reginald Reed. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading

The Memoirs- Part VI

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End Game

“Truth…. is just a matter of…. perspective. It is the duty of every soldier to protect the innocent, and sometimes that means preserving the lie of “good” and “evil”: that war isn’t just natural selection played out on a grand scale. The only truth I’ve found is that the world we live in is a giant tinderbox. All it takes…. is some to light the match.”-Captain John Price, MW3

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Just To Make This Clear……

CPASC 2012

CPASC 2012


CPASC Godfather