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The Rebel’s Scandal


It was December of 2008, and Commando was getting worried. The plan seemed brilliant when it had been hatched, but now, looking back, he couldn’t believe the RPF thought they could break through ACP’s security systems. Still, he thought to himself, they hadn’t been caught yet. Yet. Now, it was only a matter of time, he concluded. And looking back, he found it hard to believe this all started in a bitter, dark room, merely three weeks ago…..

Chapter 1: A Plan is Hatched

Commando welcomed his four closest advisors: Kyle Cease, Tucker Jinx, Ziehen, and Elmikey. On a cold December night, Commando knew it was time. Time to take down the ACP once and for all. The RPF had grown impressively in size since rebelling from UMA, but now, sitting here, Commando realized he wanted to be number one. RPF had to be number one. And the only way to do that, was to take down the only army in their way: The Army of Club Penguin.

“Now.” Commando began. “As the four of you have already been informed, we plan to have the ACP in shambles by February. This will be the last year with the ACP. General Ziehen, please inform us on troop sizes.

Ziehen sighed. “Commando, RPF maxed 70 troops in last week’s battle. That, in no way, can compete with the 100+ ACP. It would be futile for the RPF to attack ACP from the outside, with troops. We would literally be walking into a death trap.”

Tucker Jinx posed the question, “What if we broke into divisions?”

“Still,” Ziehen responded sternly, “We have no chance,”

Then Kyle Cease spoke, “Ziehen, you said it was impossible to attack from the outside.”

“Yes, I did.”

“So then, the answer is clear: we must attack them from the inside.”

“And how do you suggest we do that, exactly?” Elmikey asked.

“We hack them, in a sense,”

“What?” it was Commando.

“We get one of our soldiers into ACP, and hack their mainframe. They’ll fall into shambles in a matter of days.”

“Hmmm….. I like this.” Commando spoke finally.

“But who? Who’s that technically minded?” Elmikey asked.

“Sergie, of course.” Ziehen answered.

Commando clapped his hands. “It’s settled, then. Sergie will join the ACP, make friends with a high-ranking official, and somehow gain access to the mainframe. There he will hack into it and destroy everything…. ACP will fall into shambles, and the Rebel Penguin Federation will be the greatest army in all of Club Penguin.”

Chapter 2: Becoming a General

Sergie was an engineer in RPF, and had created many weapons and security systems that helped RPF to grow and thrive. However, never did he expect he would be called to do something of this caliber. Late that night, as Sergie was working in the lab, Ziehen’s voice came over the loud speaker.

“Will Sergie please report to Commando’s chambers immediately.”

Sergie glanced at Flameboy, the only other engineer still working this late. He was glaring at Sergie. In a sarcastic tone, he told him.

“Well, they told you to go. So get up and go, engineer.”

Sergie shuffled out of the room and ran quickly to Commando’s chambers. As he was running, he was pondering the question of why they may need him. He had never been to Commando’s quarters, in fact, the only people he knew of who had ever been there were Ziehen, Kyle Cease, Elmikey, and Tucker Jinx, RPF’s four 2ics, and Commando’s closest advisors. He hadn’t invented anything groundbreaking recently. What could they want with him?

He changed to a brisk walk as he approached the general’s chambers. It was a circular room, with five doors. The center one, he knew, was Commando’s. To the left flanked two other chambers, which Sergie knew were Ziehen’s and Kyle Cease’s. The same format existed to the right, the chambers of Elmikey and Tucker Jinx.

Sergie approached Commando’s door and knocked slowly. The door flung open and Commando looked at him.

“Ah, Sergie.”

“Lead General Commando, an honor to be in your presence, sir.”

“That won’t be necessary. After operation D.A.C.P., you will be one of us. A new chamber is being arranged for you here.”

Sergie couldn’t believe his ears. Him? Living in the general’s chambers? But the smile quickly faded from his face when he remembered something.

Commando noticed. “What is it, lad?”

Sergie stuttered. “I… uh, was told….. general, sir, uh…. that a requirement of being one of your closest advisors is to have risked your life for the betterment of the RPF…. I have done no such thing.

“And that is exactly why you are here.” Commando responded.

Chapter 3: Addressing Sergie

Sergie followed Commando into his chamber, and, upon, entering, observed that none of the other four were present.



“Where are the others?”

Commando turned and walked toward him. “You listen to me. What you are about to see and/or hear is never to be discussed with anyone besides the five of us. Got it?”

“Five of us?”

Commando pushed Sergie into a chute and walked in after him.

“What are we…. WOAAAAA!!”

The chute sped downward, and whizzed sideways and back ways and front ways and every other –ways. It finally turned upright again and the chute stopped. Looking through it, Sergie could see a door.

“Follow me.” Commando beckoned, stepping out, followed by an extremely dizzy Sergie.

Commando opened the door and the two were greeted by Ziehen, Kyle Cease, Elmikey, and Tucker Jinx.

“Welcome, Sergie” Tucker Jinx spoke. “I’m sure at this moment you are absolutely baffled as to what is going on”

Sergie nodded.

“Allow me to explain,” Tucker continued. “You are the best mechanically minded person in all of the RPF. We value all or your inventions and everything you have done for us. But now…. now, we are calling on you to do more. We are calling on you to risk your life for the RPF.”

“What…. do you want me to….do?” Sergie persisted.

“We need you to quit the RPF and join the ACP.”

Sergie looked as if he had been hit by a brick. “But, everything…. My life….. everything is here. At the RPF. And now you want me to go and join the enemy?”

“Yes, that’s correct.” Ziehen answered. “Temporarily, of course.”

“Say what?”

“You are to join the ACP and make friends with a high-ranking officer who has access to everywhere in the building. Through this officer, you must gain access to the mainframe and hack into it, thus throwing the ACP into turmoil and destroying them once and for all. After this, you will rejoin RPF as the equal rank of us four: Second in Command on the Rebel Penguin Federation.”

“This is….. nuts.” Sergie said.

“But it will work.” Kyle Cease concluded.

“No.” Sergie said. “I can’t do it.”

“But that’s the exact opposite.” Commando said sternly. “You’re the only one who CAN do it! Come on, Sergie? Whaddaya say?”

“I am an RPF soldier. I must do what you wish me to do. However, I don’t like this one bit.”

Chapter 4: Leaving

One thing was for sure: rumors spread like wildfire in the RPF. By now, almost 2/3 of the army, from general to private knew that Sergie was resigning from the RPF.

What they didn’t know was that he wasn’t actually resigning.

As Sergie, Commando, Ziehen, Kyle Cease, Elmikey, and Tucker Jinx walked out of Commando’s quarter, gasps echoed from the soldiers who had gathered in the hall to see Sergie one last time.

Elmikey spoke with a megaphone, “Can I please see all generals in my quarters for an emergency briefing?”

As the generals stepped out of the crowd, Sergie, Commando, and the others continue down the spiral staircase as the generals joined Elmikey. Only they would be told of the plan.

The five exited the RPF fortress and walked Sergie to the giant steel gate.

Tucker Jinx and Kyle wished him luck, and he and Commando exited the gate.

Commando looked Sergie in the eye. “I have faith in you, son. Don’t let us down. Good luck.”

Commando stepped back through the gate, and Sergie, taking only one glance back, set off for ACP.




Chapter 5: Welcome to the ACP

There was a fairly long walk to the ACP fortress. On his way there, Sergie tried to organize his thoughts. Second-in-Command of RPF did sound appealing, but what he was going to have to go through in the next couple of weeks was absolutely terrible. He knew from RPF’s spies that ACP would enlist him as a private; ACP had so many high-ranking officials no one started as anything but a private. And how would he befriend a general?

“Well,” he thought to himself, “All I can do is hope. There’s no way out of this now.”

Sergie eventually reached ACP’s territory. He was met by two soldiers. He could tell from their badges they were Warrant Officers.

“Hello,” Sergie greeted them. “I would like to enroll in the Army of Club Penguin.”

“Do you have any previous army experience?”

“Uh….. no.”

“Very well. You will begin as a private and will start tomorrow in ACPTR.”


“The Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment.”

“Great. Boot camp,” Sergie thought.

Chapter 6: Boot Camp

Sergie entered some kind of arena the next day with five other new recruits. They were greeted, rather unfriendly at that, by an ACP Division General named Ek.

“Recruits! You are here to prove to us which of you are half-decent, and which of you stink and should be fired immediately. The five of you have 20 minutes to prepare your weapons, base, and anything else you can do to stay alive. May I introduce to you your Commander-in-Chief: Boomer 20!

Boomer entered with his classic gold Viking hat. He began, “Welcome, recruits. I have high hopes for all of you in the ACP. I remember not-so-long ago when I fought in this very same arena. Best of luck to all of you in the ACP, and I hope to see one of you someday as Commander -in-Chief.”

“Oh, I’ll be out of here way before that,” Sergie mumbled to himself.

And with that the five recruits sped off to prepare their bases. Four, rather. Sergie had a better idea. They were all given a standard pistol for the battle. But Sergie could do better than that. He snuck into the base closest to him. The penguin was placing sandbags. Sergie quickly grabbed his pistol and sped off, and did the same with two other bases. He locked all four pistols together and made something like a machine gun.

“Now, this is more like it,” Sergie thought.

As twenty minutes flew by, and the bell sounded, Ek shouted, “Begin!”, and the three penguins turned around to notice their pistols gone. At this time, Sergie duck-rolled into the center of the arena, and blasted the gun, turning in circles. He shot down two of the penguins, but another leaped over his base and charged toward Sergie. Sergie whacked him with the butt of the gun.

Only one recruit was left, and he was hiding in his base. The soldier eventually aimed his pistol at Sergie and fired. The bullet lodge in the center of the machine gun and it exploded, sending Sergie hurtling backwards.

“Oh, but I’m not done yet,” Sergie said.

He removed the cartridge from one of the revolvers, and lit it on fire with a match. He threw it at the enemy base, and the cartridge exploded, sending sandbags and rock hurtling this way and that.

Sergie approached the penguin, “Waited too long,” he told him, smirking.

Ek clapped his hands slowly. “Well, done….”


“Sergie….. yes, well done. That’s one of the most creative battles I’ve seen in a long time. Haven’t seen something like that since Batintrenche.”


“ACP General now. The way you fought reminded me of him. Would you like me to introduce you to him?”

“Yes, please.”

“This is my chance.” Sergie thought, and followed Ek.

Chapter 7: Meet Batintrenche

Sergie followed Ek through many winding hallways, passing other ACP soldiers on the way. Many recognized him as a new recruit, and welcomed him to the ACP.

“I think you’re going to like it here, lad.” Ek told him.

After a long patch of silence, Sergie asked, “So, who is Batintrenche?”

“ACP 3ic and brilliant tactical officer. He was responsible for many of our invasion plans into the RPF fortress.”

“Oh, boy, do I know those well,” Sergie mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Oh…. nothing, sir. I’m just very excited to meet him.”

“Well, we’re here.”

Ek escorted Sergie into a chamber where Batintrenche was overlooking a series of battle plans. He looked up at Ek.

“Ah…..Ek. Nice to see you again. And this…..?”

“This is Sergie, one of our newest recruits, and a brilliant one at that. The way he fought in the arena battle reminded me of you. I had some time on my hands, and so I brought him to meet you.”

“Ah, very well.” Batintrenche held out his hand.

Sergie made no effort to take it.

“Uh, anyway…. we should be going,” Ek spoke quickly, realizing the situation had just become very awkward. He turned Sergie around and shuffled him out.

“What were you thinking!?” he shouted at Sergie.


“Shake his hand! You should’ve shook his hand!”

“It looks as if ACP is going to be a lot tougher than RPF,” Sergie thought to himself. “Then again, I’m a private.”

Chapter 8: Plan B

Sergie flopped onto a bed in his quarters and sighed.

“It’s been a long day,” he told himself, as he picked up a walkie-talkie. He radioed RPF-base.

“Commando? Do you read me?”

“Sergie! You listen to me, alright! UMA is here! They want revenge! We’re fighting back, but our forces are dwindling. The situation has become must more desperate; you don’t have time to befriend anyone. Listen to me, Sergie! You need to break into the control room. Alright? I have faith in you!”

“Commando, I-”

“Sergie, I have no time. I need to go fight. Good luck. Over-and-out.”

“So that’s the way it’s gonna be,” Sergie told himself.

Sergie glanced over towards his desk, where a pistol lay, and sighed once again. At this point he realized exactly what Commando had realized earlier that day. Well, he already knew, rather, but he hadn’t wanted to accept it until now. He had to face the facts.

“This plan is nuts.” he told himself.

Chapter 9: The Press

Bluesockwa2 briskly walked in and took a seat at his desk. He tapped a button.



“Any news? Our reporters got anything?”

“Nah…. It’s been a slow week.”

“Today’s New Year’s, ya know.”

“Yeah….. CPAC shoulda done something for New Year’s.”

There was a knock at Blue2’s door.

“Listen, Funks. I gotta go. Someone here to see me.”

“Alright, I’ll keep you posted.”

“Talk to you soon. Bye. Come in!”

The door opened and Bluesockwa1 came in.

“Ah…. Blue1. Our new Secondary Head.”

“Yeah….. thanks for that. Um…. Listen. RPF…..”

“What about ‘em?”

“I’ve noticed a bit of tension between RPF’s leaders and ACP…… but it appears ACP has no idea why RPF hates them. And-”

Blue2 cut him off, “This is all well and good, Blue1. But what significance does this have?”

“Well…. none yet, but something could arise.”

“Listen, Blue1. If you wanna go interview someone or something of the sort, do so. But I’m a little busy….. I can’t really get involved. Leave, please.”

“Very well, Blue2. Just trying to keep you posted…..”

Blue1 stood up and walked out into his office. His new office after his recent promotion to Secondary Head. He sat down.

“I have no idea why I’m doing this…..” he told himself, “but I think I’m going to investigate this further.”

Little did Blue1 know, he had just stumbled upon possibly the most important story since RPF broke away from UMA.

Chapter 10: Surrendering

Itachi kicked down the door to Commando’s quarters, followed by ten other elite troops. Commando drew a pistol and fired. Itachi waved his cane, topped with a glass skull, and his troops moved forward.

After a short tussle, they disarmed Commando and handcuffed him. Itachi pulled on the skull, and a sword pulled out from his cane. He threw the cane behind him and walked over to Commando, putting the sword to his neck.

“Any final words, Commando?”

“Two things: nice cane sword, and….. look behind you”

Itachi whipped around and was shot in the neck by Kyle Cease, and slumped to the ground. Kyle Cease smirked, but his smirk soon faded as ten more troops walked in, handcuffing Kyle Cease.

“Itachi!” Abercrombie walked forward. “Someone get him a doctor!”

One soldier went off to find a doctor, followed by Abercrombie, who was carrying Itachi. Commando and Kyle Cease were escorted down the spiral staircase and out of RPF. They were met by the entire surviving UMA army force.

The soldiers pointed their guns into the air and blasted flares, signaling their victory. Abercrombie walked out of the fortress and beamed at the soldiers.


Cheers erupted from what must have been thousands of troops. This was UMA’s largest invasion in years.

Abercrombie approached Commando. “Any words? You surrender?”

“Yes…..” Commando said, glaring.

Chapter 11: CPAS









“And….. IW?”


“Very well. Welcome, World Powers of the army world, to the 21st Annual Club Penguin Army Senate Meeting.” It was Mr. Deedledoo who spoke. “First we will here from the Army of Club Penguin.”

“Thank you, Dee.” It was Boomer. “The ACP cannot complain: we have had a steady rising throughout the past week, and have gained a few new recruits.”

Commando glanced at Kyle Cease and nodded.

“We continue to find ourselves the most powerful army in Club Penguin.”

“That will be determined once the rankings are given by CPAC at the end of this meeting.” Dee said sternly. “Now, RPF?”

Commando stepped forward. “In light of the recent invasion from UMA, the RPF has agreed to give UMA the server of Ice Box and a few trucks of supplies. We feel this is a reasonable payment for them.”

“I object!” Abercrombie shouted.

“We now recognize the UMA.” Dee said.

“Thank you, Dee. I believe that Commando forgot to mention that when the UMA invaded the RPF, our great leader, Itachi, was shot to the ground and wounded severely.”

Commando glanced at Dee and nodded.

“We now recognize the RPF” Dee announced.

“We understand this,” Kyle Cease said, “However; I believe Abercrombie forgot to mention that Commando’s life was being threatened at this time.”

“But Commando was not the one shot and wounded!” Batista shouted.

“Excuse me,” Dee said. “The senate has not yet recognized the UMA.”

“Thank you, Dee.” Ziehen spoke now. “I believe that Amendment 3 of the CPAS Constitution states that, and I quote, ‘If a soldier is being harmed, another soldier has right to attack his/her assailant.”

“This is true.” Dee said, and banged a gavel. “The CPAS rules that the RPF’s payment was sensible and reasonable under the circumstances.”

Dee turned. “We now recognize the Nachos.”

“Thank you, Dee. This has been a very interesting week for the Nachos.” It was Person. “After negotiations with UMA took place, we had agreed to assist the UMA in the invasion of RPF, a close ally of ACP. After all, don’t we all want to see the ACP wiped off the map?”

“I protest!” Shaboomboom shouted. “There are no statistics taken of World Power or any armies, rather, to prove that they wish for the ACP to be ‘wiped off the map’”.

“We can do that now, if it would please you, Shab.” Person spoke. “All I will be doing by that is proving a point to you. Dee, I request the armies take a poll.”

“Very well.” Dee said. “The five of you parties will find a green button and a red button on your senate desks. Each will take a vote on the poll introduced, which will appear on the screen between to buttons. Green is yes; red is no. The tallies will be counted for statistics for CPAC and the army community.”

The poll read, “Do you wish for the Army of Club Penguin to be wiped off the map?”

Nachos and UMA pressed yes.

ACP and IW pressed no.

RPF paused.

“Will the USRPF be making a decision today or next week? Dee asked, followed by a chorus of laughter.

Kyle Cease leaned in to Commando, “We can’t give even the slightest hint to our plan.”

Commando sighed, and pressed no.

“Very well then,” Dee said, turning to the CPAC desk, where Funks, Blue2, and Blue1 sat. “Got that?”

“Yep” Funks said. “Got it.”

“That’s strange.” Blue1 thought to himself. “I feel like there’s some tension between ACP and RPF…. But…. I don’t know why.”

Funks leaned over to Blue2. “What was that all about?”

Blue1 chimed in, “RPF’s a close ally of ACP. I wouldn’t think it would take them so long to make that decision. Eh, I don’t know.”

“Agreed.” Blue2 said. “RPF is known for secrets and deceptions. If they were looking to do something to ACP, they would be smart enough not to let them know they have anything against them. We might want to keep a close eye on that.”

“I’ll put someone on the case immediately.”

“That’s what I said just yesterday to you!” Blue1 thought to himself, and then began to listen again.

“Don’t worry too much about it, Funks. I still don’t think this story’s worth very much anyway. Until someone actually blows something up, it’s just hatred. There’s a lot of that already.”

Dee clapped his hands. “We would now like to recognize IW.”

“The IW had been growing steadily, but are aware that we are considering being removed from the CPAS because many think we are no longer a World Power.” It was Iceyfeet who spoke. “We would like this decision to be made today, so, after a short persuasion, if we may, Dee, we would like to take a vote.”

“Very well, Icey. Continue on.”

“The IW have been growing and growing and growing since their creation. They have served under one leader-”

“And you’re calling that a good thing?” it was Person.

“Are you questioning my authority and success as leader of the Ice Warriors?” Icey shot back.

Pie stepped forward. “He is simply asking you if you’re implying that’s good. Never did he say or even imply any of the latter things you just accused him of.”

“Well…. I….. yes, I am implying that.” Icey said finally.

“Very well,” Pie concluded, smirking. “That is all we needed to know.”

“Icey?” Dee turned to him. “Any further comments?”


“We will now begin the poll. Same instructions as last time, the question being, ‘Should the Ice Warriors be removed from the CPAS’?”

ACP, Nachos, UMA, ‘yes’.

IW, RPF, ‘no’.

Dee took a glance at the results, and looked up at Icey.

“Apologies, Icey. But this will be your final council meeting.”

Icey slammed his fist on the desk and bowed his head.

Dee kept his head high, “Any final comments? ACP, UMA? RPF, Nachos?”

No one spoke.

Dee banged the gavel. “The 21st CPAS meeting is now adjourned.”

Chapter 12: Dispatched

“Will Bluesockwa please report to the corner office,” came Blue2’s voice over the PA.

Blue1 glanced up at the PA. He thought for a moment about why they wanted him. Then he remembered Blue2 didn’t like to be kept waiting, and quickly rose up and went to his office.

He reached the door and opened it, seeing Funks already waiting, along with Blue2.

“Ah…Blue. Sit down. We have no time to waste.”

Blue1 took a seat next to Funks.

“Now.” Blue2 began. “Funks and I have been discussing the RPF-ACP matter.”

“And you found no need to bring me?” Blue1 asked, irritated.

“If we found no need for you, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.” Blue2 said matter-of-factly.

Blue1 sighed, and decided to simply keep his mouth shut and listen. Something he didn’t do often.

“After discussing the matter,” Funks continued for Blue2. “We feel that it would be best for you to go into ACP and get the opinions and ideas of their leaders. Only, of course, if you’re up for the task.”

“Of course.” Blue1. “This’ll be my biggest story since C.O.B.R.A.”

“And a huge responsibility.” Blue2 added. “You must get this right, Blue; the majority of the army community will rely on and believe what CPAC says in the news.”

“I know.” Blue1 said. “I understood my job when I was promoted to Secondary Head. Is anyone going into ACP?”

“No.” Funks said. “We find it pointless to send someone there until we get your results from RPF.”

“Very well.” Blue2 said. “We have no time to waste. Blue1, grab your things and head immediately for the DRACP building on their capital server of Breeze.”

“Thank you.” Blue1 said, rising up. “I promise I won’t let you down. I know what I’m doing.” He walked out and shut the door.

“Let’s hope he does.” Blue2 said to Funks, sighing.

Chapter 13: Under the Stars

Sergie rose up from his bed and glanced, once again, at his pistol. He had received word from the returning ACP ambassadors, who had attended the CPAS (Shab and Boomer) that the RPF had surrendered to UMA and granted them the server Ice Box and a series of supplies.

By this point, Blue1 had already arrived at the ACP building, and was chasing Shab around trying to get answers from him, in a classic media fashion.

“Shab! Shab! There must be tension between the two of you.”

“I know of no such thing,” Shab said, not even turning to face Blue1.

“But…. The RPF? At the CPAS meeting?”

Shab whipped around. “What RPF did and did not do at the meeting is neither of your nor my concern. If you would like to figure it out, I suggest you go to the USRPF and ask them yourself. There is trivial point to come here to the DRACP; I have no idea why Funks and Blue2 dispatched you here. However, I promise you that you will only be spending one night here; you will get nothing out of us.”

“Very well. Thank you, Shaboomboom.”

“You are very much welcome.”

Blue1 sighed and pulled out a tablet.

‘No sufficient information from Shaboomboom’ he wrote. This same phrase had been written for the three other ACP officials he had spent the day chasing around. There was only one person left for him to, quote-un-quote, “interview”. And that person was Buckleybeans.

Blue1 went straight to the ACP Control Room, where he knew Buck would be at this hour of the day. Buck had been a close friend of Blue1 during his time in ACP.


“Blue? Nice to see you!” he shook Blue1’s hand. “What are you doing here?”

“Alright, Buck. Sorry to tell you I’m not here for personal matters. I’m under direct orders from CPAC.”

“Oh, right- Secondary Head. Congrats!”

“Please, Buck. I’ve been interviewing high-ranking ACP officials throughout the day, Boomer, Shab, etcetera.”


“About the tension CPAC believes between ACP and RPF. I have gained no sufficient answers or ones useful in any way throughout the day. However, Funks and Blue2 thought you may have a different view that would be useful. So I’d like to interview you.”

“Very well. Let’s sit down.”

First one who actually wants to sit down, Blue1 thought to himself.

“Now. Do you believe of any tension between RPF and ACP?”

“Well….. not definite tension. At least, not yet. What RPF did do at the CPAS meeting may lead one to think that tension is rising. However, until there’s war, or something explodes, we can’t really make a decision on that either way.”

“Do you think that, if one of the armies, being ACP or RPF, declares war on the other, it will break into World War?”

“It is likely.” Buck said. “These are two very powerful armies you’re dealing with. RPF will probably bring in allies to defend against the mega-giant ACP, and they, consequently, will bring in allies to combat RPFs allies.”

Meanwhile, downstairs, Sergie had snuck his pistol into his pocket and quietly opened the door from his quarters. His first fear was that the nearby recruits would hear him sneaking out. He carefully shut the door and walked as silently as possible. He then suddenly heard footsteps and hid behind a printer. Ek walked by.

This was Sergie’s first close call.

“Phew…” he thought to himself and continued down the hall, eventually reaching the elevator. He paused and pressed the button. It dinged loudly.

Frustrated and worried, Sergie kicked the wall, only to realize that would make things worse. He quickly got into the elevator and went up. Soon after, Thebest walked by.

This was Sergie’s second close call.

The rickety old elevator rose up slowly; too slowly for Sergie. He began thinking about this nutty plan. If anyone found out before he hacked the mainframe, he would be immediately dismissed from the ACP, and, well, who knows what else? The only ones aloud out of their quarters after 11:00 were ACP Generals. He couldn’t be caught.

The elevator stopped. Sergie’s eyes widened. Someone was getting on! The door opened and Jedimaster stepped in. Sergie hid behind a crate, and aimed the gun. He shot Jedi from the back of his head, and he slumped to the ground.

This was Sergie’s third close call.

Finally the elevator arrived at the top floor of the building, mainly existing of labs and, of course, the control room. Sergie would have to sneak through the labs to reach the control room; that didn’t matter, only RPF kept its engineers up this late. Sergie quickly tiptoed through the labs, until he reached the steel door he knew led to the control room.

Sergie hid behind the door and unfolded a paper. An RPF spy in ACP had gotten the code to the control room before he was shot dead. This was RPF’s first try against ACP; to assassinate Boomer. But the only thing their spy came back with was the code. Still, this was extremely useful.

Sergie peered in through a small window and saw only two people in the room: Buckleybeans, an ACP General, and….. Bluesockwa?

“That’s odd.” Sergie thought. “He’s in CPAC.”

But then it clicked for Sergie. CPAC must be onto them! Or, at least, in a general aspect. They probably believe that there’s some kind of tension going on between us. Little did they know, or, at least Sergie hoped they didn’t know, they were right. But it was more than just tension. If ACP survived this hack, it would break into World War.

Strangely enough, that was the exact same topic Buck and Blue1 were still discussing.

“And you believe Nachos and UMA would side with ACP?” Blue1 asked.

“Yes,” Buck responded, “Even though they are not allies, they all share a bit of a common hatred for RPF. I believe it’s likely that they would-” Buck stopped.

“What is it?”

“Listen” he told Blue.

And Blue heard it too: some kind of beeping.

“31….5….4…7” Sergie entered.

“Oh,” Buck said. “Silly me. It’s just a general. Some of us are still up. We’re the only ones allowed after midnight.”

The door swung open, and the figured was clouded in shadow. Buck pulled out a flashlight and pointed it on the figure.

“Sorry, lights are-” Buck stopped as the figure was pointing a gun.

“Blue! Get out of here! You’re CPAC: you know nothing of battle, and you have no gun.”

“On the contrary, Buck” Blue began, pulling out a pistol. “I used to be Bluesockwa, ACP Colonel.”

“Very well.” Buck said. “For ACP?”

“For ACP.” Blue agreed, and they opened fire on the figure.

Sergie duck-rolled, and came into the light.

“Buck, I know him. That’s Sergie, engineer of the USRPF.”

“I always knew they were trouble” Buck responded, and the battle continued.

Blue was hit by one of Sergie’s bullets, and tumbled over, his hat falling.

“Blue!” Buck shouted. He radioed in, “I need all ACP Generals and a doctor to report to the Control Room immediately. We don’t want to go down as the bad guys.”

Ek and Thebest, the only generals still awake, rushed into the elevator, and saw Jedimaster lying on the ground. They eventually arrived on the top floor, and, upon approaching the control room, saw the door was locked.

“Only Buck and the leaders know that password!” Ek shouted.

“Wait… what’s this?” Thebest picked up a paper with the numbers 31547 written on it.

“It’s worth a try.” Ek told him.

Thebest entered the code and the door swung open once again. They too opened fire on Sergie once realizing what was happening, and Ek eventually ran over to Blue1 to assist him.

“Blue? Blue!”

Blue1 was either unconscious or dead. But Ek couldn’t worry about that now, and returned to the fight. In only a short time Sergie was slowly moving backward, and the other three moving in for the kill.

The battle continued, full force. But then everything changed. Thebest shot the bullet: it hit Sergie and he collapsed backward on a monitor, which began to surge.

The three generals paused and looked at each other, and a veil of silence crept over the room.

Buck was eventually the one who spoke. “That was fun.”

Ek and Thebest smiled. Buck picked up Blue1 and carried him down to Thebest’s quarters, where they would summon Boomer and Shab to inform them of what had just happened.

Possibly the greatest threat in ACP history had just been neutralized.

Chapter 14: Addressing the Leader

Boomer and Shab went quickly to Thebest’s quarters. Partially because they wanted to know what he wanted; partially because they were annoyed they to go anywhere at 1:30 in the morning.

They arrived and went right in, not knocking, but only took a few steps before stopping in their tracks from what they saw: Blue1 lay on Thebest’s bed, blood-spattered, and the other three looked like they had all been through a hard battle, still holding guns.

“Is he…..dead?” Boomer spoke finally.

“We don’t know.” Ek responded.

“Well then we need to get a doctor down here, stat!” Shab said, picking up a radio.

“Will a doctor please report to the private quarters of Thebest immediately.”

“Alright. We’ll get a doctor down here. But what happened?”

“You know that private, Sergie?” Buck started.

“Yeah.” Boomer answered.

“Turns out he was an engineer, who was sent into the ACP to hack into our mainframe and put us into shambles, or so we think. Blue1 was interviewing me when Sergie broke in. Apparently a previous spy retrieved the code to the lockdown door. Anyway, so when he broke in, Blue1 and I started to fight back. After Blue1 was shot down, I called in backup, and Ek and Thebest responded. Eventually Thebest shot down Sergie, and the battle was over.”

Shab paused. “Well, how long ya say before CPAC gets a hold of this?”

“With Blue1 either dead or unconscious? Hours…” Boomer responded.

At this point a doctor burst into the door, and, without a word, knew exactly what was going on. He crouched near the bed and examined Blue1. After a short while he stood up and said simply,

“He’s not dead. He’ll be fine.”

“Good.” Buck said, relieved.

“Now.” Shab began, “Can we please go back to sleep? We’ll take care of more important matters tomorrow.”

Boomer turned to Shab. “You know what this means, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Shab said. “This means war.”

Chapter 15: The Declaration

By this time, in the morning, Blue1 was awake and getting ready to leave the ACP building. He walked quickly down the stairs and through the door, eager to get out.

Before he could leave, however, he was flagged down by Ek, Thebest, Buck, Boomer, and Shab.

As he approached the gate, he turned to them.

“Thank you for everything.” Buck said. “I think I speak for all of us when I say you were a great help to all of us here.”

“Goodbye.” Blue responded. “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

Boomer smiled. “Goodbye, Bluesockwa. Until next time.”

Blue1 shook hands with everyone, and soon left toward CPAC.

One he arrived, he was greeted by Blue2 and Funks, who had no idea of what had happened. Blue2 shook his hand, and then glanced down at Blue1’s jacket, which was blood-spattered.

Funks gasped. “What the heck happened to you?”

“We better sit down.” Blue1 told them. “I’ve got a lot to tell you.”

After explaining the story to the both of them, Funks and Blue2 agreed it would be better for Blue1 to cover this story himself, and for the three of them to attend ACP’s declaration of war on the USRPF later today.

The three left for the ACP building.

“Funny,” Blue1 said on the way. “I feel like I was just here.”

Funks laughed.

“So, you’re alright?” Blue2 asked after a little while.

“I’m fine, Blue. Really.”

They eventually arrived at the DRACP building, where Boomer, Shab, Ek, Thebest, and Buckleybeans stood on a raised platform. Once Buck noticed that Blue1 he arrived, he beckoned for him to come up with them.

“Gotta go.” He told Blue2 and Funks. “Apparently I’m wanted at the podium.”

After the majority of the army community had arrived, Shab stepped up to the podium. Sergie stood off to the side, locked up in a jail cell, glaring at the four of them. The four members of the army community that had neutralized the greatest threat in army history.

“Welcome.” Shab began. “We are here today to announce the official declaration of war from the DRACP on the USRPF. After an attempt to hack our very mainframe, and wipe ACP off the grid. We are very displeased with the USRPF, who used to be close allies of us. We have nothing against allies as this war develops, for we are sure the USRPF will be crushed in this war.”

“So, you believe this may turn into a World War?” came a reporters voice.

Shab paused. Buck whispered something in his ear, and Shab stepped aside; Buck stepped forward.

“We find it likely. The USRPF is someone known for always bringing in allies when opposed by stronger forces, and we must combat such.”

Commando and the rest stood in the back, glaring at the six of them.

Buck stepped aside, and Boomer stepped forward.

“As current leader of the Army of Club Penguin, and aware that all of us here who have spoken are members of the ACP, I would like to present an un-biased opinion who experience the break-in and attack firsthand: may I present Bluesockwa, CP Army Central Secondary Head of Site.”

Boomer stepped aside, letting Blue1 approach the podium.

“Thank you, Boomer. As many of you know, as a member of CPAC, I try to be as un-biased as possible when it comes to speeches, news segments, etcetera. However, I feel it necessary to express the kind of situation this is.

January 3, 2008, a day that will live in infamy. I was interviewing ACP’s very own Buckleybeans at the time in the Control Room. Apparently a previous spy retrieved the code, so Sergie had no trouble breaking in. Once he did, it didn’t take long for me to recognize him as Sergie, RPF engineer. Eventually I was shot down, but Buck, Ek, and Thebest continued to fight….”

Meanwhile, a clinking of metal could be heard from near the podium. Sergie was trying to pick the lock of his prison with a screwdriver and a gun cartridge.

“Ah….just a little….. there.” Sergie quietly opened the door and rushed out of the cell. He ran into a storage room and grabbed two pistols.

Ek was glancing around, making sure no assassination attempts would be made at Blue1, Blue2, or Funks, when he noticed the cell was open. He ran over to Thebest and Buck.

“No!” came a yell from Buck.

Blue1 whipped around, to see what was happening. Suddenly a gunshot was heard, and the chaos began.

Sergie had escaped.

Chapter 16: Down, But Not Out

This was exactly what ACP didn’t want.

There was a lot of tension already between armies like ACP, RPF, UMA, Nachos, and all the rest. This tension was like melting pot, always ready to bubble over.

And it just had.

The media rushed forward, snapping pictures left and right. Sergie bolted through the crowd, firing back behind him at his pursuers, penguins collapsing left and right. Many innocent officers were killed as Sergie got through the crowd and hoisted himself onto the podium.

Blue1 stood, frozen, at the podium. As he watched securities grab Funks and Blue2 and move them aside to safety.

“I was an ACP General! Let me fight!” came Blue2’s furious cries, but they wouldn’t listen.

Sergie approached the podium and punched Blue1, sending him hurtling to the ground. Gasps and screams  erupted from the crowd.

“FOR THE RPF!” Sergie shouted at the podium as Commando, Kyle Cease, and Ziehen joined him on the platform. The three of them pulled out machine guns and fired at the crowd, penguins shot down left and right.

Then Sergie suddenly fell backward, collapsed. Commando, Kyle Cease and Ziehen didn’t notice; they continued to fire, ruthlessly.

Sergie looked at the terrible destruction taking place right in front of his eyes. Almost 1,000 penguins had been killed, from what he could tell. CPAC was totally shattered, and all because of him, Commando, and their horrible plan. Sergie knew this plan wouldn’t turn out well. However, he never thought it would end up this bad.

Suddenly a thundering yell erupted from the podium. The crowd fell silent, realizing it was none other than:


Sergie rushed forward, shot Ziehen and threw Kyle Cease to the side. Commando turned to him, flabbergasted.

“What the heck are you doing? Stop this madness!”

Sergie tackled Commando. “No. You stop this madness!”

Sergie motioned toward the crowd, half of them already dead. Blue1 stood over to the side, a pistol in his hand. Blue2 and Funks stood in the back, surrounded by security, their mouths wide open.

Sergie approached the podium, dropping his gun.

“Look at what we’ve done!” he shouted at Commando and Kyle Cease as they stood. Ziehen lay on the ground, shot by Sergie. The both of them glared at Sergie.”

“We have killed so many for our trivial plan! The ACP is too powerful! There is no way we ever could have defeated them. It’s impossible. Get it through your thick skull, Commando!”

Commando rushed forward toward Sergie, gun pointed at him. But Blue1 suddenly ran forward and jumped in front of Sergie.

“You wanna shoot him? Well, you’re gonna have to shoot me first!”

“Blue!” Funks shouted. He glanced at Blue2 and nodded. They both drew pistols and broke through the security. They ran up to the podium, joining Blue1 in front of Sergie.

“Maybe now you’ll think what’ll happen if you shoot CPAC’s two heads and Sec. Head” Funks shouted at Commando.

Commando sighed and dropped the gun as Boomer, Itachi, and Person came forward to handcuff Commando.

“Listen.” Person started. “Let’s put our differences aside for this once.”

Itachi and Boomer nodded.

Itachi drew his cane sword and held it to Commando’s neck and Boomer placed a pair of handcuffs on him. Flashes erupted as everyone: CPAC, CPAE, and the rest all wanted pictures for their front cover.

Sergie was in awe of what had happened. Why wasn’t he the one being handcuffed? Why Commando? And why had Blue1, the very penguin he shot down, and the two heads of CPAC rush in to protect him?

Blue1 couldn’t believe what he had done. Apparently he had some kind of affection for Sergie. Blue2 and Funks found their actions completely justified: they were helping out a friend, being Blue1. What he was and wasn’t doing was not a concern of theirs at the time.

“Thanks.” Blue1 said, turning to Funks and Blue2. They both smiled, Blue2 put his hand on Blue1’s shoulder. “I’m very proud of what you’ve done here, Blue1. You’ve proved to me that you truly should have been promoted.”

Funks agreed, and they watched as Commando was locked in a cell and surrounded by security.

“He will be taken back to the USRPF and will not be allowed to leave there for a minimum of one month.” One of guards told the crowd.

Sergie tapped Blue1. “Thank you.”

“Hey, I have no idea why I did it.” Blue1 responded.

“But you did. And that’s what matters.”

And for the second time, the greatest threat in army history had been neutralized. But this time, not from force, but from will. The free will that Sergie possessed when he realized how horrible what they had done was. And perhaps this was the best way to do it: not by force, but yet, by will.

Chapter 17: Front Page Story

‘RPF Neutralized: Hack Discovered’, ‘Spy Stops Own Plan’, ‘Secondary Head Saves Spy’ ‘Chaos in the Crowd’, were among the many titles appearing on the front covers of CPAC, CPAE, and the rest.

Blue1, Sergie, Commando, and a few others were being barraged by interviews.

The war was called off, and the ACP, Nachos, and UMA decided to put aside their differences and ally. A meeting would be held very soon about the RPF.

And business for CPAC was booming: they, particularly Blue1, Blue2, and Funks, had experienced much of the scandal firsthand, and everyone wanted their side of the story.

The ACP had learned a lot, and now were much more careful about who they did and didn’t let it to the army.

“You know.” Blue1 said to Blue2 when the two of them were talking in Blue2’s office. “I’m usually the one doing the barraging for interview. I never expected I would be the one being barraged.”

Blue2 chuckled. “These past few weeks have been crazy, Blue. But I’m very proud of you and us here at CPAC for our part in this. I’m very happy I sent you there; not because of the interview with Buck, but because of the part you played in this whole scandal, and, because of you, the part we played, consequently.”

“And you know what?” Blue1 began, smiling.

“I would do it all over again.”


By: Bluesockwa

I hope you have all enjoyed reading “The Rebel’s Scandal as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m so happy with the response I got from all of the CPAC viewers after posting Part I. I would now like to touch upon a few points and lessons in this book:

I know I may have made some things a little more dramatic than they were. But, honestly, if this was a real world, things would be much different. For example, CPAC would actually have to take pictures and travel places to interview and report on things. Another obvious difference, many would actually die.

You see, the whole idea that we find CP Armies a haven where we can be someone we’re not, per say, a nerd in real life who, when they go on CP, can pretend they’re someone else because they’re highly respected in armies.

But we do all still exist behind these masks, per say, and the things we say and do are real. Not physically, but figuratively.

Another thing is hacking: as I stated in a post I made no too long ago, hacking is not always a terrible thing. Sure, it corrupts the person who did the hacking and weakens the army and/or organization that was hacked, however, it also makes them stronger. Sometimes hacking is a good thing: it teaches us a lesson we will never forget.

Hacking is also one of the prime ways to harm someone in CP Armies, because, of course, unless our neighbor and/or sibling are involved, we can’t physically harm them over army matters. (Although Blue2 and I do that every once in a while). Thus, hacking appeals as a way to hurt someone because it literally destroys their work; the only thing we can destroy in CP Armies, really. Sure, we can hurl a snowball, but that does nothing, except for those noobs who play “Elite Penguin Force” on CP, the whole “handcuffs” shenanigan.

All in all, I hope you’ve enjoyed this book; I’ve very much enjoyed writing it. I’d like to thank Blue2 for helping me to edit, and for all of the viewers who wanted pushed me to finish this. Thank you, everyone.

And so it ends. But one final thing. The last line of the last chapter was put in there or a reason. When Blue1 and Blue2 are talking, Blue1 says. “I’d do it all over again.”

And I would. I would write this all over again.

The Rebel’s Revenge


“No….. NO!” the scream echoed throughout the dark city streets as the body slumped to the ground. A metal clang was heard as his cane sword hit the metal roof. The clock tower chimed. It was midnight. The figure pulled out a smoke grenade, and threw it downward, smoke billowing up around him. The bloody figure watch the smoke as the other figure disappeared.

“Help me….” The bloody figure trailed off with a raspy breath as his eyes rolled back into his head. And the figure? Well, the figure was gone. Gone into the dark, gloomy shadows of night.


Chapter 1: Chaos

 “What of Itachi?”

“Itachi is dead, sir.” An officer told him, handing Abercrombie the bloody cane sword.

“Unacceptable!” Abercrombie’s voiced boomed as he walked quickly through the brightly lit corridors as he traveled to the Council Room.

The room was circular, with a series of desks and a podium in the center where Itachi usually sat. Abercrombie lowered himself into his usual desk, but was angered to see that Batista stood at Itachi’s podium.

“So, I guess he’s the leader.” Abercrombie mumbled to himself.

“Good day, Underground Mafias Army.” Batista greeted them.

Gasps echoed throughout the room as everyone began to realize that Batista was the new Commander-in-Chief of the UMA.

“After the recent assassination of our dear leader, Itachi, I have been promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the UMA. As my first act, I will be firing Abercrombie, UMA Second-in-Command.

Anger swelled up inside Abercrombie. He rose, his chair falling behind him with a thud.

“You…… you…..”

“No,” Batista said, smirking. “You. You…. Out. Now.”

Abercrombie glared backward at the UMA and quickly moved out of the room.

They must be joking, he thought to himself.

But they weren’t. Abercrombie and Batista had never gotten along very well as the two Second-in-Commands of the UMA, but this.

This is unacceptable, Abercrombie thought.


Chapter 2: An Unlikely Meeting

Another very important meeting was taking place at this time, however- in stark contrast to the one of UMA. Commando, Kyle Cease, and Sergie sat in at a table in a cold, dark room in the basement of the destroyed RPF Headquarters.

“Do you remember….. what we used to be?” Kyle Cease posed, daydreaming, in a sense.

By this time Commando, Kyle Cease, and Sergie had made up, and the three now shared the position of Commander-in-Chief of the RPF.

Commando sighed. “Yes, yes. The good old days. And nothing, not even this plan, can bring the back.”

“I disagree.” Sergie said.

“Of course you do.”

“By bringing down many high-ranking army legends, we will once again be what we used to be. The RPF Empire will rise again.”

Commando chuckled and looked around at the wrecked RPF building, which had been burned to the ground after a joint attack from ACP and UMA. All that remained was the secret quarters in the basement.

As the three sat there in silence, they suddenly heard a rattling, a banging, and finally….. the door swung open.


Commando quickly drew a pistol. “You’ve messed with us enough!” he shouted, maneuvering throughout the room.

“I’m not here to fight.” Abercrombie said sternly, holding up the bloody cane sword. Kyle Cease and Sergie exchanged glances.

“I’m here for an alliance.” Abercrombie continued.

“No UMA Second-in-Command will be making an alliance with this army.” Sergie responded quickly, worried Abercrombie was onto them.

“Sergie, shut up.” Commando said, glaring at him. “Aber, sit down.”

Chapter 2: The Alliance

“But that’s just it.” Abercrombie began, now more calm. “I’m been fired from the UMA.”

“You what? Itachi fired you?” Kyle Cease played dumb.

“No, Itachi’s dead.”

“What!?” Commando threw himself forward, continuing the act.

“Itachi was assassinated last night in a rooftop battle, so we know. Batista was promoted to Commander-in-Chief, and, as you know-”

“Ah……” Commando trailed off. “I get it.”

“So, what do you want, exactly?” Kyle Cease became interested now.

“I want to take down the Underground Mafias Army, once and for all.”

“Why should we help you?” Sergie persisted.

“Duh, you’re RPF. I would think any good RPF-official wants UMA gone.”

“True….. how do you suggest we do this?”

An obvious eye followed Sergie.

“Oh, no. No. Find a different way. I paid my dues.” He said, backing away.

“I’m kidding, Sergie. The answer is obvious.”

“And….. that would be?” Kyle Cease asked.

“You really think Batista was smart enough to take my key?” Abercrombie asked rhetorically, grinning.

“Ah……” Sergie trailed of, now understanding.

“Will you excuse, us, Abercrombie. We’d like to discuss this alone for a minute.”

“Of course.” Abercrombie stood and walked out, the large metal door shutting behind him. The three spoke in whispers.

“You…… he’s not onto us.” Kyle Cease said.

“True.” Sergie said. “But this will only make my job more difficult.”

“That may be, but I don’t think either of you can pretend the return of the RPF Empire doesn’t sound appealing.”

“Fine….” Sergie began, “But if I get caught, I’m gonna kill you with Itachi’s very cane sword.”

Commando chuckled and clapped his hands. “Bring in Aber.”

Kyle Cease rose up, out the door, and return swiftly with Abercrombie.

“We’re in.” Commando said.

Chapter 3: The Second Strike

Serige rose up from his bed. Sure, it’d been funny; he worried a bit when they made an alliance with RPF. But now….. now, it wasn’t funny anymore. Things were just plain dangerous. He would have to sneak out of here a plethora of times without Abercrombie ever even suspecting the slightest bit.


On tonight’s agenda: Lotsofpie.

Back to UMA.

Sergie went quickly this time, but not via the rooftops. A second rooftop attack would be too dangerous. He shuffled quickly through the dimly lit streets of Mittens. The RPF base was located at Tuxedo, not too far from Mittens. Sergie wore a black mask over his face, along with tactical gear, and an array of grenades, guns, and swords.

He eventually reached the sign in which he could just barely make out “Welcome to the UMA Capital of Mittens” in the glow of the moonlight.

The UMA had heightened security since the assassination of Itachi. Guards lined the outer walls of the fortress. But Sergie was quick, and not even a single guard noticed his shadow whip past them. As Sergie made it into the base, he began to have flashbacks of his time in ACP.

Let’s hope this’ll work out a bit better, he thought to himself.

Whipping out a cylindrical device, Sergie pointed it at the wall and traced a circle on the wall with a laser. He kicked down the broken wall and went swiftly into the UMA building.

Sergie ascended the stairs, through a few winding corridors, and into the chambers. He found Lotsofpies, and took a deep breath as he stared at the door.

“Let’s go.” He thought aloud.

Sergie began to pick the lock. Flashback.


“Hey, I have no idea why I did it,”

“But you did, and that’s what matters.”

Screams and gunshots echoed in Sergie’s head as the flashback ended. He stood there, for a moment, shivering at the memory. He shook the thought away almost as rapidly as it had come, and as the door clicked, he swung it open slowly.

As he circled the room, he spotted Lotsofpie: on the balcony. Sergie took a deep breath once again, and moved swiftly to the sliding door.

A lot happened at once.

The door swung open with a squeak, Lotsofpie whipped around, and all that was heard was a single gunshot.

And a single yell.

Lotsofpie plummeted down, down, down, into the streets of the city of Tuxedo. He was dead. The assassin had struck again.

Chapter 4: The Master Plan

Commando, Sergie, Kyle Cease, and Abercrombie gathered early in the morning in the Council Room. After taking their seats, Commando began.

“Aber. You said you had a plan.”

Sergie’s stomach knotted at the mention of plans.

“Yes. Yes I do.” Aber told them, smirking.

“Well then stop stalling and tell us!” Kyle Cease shouted, clicking his pen impatiently.

“Well, it goes like this. First step, CPAC.”

“What the heck?!” Commando shouted.

“Commando” Aber looked at him sternly. “Shut up and listen.”

Commando leaned forward as if he was about to say something, but Kyle Cease shot him a look, and he leaned back into his chair.

“We take control of CPAC, and all outflowing news. CPAC is the governing force of all armies. Heck, they practically bow down to the Top Ten.”

“True.” Commando said. “Whether or not they’d like to admit it; they do.”

“Exactly. Through CPAC, we take control of the entire army world.”

“You mean a dictatorship?” It was Sergie, who suddenly became interested.

“I prefer “Kings of the World”.” Aber said, smirking.

Kyle Cease suddenly broke out into laughter. Laughing hysterically, he pounded the desk with his fist. Finally he spoke.

“You’re absolutely nuts. Are you kidding me? I mean, the sheer stupidty-”


Kyle Cease was cut off as he slumped in his chair, his face streaked with blood.

“Aber!” Sergie shouted instinctively.

But it hadn’t been Aber. Sergie turned to see Commando holding a handgun, looking irritated.

“The only decent way to get him to shut up.” Commando told the both of them. “I’ve had enough of Kyle Cease.”

As Sergie thought about what Commando had just done, he realized that wasn’t true. It was a clue. A clue as to how this plan was going to turn out. A clue that Commando had so cleverly relayed because it was so secret he didn’t trust himself to say it aloud.

And Sergie had read it loud and clear.

Chapter 5: A Press Meeting

Blue1 fiddled with his pen as he sat impatiently at his chair in the meeting room. Surrounding them were four glass walls, the one behind him with the CPAC logo on it. Blue2 and Funks walked in and Blue1 nodded, greeting them. Blue1 looked down the table at the surrounding reporters. To his left sat Tomato and Mchappy, and on the other side sat CPAC’s many other reporters. Blue2 and Funks took their seats to Blue1’s right.

“Evening CPAC.” As Funks said that, Blue1 realized how late it was.

A chorus of greetings filled the room.

Blue1 noticed Shaboomboom had entered and was leaning on the wall near the door. Blue2 beckoned for him to sit, and Shab sat in the empty seat between Blue1 and Mchappy. Blue1’s mind was wandering that night, and the many discombobulated thoughts circling in his mind blocked out whatever the heck Funks was saying. A loud bang returned him to the room. After realizing it wasn’t Blue2’s fist, Blue1 looked around to see that the rest of CPAC was just as confused as he was.

“Blue” Blue2 rose, addressing him. “Since your mind seems to be wandering from this meeting, and you seem to have no interest in being here, how about you go and check out that noise.

Blue1 rose, and ignored a certain reporter’s snickering as he walked quickly out the door. He entered the elevator and pressed the button for the main floor. The door opened, and just as before, a lot happened at once.

Blue1 saw Sergie outside the elevator, with a look of sadness or maybe hate, Blue1 couldn’t tell, and with a single shot, Blue1 was on the ground, his blood covering the gold walls of the elevator. Two other penguins stepped in with Sergie as they rode up to the top floor.

Blue2 was beginning to wonder where Blue1 was. I hope he hasn’t gotten himself into any trouble, he thought, but that worry soon faded as a million glass shards came hurtling at him as Sergie, Commando, and Abercrombie entered the room. Mchappy and Shab drew guns.

“Get down!” Shab shouted, and Funks and Blue2, much to their displeasure, hid under the meeting table.

The other reporters ran for the door, some were shot, and some escaped unharmed. Only Shab and Mchappy stayed behind to protect Blue2 and Funks.

“Wow.” Funks said to Blue2. “They really care, the rest of ‘em.”

“This isn’t the time for sarcasm Funks, now shut up.”

Blue2’s eyes widened as Mchappy came hurtling to the ground, and Shab came down soon after.

“Where are you two!” Commando’s voice roared, kicking over chairs. He grabbed Blue2 by the neck as Aber handcuffed Funks. A punch flew, and Blue2 was sent flying into the table, knocked out.

“That’s for last year.” Commando told him, smirking, as Blue2 was handcuffed also.

The elevator had been destroyed, so they went down by the stairs with Blue2 and Funks, the two most powerful people in the entire army world.

And the two of them being taken away was the last thing Blue1 saw through the elevator door before he went blank once again.

Chapter 6: Stepping Up

“Ah, Splashy.”

“You know this isn’t a popular decision, Blue. I was simply your Secondary Head on CPASC, I’ve never even worked for CPAC-”

“Splashy. Look at the facts. Mchappy and Shab, my two other choices, are either dead or unconscious.”

“What about Tomato?”

Blue1 shot him a look, and suddenly the two of them broke out into laughter.



“That’s the first time I’ve laughed since yesterday, the attack.” Blue1 finally turned to face him fully.

“Well, it looks like things are already getting better.”

“For now.” Blue1 said. “But this isn’t going to be easy. I never expected I would be thrust into Head of CPAC so suddenly.

“Mhm,” Splashy nodded.

“Well, come on. There’s a crowd out there.”

Blue1 and Splashy went quickly out of the CPAC building to face a giant crowd.

“Are you kidding me?” Came Person’s furious cries. “CPAC’s too cheap to even let their Heads address the issue.”

“Head.” Blue1 corrected. “I am your new head.”

Gasps echoed through the crowd.

“This attack didn’t neglect a motive. Funks and Blue2 have been taken prisoner by some kind of RPF/UMA alliance. In light of this, the RPF and UMA will no longer be recognized in any CPAC-Related news, tournaments, or the Top Ten.”

“That’s preposterous!” Batista shouted. “The UMA had no involvement in this!”

“If the UMA had no involvement in this, then Abercrombie would not have been one of the three penguins who attacked us. Now, if you would kindly shut up, Batista, I would gladly appreciate it.”

Batista shot Blue1 a look and sat back down.

“Now, after careful consideration, I have chosen my Secondary Head, a penguin I have worked with for a very long time in CPASC, and whom I trust greatly to help run this site. I introduce to you Splashy, CPASC Secondary Head, and now CPAC Secondary Head.”

After a round of applause, and a fair share of booing, Splashy took the podium. The look he gave Blue1 said everything.

I told you this wasn’t going to be a good idea.

“Hello, all. As Blue1 noted, I am CPAC’s new Secondary Head, Splashy. I know that myself being appointed in this position may not have been the most popular choice, but I promise you that Blue1 made a good one. I will not let you down; I will help Blue1 to continue to run CPAC well, even in this time of crisis. Thank you.”

I hope, Splashy, I hope we can, Blue1 thought as he and his colleague stepped down from the podium.

“Splashy?” Blue1 began. They were in the Head Office of CPAC, now Blue1’s, discussing what was to come.

“You know this is no CPASC, not by a long shot. This is practically the governing force of armies.”

“I know, Blue. I know.”

“And…. you’re getting thrust into this, I know. But you were thrust into CPASC Secondary Head too, and look how you managed: just fine. I trust you, Splashy. But I just want to warn you of what’s to come. It’s not going to be easy.”

“I know.”

“I hope you do. You can head home.”

Splashy stood up, and walked toward the door. He turned to face Blue1.

“You heading home?”

“I will soon. Night, Splashy.”

“Night.” Splashy closed the door.

Blue1 leaned back into his chair. It was times like his when he just wanted to hide, and never come back. Never show his face again. But that was exactly the opposite of what Blue1 knew he had to do. He was going to, no doubt, have to lead the entire army community through this crisis. And that, he knew, would be no easy task. Blue1 fell asleep in his chair that night, and never ended up heading home.

Chapter 7: The Prisoners

“What do we do with them, Renegade?”

“Kill ‘em.”

“Or….” another voice trailed off. “We could make them suffer. And bit by bit wither away at the power and self-esteem the both of them hold dear.” This figure, called Overlord, sat in a spinning chair in the shadows of the room, glancing behind him constantly at a security screen.



“Go out and take a look around. I’m getting some security readings.”

“As you wish, Overlord.”

“Now, Renegade. Let’s take care of these two.”

Overlord lunged forward, swinging a punch at one of the two figures chained to the wall. Neither one dared to speak.

“Ready to end all this?” Overlord drew a pistol. Renegade did the same.

Two shots rung throughout the room, and the two figures slumped forward. A smile crept over Overlord’s face.

Meanwhile, Flash was ascending the stairs out of the bunker. As he reached the top, he was greeted by a dismal rain, a dark night, and two equally darkly dressed figures, both holding pistols.

“Here’s to ruining our reputation forever.” One told the other.

Both lunged forward. The second figure handcuffed Flash as the first aimed a gun at his neck.

“Tell us the passcode.” the first figure said.

“56…. 7…..89…..40.” The figure rasped.

The first figure rushed forward and tried the passcode. It failed.

“LIAR!” the shout echoed as it was fired by a gunshot. The second figure let go of Flash and let him drop to the ground.

The first figure removed his hat: Blue1.

The second did the same: Splashy.

Blue pulled out a laser and etched a circle pattern on the metal door. Splashy came forward, planting C4. As both of them backed up, the door exploded outward, sending metal flying in all directions.

“That went well.” Splashy said as both of them crept through the circle.

“We’ve gotta be fast. It’s not like they don’t already know we’re here.” Blue1 told him.

The two rushed through the dark corridors until the came to a wooden door, just like the thirty-some they had already passed by. Except this one was different. Blue1 stopped Splashy.

“See the light flooding through the door at the bottom?” he whispered.

Splashy nodded. “This is our man.”

Blue1 kicked down the door as Splashy rushed forward, drawing a knife. The man called Overlord disappeared into the shadows, and escaped the compound through a small hatch. He ran into the dark, dreary night, not looking back.

This leaved Renegade.

Blue1 fired a few shots, but missed both times. Splashy ran forward and kicked the figure down. He then fired a shot, and Renegade went silent.

Blue1 and Splashy ran over to where the two prisoners were. And who were those prisoners, you ask?

Blue2 and Funks.

But as the tugged at the figures, they realized they were dummies. Fakes. Blue1 let out a furious cry as a raspy voice began.

“You thought the real ones were kept here?” It was Flash, blood-spattered and drenched in sweat.

Blue1 backed away, frightened by the figure, but Splashy grabbed his flipper.

“Well, good luck. It’s a wild goose chase.” Flash pick up Renegade, and pressed a button. The entire roof blew outward, revealing a plane flown by Overlord.

“Go.” was all Overlord had to say as Flash rushed to the plane, carrying Renegade.

As the plane flew away, Splashy realized the building was on fire. He grabbed Blue1 by the flipper and the two ran out of the compound and watched it burn to the ground. The rain did nothing to calm the flames.

Chapter 8: Emergency Meeting

“Sit down.” Blue1 told CPAC.

Splashy began, “I would like to welcome you to the Emergency Council Meeting of CPAC. In light of the recent kidnappings of Bluesockwa2 and Kingfunks4, we would like to call together CPAC as a whole to address their duties in the coming weeks, which will undoubtedly be very difficult.”

“Thank you, Splash.” Blue1 said. “Now. Let us begin.”

As the rest of CPAC stayed seated, Blue1 paced the room, circling the meeting table.

“I am going to ask all of you to do things. Things you may not want to do. But what you want is of no concern to me. In these times, what I tell you to do is what you are going to do without question, and I assure you it will be for our betterment. Is that clear?”

“Yes.” said only two: Splashy and Mchappy.

Blue1 glared at the rest of them. “Are you kidding me?”

After what seemed to Blue1 as a perpetual silence, the members of CPAC one-by-one began to stand and agree. After they had all stood, Blue1 beckoned for them to sit down.

“Now. I will speak to the reporters and philosophers as a whole, and will then speak with Splashy, Mchappy, and Tomato separately. I have special tasks for the three of you.”

“Continuing on, reporters and philosophers. Whether or not you may like what I am about to tell you, it is necessary. In the following weeks, you will be keeping CPAC active while giving the illusion that Splashy, Mchappy, Tomato, and myself are still actively managing the site. This will hopefully quell any public rumors our outcries. Secondly. You are not to post news relating to any of what is happening with this scandal: the kidnappings, etcetera. You must give the illusion that the problem has been/is being handled and there is no need for worry.”

“But there is need to worry?” Jcapp asked.

“No, duh.” Splashy told him.

“I am asking all of you to lie, true. But you are lying for the benefit and protection of CPAC and the four of us who will be handling the problem. Understand?”

Everyone nodded.

“Good. Now get out of here and write.”

The reporters and philosophers scurried out of the room.

“Now, the three of you.” Blue1 finally stopped pacing and turned to them.

“Will all be undertaking different duties. First of all, Splashy. You’re with me.”

“Doing what?”

“Wherever this chase takes us.”

“Secondly, Mch. Your job is a bit more complicated. And yes, I am about to probably destroy any hope of CPAC not being called biased towards ACP, but that’s the way things must happen.”

“What…. do you need me to do?” Mchappy pressed on.

“I need you to send a battalion into the destroyed RPF Headquarters.”

“But Blue, RPF is dead. It’s obvious.”

“You may find something different when you get there.”

“How do you know?”

“None of your concern.”

“Very well.”

“Finally, Tomato. Your job is plain and simple: run CPAC.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Run CPAC. Act as me, no one must know that you are running CPAC besides those who work here. You must act as “Blue1, Head of CPAC” while Splashy and I are gone investigating the kidnappings.”

“Are you sure, Blue? We’ve never really gotten along.”

“Tomato, you are a spectacular writer. There is reason you were given this job. True, I wouldn’t want you with me investigating, simply for the reason that we don’t get along. But this is something I know you can do.”

Tomato nodded.

“But there will be fame to this, Tomato. You are acting as me.”

“And I will try to do it well.” Tomato responded confidently.

“That is all. Goodbye to-” Blue1 was cut off as the screen of the large TV above the table flickered on. It was a man in a black mask covering his face whom Blue1 and Splashy recognized as Overlord from last night.”

“Greetings, CPAC. Blue1 and Splashy may remember me, Overlord, from last night.”

The four exchanged glances.

“I am here simply to give you a warning. Have any of you possibly considered what would happen if….. I don’t know, all of these details and the details of last night were leaked to the public. I have CPAA on the line, waiting to disclose any information I give them.”

“What do you want?”


“Obviously. Now, please tell us what you actually want.”



“Your reputation is about to be terribly defaced unless you give up CPAC to me.”

“My reputation’s already in shambles!” Blue1 shouted back.

“You will be disgraced in a way you cannot imagine if you don’t give up CPAC.”

“Fine.” Splashy stepped forward.

“Splashy, what the-” but Splashy held Blue1’s mouth closed and beckoned for Mchappy to escort him out.

“We will hand over the keys to the building and meet any other demands as far as workers you wish to stay, go, or come tomorrow.”

“Ah, good. Someone here has sense.” And with that, Overlord signed off.

Chapter 9: Race Against the Clock

After Splashy had calmed Blue1 down and told him the he had a plan, the four sat around the CPAC meeting table sipping coffee.

“Now.” Splashy began. “I know, Blue, that you’re finding me absolutely insane for meeting his demands.”

“That’s an understatement.” Blue remarked.

“But, I assure you, I have a plan.”

“Well, everyone. Let’s hear Splashy’s plan of how we’re going to watch the world burn.” Blue1 said, annoyed.

“Blue, shut up.” Splashy told him. “We’ve heard enough.”

Blue1 sat, much to Splashy’s surprise.

“Blue, you said Mchappy was to send a battalion into the RPF Headquarters, correct?”

“I did.”

“And how are you sure they are still there?”

“That’s confidential.”

“Tell us.”

“The broadcast waves emitting from the building during the recent broadcast here. Before it was just a hunch. Splashy, the location of the base we visited last night was given to me from an intel source who called it “a secondary RPF base.”

“I see.”

“And now my hunch has been confirmed that the RPF, or, at least, what’s left of them, are stationed at what is left of RPF Primary.”

“Mchappy, let’s see the soldier files from the lest battalion raid of Primary.” Splashy suggested.

“Three soldiers: Commando, Kyle Cease, Sergie. However, recent ACP intel has gathered that three more soldiers exist, the ones you were informed of by our source, Blue1. The soldiers called Overlord, Renegade, and Flash.”

“So we believe there’s six soldiers?” Tomato asked.

“Yes, but these are highly trained. I plan to send the 51st battalion, my best, composed of five foot soldiers and a ten-man special ops team.”

“Lead by?”


“Sounds good.” Splashy said. “So, my plan. I said tomorrow for a reason.”

Blue1 raised an eyebrow and leaned forward.

“Mchappy, you send the division during the night into RPF Headquarters, take all of their soldiers prisoner, and destroy all possible broadcast signals or locations of possibly broadcasts. The last thing we need is mass hysteria.”

“I can’t get a division ready that quickly.” Mchappy said, stunned.

“You can and you will.” Blue1 told him, seemingly agreeing to Splashy’s plan.

“Very well. I’ll try.” Mchappy rose and left.



“As of now, you are the acting head of CPAC.”

Chapter 10: The Night Raid

“Awaiting your signal, Cart.”

“Fly us in.”

Batintrenche steered the plane and landed about four miles from the RPF-base in a section of underbrush.

“Go, go!” Buck shouted as the team rushed out.

Carter stopped to speak with Batin. “Fly upward about twenty miles, out of sight for any RPF patrollers. We’ll signal you to pick up when we’re done.”

“What’s the signal?”

“Don’t know. Maybe an explosion or something?” Cart chuckled.

“Very well. I’ll rendezvous soon.”

The team ran to RPF headquarters, Carter signaling the way. As they arrived, Cart ordered the five soldiers to circle the building. If any escape was needed, they would provide smoke grenades and cover fire.

“Time to go.” Cart said as Jediseth approached, holding C4. He planted the bomb. Cart held the detonator.

“Now, listen. Once this explosion goes, they know we’re here. You all need to move quickly and with great stealth. We’re a fifteen man team, but who knows how many are in there. Could be six as our intel claims, could be hundreds. Ready?”

Everyone nodded.

Cart pressed the button.

A large explosion blew away the door as the eleven remaining soldiers: the special ops team and Cart, rushed into the building.

Flash, Renegade, and Overlord were far inside the compound talking of their success when they heard the explosion.

Flash kicked down the door and the three ran out to be greeted by the battalion.

“Hands up!” Matre shouted.

Buck flashed a blinker to disorient the three, and in no time Flash was on the ground in handcuffs. Renegade and Overlord darted for a ladder which led above. As they ascended the ladder, Cart fired and hit Renegade head-on, who tumbled back down the ladder.  Overlord was out and running, though.

He was greeted by the five soldiers stationed outside, but dispatched of them quickly. Cart and Buck climbed out to follow and ordered the other soldiers to search the compound for other soldiers, the prisoners, or any important documents.

Cart radioed Batin. “I’m going to need an immediate smoke bomb over the area! Overlord’s escaping! If we disorient him we can capture him!”

“Very well.” Batin pressed a button and the bomb flew. As it hit Overlord was engulfed in a cloud of smoke and turned frantically in circles looking for the approach of any ACP soldiers.

Cart ran up from behind and handcuffed Overlord. He kicked him to the ground.

“Rendezvous, Batin. We are ready for pickup.”

He radioed Matre. “Tell the special ops the bring the soldiers and anything else they found and go. We’ve won.”

Cart climbed into the plane followed by the others. The three prisoners were held in the back, all unconscious.

“Nicely done, gentlemen!” Cart shouted. He radioed Blue1 and Splashy, who were sitting anxiously near the walkie-talkie.

“Threat neutralized.” Cart told them. “We’re en route to ACP now to deliver three RPF soldiers for further questioning.

“Nice!” Blue1 shouted, and high-fived Splashy.

“Brilliant plan.” he told him.


“But this isn’t over yet.”

Chapter 11: Interrogation


“Only three. The intel was way off, Mch.”


Blue1, Splashy, Mchappy, and Carter were traveling through the corridors of ACP-Base to interrogate the prisoners.

As the four of them entered the interrogation room, a cold, cement area, they were greeted by Buck.

“The masks?” Cart asked.

“We’ve tried. Can’t get ‘em off.” Buck replied.

“We’ve got to get them off!” Splashy persisted.

“No.” Blue1 told him. “Their identities are not important at this time. What is important is that we get information. Chances are these three are a trio of lowly former RPF soldiers.”

“We have no more time to waste.” Mchappy stopped Splashy from saying anything further. “We need to do this as quickly as possible.”

“Very well.” Cart said. “I’ll start simply: where are they?”

“Who?” Renegade asked.

Cart punched him. “CPAC’s Heads?”

“As the man said, we are all but lowly RPF soldiers. We have no connection with the army as it used to be or anything of the sort, and are not affiliated with its former leaders in any way, shape or form. We’re just a couple of people who wanna restart the army.”

“If you’re just a lowly group of soldiers, remove your masks.” Splashy told him.

Blue1 rolled his eyes. “Splashy, it’s not that important.”

“You must know something!” Cart slammed his fist on the table. Flash flinched.

Noticing that, Cart beckoned to him. “You. What’re you called?”


“What do you know?”



“It’s the truth.”


“What, Mch?”

“Perhaps they’re telling the truth. That they’re just a band of rogues. ACP and all other armies have their fair amount of noobs and whack jobs, you know.”

“Possibly, Mch. But I’m not done with this yet.”

Just then Cart was radioed by someone.

“I have something that may be of use to you.”

“I’m in an interrogation.”

“This can’t wait.”

“Very well. I’m in Room 12.”

Cart turned off the radio. “It’s Intelligence Operative #006.”

“Who?” Blue1 asked.

“The man who’s been leaking you all of your information.”

“Are we going to see his face this time?” Splashy remarked sarcastically.

Cart’s eyes narrowed. “If you do, you are never to tell anyone this penguin is working for the ACP.”

Just then, the door opened and a man in a purple dress shirt, black suit and trench coat entered.

“May I introduce.” Cart began. “ACP spy and former RPF 2ic: Casiusbrutus.”

Blue1 gasped.

“You were the one….. when I did COBRA….. you were the one who tried to overthrow Ashes?”

“For the betterment of RPF.” Cas responded calmly.

Blue1 held up his hands. “Not taking sides.” he said.

“So, that’s your motive?” Splashy asked. “To get back at RPF?”

“Exactly.” Cas said as he slipped a note into Cart’s flipper.

“That is all. Good day.” Cas slipped out of the door.

Cart read the note frantically and looked up.

“This is about to end once and for all.” A smirk crept on Cart’s face.

And the note? The note read:

Blue2 and Funks, 21st floor

Tuxedo 101-

It’s all over


Chapter 12: Tuxedo 101

Operation King-Blue team: Bluesockwa1, Splashy, Cart, Mchappy, Buck, Jediseth.

The six penguins: two CPAC-members and four ACP-officers traveled to the former-RPF server of Tuxedo. That is, until the server was conquered by UMA.

UMA was a buzz in recent days because of Batista’s recent rise to power and firing of Abercrombie, who hadn’t been seen since. Everyone thought he was dead.

The controlled chaos that UMA was trying to keep under-wraps was obvious as the team of six rode through the city in an unsuspecting CPAC News Van. Splashy drove, while the other five sat in the back out of view reviewing their plan.

Their story? That Splashy was covering a story on UMA and wanted to take a look at their server of Tuxedo because there was a lot of history to it relating to the RPF-UMA conflict.

“A clever alibi.” Blue1 told him as the rode on their way to Tuxedo 101, located in the heart of  the city.

“Now, Cart. You know you two are gonna go to war after this is over.” Blue1 said.

“Chances are.” Cart agreed.

The team rode in silence for the majority of the trip. They arrived after a two hour drive, and Mchappy gave a briefing.

“We will probably be greeted by a large battalion of soldiers when we get in there, RPF rogues, etcetera. Commando, Kyle Cease, and Sergie haven’t shown their faces for a while, I’d expect them to be here too. So, be alert.”

Everyone checked their weapons.

“Ready?” Cart said.

“Ready” everyone chimed in.

“Lock and load.” Buck said.

Splashy and Blue1 calmly exited the van, Blue1 covering his face with a wide-brimmed hat. Everyone suspected he was just another CPAC-Reporter. The four ACP officers exited and stealthily moved about, hiding behind plants, walls, and anything else they could find.

“Alright. We’re going in.” Splashy motioned and he and Blue1 entered the building. The entered calmly into the elevator and rode upward to the 21st floor. When they arrived, Blue1 drew a pistol as Splashy went to the window and removed the glass. He dangled a rope down which Mchappy, Cart, Buck and Jedi ascended and climbed in.

“He we are.” Cart said.

Suddenly, almost all at once, the team realized something.

“No one here. Not a single officer.” Jediseth spoke first.

“So it’s either a trick by Cas….” Splashy trailed off. “And if it is, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Or they may be here.” Buck said as the team moved around checking cubicles, etcetera. Blue1 stood near the window, deep in thought. He thought about the kidnapping, the mission he and Splashy had gone on, the interrogation, and all of the intel they had been given.

All of this information has been so easily relayed to Cas that it almost seems purposeful that this stuff was let slip……. why would RPF even kidnap Blue2 and Funks in the first place……. and what about those three? Flash, Renegade, and Overlord? And where have Commando, Sergie, and Kyle Cease been in all this? And what does Aber have to do with anything.

If Blue1 could only put his thoughts together, he could have something. But as he failed to do so and the rest of the team continued to search for Blue2 and Funks, something much more dastardly was taking place on the server of Mammoth.

Chapter 13: Revenge

Tomato sat at his desk, typing his newest article, when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Tomato’s eyes widened at that moment and he regretted ever responding.

Three penguins: the same three penguins who had fought Blue1 and Splashy, the same three penguins who had been interrogated: Flash, Renegade, and Overlord. But Tomato knew nothing of what had happened, only that Overlord was the penguin he saw on the screen.

“Who are-” Tomato didn’t even finish the sentence before the shot was fired. He slumped forward, blood pouring out.

Overlord smirked.

“Let’s do this, boys.”

They rode down the elevator to the floor below (they had entered Tomato’s floor from a rope) where CPAC’s many reporters and philosophers worked.  The elevator dinged and opened, and the chaos began. Reporters ran for the doors, and many escaped. But that wasn’t what mattered. What mattered were those who stayed behind to fight: Tempahh, Kooldude, and Jcapp. The three carried pistols from their time in armies, and ducked behind a cubicle.

“Let’s do this.” Tempahh, unknowingly echoing Overlord.

The three stood up and began to fire, Flash, Renegade, and Overlord returning the fire. The skirmish continued papers flying, computers surging as the teams of three maneuvered around the area.

Kooldude went down first: he was shot by Renegade.

Tempahh and Jcapp inched back farther and farther until they were backed against the wall. Jcapp pressed the elevator button behind him and exchanged glances with Tempahh.

They were going to be alright.

The door opened and the two slipped into the elevator, riding down, down, down.

Overlord, Renegade, and Flash approached the elevator.

“Well, we can’t get them.” Renegade said.

“On the contrary” Flash told him. With Overlord’s help, he pried open the elevator doors. Flash drew a knife, and cut the elevator wire. The three of them smirked.

In the elevator, Tempahh and Jcapp noticed a change. It started to rock back and forth, and suddenly they were hurtling downward at uncontrollable speeds.

“What do we do?” Jcapp shouted.

“Die.” Tempahh replied softly.

And with that, the elevator crashed and the bottom of the building, hitting the propane pipe. A giant explosion rocked CPAC, sending the shards of glass flying into the street. The citizens ran for their lives as Flash, Renegade, and Overlord stood overlooking the street through a broken glass window.

“We’ve done it, boys. CPAC has fallen.” Overlord said.

Chapter 14: It’s A Trap!

As Blue1’s mind continued to wander in a building many servers away from Mammoth, the team was on the verge of completing their mission.

As the five penguins walked through the area, they suddenly heard a rustling coming from one of the closets.

It was locked.

“Saw that coming.” Buck remarked.

Cart approached and planted C4 on the door. The five moved back, and Cart pressed the detonator. The wood door split in pieces, and a two tied-up figures loomed in the darkness.

“They’re alive!” Splashy shouted.

“Yep, it’s them.” Mchappy said as he and Jediseth took the two out of the closet. They unwrapped them and removed the tape from their mounts.

“Took you long enough.” Blue2 said.

“Blue.” Funks shot him a glance. “Thank you for rescuing us….. ACP?”

“It’s an ACP-CPAC task force.” Splashy responded.

“And…. who thought of this brilliant idea to even farther worsen the ACP-CPAC relations in the eye of the public?” Blue2 asked, annoyed.

“Your brother.” Cart told him.

Blue2 wacked his head. “The idiot.”

“How’s CPAC been managing?”

“It’s a long story.”

Splashy walked over to Blue1.



“You alright?”

“Fine, Splashy.”

“We found Funks and Blue2.”

“Good….” Blue1 trailed off, and then his eyes widened.

Kidnappings….. CPAC….. luring us away…….

“It’s a trap!” he shouted.

“What?” Splashy said. At this point the rest of the team, as well as Blue2 and Funks had surrounded him.

“The whole thing! It’s a trap! They kidnapped them to lure us away!”

“From what?” It was Blue2.

“CPAC!” Blue1 immediately radioed the CPAC-Building as the others exchanged confused glances.

“No answer.” Blue1 said. Then suddenly a raspy voice answered the walkie-talkie.

“CPAC has fallen.”

Blue2’s eyes widened.

“Get in the car!” Cart shouted as the eight of them jumped out of the window and into the CPAC Van. Splashy drove frantically as the raced back to the server of Mammoth as fast as they could.

“There’s no way we can get there fast enough.” Blue2 said.

“He’s right.” Funks agreed. “Mammoth is hours away.”

“We’re going to have to try.” Splashy persisted. The car raced along the roads, through servers, until they eventually entered the server of Ice Box, outside Mammoth.

“We’re almost there!” Splashy shouted.

“We’ve made good time.” Buck said, trying to lighten the mood. “A little more than an hour.”

As the car pulled up to CPAC, the eight penguins saw it for the first time: the building in flames, with all of its windows shattered, citizens running this way and that.

Blue1 noticed three penguins on the roof dressed in black.

“Probably Flash, Renegade, and Overlord.” he told Cart, and in no time the eight were bolting for the roof as Blue2 shouted, “Who are they? Tell me now, Blue!”

Chapter 15: The Empire

The eight rendezvoused with Cas who agreed that the information relayed to him had been easily done so, and he was suspicious as well.

“You should’ve said something, Cas. Look at this mess.” Cart said.

“True.” Blue1 said. “But we can’t worry about that now.”

They traveled by stairs, since the elevator was out, eventually reaching the 52nd floor.

“It’s a massacre.” Funks remarked.

They saw the scattered papers, destroyed computers and cubicles. Blue1 walked over to where Kooldude lay on the ground.

“The rest of ‘em ran, I’d guss.” Splashy said, looking over Blue1’s shoulder. “Only he stayed to fight.”

“And he paid the price.” Jediseth shook his head.

Splashy realized something.

“Tomato!” he shouted.

They all bolted up the next flight of stairs and into the Executive Office, which Tomato was occupying in Blue1’s absence.

Funks stopped in his tracks as he reached the door, and the rest did the same.

“Is he dead?” Buck asked.

“I’m not sure.” Funks said. “And as much as I hate to say this, we can’t worry about this now.”

“We’ve gotta get to those penguins.” Cart said. The nine climbed the ladder from the 53rd floor that led to the roof.

Blue1 unlatched the bolt and opened up the trapdoor and climbed out. After everyone had climbed out, Overlord began.

“You’ve failed. CPAC has fallen.” He smirked. “And who are we, you may ask?”

Flash removed his mask. “Sergie.”

Renegade did the same. “Abercrombie.”

Overlord followed. “And I, as you have probably guessed, am Commando.”

Following their confused glances, Commando began. “Allow me to explain. After Aber was removed from the UMA, he made an alliance with us to build an empire. And we have succeeded. We have taken over armies. You have failed. It is irrelevant that Blue stopped Sergie that first time. For the second time, you have lost. Your world has fallen into shambles. And we’re about to take out all of you once and for all. You’re the last roadblock to this empire.”

Sergie pulled out an AK and fired frantically as Commando and Aber drew pistols. The team of nine backed up, surprised, but soon pulled out pistols of their own.

Renegade fired two shots, taking out Jediseth and Buck. As Commando nodded, Sergie came forward and handcuffed Blue2 and Funks.

“They will be valuable prisoners in the rise of this new empire” Commando said, smirking.

“New empire?” Mchappy questioned.

“RPF will once again be the World Power of all armies. But this time, you will all bow down to us. We will be the supreme force of armies.”

“Uh-huh, sure.” Mchappy said, diving for Aber. Aber kicked him backward, and fired a single shot, and Mch was out.

Blue1, Splashy, Cart and Cas, the only four left, backed up into a circle.

“On my signal.” Cart whispered. “You’re both going to run. Cas and I will stay behind to hold them off.”

“Very well.” Blue1 said.

Sergie took Blue2 and Funks and bolted down into the 53rd floor, down, down, down, to take Blue2 and Funks prisoner once again.

“Now!” Carter shouted.

Blue1 and Splashy ran, and Carter dove for Aber. Aber shot Cart as he dove and he fell to the ground inches before Aber.

Commando cornered Blue1 and Splashy at the trapdoor, who were being escorted by Cas.

Cas’s eyes narrowed. “Get out of my way, Commando.”

“Never. Ashes and I got rid of you from RPF once and for all, but now I plan to end something else once and for all: your life.”

“Then do it. Shoot me. But I assure you, Commando, things will turn around. You may succeed, but there are fighting souls in the army world. Penguins who will not fall to this tyranny of a harsh dictatorship. Shoot me, and kill me. Gain satisfaction from that. But I assure you, your pride and success will be short lived.”

“Says you. Prepare to die, Casiusbrutus.”

Cas turned to Blue1 and Splashy. “And so this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.”


And with that, Cas was dead.

As he dropped to the ground Aber came and handcuffed Blue1 and Splashy. Commando spoke,

“You two think you’re so clever. Going to destroy our base, interrogating us. But you made one fatal mistake. You left your precious CPAC alone with that idiot Tomato. You two left him here with no training, no words of wisdom. Sure, Tempahh, Kooldude, and Jcapp put up a fight. But they were nothing but flies compared to us. And now you are going to disgrace yourself in the most horrible way possible: you are going to instate our dictatorship through your power in CPAC.”

Splashy tried to dodge Commando orders, “You said CPAC was already yours.”

“Shut up!” Commando shouted. “You will do as I say!”

Commando and Aber escorted Blue1 and Splashy to the CPAC Live Broadcast Room by gunpoint. Once they arrived, Commando laid down his instructions.

“You and Splashy will announce via CPAC Broadcast that the RPF Empire has been reborn, at that we are now in control of the entire army world, etcetera. Understand?”


“If you fail to do so, you will both die.”

The lights darkened, Blue1 sat down with Splashy standing to his left and Commando standing to his right. Aber took point at the camera, filming.

“Greetings to the army world.” Blue1 began. “Allow me to introduce you to Splashy, CPAC Secondary Head of Site, and Commando, RPF Commander in Chief. I, as Head of CPAC, am here to announce and usher in a new rein, a new empire. The RPF have now been given full control of the army world, and their every wish will be met by the army community. No questions asked. For CPAC, I’m Sir Bluesockwa the 1st, signing off.”

“Good.” Commando said, grabbing Blue1 and holding him by gunpoint. He radioed Sergie.

“Sergie, where are you?”

“Outside the CPAC Building, awaiting your command.”

“What of the prisoners?”

“Locked up, as you requested.”

“Then get in here. I have two more for you.”

“Very well. Over-and-out.”

Sergie quickly ascended the stairs, and in no time popped in the door of the Broadcast Room.

“These are the prisoners.” Commando said, thrusting Blue1 and Splashy toward him.

Sergie grabbed both of them and stood at the door. He gave Commando a look, and Commando nodded.

“Aber?” Commando said.

Aber whipped around.

A bullet hit, and the blood splattered on his white dress shirt and black suit.

“You….. turned against me.”

“Yes, and we’ve done it perfectly.” Commando smirked.

Sergie was right. That was the message Commando was trying to relay to him when he shot Kyle Cease. The message that Commando was going to kill Abercrombie.

“Sergie, away with those two. Lock them up. Get them out of my site.”

“Yes, sir.” Sergie hurried out.

Commando walked into the Executive Office, which he now occupied. He looked out the windows toward what he saw as a new horizon, the rise of a dictatorship. His dictatorship.

A grin crept across Commando’s face.

“They have failed. The empire has risen.”


By: Bluesockwa

First off, I’d like to thank you for reading “The Rebel’s Revenge”, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Just as I did in book one of this trilogy, I would like to touch upon a few points in this book.

First, greed. The lure and temptation of power. How even with an arch enemy, being Aber, an alliance could be formed over the want and desire for power. Eventually they succeeded, but how long will their dictatorship remain? How soon will their aristocracy crumble? Casiusbrutus, one of my personal favorite characters in this book and a soldier who, I have honestly disliked for a long time, but have recently grown to like and admire very much, makes his own predictions on the empire.

“Then do it. Shoot me. But I assure you, Commando, things will turn around. You may succeed, but there are fighting souls in the army world. Penguins who will not fall to this tyranny of a harsh dictatorship. Shoot me, and kill me. Gain satisfaction from that. But I assure you, your pride and success will be short lived.”

And this quote of Cas’s will be one of the main principles the third book in this trilogy is based on. The ‘fighting souls’ of the army world, who could overthrow the empire once and for all, if they were able to band together. This next book will base heavily on rivalries, greed, and the lure of power. A lure that will not only be face by the RPF Empire itself, but a threat that will be faced by the group trying to overthrow them, who must ask themselves the question: are we overthrowing them for the greater good, or for power?

In the end, I assure you this book is mainly a prelude to the tragedies of the next, which I assure you will not disappoint. The third book in the trilogy will be called, rightfully so, “The Rebel’s Empire”, completing “The RPF Trilogy.” I hope you enjoyed this book and encourage you to take a look at my next, where the entire story of the rebels will come together: their scandal, their revenge, and their empire.

The Rebel’s Empire


“The people are blind. They have no idea of the new empire that is rising; rather, they have every idea, but their idea is foolishly wrong. They believe they are under the rule of a democracy.”

“But soon enough they will realize the truth, Mr. President.”

“Says you.”

“You cannot keep it from them forever.”

Commando, who had been facing away from Cas, looking down on the city of Tuxedo from his curved balcony, turned and walked toward him.

“Let me tell you something, Casiusbrutus. After you were found to be alive after the battle on the roof, I pardoned you from prison for one reason and one reason only.”

“So if you would stop procrastinating and tell me, I would greatly appreciate it.”

“You are to serve as an advisor the President, yours truly.”

“I’d fancy it more in prison.”

“I frankly do not care in any way what you wish to do. I am the President, and you will serve me in whatever way I please.”

“So basically, Mr. Dictator, me and your other pawns are to bask in the public eye, because you prefer to hide in the shadows, which, in case you’re this stupid and need to be informed of this, won’t last forever.”

“That is the way I wish to remain. I wish to remain in this shadows, and preventing this empire from being discovered as what it truly is. I wish to remain there, pulling strings on you and everyone else, and the strings that I pull mark the course of history. And for your information, Casiusbrutus, I like my shadows the way they are.”


Chapter 1: The Ruler and the Killer

“You won’t be pulling strings today, Mr. Dictator.”

“Mr. President.”

“Beside the point.”

Commando, Cas, and Sergie stood behind the curtain of the newly built capital building in the city of Tuxedo, waiting to affirm the empire. The movement had struck fear into the entire army world, and now they listen, out of fear. Simply out of fear. Now Commando would officially instate the empire and it’s positions, as they had now gained full, what you might call, support.

Commando, Cas, and Sergie entered the stage.

As the applause died down, Commando began.

“Welcome, all of you, to the official instatement of the Democratic Empire of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I assure you that the army world will blossom and thrive under us, and that all armies’ opinions will be heard in this democracy. I would now like to present the main positions in this empire: Sergie will serve as the Vice President.”


“And Casiusbrutus will serve as my Advisor.”

Again there was applause, but this time, it was confused. Cas? The very men who helped Blue try to stop The Empire from forming? That Cas?

Commando noticed the crowd’s confusion, and, wanting to seem like he had the solution to every problem, which he thought was a key to winning them over, answered the question, “I know many of you may be surprised at my decision to appoint Casiusbrutus as my Advisor. I assure you he is here because his opinions are very different than my own, and I believe hearing other sides of the story will help this empire survive.”

Uh, no. You’ll just trounce whatever I tell you, Cas thought to himself.

Commando continued his speech, and ended with, “Trust The Empire, and fight the good fight, as we always will fight for you.”

As the three of them walked of stage, Sergie spoke first.

“So, basically, you just said a bunch of nice things that you’re never gonna do and acted like you were going to be very kind to them, right?”

“But it won them over.”

“I like it.” Sergie responded.

Cas was about to say something, but didn’t feel like getting into an argument with Commando, so he decided to refrain from it.

Chapter 2: The Plot

“How’d you get out?” Cas asked.

“None of your concern.” the penguin answered him. “Now can we please sit down?”

“Of course.”

The two met in Cas’s private quarters in the capital building in Tuxedo.

“You better hope Commando doesn’t find you here.”

“It’ll be like the rooftop battle all over again.”


“I digress, Cas. So, you’ve been given advisor? What’s that, like, third most powerful person in The Empire?”

“I have no power. Neither does Sergie, even though he thinks he has power. Commando’s just using us all as pawns; he wants us to bask in the public eye so he can stay in the shadows pulling strings.”

“Well, all I need to know is that you’ve got some influence.”


“You’re going to be a major asset in this plan, Cas. I never even imagined you’d be even with a job in The Empire, let alone Commando’s personal advisor.”

“He just wants me to make it look like it’s a democracy.”

“You are manipulative, Cas. Which is exactly why I need you in this.”

“You want to kill him….. don’t you?”


“And how do you suggest we do this?”

“Simple, Cas. Through your position as Advisor, we-”

“Who is this we?”

“Me, you, and another.”

“Bloody hell, can you at least say your own name aloud?”

“On the contrary, Cas. I have no idea what kind of cameras are in this very room, and-”

“Shut up about the cameras and continue.”

“We somehow get into Commando’s private quarters with your help. There, we kill him, and possibly Sergie, if you find it necessary.”

“He’s a bright young lad, but he’s VP of this whole thing. He needs to be dead.”

“Very well. Put the kibosh on Sergie, too.”

“You’re forgetting the supreme question that’s been bouncing around in my head.”

“And that would be?”

“What about those who are loyal to The Empire? I was there for Commando’s speech, and it would seem he’s won most of them over.”

The other penguin sighed. “You’re absolutely right, Cas. I’ve been an idiot.”

“Well, let’s call them the Loyalists. And let’s call us the Rebels.”

“Funny. RPF is the Rebel Penguin Federation, yet we’re calling ourselves the Rebels.”



“So, we need to get to some of the powerful armies before Commando gets to them. That speech he gave was mainly to a bunch of citizens, so he hasn’t honed in on a bunch of armies yet. If we can get to some of the main ones, some of the ones we know’ll help us; ACP, UMA, IW, Nachos.”

“DW and LT are still a question mark.”

“Agreed. But if we can convince those four to help us, and get a couple more armies, that should hopefully be enough when the real challenge comes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Taking out Commando and Sergie will not be difficult. The real fight, the real battle, the one you’ve been ignoring, is the Loyalists vs. the Rebels. After The Empire is in shambles, after Commando and Sergie are dead, that… that will be the real fight. And one you, frankly, cannot ignore.”

Chapter 3: The Celebration

Commando and Cas winded their way through the crowds, listening to the blaring music and adoring the food, as they attended the official celebration banquet of President Commando.

“What’s wrong with you?” Cas snapped back into reality as he heard Commando’s question.

“Nothing at all,” Cas said stiffly.

“What are you so worried about?” Commando patted him on the back. “Come on, have some fun! This is, after all, my banquet.”

“Are you just ignoring it?” Cas suddenly whipped around, and Commando almost dropped his martini.

“Ignoring what?”

“The imminent outcome,” Cas said, regaining his cool composure.

“My dear Cas,” Commando said, “There are many, many outcomes to all situations.”

“Which is your problem!” Cas dowsed Commando with his drink. “Wake up! You are holding a very stable grasp on this empire!”

“Democracy,” Commando corrected coolly as Sergie approached, curious as to what all the trouble was.

“It’s a dictatorship!” Cas shouted, and punched Commando’s jaw, sending him hurtling to the ground. The party guests turned around in what seemed to Cas as a ripple.

Sergie broke the silence, “Get him!” he shouted as two penguins in security outfits rushed forward. Cas pulled a pistol from his tux and started firing at them. One guard hit the piano, making an ugly musical chord, as two other guards rushed toward Cas. Party guests ran left and right, tripping over rubble caused by the scuffle.

Cas blasted the first guard, blood pouring from his white dress shirt, as the other penguin knocked Cas to the ground and kicked his gun away. Cas opened a vile of rubbing alcohol from his suit jacket and splashed it onto the guard’s face, who screamed loudly as he collapsed to the ground.

Cas stood up, brushing his suit jacket and adjusting his bow-tie. He stepped over the guard’s possibly dead body.

“Never underestimate the power of rubbing alcohol.” Cas said with a mischievous grin. A brave soul began to clap for what Cas had done, but was shot down so quickly by Sergie that it was impossible to see who the penguin was.

“I have a stature of higher authority than you, Casiusbrutus.”

“True.” Cas picked up his pistol, clutching it tightly.

“So I suggest you exhibit the proper respect to me,” Sergie adjusted his bow-tie, just as Cas had done earlier.

“You don’t know who you are, do you, Sergie? You keep waltzing around under the shadow of Commando, who you couldn’t be happier with, babying your chances of being emperor, once he’s gone? You keep expecting that things will get easier. But once the final blow to your administration, your empire, strikes, you’ll be completely unprepared. The same people who shuffled Commando in will get him out. That’s how the army world works. Do not hope for an easy life; hope to become a better person.” He turned to the rest of the crowd. “Gentlemen, lock and load. For tonight, the rebellion begins.”

Cas blasted through a glass door and disappeared into the gloomy shadows of night. As the guests were calmed down by Sergie and turned to return to their seats, Commando was wheeled away in an Ambulance. Three guests that night found cards under the glasses that read.


You Must Help

546 Snow Ridge Road


As the guests mingled as the party ended, the three penguins slipped away from different entrances, each of them thinking they were the only ones who were given this card. Suddenly, two of them bumped into each other while shuffling through the alleys. The first drew a knife and pinned the other to the wall. He lit a cigar to light up the figure’s face.

“Ganger?” the man holding the knife asked in disgust.

“It’s not like I’m happy to see you either, Capn.”

Capncook didn’t loosen his grip.

“Did you get that card too?” Ganger asked.

Capn and Ganger held up their cards to the light, finding they had the exact same one.

“Very well.” Capn said, “Let’s put aside our differences for now and find out whoever this is and what they want.”

“I have a very good idea of who it is,” Ganger hinted.

“Cas” Capn said.

“Now, what they want? That’s a whole ‘nother story.”

Capn and Ganger eventually arrived at the house, and upon opening the door found Cas and Omega sitting in chairs drinking coffee.

“We’ve found it.” Capn remarked.

“Welcome gentlemen,” Cas said, standing. “Take a seat.”

Capn and Ganger sat.

“I have welcomed the three of you here- Capn, Ganger, and Omega, because the three of you are masterminds of rebellion, and I am aware that in no way do you support this new empire. I am requesting you join with Bluesockwa, Splashy, Carter, Mchappy and I in Operation Black Snow.”

“Operation Black Snow?” Omega asked what everyone was thinking.

“The assassination attempt on our dear Dictator Commando and his VP Sergie.

All three of them tensed.

“At least give me a chance to explain.” Cas said.

“I have private quarters in the Presidential Mansion, because, as you know, I am his advisor.”

Capn suddenly rushed forward and pinned Cas to the wall with a pistol.

“So we should we trust you? Why shouldn’t we just kill you now, and take out one of the three men in Commando’s Dictatorship?”

“That position was not given with my consent. It is in place so that Commando can pull strings and pretend that he will listen to others besides himself.” Cas pushed Capn away. “If you will not be participating in Operation Black Snow, then get the bloody hell out of here.”

Capn sat.

“Good.” Cas smirked. “Now, tomorrow we will rendezvous with Blue1, Splashy, Cart, and Mchappy at the ACP Base on Breeze for the first meeting of Operation Black Snow. Do you pledge your allegiance to this alliance?”

“Yes.” Ganger said first.

“Mhm.” Capn mumbled.

“Yes.” Omega said strongly.

“Now get out of my face,” Cas said, opening the door, and the three exited.

Chapter 4: Controlling the News

“Do you know why you are out of prison?”


“And what about you?”

“I do.”

“Then you know what you are going to do?”

“I will not!”

A single gunshot.

“Funk’s tyranny is quelled, at least for now.” Commando spoke to Sergie. Commando’s jaw was bloody as well as his cheek, but Sergie was completely fine.

“Yes, it has been.” Sergie dared to speak, knowing what was coming.

“And your fate will be the same if you continue to stay to the sidelines as you did last night.”

“I know.”

“Than do it.” Commando whipped back around to Blue2.

“Get to work!”

Blue2 moved quickly out of the room and bounded down the stairs. He faced his new staff, and wasn’t surprised at what he saw. It wasn’t want he wanted to see, but rather what he knew he would see nevertheless: the staff was comprised entirely of RPF soldiers.

Commando and Sergie eased down the stairs behind Blue2, and Commando noticed his expression.

“Something wrong?” Commando said, smirking.

“Nothing, sir. Nothing.” Blue2 said, possibly a little too quickly.

“That’s what I thought. Now, Sergie and I will be in the corner office discussing things, and I want no one in there besides us. You are to meet with the staff. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Here is a list of topics and articles I would like to be published.” Commando beckoned to Sergie, who handed Blue2 the list.

Blue2 read down the topics,

A Brand New Dawn: The Empire

A History of Commando 717

“What I Plan”- An Interview with Commando

Sergie and Casiusbrutus Ecstatic to Be Given Positions In Empire


“This is disgusting.” Blue2 said aloud. All of the articles were pre written, completely biased toward the empire, and Commando’s history had been warped to make it sound like he was some kind of deity. Although, Blue2 wasn’t surprised at the last article. Cas and Sergie had always been supporters of Commando, or so he thought.

Blue2 snapped back into reality as he noticed the staff was watching eagerly. Blue2 only recognized two penguins in the crowd: ATM 23, CPAC’s new Secondary Head, and Ziehen, CPAC’s new Head Reporter.

Those two can’t write, Blue2 thought. Oh, right. They don’t have to.

“Welcome, staff of CPAC. I’m overjoyed to have you here, and very thankful to Commando for gracing me with the honor of keeping this position.” Blue2 read from a pre-written notecard that had also been provided to him by Commando.

Just get through it, he thought. It’ll be over soon, one way or the other.

As Blue2 continued his speech, Commando and Sergie met in what used to be Blue2’s corner office.

“We’re now in control of all outflowing news. And with that, we can brainwash the public. You wouldn’t believe how easily we can take control through the news.” Commando leaned back in his chair.

“The news isn’t everything,” Sergie offered.

“But it is all we need for now. This will happen slowly, and piece by piece we will build a fortress, metaphorically, of course. We will be unbreakable. The empire will stay forever.”

“And when you die?” Sergie said.

“Just because you want to take control already does not mean-”

“That’s not what I’m getting at. Once you die, who will take your place? We can’t afford to let The Empire crumble. Once you die, I’m afraid it will end up just like it did when you left your position as RPF Leader.”

“We rose again, though. For God’s sake, RPF took over!”

“RPF didn’t take over. We took over. You, me, Ziehen, Tucker, Kyle Cease, Elmikey, and ATM. There are only four of us left. You and I are in control of the empire, Ziehen and ATM are planted in CPAC to control outflowing news until what, forever? Until we’ve convinced the public? And then what? You’ll move them to the quote-un-quote next step? Once the four of us are dead, what will happen to the empire? It will crumble. That’s the inevitable truth.”

“You’re sounding like Cas.”

“Well then maybe Cas is right!”

Commando stood, his chair falling behind him.

“You are overstepping the line, my friend. I gave you the opportunity of a lifetime eleven years ago and you screwed up! You got caught, and it’s a miracle I didn’t already kill you! You failed! You were foiled by a couple of ACP morons and a news reporter! Do you get that? It’s a miracle I haven’t already decided to kill you, and I’m not even sure why I haven’t!”

Commando walked forward and whacked Sergie with the butt of his pistol, and he collapsed to the ground. Commando picked up a walkie-talkie.

“Get me a plane. I want out of here.”

“Yes, Mr. President. Straight away.”

Chapter 5: A Demonstration

Commando flew through the air on a private jet, overlooking the empire capitol, Tuxedo. He noticed an unusually large mass of people beneath his plane, in the Capitol Square. Just as what was happening registered in Commando’s brain, the plane was hit with a tracking missile.

“We’ve been compromised!” the pilot shouted as Commando tumbled to the ground from the impact.

“Attention, flight #461 carrying President Commando into the city, there are multiple enemy forces in bound and we advise-”

“Bloody hell, we know!” the pilot shouted, turning off the overhead announcement. “Mr. President, I’m heading for an emergency landing on the roof of that Hospital.”

“I don’t care what the hell you’re doing!” Commando shouted. “Just get me on the ground!”

The pilot swerved around, barely avoiding many more missiles that came shooting from the ground. As he neared the building, another missile crashed straight into the plane’s tail.

“We’re going down!” the pilot shouted as he tried to steer the plane, but it was impossible as it spun around in circles and swerved left toward an office complex. The plane crashed into side, breaking glass windows on the side of the complex and crushing the inside.

Commando stumbled out, and found the pilot was dead, and the plane was on fire. As he ran for the stairs, the plane exploded, sending hoards of shrapnel flying toward Commando. He ducked, but his trench coat was set on fire. Commando quickly threw it aside, and bounded for the stairs, his suit jacket only slightly singed. Suddenly, as Commando bolted down the stairs, the building started to collapse, its support columns weakened by the plane impact.

“Commando! What’s going on?” Sergie radioed him in, seeing the building fall.

“They dropped the building on me!” Commando shouted.

“Get the bloody hell over here! Rendezvous with Sergie and I at the building across the street!” Cas chimed in.

Commando stood at the door and analyzed the road. He bolted across the street, firing his pistol at anything that moved. He eventually reached the building. Sergie let him in, and then re-bolted the door. Commando slumped to the ground against the door, breathing heavily.

“You actually made it,” Cas remarked.

“Shut up,” Commando spat back.

The three of them eventually stood.

“So, what now?” Sergie asked.

“We wait.” Cas said.

Suddenly, the door of the house blew down and a six man S.W.A.T. Team burst into the room, surveying it. They saw Commando, Cas, and Sergie, but didn’t shoot at them. Behind the six of them entered a man wearing a pinstriped suit and fedora to match that covered his face. He threw the hate aside.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” the man began, “I am Circa, leader of the Rebel Movement.”

What the bloody hell is this?, Cas thought. Blue and I are the leaders of the Rebel Movement, not this clown.

“Our forces have calmed. I request that you come outside for…” a sinister grin crept onto Circa’s face. “A demonstration of sorts.”

“What other choice to we have?” Commando said, more to Circa than to Cas and Sergie.

“Good.” Circa said, and beckoned for his guards to escort the three of them outside. Citizens, Rebels, and Empire Soldiers gathered in the square, where Ashes stood tied to a podium. Flo stood beside him, facing the crowd.

“Friends, citizens, enemies. I Flo, 2ic of the Rebel Movement, am proud to welcome your leader, Circa, to the stand.”

Applause erupted from the rebels only, as the citizens and soldiers of the Empire stayed quiet. Flo took the stand.

“Good day to all of you. Many of you may know me as DW Leader from long, long ago. But now I have taken the reins to fight for a greater, to fight for this Rebel Movement. Now, let’s show the Empire they don’t control everything, shall we?” the same grin from before appeared on Circa’s as he turned and faced Ashes.

“This is your last chance, Guardian.” Circa said. “Tell us where the C.O.B.R.A. base is, or you die.”

Commando was about to yell something, but Cas clamped his hand over Commando’s mouth.

“He’s going to die one way or the other,” Cas said, “So might as well have him die without giving up the location.”

To the obvious surprise of the crowd, Ashes reached into his pocket for a piece of paper. He tossed it onto the stand, and Circa picked it up.

“You did the right thing, Ashes.” Circa said.

“Now let him go!” Sergie shouted from the back of the crowd.

Circa’s guards began to converge on Sergie, but Circa made a signal for them not to.

The chaos began as Circa plummeted to the ground, dropping the paper.

The crowd went into mass hysteria, and Ashes began to laugh hysterically. Flo converged on Ashes and shot him dead. Circa’s guards converged on Cas, and Commando pushed through the crowd as they ran for their houses. Sergie once again stood the side, watching the guards pummel Cas. Commando dove for the paper with C.O.B.R.A.’s location, but Flo kicked him to the side.

Sergie saw the plane first, and dove into cover in an alleyway.

As the crowds fled into their homes, Cas bolted toward the stand, where Commando and Flo were fighting. Cas once again opened a bottle, and splashed Flo’s face with it. Flo screamed in pain and fell backward. As Commando stood, Cas picked up the paper. He lit a cigar, and set the paper on fire.

“That went well,” is all Cas had time to say before it struck.

The bombing.

The plane encircled the city, dropping bombs everywhere, but mainly on the square. Commando and Cas dove into the nearest alleyway, but the plane could still reach them from there.

“Sergie, get the bloody hell over here!” Cas shouted.

As Sergie arrived, Commando propped open a manhole and the three of them jumped down.

“Home again, home again, jiggity jig.” Cas remarked.

“It’s a good place to hide out, for now.” Commando said. “And sort things out about what’s happened. First of all, Circa has revealed himself as the spearhead of this rebellion. He’s dead, though, thanks to you, Cas.”

“You can pay me later,” Cas said.

Commando shot him a look. “Which probably means Flo will assume power as the leader of the rebellion, unless, of course, there are more 2ics that we are not aware of.”

“We’ll formulate our plan as more intel comes available,” Sergie said.

“No,” Commando ordered. “We cannot afford to waste any more time. The rebels have already broken into our city. Yes, their leader is dead. But that does not mean they are out of the picture.”

“Commando, the rebels are probably being killed by the bombing right now. No Empire citizen would allow them refuge, so they’re all probably still out in the open,” Cas said the obvious.

“True, true. But they may have more,” Commando saying, trying to cover up the fact he had not thought of the obvious.

“Well, we’ll just have to stake it out here for now,” Sergie said.

“Not necessarily.” Cas pointed out. “Listen.”

After a long silence, Commando said, “The bombings are over.”

“Exactly.” Cas said. “C’mon.”

The three of them ascended the ladder, and opened the manhole.

The first thought the crossed Cas’s mind was, Is there a single soul left?

Chapter 6: The First Meeting

“Welcome, all of you, to the first meeting of Operation Black Snow. There have been some sudden developments that will very much help this plan. I’d like to hand the stage over to Cart,” Cas stepped aside and Cart stood.

The eight of them: Blue, Cas, Splashy, Cart, Mchappy, Ganger, Capn, and Omega met in a small meeting room in the ACP Base at Breeze.

“Greetings to all of you.” Cart said. “A recent development, which I’m sure all of you have seen on the news, is the bombing of the Capitol Square.”

“Who did it?” Capn asked.

“We’re not sure.” Cart responded. “Sources believe it was the Capitol, making last-chance retaliation against the rebels and their demonstration which left Ashes, Guardian of Empire Intelligence, a system known as C.O.B.R.A., dead. Coincidentally, it also left the presumed leader of the rebels, Circa.”

“I disagree, Cart.” Cas spoke casually.

“Wait.” Ganger held up his hand to stop Cas. “Aren’t we the rebels?”

Cart sighed. “Yes, in a way. We are a group formed by Cas and Blue1, with the sole purpose of Operation Black Snow; the assassination attempt at Commando717 and Sergie. It seems that not only the eight of us wanted to rebel, but that there has been a much larger group forming for a long time now, under the radar of what we knew. Now, Cas, what did you want?”

“I disagree,” Cas repeated. “The Capitol did not authorize the bombing.”

“What?” Blue1 spoke now.

“I was there. Besides, I’m Commando’s Advisor, I would know if a bombing was authorized by the Empire.”

“Cas, need I remind you that your position has no real value-” Omega was cut off.

“But if Commando has authorized a bombing on his own city, which makes no sense in the first place, he would’ve been prepared, and the bombing wouldn’t have sent him, Sergie and me diving for the alleys and hiding in the sours!”

There was a long silence before Splashy spoke, “Cas has a point. Commando would’ve known about this.”

“But you’re missing the obvious.” Omega said. “This demonstration by the rebel group-”

“Who, henceforth will be known as the Blacksmith group.” Mchappy broke in.

“What?” Omega turned and said quickly.

Mchappy sighed. “I heard Flip and Ken talking. They’re with the bulk rebel group, the one who bombed the Capitol-”

“Allegedly bombed-” Cart corrected.

“We’re getting nowhere here!” Blue1 shouted, and stood. “You’re all bickering back and forth and you’re missing the point! We don’t have that long! Eventually we will be found. And if you’re going to waste all of these meetings pointlessly bickering, we might as well just turn ourselves in and have Commando shoot us personally!”

“He’s right, you know.” Splashy said.

“Now please, Mch. Speak, if you have decent information,” Blue1 pleaded.

Mch made sure to shoot Cart a look before continuing on. “They’re with Blacksmith, they don’t know we exist.”

“Which is probably where they got the plane from.” Ganger said.

“Correct,” Mch said. “If, in fact, they were the ones who bombed the Capitol.”

“But why would they?” Omega said, now calmer.

Cas thought for a moment. “It’s a brilliant plan.”

“What is?”

“The Rebels’.”

“What is?” Splashy asked.

“Don’t you see? The rebels bombed the city in hopes of turning the citizens and soldiers of the Capitol against them. Circa was already dead, and they figured Flo could get out, and-”

“Did Flo get out?” Mch asked.

Cas turned to Cart, looking for an answer.

“We’re not sure,” Cart said. “If he didn’t, that’s good for us. If he did, he will be ushered into the spot of Leader of the Rebels, sources say. Anyway, Cas, please continue.”

“Thank you. If Circa was already dead, and they figured Flo could probably get out, what was the point in not bombing the square? The rest of the rebels there were just pawns, soldiers with no real clout or status. And if they can make the Capitol citizens and soldiers believe that the Capitol would sacrifice so many of its innocent citizens for the sake of combatting the rebels, what does that mean?”

“More rebels for Blacksmith.” Blue1 answered.

“Bingo,” Cas said.

“Interesting proposal, Cas.” Cart said after a while.

“It’s not a proposal, it’s fact.” Cas corrected.

“Not yet,” Omega said.

“Until we know what’s really true, it’s fact enough to form a plan around, and the best we have so far.”

“Very well.” Cart said. “So, the plan?”

“I thought that was your job, Cart.” Splashy said.

“I’ll map it out once we figure it out,” Cart said, “But until then, plan formulating is up to all eight of us as a whole.”

“It’s very simple,” Cas said.

“Of course it is,” Capn remarked.

“What was that?”


“Continuing on…..” Mchappy suggested.

“Yes, yes.” Cas said. “We send in x number of men to assassinate Commando, x number of men to assassinate Sergie, and one of two to monitor the whole thing from the C.O.B.R.A. base.”

“You know where it is?” Cart questioned.

“Yes,” Cas said. “But taking it over without letting Commando or Sergie know will be an entirely different story.”

“Do any of you know how to monitor C.O.B.R.A.’s systems?” Cart asked.

“I do,” Omega said.

“As do I,” Capn said.

“That makes things easy, then. Capn and Omega will stay behind to monitor our progress in Operation Black Snow once we liberate the C.O.B.R.A. base,” Mch announced.

“Which will be no easy task,” Cas added.

“Six men left, then,” Ganger said. “I’ll make things easy: I want to kill Sergie.”

“That’s one for Beta Team,” Cart said.

“Cart,” Mch said. “I’ll go with Ganger.”

“Very good.”

“I kill Commando.” Blue said.

“As do I.” Cas mimicked.

“That leaves you and I,” Cart said.

“Cart, they need you to kill Commando. You’ve got a ton of experience.” Splashy suggested.

“Sounds good,” Cart said.

“It’s settled then,” Mchappy stood. “Blue, Cas, and Cart will go in to kill Commando. Splashy, Ganger and I will go in to kill Sergie. Omega and Capn will stay behind and use the C.O.B.R.A. systems to monitor us.”

“Meeting adjourned,” Cas said. “Thank you all.”

Chapter 7: A Broadcast

Commando, Cas, and Sergie sat in Commando’s quarters, discussing the bombing.

“Well, at least the mansion is unharmed,” Sergie said.

“Yes, yes. But this is bad.”

“Why?” Commando said. “Besides the obvious, of course.”

“Don’t you get why they bombed us! They want to rile up the people against us! Increase their forces. Make more of them join the rebellion, and eventually crush us.”

Commando thought for a moment.

“Brilliant, Cas.”

Meanwhile, Blue1, Splashy, Cart, Mchappy, and Omega stood in an alleyway near the destroyed Capitol Square.

“We can use this bombing to our advantage,” Mchappy said. “Use it for the same reasons Blacksmith wants it.”

“Omega, have you tapped in yet?”

“Just getting it up.”



“Very good. Splashy?”

“All systems are go. 5…..4…. 3….2….” Splashy signaled for Blue1 to start as he began filming.

“Hello, all. I am Bluesockwa, Leader of the Black Snow group, a rebellion against Commando, your tyrant. Don’t you see? The Capitol bombed innocent citizens and soldiers of its own for the futile purpose of fighting back the rebels! They have no reason to keep all of you. You are all pawns in Commando’s little game, and if you don’t realize that fast….. you’ll all be dead. And to Commando about this attack. Don’t you see? Fire is spreading! And soon enough, you’ll burn down in those very same flames!”

“Cut,” Mchappy said. “Nice job, Blue.”

“Now,” Omega interrupted. “According to Capitol Broadcast lines, it will take about ten minutes for the broadcast we have just filmed to enter their systems. After all, we’ve hacked into their broadcast lines. This broadcast isn’t intentional. Heck, it’s against them. They don’t want it here, but it will serve well for cause.”

“Right,” Cart said. “Which means we have ten minutes to get out of here before Commando sends troops after us. It’s a miracle we haven’t been spotted already. Let’s move.”

Splashy packed up the camera, Omega grabbed his laptop, and the five of them ran.

As Commando, Cas, and Sergie continued discussing the issue of the bombing, Commando’s television flicked on as it did during an Emergency Broadcast.

“That’s odd.” Commando said. “I didn’t authorize anything….”

“Ssshhh,” Cas said, knowing what was coming.

Commando and Sergie’s eyes widened as they saw Blue1 standing in the Capitol Square.

“Did you authorize this?!” Commando shouted at Cas.

“No, I didn’t even know he was still alive.”

And their voices died down, the three of them caught the end of the broadcast.

“Don’t you see? Fire is spreading! And soon enough, you’ll burn down in those very same flames!”

Commando’s heart pounded fast. A propaganda broadcast? How the heck did they get into our systems! Then he realized where they were standing.

“Sergie, get a squad into the Capitol Square immediately!”

But the Commando, Sergie, and Cas weren’t the only ones who saw it. The entire Capitol saw it. ACP saw it. Nachos saw it. LT saw it. IW saw it. DW saw it. The entire army world saw it. And that includes Blacksmith, and it’s leaders. Flipper, Ken, Iceyfeet, Chrisi Blule, and Flo sat in a dark room and watched the broadcast air.

“They’re using our own bombing to their advantage,” Flo said.

“Who are they, anyway? Flipper asked.

“Didn’t you see, at the end?” Chrisi answered. “They’re called Black Snow.”

“Hmmmm…..” Icey thought for a moment. “Blacksmith versus Black Snow, fighting for the privilege to kill Commando.”

“But, what are they but a few man force?” Ken said. “We’re four armies: ACP, IW, DW, and Nachos. They can’t beat us.”

“That may be.” Flo said. “But it also may be beneficial for us to work together.”

“Doubt it,” Chrisi said, dismissing the idea.

“Flo may be on to something,” Flipper said. “Flo, get into contact with Blue.”


“Find a way.”

Chapter 8: Taking C.O.B.R.A.

“All systems are go. We are en route to the presumed C.O.B.R.A. base as designated by Casiusbrutus.”

“Very good, Ganger. Can we drop?”

“I hope so.”

Blue, Splashy, Cart, Mch, Ganger and Omega landed in a dark alley. Capn hovered overhead.

“Now, Capn.” Ganger said, “As I am Mission Leader for C.O.B.R.A., I will radio you when you are to rendezvous with us. In the event of a meltdown in the plan, we will get out and I will radio you to bomb the C.O.B.R.A. base.”

“10-4, going up,” Capn said, and the plane flew away. “I’ll hover near enough to bomb if it’s necessary. ETA for meltdown intervention 540 seconds.”

“Sounds good,” Cart said. “Let’s go.”

The six of them moved through the streets, avoiding civilians and dogs as they searched for the correct building.

“Here it is,” Mch said, looking at a card and beckoning toward a small, red brick building.

“Now,” Ganger said. “The residents on the floor of this building will be instructed to act casually when people are here, since C.O.B.R.A. resides in the basement, so intel says. Once they realize who we are, they will attack us, probably heavily armed. So we must kill them before it comes to that.”

“Everyone ready?” Ganger said, and everyone nodded.

“Cas?” Ganger asked.

Cas sat in an observation room in the RPF Base, with a secret camera watching what was taking place, and sensors pinpointing people, bombs, and significant technological activity.

“Sensors show three people on the residential floor, and around six in the basement, which we believe is C.O.B.R.A. Bombs are non-existent, which doesn’t surprise me. If they didn’t want to attract attention they-”

“Cas, get on with it,” Blue said.

“Right. Obviously, there is significant technological activity in the basement of the area, which should further support the location of C.O.B.R.A. here.”

“Ready, Cas?”

“You have the go.” Cas said, standing.

“3…2….1…” Ganger kicked down the door as the six of them rushed in. Splashy whacked one penguin with the butt of his gun as two more dove down the stairs, holding machine guns.

“Eliminate them,” Cas voiced over in all of their earpieces.

Cart opened fire on one of them, who tumbled down the remaining stairs as they were shot dead. The final penguin dove for Ganger, who whipped handcuffs on him and kicked him into a wall. Ganger aimed a pistol at his head and after a single shot he was dead.

“Sensors show technology use is shutting down. They’re going into lockdown. They know you’re here.” Cas warned.

Mchappy blasted open the basement door and was blasted immediately by a barrage of gunfire. The remaining five paused at the top of the steps and awaited Ganger’s signal.

“Cas?” Ganger whispered cautiously.

“Don’t screw up.” Cas responded.

“Helpful, very helpful.” Blue1 remarked.

Ganger signaled, and the five of them dove down the steps. Splashy went down as he neared the bottom of the steps as Cart pinned a penguin to a monitor and shot him dead.

“Get them!” shouted a voice that could only belong to Paco.

Blue1 threw a blinker, illuminating the room to reveal Paco, Emperor Josh, Karakoran and Cewan opening fire.

“Quite some people here,” Omega said as he dove for Karakoran, shooting him with a pistol. Cewan knocked Omega aside and opened fire on him, but hit a monitor instead. Cart crept up behind Cewan, slitting his throat with a knife. Paco and Emperor Josh stood back to back, firing, and shot Blue1 down.

Omega ran for Paco, but he shot him aside. Suddenly, Emperor Josh went down, and Paco noticed Ganger smirking in the corner.  Paco opened fire on Ganger, but Cart had him dead before he could do anything.

Omega stood up, “I’m alright.”

“Looks like it’s just the three of us,” Ganger said.

“Enough!” Cart shouted. “Omega, can you hack into this?” Cart beckoned toward a screen with the word C.O.B.R.A. on it requiring an administrator password.

“Cas?” Omega shouted. “Any bright ideas?”

“Only one.” Cas smirked. “O-M-D-#-C-M-*-O-A-N-R-R-Ω-A-F-O-A-M-V-E-R-O”

“Bloody hell, you’re a genius, Cas! It worked!”

“Good. Now get that system secured and get out.”

“Yes sir.” Ganger responded as the C.O.B.R.A. main screen appeared on the monitor, showing endless amounts of classified documents, from Cas’s original banishment to declarations of war to political scandals inside the RPF.

“Is it secured?” Cas asked finally?


“Then get the bloody hell out of there! Sensors show targets approaching on your premises, ETA 20 minutes.”

“We’re good.”

Ganger, Cart, and Omega grabbed the bodies and radioed Capn.

“Capn, get down here! We’re got Empire soldiers approaching!” Ganger shouted.

“Copy that.” Capn responded coolly, and was there in seven minutes. Ganger, Cart, and Omega loaded the bodies onto the plane and then jumped in.

“Get out of here!” Cart shouted. “You re-coded it, right?”

“Yes,” Omega responded. “None of them can even get into the building, let alone access C.O.B.R.A.”

“Good. Cas, we have taken C.O.B.R.A.”

Chapter 9: Blacksmith Compromised

“We can’t find a way.” Flipper said, pacing the room. Flo, Ken, and Iceyfeet sat in chairs near the center of the room, while Chrisi Blule stood leaning against the wall.

“You’re kidding, right?” Flo leaned on his fist, sitting.

“No.” Chrisi said. “He’s right. We’ve tried everything to get in contact with them, but nothing’s worked. The lines in all private Capitol quarters have been blocked by Commando’s orders, Blue1 no longer resides at CPAC, so we can’t get to him through there.”

“You’re forgetting something,” Flo said, almost sounding bored.

“And what would that be?” Flip stopped pacing.

“Cas resides at the Capitol, and there’s no way in hell their phones are cut off.”

“But their phones must be monitored.” Ken tried feebly.

“Do it.” Flo ordered.

“Very well,” Chrisi agreed, and walked over to the phone, and dialed Cas’s number in the Presidential Mansion.

“Hello, this is Casiusbrutus.”

“Cas, it’s Chrisi.”


“Yes, now listen, I don’t have much time. We’re Blacksmith, and we need your help to take out Commando. We can take the outside liberation, if your team goes in from the inside and takes him out.”

“Don’t you know these phones are tapped?” Cas shouted.

“I know, I know. But it doesn’t matter; we’re running out of time.”

Cas slammed down the phone, and a hoard of thoughts rushed through his head.

Blacksmith is willing to help us,

Together we could take down Commando,

I should have agreed,

No, it would have taken too much time,

The phones are tapped,

They’ll figure it out,

I’m dead.

I’m dead.

I’m dead.

Cas ripped the phone at of its plug and threw it against the wall, having no idea of what was happening meanwhile, and that it was ironically no fault of his.

“Hung up, and that’s saying the least.” Chrisi looked up at the four of them.

Flo thought for a moment. “If my suspicions are correct, Cas was probably just afraid the phones were tapped-”

“Are tapped,” Icey corrected.

Flo shot him a look, and continued. “And didn’t want to get caught be Commando, who he knows and we know wouldn’t spare him, and both the other rebels, and frankly, us, need Cas badly in this rebellion.”

At that moment, there was a pounding on the door, and it caved in seconds later.

“Dark!” Flo commanded, and Ken shut the lights. Then the unmistakable noise of gun loading could be heard.

“Green,” Flo whispered, and the five of them dawned night vision goggles. The Blacksmith rebels had been terribly well equipped because Flipper, Ken, Chrisi, Icey and Flo all provided resources from their respective armies.

A blinker clanged down the stairs, illuminated the room.

“Night vision off!” Flo shouted, and as they removed their goggles, they saw them: Commando and Sergie.

“You’ve come personally,” Flo spoke, trying to hide his amazement.

“Of course.” Commando said as Sergie loaded a gun.

“Only for the sake of killing all of you personally,” an evil grin crept onto Commando’s face. “No one stops The Empire.”

As the first gunshot rang out, it was unclear where it came from until Icey’s body came toppling to the ground.

Sergie fired, and many machines surged from the barrage of bullets as Commando dove toward Ken, stabbing him.

“Let’s go!” Flo shouted as him, Chrisi and Flip ducked out of the room, followed in close pursuit by Commando and Sergie, who were both firing rapidly.

As the three of them ascended the ladder, Chrisi yelled down, “Flo, if you’ve got any tricks up your sleeve, now would be the time!”

“Oh, you can’t imagine,” Flo responded as Chrisi and Flip climbed out of the ladder onto the roof. Flo remained on the last step, and reached into his trench coat. He unlatched something from inside, and held it in his hand: an orange, sphere-shaped device with a red button on top. He pressed the button on top and threw it below him towards Commando and Sergie. He then climbed out onto the roof with Chrisi and Flip.

“What was that?” Flip asked.

“You’ll see,” Flip crossed his arms and smirked.

Down in the hideout, Commando and Sergie heard the clanking of the device before it happened.

Streams of fire spurted from the sphere, lighting the entire hallway on fire as Sergie stood there, paralyzed.

“Come on!” Commando shouted, grabbing Sergie as both of them sprinted for the ladder and clambered up it, ignoring the fire that they knew couldn’t be avoided.

As they reached the top of the ladder, Flip, Chris and Flo turned. Both Commando and Sergie had terrible burn marks all over their faces, and their clothes were completely singed, looking like rags.

Chrisi elbowed Flo. “Clever.” But as the two of them forget that Commando and Sergie were armed, they were suddenly reminded as Flipper hit the ground next to them.

“Any bright ideas?” Flo asked.

“Run, god damnit!” Chrisi shouted, and both of them took off, once again followed by Commando and Sergie. But suddenly the unmistakable humming of a plane engine could be heard as all four of them looked up toward the sky and, sure enough, saw a helicopter. Commando and Sergie opened fire on it as Flo realized who was in the plane:


Flo unlatched a second thing from his trench coat, and shot a grappling hook into the plane. “If you die, it’s not my problem!” Flo shouted as Chrisi grabbed on, and Blue1 helped them both into the plane.

“What the hell is this?” Chrisi asked, as him and Blue had never gotten along.

“If you want me to drop you back in there, I can.” Blue said, not even turning around. “Cas, I have Chrisi and Flo.”

“Is that all that’s left?”

“Apparently,” Blue1 answered, seeing as the building was on fire.

“Very good, bring ‘em to Black Snow headquarters.”

“And you?”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can. I’ve got other business to attend to.”

Chapter 10: A Will To Fight

Cas walked briskly through the halls of the Presidential Mansion, and every little encounter with someone, insignificant or powerful, worried him. He knew the phones in the Presidential Mansion were tapped, and he had to get to the Telecommunications Center of the mansion, where all phone calls were monitored, before the news got to Commando or Sergie. It would undoubtedly mean the end of his career there, and, more importantly, the ceasing of the greatest asset the rebellion had.

He reached the room and walked in casually, noticing there was only one operative on duty today. He approached them, and they whipped around in their chair.

“Mr. Advisor,” the penguin addressed him.

“That won’t be necessary, Drust.” Cas said, smiling, trying to appear as kind as possible to get her not to tell Commando of the phone call.

“Cas.” her expression turned serious. “I heard the call.”

Cas sighed and sat down. “You can’t report it. If you do…. the rebellion gets crushed.”

“I want to fight.” Drust said, standing.

“You do?” Cas asked.

“Of course. Now, let me delete the call, and we can get out of this hell hole.”

“In fact,” Cas said, “I’m on my way to a Black Snow meeting right now….. looks like you’re part of the team.”

“Well then let’s go.” Drust said as the two ducked out of the room. They walked through the mansion, avoiding guards, and Cas was glad that Commando and Sergie had been out on what they called “business”, but Cas knew better. They had gone in to eliminate Blacksmith.

In twenty minutes, the original team of eight plus Flo, Chrisi and Drust were seated and discussing the raid of Blacksmith base.

“So Flip, Ken, and Icey are dead?” Ganger confirmed.

“Yes,” Flo said. “Icey and Ken were shot in the initial battle, and Flip was shot on the roof while you were flying in to rendezvous, Blue.”

“This is horrible,” Cas said, “Blacksmith was meant to provide the main offensive force outside in the Capitol Square and all around, as we were supposed to go in and-”

“Cas,” Drust tried to interrupt.

“You’re new here,” Cas shot Drust a look, “Listen.”

“Cas,” she stood. “Shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and let me speak.”

Cas remained quiet.

“You’re missing the main point in all this,” Drust began to pace, “Commando, Sergie and you are the only three people holding this empire together. If we take out Commando and Sergie, that’s all that’s necessary to do. Without them, the empire falls apart. Granted, Cas, that you will let it fall.”

A veil of silence crept over the room.

“She’s right,” Blue1 said. “The Empire crumbles without the three of you.”

“It’s settled, then?” Cart stood. One by one, everyone nodded their head.

“Then we move in,” Cart announced.



“It’ll work perfectly, Cart. The Festival of Rising will serve as brilliant cover for the assassination.”

“Right,” Blue1 said, “I forgot. Today’s the one year anniversary of Commando’s rise to power.”

“And one year it will stay,” Cas said.

“If we’re all ready,” Mchappy stood, “Come with me.”

The eleven exited the meeting room in the ACP Building and followed Mch down an immense amount of stairs until it was clear they were underground. The floor marker overheard said “-50”.

Knowing what everyone was looking at, Cart explained. “This means we are 50 floors underground. This is actually the bottom floor of the base: Weapons Storage.”

They walked briskly through the halls until Cart reached room 37 and unlocked the door using a keypad. The door swung open.

“Take your pick,” Cart said, beckoning to the large array of weapons stored in the room.

The team grabbed pistols, machine guns, launchers, and an array of other weapons designed by Flo that included chemical bombs and a pair of goggles that allowed you to see through walls.

“Everyone’s ready, then?” Cas asked, as all ten of them nodded. “Now, we have assigned Flo to stay behind with Capn and Omega to operate the C.O.B.R.A. systems, Chrisi on Beta team, and Drust on Alpha team. Blue1 will lead the Alpha Team Operation, while Mchappy will lead the Beta Team Operation. The Festival of Power, which goes until midnight tonight, commemorating Commando’s rise to power, will serve as our cover for sneaking through the city. To avoid being recognized, because all of you are rather famous figures, you will wear these.” Cas handed out Black Death masks to all of them.

“What the hell are these?” Chrisi asked.

“Extremely popular in the Capitol,” Cas answered, “Since Commando wore one that day he took office, to cover his face until he wanted to enlighten the people as to who he was. We won’t be recognized.”

“We must be going,” Omega said.

“Yes,” Flo agreed, “We need to get to C.O.B.R.A. before nightfall.”

“Any advice?” Ganger askd.

“Don’t screw up.” Omega said, and, turning on his heel, walked away, followed soon by Flo and Capn.

“That was helpful,” Splashy remarked.

“Now then,” Cas said, dawning his mask as the others did the same. “Let the Black Snow fall.”

Chapter 11: The Festival of Power

The Festival of Power was unmistakable in the Capitol Square that night, as thousands of citizens partied in the streets, wearing all kinds of masks to commemorate Commando’s rise to power just one year ago today. While the citizens wore all kinds of masks, the most popular were the black beaked masks like the one Commando wore when he rose to power, which had come to be coined Black Death masks. And those were the exact masks the Black Snow team wore as they snuck through the city.

“This place is nuts,” Blue remarked as they crept through an alleyway, in the Black Death masks with black cloaks to match so they blended into the darkness.

“Yes. The Festival of Power is a mandatory attendance for all Capitol citizens, whether they wish to attend or not, to commemorate Commando’s rise to power. It’ll serve as cover until we get to the mansion.” Cas explained.

“And when we do?” Drust asked.

“When we do-” Cas was cut off as they heard shouting in the nearby streets.

“Where the hell are they?”

“Keep looking!”

“All of you, in here! Blue, with me!” Cas shouted. Drust picked the lock and went into a house, followed by the other eight.

Cas and Blue hid behind a garbage bin as two figures turned the corner onto their street. They wore gold beaked masks, and Cas immediately knew who they were.

“Commando’s men.” Cas whispered, “They’re wearing gold masks, which was the theme for the penguins who were Commando’s staff tonight.”

“Sshh, listen.” Blue said.

“There’s no one here, Ziehen. Perhaps intelligence was incorrect.”


“Listen.” Cas ordered. “I’ll take one if you take the other when they draw near.”

Both of them kept quiet as the two figures drew near. Blue1 eased up carefully and fired at the figure farthest from the garbage bin. He toppled to the ground, and all the other figure could utter was a small sound before Cas slit his throat. They removed the masks.

“ATM and Ziehen,” Cas spoke, and Blue1 thought he could hear a hint of sadness in his voice. Blue moved over to the door and let the rest of them out.

“They’re dead,” Splashy observed. “Now let’s get the hell out of here. We can’t waste any more time.”

“No,” Drust silenced him, “It’s too dangerous to move through the alleys after we’ve left them dead. As crazy as this sounds, it may be better just to move through the crowd. With our costumes, we’ll hopefully be able to blend in.”

“I guess I’m going to have to say she’s right.” Cart agreed. “Move out, but don’t do anything suspicious. Once we reach the Capitol Square, we’ll follow you from there, Cas.”

“Very good.”

The eleven moved from the alleyways onto the streets, joining all of the people in masks, the wide array of drinks, food, vendors, and a million other things that made The Festival of Power. In truth, many of the citizens weren’t celebrating Commando’s rise, they were just celebrating for the sake of celebrating. Fireworks boomed overheard, setting the scene for the first Festival of Power celebration, one Commando was very pleased with.

“This is your proof,” Commando spoke to Sergie on the same balcony he had previously spoken to Cas on, overlooking the festival below.

“Proof of what?” Sergie asked, who had been growing just as skeptical of Cas about Commando’s Empire over the past few weeks.

“They love me,” Commando turned on his heel and faced Sergie, “This is your proof; they’re happy. Shame Cas couldn’t be here, I would love to show him this.”

“Where is Cas?”

“Something with family. Why, need to see him?”

“No, no. Just wondering.” Sergie walked toward the edge of the balcony, Commando following close behind him.

“A toast, my friend,” Commando offered, “to The Festival of Power, a power that belongs all to me in this Empire.” the clang on their glasses was drowned out by the booming fireworks overhead.

Sergie didn’t completely agree with Commando’s last statement, but- truth is, he didn’t know who to believe anymore: Commando or Cas.

Let it go, Sergie told himself. This will all be yours someday, so just enjoy the night.

Little did he know, that would be his greatest mistake.

Chapter 12: Operation Black Snow

Meanwhile, the eleven winded through the crowd, dodging waiters offering drinks, street venders selling their wares, and a plethora of other things as they neared the Capitol Square.

“Drust, your plan’s taken us this far,” Mch said when they reached the Capitol Square. “Cas, you’ve gotta take us from here.”

“Very well. Radio in, code: snake.”

“This is Omega,”

“It’s Cas. We’ve reached the Capitol Square. Status?”

“All systems are operational at C.O.B.R.A. Flo has been sweeping the area and has found only a small amount of bombs surrounding the Capitol Square that can be activated through the Presidential Mansion, but are not currently operational.”

“That makes sense,” Blue said. “If a citizen got blown up by one during the festival, that wouldn’t sit well on Commando’s track record.”

“Exactly,” Omega confirmed, “So unless you’re stupid enough to get yourselves spotted, you should be alright as far as bombs go. The Presidential Mansion also has its fair share of security cameras, so not getting yourself noticed will be quite a picnic. If, and that’s a big if, you can get into the building, you should be well off from there.”

“10-4,” Cas said, “Imperator out.”

“Cart, report.” Blue said.

Cart looked through a pair of high-tech binoculars Flo had invented. “Commando and Sergie are off the balcony from where we had them pinned on their previous location.”

“Damnit,” Cas said, “Radio in, code: snake.”

“Yes, I thought I was done with you?”

“You’re kidding right?” Cas said. “Commando and Sergie are off the balcony, you need to tell us  where the bloody hell the are!”

“Working on it,” Omega said. “I’m switching you over to Capn.”

“Cas,” Capn began, “Although we can’t pin anyone for sure without public eyes on them, since most penguins are outside for the Festival of Power, we can tell you there are five people still in the Presidential Mansion. Three in what intel suggests in the garden, and two in what intel suggests is a private office of one of the staff. The garden is the largest area in the mansion, coordinates A6-10, and the office is on floor E-”

“The top floor?” Splashy asked.

“Yes, what we believe is the top floor. It’s section E5-6, the center office complex on that floor. I’m screening a digital map to Blue.”

Blue tapped a button on his watch and a digital map projected in the air, showing the mansion complex with red dots representing each figure.

“Thanks, Capn. We’re moving out. If we don’t call, we’re dead.” Cas said, smirking.

“Easy enough,” Capn signed off.

“Now,” Drust began, “If we take the main route, we can go through the garden and eliminate the people there before traveling to E5-6, which sounds like where Commando is.”

“The only thing,” Splashy began, “Is that if one of those first three gets away and notifies Commando. It is dark, you know. They may be able to get away.”

“True,” Cart said, “But we’ll have to take our chances.”

“We can’t waste any more time,” Cas cut them all off. “We need to get in there, now.”

“And how do you suggest we do that?” Chrisi asked.

“Follow me,” Cas beckoned. He led them down an alley to the right of the mansion, until reaching a building. He beckoned for them to enter.

“This is where we met,” Ganger observed.

“Correct,” Cas said. “This is where I brought you on the night after Commando’s party, when the plotting began. It’s my own private quarters, which is also where Commando, Sergie and I would be planned to be evacuated to in case of an emergency.”

“So why go in?” Splashy asked. “Why not just alert them, and wait it out here and kill them then?”

“Because,” Cas said, “I think we all want to take Commando and Sergie out ourselves.”

Everyone agreed.

“Besides, if they were to be evacuated, chances are they would be accompanied by a squad by that time. We need to catch them off guard if this operation is going to be successful. Now, let’s move.”

Cas led them into the living room where a hatchway was covered by a bookshelf. He unlatched the hatchway and beckoned for them to follow him. Mchappy switched on a flashlight and they moved quickly through the underground passageway.

“This shouldn’t take long,” Ganger observed, “The building wasn’t too far from the mansion, was it?”

“No,” Cas agreed. “As a matter of fact, we’re here.” He unlatched a trapdoor that was painted to blend in perfectly with the stone above, so that no one who didn’t already know of its existence could find it.

The eleven climbed through the trapdoor and found themselves in the study on the first floor.

“Now,” Cas instructed, “The corridor out from here leads into the main foyer. From there, to the right, we can get to the garden. Through the garden, through the courtyard, and you’ll come to the right side spiral staircase, which leads all the way up to the top floor, in which intel suggests Commando and Sergie are.

“Ready to move?” Cart asked. “Go.”

They went out of the study and through a winding corridor, until they reached the garden. Three penguins: Fiasco, Karakoran, and Dragon stood in the garden talking, something about how the Festival of Power was overplayed and unnecessary.

“Blue, Drust, with me.” Cas ordered, and the three moved out. They ducked behind the courtyard wall and aimed into the garden.

“Blue, on Fias, Drust, on Karakoran.”

In a few moments Karakorn and Fias were down, and before Dragon could realize what was happening, he was shot down also.

“Omega, the three targets in the garden are out, identified as Fiasco, Karakoran, and Dragon. We’re now moving up to E5-6 for the other two targets.”

“10-4 Blue, glad you’re not dead yet.”

“Your humor is always appreciated,” Ganger remarked.

“Wonderful, wonderful, let’s all hold hands and sing.” Cas remarked with equal annoyance. “Now can we please just get on with things?”

They moved through the garden and the courtyard and through another few corridors until reaching the right wing of the mansion.

“That’s the staircase, eh?” Splashy asked.



“Can we just go?” Drust offered, and soon enough, the eleven of them were ascending the staircase, up, up, and up until they reached the final floor.

“Capn,” Blue radioed in, “We’re on the top floor. One final sweep before we move in?”

“Targets have changed,” Capn responded. “One is has now moved to complex E7-8, while the other has remained.”

“The center office on the top floor? Sounds like Commando to me.” Drust suggested.

“Right,” Cas agreed, “So let’s keep things simple. Blue, Drust, Cart and I will go in to E5-6, while Mchappy, Splashy, Ganger and Chrisi will go in to E7-8. Whoever you find in said rooms, whether it be Commando, Sergie, or someone not suggested by intel, you are to dispose of them immediately. Once they are dead, you are to radio the other team with simply the name of the person. Everyone understand?”

“Yes,” the chorus echoed.

“Very well then. Good luck to all of you, and let the Black Snow fall.”

The two teams moved down the corridor and paused at the doorway of both rooms. Beta team moved off to complex E7-8, while Cas, Blue, Cart and Drust remained at E5-6.

“Breach,” both Cart and Mchappy said at once, and both teams rushed in.

Alpha team stopped in their tracks as the saw Commando sitting peacefully at his desk, a smile creasing his lips.

“What the hell?!” Sergie shouted in the other room, drawing a pistol. Mchappy knocked Sergie backward, and Ganger rushed behind Sergie and handcuffed him while Splashy drew a pistol and loaded it. He aimed it at Sergie’s heart.

And fired.

Sergie slumped to the ground, blood staining his white shirt. Chrisi leaned against the door calmly, smirking.

Meanwhile, Alpha team remained stunned.

“I knew you were coming.” Commando said calmly. “You were spotted hours ago.”

“On the contrary,” Cas responded quickly, “If you knew, you would be far away from here.”

“Oh, but my dear Cas, Blue, and the rest. I realized my death was imminent long, long ago. I was simply the mastermind of starting The Empire, but am a pawn in the long run of ruling. Sergie, the bastard, didn’t know of this attack. It was well to let him die.”

Drust drew a pistol, and Blue glanced at her anxiously, to Cas, and then back to Commando, where his eyes stayed.

“My dear, let me finish before you kill me.” Commando smiled, knowing they would oblige.

Drust held the pistol tighter.

“However, I stayed behind in hopes you will heed my warning. Why did you come here? Many of you will say to kill me, to slaughter me off and make all my ways go with me. But you are mistaken. You do not want me out for good; you want me out for power. The unavoidable lure of complete and unchallenged power. And I will promise you will fall into the very same pit. So do it. Shoot me. But I am nothing but a pawn in the ruling of this empire, for you will soon fall to the lure of power.”

Cas didn’t speak, nor did Blue, or Drust, or Cart. Cas simply handed Blue a gun, and Blue loaded it.

And fired.

Commando was finally dead.

A smile creased Cas’s lips as Commando’s body fell to the ground.

“Commando,” Cas spoke slowly, not remembering if Mchappy had already pronounced Sergie dead, as he had been listening to Commando intently.

“We’ll rendezvous on the balcony.” Cas spoke even more slowly this time.

“Cas, what are we doing?” Drust asked as the seven of them followed Cas down the hall.

“Blue, notify Omega, Capn and Flo back at C.O.B.R.A.”

“Omega, it’s Blue. They’re dead.”

“They’re dead!” Omega shouted, and shouts erupted from Capn and Flo.

“We’ll send a chopper in.” Flo responded.

“No,” Cas cut him off, “We have business to attend to. I’ll radio you when we’re ready.”

“Very well.” Flo signed off.

As the team rounded the corner and approached the door to the balcony, Drust asked again.

“Cas, why are we-”

“Drust, shut up.” Cas pushed open the wide wood doors, and the other seven followed. The crowd cheer, thinking it was Commando, but as the lights flickered on the realized it was something more.

The eight of them had put their masks back on since assassinating Commando, and Cas held something else in his hold, and the glittering gold gave it completely away.

“He is dead!” Cas shouted, and all hell broke loose.

It became utterly apparent that the citizens of the Capitol wanted Commando dead, even more than the team had expected.

“What the hell is that?!” Flo screamed into Cas’s Bluetooth, as the noise was so loud he can hear it also.

“Victory,” Cas responded simply.

“A toast!” a very loud voice rose up from the crowd. “To the rebellion!”

Thousands of citizens raised their glasses and cheered, as Commando’s golden mask, tainted with blood, glittered in the moonlight.

“And who am I?” Cas began. “Who are these fine penguins?”

He threw off his mask, and the others did the same.

“I am Casiusbrutus, your emperor!”

Cheers rose up from the crowd, louder than any cheers of any speech ever given by Commando.

“And these are the fine penguins that, with me, vanquished the tyrant Commando and all his ways!”

And snow began to fall, ironic as to the name of the operation itself.

And then it became clear to Blue2, where he stood looking through a shattered window in the CPAC building. It coursed through his veins and he was in complete and utter shock at what was now imminent:

Casiusbrutus was now emperor.

Chapter 13: The Article

Blue2 sat at his desk, staring at his computer screen. He had been recently re-appointed to the position of CPAC Head along with Funks.

If you do this, you’re dead, he thought. But it seems you’re the only one left who doesn’t support this. You have to do it. It’s necessary for-

The door swung open and Funks walked in. Blue2 quickly minimized the drafter article and opened the ACP site, and looked up at Funks.

“Need something?” Blue2 asked.

“Yes, yes.” Funks said, taking a seat across from the desk and plopping a folder down on the table. “Cas wants a new article out on the rising of the rebellion, called “Fire is Catching.”

“You take that, Funks. I’ve got other things to attend to.”

“Other things?”

“None of your concern.

“See you later, than.” Funks got up and left.

Blue2 stared once again at the screen.

You have to do it, the thought echoed again in his mind.

And he decided to do it, and set away typing.

Hours later, Blue1 walked down the Capitol streets toward the Presidential Mansion for a meeting with Cas and Drust. He passed a newspaper seller and was appalled to find the heading on the front cover.

“Unraveling the Life and Lies of Casiusbrutus”, by Sιя.Bℓυєsσ¢кωa.Tнє.2η∂

And at that point he knew precisely what this meeting was about as he entered the mansion, keeping the newspaper clutched tightly in his hand. He walked quickly up to the top floor and into Cas’s quarters, where Cas and Drust were already sitting, another copy of the newspaper laid out on the table.

“No need Blue, we already have one,” Drust said, noticing Blue’s newspaper as he sat.

“Good morning to the both of you.” Blue responded.

“Hey, Blue.” Cas responded, perfectly calm.

“Have you read it?” Blue asked.

“Yes. It’s all true.”

“Well then, shouldn’t you be worried?” Drust asked, sounding like this was the same question she had been asking for hours.

“On the contrary,” Cas began, “The people don’t believe it. And as long as the people don’t believe it, nothing will become of it.”

“What of Blue2?” Blue asked, a small bit worried.

“His death will be swift in a public execution.” Cas announced.

“But-” Blue began.

“After a fair and balanced trial.” Cas added.

“Very well,” Blue ended.

“Now,” Cas said, “As the two of you may have figured since you have been called to this meeting, you, Blue, will serve as my Vice President, and you, Drust, will serve as my Advisor.”

“Sounds good, Cas. When will the trial be held?” Drust asked.

“Tomorrow,” Cas said, standing. “You both are dismissed.”

Blue and Drust walked out, and down the hall towards their rooms in the Presidential Mansion.

“He’s gonna die, you know.” Drust said after a while.

“I know,” Blue said. “The trial is a joke. It’s just to make things look fair so Cas can justify having him executed in public.”

Drust motioned with her hand, and whispered, “The hallways are tapped, come in here.” they walked into Drust’s quarters.

Blue sat down tentatively, and Drust flopped onto her bed.

“You know,” she said, not even looking at him, “It seemed so right when we took down Commando. Now Cas’s done exactly what we were trying to eliminate.”

“He did exactly what Commando said he would do.” Blue added.

“What do we do?” she sat up.

“There’s nothing we can do,” Blue stood. “Only wait things out.”

“Yes,” Drust agreed. “See you tomorrow.”

“For the trial of Bluesockwa2.” Blue finished the sentence, and walked out.

Chapter 14: The Trial

“Here we are,” Blue sat with Drust, Cas, and Splashy on the left side of the courtroom, a few buildings down from the Presidential Mansion, in the Capitol Square. On the right side sat Blue2, Funks, and Tomato.

“All rise for the honorable judge Shaboomboom,” a voice said as Shab entered the courtroom and sat.

“We will hear first from the prosecution,” Jcapp began.

“Thank you, your honor.” Blue said, standing and pacing. “We are here to convict Bluesockwa2 of publishing an article against the newly formed empire and its leader, Casiusbrutus. We intend to convict him of infringing upon the constitution of the new empire, which existed prior to Cas taking office.” Blue sat.

“Thank you,” Jcapp said, “We will now hear from the defense.”

“Your honor,” Funks said, standing and sounding very irritated, “We are here to defend Blue2 and the law of freedom of the press as a whole, a law that cannot be trumped by the rising of a new empire.” Funks sat.

“Very well,” Jcapp said, “Will the prosecution please call their first witness?”

“We would like to call Omega to the stand,” Splashy announced, and Omega walked up, and sat.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” Jcapp leaned forward.

“I do,” Omega responded.

“Thank you, Jcapp.” Blue began, “What is your name?”


“And what is your significance to this case?”

“I am head of Archival Affairs in both Commando and Cas’s empire, and also assisted in Commando’s assassination by monitoring the progress of the Black Snow team using the technology of the liberated C.O.B.R.A. building.”

“You assisted in the deciding and writing of Commando’s original constitution, correct?”

“I did.”

“Can you explain the article that addresses the press?”

“Of course. This article of the constitution states, ‘all articles published by the press will either be commissioned or approved by The Emperor, his Vice President, his Advisor, or the head of Archival Affairs.’ It says later in the constitution that the punishment for disobeying this rule is up to the decision of The Emperor’”

“No further questions,” Blue said, and sat.

“Would the defense like to cross examine the witness?” Shab asked.

“No, your honor,” Tomato responded.

“Very well. Would the prosecution like to call their next witness?”

“No, your honor. We have no further witnesses we find necessary,” Drust said, standing and smirking.

“Um….” you could see Jcapp was stuttering, “Very well.”

“A gutsy move,” Funks whispered to Blue2.

“Why does it matter?” Blue2 asked, maybe a bit too loudly, “Shab’s probably already under gunpoint.

“I ask again, would the defense like to call their first witness to the stand?” Jcapp said, sounding annoyed at the fact that Funks and Blue2 were in conversation and had not been listening.

Blue2 ignored his tone, “We need to be just as gutsy,” he whispered to Funks as he stood.

“Your honor, we would like to call Bluesockwa to the stand.”

Confusion spread throughout the courtroom, predominantly on the prosecution’s side.

“Preposterous!” Splashy shouted, but Cas punched him.

“You have to go up,” Cas said.

“Don’t screw up,” Drust advised as Blue stood and walked over to the stand, his own brother standing, waiting to question him.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” Jcapp echoed.

“Yes,” Blue said, still surprised at the turn of events.

“What is your name?”

“You know my name.” Blue said annoyed, and Cas broke out laughing; one would suspect he already knew the outcome of this case.

“What is your significance to this case?”

“Former Secondary Head of CPAC, Head of CPASC, GT Leader, RPF 3ic, and Co-Leader of Operation Black Snow along with Casiusbrutus,”

“What information will you offer?”

“Aren’t you the one who brought me up here?”

“I will ask the questions.”

“And I will answer as I please,” Blue1 said as Blue2 took a quick glance at Funks.

“Are you aware of the clause in the original constitution relating to the quelling of rebellions?”

“I am.”

“And that is states the punishment for any public outcry is an immediate sentence to death?”

“Oh, but my dear Blue. You must be aware that, now, a new empire has begun. And I cannot be punished for a rebellion that succeeded, the public support of us was immense. In this case of your infringement of the article relating to the press, the public outcry against you is huge.”

“I am aware. I was under the impression this case was about what has been done that is against the prewritten law, not what the public thinks.”

“That is what it has always and will always be about.” Blue responded.

“Then my accusation is relevant here?” Blue2 perceiving he was onto something.

“Just because something is relevant in a desperate attempt to turn the tides in this case does not make it true. I assure you, your loss here is imminent.”

“You are here to give information, not to announce the verdict.”

“Thank you for making me aware of something I previously knew.”

“No further questions,” Blue2 said, sitting.

“Would the prosecution like to cross examine the witness?” Jcapp asked.

“No, your honor,” Cas began, standing. “We find the information he gave while answering Blue’s questions sufficient and actually helpful to our cause.”

“I couldn’t get a darn thing out of him,” Blue2 whispered to Funks on the other side of the room. “You know what, nothing can be done here. We need to try to fix things outside the courtroom.”

“Agreed,” Funks said. “What are you going to do?”

“Take the sentence.” Blue2 said. “We’ll work from there.”

“Are you sure?” Tomato asked.


“Would the defense like to call their next witness?” Jcapp asked.

“Unfortunately Jcapp, we’re going to have to echo the prosecution and say we have no other witnesses at this time who will give any sufficient information.”

It was the prosecution’s second time to be shocked.

“Very well,” Jcapp said. “The court will take a short recess for Shaboomboom to leave into the back room and contemplate the sentence.”

“It doesn’t  matter what we’ve done here.” Drust whispered to Blue. “I’m sure Cas has already taken care of everything. Isn’t that right, Cas?”

“Of course.” Cas smirked.

About ten minutes passed by, and soon after Shab entered again, shutting the door of the back room behind him. He sat, and straightened his robe.

“Bluesockwa2, CPAC Head, has been found guilty as charged.”

A smile creased Cas’s face.

“The sentence is death.”

Chapter 15: A Desperate Attempt


“Why are you here?” Blue1 didn’t even turn around.

“It’s become apparent to me that I cannot fix things in the confines of a courtroom,” Blue2 began, leaning at the door of Blue1’s quarters. “And I figured you were the only one of any sensibility to talk to.”

Blue1 got up and walked over to a bookshelf. He removed a book and flipped a switch behind it, and a small crackling noise was heard.

Blue1 sat back down, “I insisted on the installment of a device that allowed me to turn off the device that records all that is said in this room. Hate having these rooms tapped. Now, sit.”

Blue2 walked over and sat across from Blue1.

“Don’t you see?”

“See what? God, Blue, your life is ending in a day. Possibly you shouldn’t be so cryptic right now and get down to the point?”

“Cas is using you.”

“Quite a desperate attempt to get yourself out of this execution,” Blue1 said, grabbing a bottle and pouring himself a drink. As he sat back down, Blue2 smashed it, glass breaking and it spilling everywhere.

“I’m here for your help, not to watch you sit idly by at my execution.”

“Then continue, I don’t have all day.”

“Cas is using you as his pawn. He wants to gain power through you, as he has. And leading Black Snow with him and being the one to actually kill Commando was that affirmation that you are on his side. You’re his pawn, which he will smash to pieces after he is finished using.”

Blue1 tapped his foot idly.

Blue2 decided to take this opportunity, “And I fear he will have you reaffirm your complete allegiance to him tomorrow at my execution.”

“Which would be?”

“Blue,” Blue2 studied his brother.

“He’s going to have you kill me.”

Blue1 paused, letting this settle in.

“You’ve been sentenced.” he said finally, not really knowing how to respond.

“You’re kidding, right?” Blue2 stood. “I got you to where you are, don’t you remember? I’m your brother! And you’re going to let me die, just sit idly by.  But not even that. You’re not going to sit idly by, you’re going to kill me personally, aren’t you?”


“Blue nothing! You have fallen as a pawn to this empire! I thought after all the rebel you had in you, enough to disgrace your CPAC career by trying to kill Commando, Sergie and Aber and stop their empire from rising, enough to overthrow Commando’s empire completely! And now, as something exactly the same has begun- well, you’re blind. You find Cas’s empire completely different from Commando’s I tell you, it is not! So go on, kill me, and live-”

Blue1 held up his hand. “Hello, Drust.” he smiled, as Drust leaned on the door.

“I don’t want to interrupt any brotherly argument,” she said calmly, walking forward, and then glanced towards he bookshelf. She mouthed to Blue1, “You turned it off, right?” and he nodded.

What she said next took them both completely by surprise, “Blue2’s right.”

“Suz, even you would know-”

“Blue. Just because we’re friends, just because I hate Blue2-” she paused for him to take offense to this, but he didn’t. She continued, “Doesn’t mean I will always agree with you. You can’t let Blue2 die. You’ve got to do something.”

“He probably won’t even have me kill him,” Blue1 tried.

“You better hope he doesn’t. For that is the only way you can help.”

“Blue2, if you’d kindly leave. I promise I’ll fix things,” Blue1 said as Blue2 exited.

“Any plans?” Blue asked, sitting.

“You idiot. It’s so simple. Just hide Blue2. Make them think he died; they won’t take the effort to find him.”

“Suz, you’re absolutely brilliant.” Blue1 stood.

“I know,” she stood. “Now, tomorrow, meet me in the front foyer of the mansion, and let Blue2 know to do the same.”

“Of course. Thank you.” Blue said.

“We’ll fix things,” she assured him.

“See you tomorrow,” he said as she exited.

Chapter 16: An Imminent Execution

In a surprising turn of events, Blue1 now sat with Cas in Blue’s quarters.

“She has been taken prisoner, and will be held captive until after the execution so she cannot disrupt anything, when we will decide an actual sentence.”

Blue1 remained silent.

Cas acknowledged this, saying, “Honestly, you didn’t really think I would let you un-tap this room? Preposterous. Anything who wants a switch like that wants it for a reason.”

Once again, Blue was silent.

“Now, I suggest you be in the Capitol Square at ten for the execution-”

Blue braced himself.

“As you will have the honor of executing him.”

It was coming, Blue thought. But, still…..

Blue snapped back into reality and walked towards the door. As he reached it, he stopped, and, not even turning around, said,

“And Blue?”


“I assume your allegiance to myself and The Empire will not be swayed again, hm?”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

Cas shut the door behind him, and Blue just stood there, his mind racing. His accomplice had been taken prisoner, and he was going to execute his own brother in less than two hours. For no apparent reason, as if guided by another force, he walked over to the bookshelf and once again removed the book where the switch was and threw it on the ground. He smashed the switch with his fist and took satisfaction in its surging.

Then he picked up the book, and noticed a sticky note taped to it. It said,

This was coming

It doesn’t matter they got me; you

need to do something, with or

without me. Remember what’s right


He dropped the note, and once again a million questions flooded his brain. But this time, it didn’t matter. For one predominant question pounded his head.

You must do something,

An hour later, Blue1 stood in a white shirt, black tie and black suit in his quarters, holding the note and reading it again. He placed it on the table and exited the quarters, down the staircase, through the courtyard, and into the main foyer. Tucked under the stairs, he noticed a strange blacked object with another sticky note attached to it. It read,

If you can’t figure out

what this is for,

you’re sad


Blue picked it up. It was a pistol.

Now what?, he thought. Was this note left after, when they were taking her away and she realized there was nothing we could do? Is this to kill Blue2? It must be.

Blue pushed opened the door, not even having the mental energy to finish the thought, and walked to the Capitol Square. He arrived ten minutes prior to ten, when the execution would take place.

He ascended the stairs to the stage, and saw Cas flagging him down.

“Decided to use your own pistol, eh?” Cas asked.

“Yes. This is the same pistol Commando was killed with,” Blue answered, hoping Cas would believe him, and was relieved to see he nodded with satisfaction.

They continued talking until their conversation was drowned out by applause erupting from the crowd as Blue2 was brought out by two soldiers with the words “The Empire”, in silver lettering on their uniforms.

“I’ve gotta get to my podium,” Cas said to Blue, “Good luck.”

Cas disappeared, and Blue1 watched Blue2 being chained to a circular metal pillar. He looked around at the crowd, recognizing a few faces: Splashy, Mchappy, Cart, Omega, Flo, Tomato, and then his eyes fell on,


His heart started beating fast, looking at Funk’s solemn expression. Blue2 and Funks were fellow heads but also best friends, so Blue could only imagine what that would be like.

What if I was in that crowd, watching Splashy, or Drust, or-, he almost added Cas, but disregarded the thought. He didn’t know what to think of Cas. But still, the thought of it was unbearable.

The applause started again as Cas reached his podium and waved to the crowd. As they quieted, he began,

“Welcome. I am your emperor, Casiusbrutus. This is the execution of a tyrant of a man who went against the empire by defying not Drust, not Blue, but myself! The emperor himself!”

Shouts for blood erupted from the crowd.

“Quiet down, quiet down. I assure you, his death will come. Blue, his own brother, shall be executing him, to show that allegiance to the empire overrules all.”

Blue couldn’t help but thinking this was directed at him after Cas had discovered Drust and his plan.

“Now, I believe…… it is time.” Cas clapped his hands, and the unmistakable loading of a pistol was heard.

A shot rang out.

And the chaos began as Casiusbrutus plummeted from his balcony.

Blue1 rushed forward, ignoring the screaming, advancing crowds, crying for his own death. He grabbed Cas by his tie and ran over to Blue2, firing multiple shots to break his chains.

After what seemed like an eternity, they did, and Blue1 and Blue2 ran, Blue1 holding Cas by his tie. Blue2 followed Blue1 into the Presidential Mansion, where he bolted the door. They ran through the courtyards, through the garden, up the spiral staircase, past Commando’s former quarters, and to none other than the balcony.

The same balcony where Commando took power.

The same balcony where Commando was pronounced dead and Cas took power.

And now, the same balcony where Cas would be finished off once and for all. Cas coughed on blood as Blue2 backed away, looking at the huge crowd pounding on the doors of the mansion. Blue1 stayed focused on Cas.

“Well, you- you’re quite…. th-the little bastard, aren’t you?” Cas smirked, and then coughed on more of his blood.

“The only filthy bastard here. Is. You!” Blue shouted, and shot him again, this time in his neck.

Cas slumped to the ground, blood pouring from his neck and chest, staining the granite balcony.

Casiusbrutus, Grand Emperor, was dead.


Chapter 17: The Rebel’s Quelling

Drust sat in her cell which blocked at all noise, having no idea if Blue1 was dead or if Blue2 was dead. She just expected one was. Suddenly, she heard footsteps, and a rattling of the cell.

“Blue!” she shouted, and sprang up, hugging him.

“Hello, Suz.” he said. “Don’t get blood on yourself, now.”

She backed away from him, looking at him in disbelief.

“You killed him? You killed Blue2?”


“Then…. what did you do?”

“I got to the root of the problem.”


“I killed the emperor.”

“You killed Cas?”

“Yes. He’s dead. Been dead for almost an hour now. And you’ll be happy to know I used the pistol you left for me.” he handed it to her.

“Keep it,” she offered. “You killed him, after all.”

“It’s over, you know.” he said.

“Yes. Now, let’s blow this hell house.” the two walked out of Drust’s cell, which was actually in the far bottom of the Presidential Mansion.

They met up with Funks, Blue2, Splashy, Cart and Mchappy in Blue’s quarters of the mansion. Blue poured them all drinks, and they sat.

“First off, welcome back, Drust. You missed quite a show.” Cart told her.

“Believe me, I know.” she responded.

“The public’s still in an outrage,” Mch broke in. “We might as well stay inside until things calm down. Blue, when you wish to give a speech, you may.”

“No,” Blue said flatly, “I think the best way to do this is just to let armies get back to normal themselves.”

“Blue, you can’t-” Funks began.

“Yes, I can, Funks. Speeches lead to wanting power, and sooner or later I’ll end up the third emperor, and all I would have done is killed Cas to take his position in the public’s eyes.”

“True,” Blue2 began. “Commando should have been killed in the first place, but Cas didn’t want him killed for good. He wanted him killed for power.”

“Just like Commando told us,” Drust said.

“Yes,” Blue echoed.

“You know Blue,” Blue2 said, “For a while there, I thought you were going to kill me.”

“No comments on whatever the hell went through my brain in those couple of days. From meetings with Cas to notes and guns from Drust to the actual moment, I don’t know what happened. I just did what I did.”

“And it worked out just fine,” Splashy finished for him.

“Well, then.” Drust stood. “A toast. To Bluesockwa, and the end of all this. A toast to Bluesockwa and the rebel’s quelling.”


By: Bluesockwa

I’d like to thank you for reading the third and final book in the RPF Trilogy, and my personal favorite of the three. There isn’t too much I’d like to say about this book, I’d rather let its message, one I think is very powerful, not be clouded by my closing comments. But I’d like to acknowledge a few things. First, my favorite character in this entire trilogy: Cas. Cas was a brilliant character, who contributed very much to the entire message, the hunger for power. And, more importantly, the loosely held power never, never, lasts. To be powerful is to have a strong grip on your position, and not to let others influence your choices, or, most importantly, remove you from power.

In the final book of The Rebel Trilogy, Commando, even though his assassination is played to be and suspected to be the climax of the book, it ends up not being. When this book, this series, rather- was originally planned, it was to end with the assassination of Commando. And then, I decided on the addition of two very important characters: Casiusbrutus and Drust/Suzie, who basically formed the entire second climax of the book by my choice to add them in, the first climax being Commando’s assassination and the second being Cas’s assassination.

Alright, now I’ll shut up soon. I just hope you remember this book, this trilogy, remember its message, and remember the number of twists and turns that made this book what it is. I hope you all enjoyed the story of the rebels: their scandal, their revenge, their empire, and their quelling. Thank you so much for reading this series, and a tip of my hat to you all.



Operation: Destroy ACP


I spent about 2 days writing out this whole book. I enjoyed writing it, as I could include anything, as it’s fiction. This book is basically about 2 superpowers going to war, one trying to obliterate and kill the other. I don’t really name chapters, as I struggle to find suitable names for them. I tried to match the characters to the actual people as best I could, but it was difficult. After having a few friends read it, I decided that it should be my first book on CPASC.  I hope it goes well, because I put quite some effort and thought into writing this, and if people don’t like it, it’d be a waste of your and my time. Constructive criticism I like, but plain criticism I don’t like. So please, enjoy this book, and have fun reading!

Chapter One

Flipper and Ken, the two ACP leaders, were sat in the strategy room in Fort Oagal. It was a boiling hot summers day, and the fan on the ceiling seemed to be only blowing the hot air around, uselessly. The past three hours had been hopeless. Ken and Flipper had both come up with several ideas, but none seemed to fit the situation. They were going to war against the Ice Warriors, as Iceyfeet had recently betrayed Ken.

Flipper ran a hand through his hair. He had started to sweat, and it was making him all sticky. He rubbed his hands and looked at a piece of paper. One of his 2ics, Slider, had given it to him, after the ACP spies had discovered the latest IW war plan. He looked at Ken, who looked back. Ken showed no emotion, but had a glint in his eye. His fellow leader instantly knew that Ken had a superb idea. Ken took out a large piece of plain paper and got drawing.

He finished, twenty minutes later. There were some diagrams, with notes here and there. Some calculations down the sides, and a big paragraph at the bottom. At first, Flipper was confused. He scratched his head, trying to work out the complex algebraic sums. After a few minutes of explaining, Flipper clicked his fingers.

“That’s it. Ken, you’re amazing.”

Chapter Two

Meanwhile, all was not well in the IW command room. Iceyfeet was sat behind his desk, which was covered in paper, scattered everywhere. Paper on his laptop, drooping off the lamp, spilling out of the drawers. Gordy and Albert stood in front of him, looking ashamed.

“Icey, we’re sorry. We truly are. But we can’t do anything about it. We’ve been on a huge rise since you returned, yes, but it’s not good enough to rival the ACP.” Albert explained, softly and quietly. Icey was furious, and Alb didn’t want to upset him anymore. Albert and Gordy had been the bearer of bad news. They’d received pictures of an ACP training event which occured the day before, and the sheer size of the ACP stunned the two 2ics. The ACP lived up to it’s history of being the biggest and the best. Gord hung his head in shame. He was the one who had first told Icey. He was the one who got yelled at. It was usually Gord doing the yelling.

“I can’t believe it. I just can’t. How have they managed to do this? I thought just under half of their soldiers were still on holiday?” Icey asked. He was starting to sweat. It was half heat, half scared. His hands were clammy, clammy with fear of the IW being obliterated by the immensely huge ACP.

“I get it now. It’s photo edited, right? One of the ACP soldiers brought it round? Let me guess, Poch did it? Damn him. Damn the ACP. Damn everyone!” Icey exclaimed, banging his fists on the table. A few pieces of paper fell on the floor. Gordy stooped to pick them up.

“Stop! No. Leave them Gord. Leave them.” Gordy froze for a few seconds, shocked. Icey’s voice didn’t seem as sharp anymore. His tone was soother, still rough and angry, but not as bad as it was a few minutes ago.

“Sorry, sir. I thought you would like me to-“

“No Gord. I’ll do it. I have no use for you right now. You too Albert. You are dismissed.” Icey said, sighing. Albert also sighed, but with relief. He didn’t like seeing his close friend and leader frustrated like this. Gordy and Alb left the room, and walked down the cool, air-conditioned corridor. The sweat on their faces soon cooled and dried, leaving them feeling cold and refreshed. They needed that. A nice, fresh atmosphere to take the weight off their shoulders. Alb looked at Gordy, and smiled weakly.

“Glad that’s over. I’m tired now. If anyone wants me, I’m in my room.” Alb explained. He was a bit older than Icey, and got tired more easily. He was still going strong though, but not as strong as he was previously. He took a right turn, and soon disappeared. Gord stood there, motionless. He had no idea what to do.

Chapter Three

Ken was sat in his office. He was sending an email to Mchappy and Slider, about the war strategy. He moved the mouse to the send button, but hesitated. The email included top secret information about the war plan, and Ken’s email had been hacked several times before. He couldn’t risk the IW getting at the information. He called Slider and Mch to his office.

“Mch. Slider. Welcome. I brought you here to tell you about our latest war strategy for the war against the Ice Warriors. Please, take a seat.” Mch and Slider sat down. Ken was serious. His expression had changed from happy and friendly to serious. But if you blinked, you would’ve missed the change.

“I want this information to go no further than this room. You understand?” Ken asked.

“Yes sir.” Slider and Mch replied, in synchronicity. Ken nodded, closed his laptop, and started.


Two days had passed. There had been no signs of activeness from the IW. Flipper and Ken had decided to send out the 1st and 2nd Rifle Battalion to advance through no-man’s land and check up on the IW. It was a risky move, so just to be sure, reinforcements were waiting at a makeshift camp.

All was quiet at Fort Boomer. There were over 1,000 troops stationed at Fort Boomer, which was the closest ACP fort to no-man’s land. Boomer was under strict observation to make sure he didn’t disobey Ken and Flipper. Two penguins were stationed at Barrack 12c, one of the smallest and most compact barracks in Fort Boomer.

Splashy looked out of the window. He rested his elbows on the window ledge, sighing as he scratched his chin. Fort Boomer was like a ghost town. He’d been thinking about the IW war for days now. Coolto called him over to the shower. Cool had an edge to his voice, he sounded worried.

Chapter 4

The medics arrived, only seconds later. They immediately ran up to Splashy, and quickly announced that he’d be fine after a few days in hospital. Four medics stayed with him, putting an oxygen mask around his face and starting the CPR routine. The other six medics rushed inside, and also struggled with the heat. Wherever you went, the heat was already there. Two medics knelt down beside the ACP soldier that’d passed out only a few steps inside the barrack, and the final four medics went into the bathroom.

Three ACP soldiers were still stood inside the bathroom, which was now rather full. Everyone was jostling for position before one of the soldiers finally got some common sense and told his fellow troops to follow him out, get some fresh air. The medics got to work, gently carrying Coolto out of the shower and inspecting the IW assassin. Splashy had heard a tooth cracking earlier, which actually turned out to be the penguin’s jaw. It was almost split clear in half. As a result, Coolto’s flipper was bleeding badly. The medics soon bandaged that up, reviving Coolto at the same time.

Only one medic could fit in the shower at a time, alongside the assassin. This caused a lot of trouble getting the assassin out of the shower, as he was well-built and stocky. Everything was starting to go wrong, as the medics soon got stressed and angry. They called to the other ACP troops, still standing outside, to come and assist them. Only four people could fit in the bathroom at one time, so the troops had to knock the door down.

It was extremely chaotic. Boomer noticed the commotion outside his window, and went to investigate.

“What the hell is going on out here!?” Boomer yelled. All of the soldiers at his fort were of the highest calibre, and he was quite disappointed at the mess they were making.

“We’re sorry, sir. It’s a long story, sir. Two penguins fainted here because of an assassin the Ice Warriors sent, sir. He’s in the bathroom, sir.” One of the medics explained, nervously. Boomer was in a foul mood, and nobody wanted to get on his bad side.

“You’re like little children, it’s pathetic. Sort yourselves out. Get that troop to the medical barrack. And the rest of you, clear off! I’ll deal with this.” Boomer commanded. He walked into the barrack and wasn’t the slightest bit phased about the heat that kindly greeted him. To the others, it was like a punch to the face. To Boomer, it was like a friendly handshake.

Chapter Five

There were two knocks on the door. Those two knocks meant nothing to Albert, but at the same time, they meant everything. Albert could finally have some company. Gordy had arrived back at the 2ic quarters for the night, after watching the IW soldiers undergoing some vigorous training. Albert got up off the bed and unlocked the door. He pushed down the handle and the door swung open, effortlessly.

Gordy smiled and stepped in. It was a nice, quiet night. The sun was setting, painting a brilliant picture of red, yellow and orange in the distance. Albert gently pushed the door, which closed with a quiet ‘click’. Gordy walked further into the room and turned around. His hands were behind his back, and although he was smiling, there was something about his facial expression that meant bad news. The day just seemed to get worse and worse for the IW.

“Albert, good evening. Gill told me to come here, especially. She said she could trust nobody else. She gave me this for you.” Gord finished, handing Albert a small white envelope. Alb flipped it over, revealing the words ‘Albert’ in thin black ink. Alb felt behind the envelope and tore it open, softly. Gord was watching him intently, willing to find out what was inside the envelope. Was it money, a letter, some documents, pictures or just a small note?

Albert looked up at him before pulling the contents of the envelope out. The look meant one thing. ‘Gord, get out please. This is private’. Gordy took the hint.

“Goodnight Alb. Sleep well. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Gordy said, softly. Everything was done in a soft, gentle manner that evening. Gordy went to the door and placed his flipper on the handle.

“And before I go, Icey told me that we were to report to his office tomorrow morning, at 5AM sharp. That’s it then, Alb. Night.” Gordy opened the door and left. Once again, the door clicked shut. Alb looked at the envelope, a million things rushing through his mind. What the hell is in it? Obviously it’s a letter, yes, but what does it say? Something good or bad? Has the ACP started the war early? Or was it something personal?

In the end, he thought against revealing the contents and placed the envelope on his bedside cabinet, ready for opening tomorrow. He pressed a few buttons on his alarm clock, setting it for 4AM. That’d be ample time to prepare for the meeting with Icey.

He looked out of the window. It was only a small square, with a piece of bullet-proof glass separating himself and the world. He pulled the curtains across and sighed, leaning against the bedside chair. It was hard and wooden, and many had used it before him. Alb had been using the chair for only 3 months, as his father had given it to him as a very early Christmas present.

Chapter Six

Alb arrived at the air-conditioned waiting room outside Iceyfeet’s office, at 4:50AM. Gordy was already there, reading a magazine. Gill was also there, and looked up once Albert arrived.

“Morning Albert. You opened the letter Gord gave you yesterday, yes?” Gill asked. She showed no emotion, so the letter must’ve been important. To be honest, Albert had totally forgotten about the envelope waiting to be discovered on his bedside cabinet until now.

“No, not yet Gill. I’ll open it later.” Alb replied. Gill looked surprised, then angry. Obviously, the letter was important. Alb hadn’t revealed the contents yet, so the importance wasn’t showed to him.

Alb noticed a movement near Iceyfeet’s door. It was Icey’s assistant, looking round the door. All she had to do was clear her throat, then Gordy and Albert stood up and entered the office. Icey’s PA looked ashamed of herself, like Gord and Alb had done yesterday. She looked at Alb, and for a split second, he saw fear in her eyes. It was a shock to the system. Icey’s PA never showed emotion, ever. Especially not fear.

Gordy and Albert stopped a few feet in front of Icey’s desk. Today, it was smart and clean. Icey must’ve ordered the PA to clear it for him. The room was spotless. There was a window behind Icey, overlooking the countryside. There was a shiny steel refrigerator to the right of Albert, next to a few plastic plants and a leather sofa. To the left of the 2ic, there was a door, that was always locked. Only Iceyfeet knew what was inside that door. That was all there was on the left side. Alb focused his attention back to the leader.

Gordy and Alb saluted, in perfect timing. Icey nodded towards the two brand new chairs in front of his desk. His two 2ics sat down, hands on their laps, looking straight at Icey.

“Welcome. I’m here today to inform you of a plan I have come up with. I’m sick of waiting for this war to start. Screw the ACP, we’re going to make the first move.” Icey pushed an A2 piece of paper towards Alb and Gord. It was like a battle plan that Ken usually makes. Very technical, with lots of mathematical sums and diagrams. Big chunks of writing all over the place. It looked rather scruffy, like Icey had got a dictionary and thrown it over the paper. But it made sense. And that sense came in bucket loads.

Fort Bobcatboy was currently undergoing construction, to extend the base. The builders had to make some new pipes, and a dangerous gas was running through those pipes. The pipes weren’t fully ready yet, and there was a big block of metal holding the temporary pipes in place before the permanent ones arrived. The temp pipes were very unstable and weak, and a fair knock could easily crack and break them. Before he finished reading it, Alb knew that Icey’s plan was going to kill thousands of ACP troops. It seemed like cheating. But really, it was pure genius.

Chapter Seven

It was rather chaotic at Fort Bobcatboy. As well as the extension of the base, they were starting to expand the launch bay. Fort Bobcatboy was the main Navy base for the ACP, so it was vital that it was protected at all times. Bob liked to get involved with all the work, and what was going on. He was an active guy, even in retirement, and liked to help out still.

He was sat on a wooden stool, watching the work start on the launch bay. It was the special underground one they’d started on first, as that would be quick, easy and least likely to be attacked. There were a few stealth submarines, painted in matt black, at the side. They’d had to be taken out of the water while the renovation was going on. They looked like they’d just been plonked there by the next random scuba diver. They were so big, it was unbelievable.

There was one final submarine to be lifted before work could continue. It was the ACP Scrambler. At first, when Bob had ordered the sub, he thought it’d be small and thin, rather pathetic. But it was the total opposite. 150 feet tall, it loomed above the workers, water gushing off it at an astonishing rate. Every time he saw it, it took his breath away. He craned his neck to see the sheer size of it.

The next few moments happened too quickly.

One minute, the ACP Scrambler was being tugged up into mid-air by a crane built into the wall of the underground launch bay. The next, it was plummeting to the floor, covering an amazing distance in a short time, but looking very slow and clumsy. It hit the water and created several waves, over 20 metres in height, wide enough to skim the walls.

Bob shot up immediately, grabbing his stool in defence. He had no idea what to do, with the stool and in the situation. The wave stood above him, almost looking down at him, then a split second later, it came crashing down onto him, wiping himself out, and the rest of the crew.

Above ground, 3 ACP RAF planes were patrolling the area. They were brand new planes, specifically developed for the ACP. Two of them were F-19a’s, pure white with a black undercarriage. The third was an F-19b, pure black with eyes and a mouth with sharp teeth painted at the front.

The pilots saw the drain pipes violently shaking, from over 250 metres high, then they erupted, bursting water out. The water’s tip touched the planes, but even the slightest of change in the area could knock them off balance. The planes went plummeting towards the ground, three 450MPH fireballs, aimed for Fort Bobcatboy. It was like a nuclear explosion. The war had started.

Chapter Eight

Ken and Flipper took immediate action. They sent almost 500,000 troops from over 7 forts to invade Chinook, a server under IW domination. Iceyfeet was currently staying in Chinook, at a high security villa near the border. His villa was stormed by 100,000 ACP soldiers. They took Icey hostage and shot everyone else. Nobody was spared.

200,000 troops invaded Sub Zero. It was a bloodshed battle. 155,000 IW soldiers were killed. Only 2,000 ACP soldiers didn’t return. To the families, it’s one less penguin, one big loss. To Ken and Flipper, it’s a great success.


There was a knock at the door. Flipper was sat at his desk, writing a few notes, planning his day out. It was early, 5:00AM. Drills would start soon. Flipper was multi-tasking. Writing notes, investigating the Fort Bobcatboy disaster, making sure Fort Oagal was safe, and thinking about who was on the other side of the polished oak door.

He stood up, reluctantly. With a sigh, he walked over to the door and opened it. Ek and Carter were stood there, with a worried Iceyfeet wedged in between them. Flipper’s face instantly lit up. He had a devilish smile on his chops. He grabbed Icey by the flipper and pulled him in, thanking Carter and Ek.

He threw Icey onto the floor, kicking him in the stomach. Icey felt terrible. He had been tortured for a whole night. But to him, it felt like an eternity. They had dunked and held his face in ice cold water for over two minutes, before pulling up an unconscious IW leader. They had whipped him with chains, so hard his whole back was still numb and aching. They had put 2 bullets in his shoulder. He wasn’t in a good state, especially not to be kicked in the stomach.

“Get up. I want a word with you.” Flipper said, sternly, with a second kick. Icey coughed, and slowly stood up. He swayed on his feet, and almost fell over before Flipper but his hand under Icey’s armpit to stop him from tumbling. Icey looked Flipper straight in the eye. Please, I’ve been through enough already. Don’t hurt me anymore.

“You killed a former ACP leader, and our Navy specialists. You wiped out 3 of our newest planes, costing $500,000 each. You sent an assassin to try and kill to of our soldiers, hoping to get through to a Warfare legend. And you still want to do us more harm. I could kill you, end it now, here. But I won’t. Not now. First, I want some questions answering.” Flipper explained. Icey was daydreaming, totally ignoring Flipper. The ACP leader slapped him. Icey began to sweat. This was serious. How the heck could he worm his way out of this?

Chapter  Nine

Splashy woke up. He was in a lumpy hospital bed. The air was stuffy, immediately sending the injured ACP troop a wave of hot sweat. He raised his flipper, wiping his forehead. His hair was wet, and Splashy thought he was bleeding. But it was just sweat.

He felt like laughing. This was obviously a big joke. Why would the IW send an assassin to hide out in his shower? It’s plain stupid. In fact, he did laugh. Laughed out loud, like a maniac. That fall had really changed him. He was weak, but felt stronger. He was ill, but felt invincible.

He got up, wires falling out of his body here, there and everywhere. He ripped the remaining wires off. The machine which had previously kept him alive went berserk, beeping out random sequences. Splashy drew back the curtains, revealing a dimly lit room with one small window. He burst through the door, into the dark corridor. It was cooler in there, and he began walking. He passed through several more doors, some closed, some open, revealing either dead or sleeping patients. He even saw one penguin in white bandages, from head to toe. But nothing bothered him. He was awake, he was ready, he was dangerous.

A nurse approached him, blocking his way. He towered over her, and one look sent her racing for her life. Splashy felt better than ever. He came to a wider section of the corridor, with a desk to one side. The reception desk. There were two penguins behind it, a male and female. The female was sat down, showing the standing male something on a white chunky computer. Splashy snook past them and into a corridor, painted pure white.

He was breathing in recycled air. He needed to get out. He smashed a nearby window with his shoulder. The glass shattered without Splashy having to strain too much. He climbed out of the window and landed on a warming tarmac strip. He then realised what he was wearing. A typical hospital gown. Pale blue, almost white, with a big flap going all the way down the back. Splashy also had some fluffy dark blue slippers on, but the heat of the tarmac soon seeped through the soles.

He looked around. The bunker where he’d been staying was stretched all the way down the tarmac strip, like a giant penguin had just come and pulled it along. There were some hangars near the very end of the tarmac. Splashy then noticed, he was on an airfield.

It was bare, apart from the bunker and distant hangars. Grass was around for miles and miles. It was basically a prison. Splashy spotted a few tiny wind turbines, blowing air round and round, endlessly. The only way of escape was by plane.

Splashy started jogging to the hangars, awkwardly. His ankle was hurting really badly, and he had to hobble to walk with minimal pain. The hangars seemed miles away, and Splashy wondered if he could get there before he passed out. The sun was shining brightly. By it’s position, Splashy estimated it was midday.

Once again, he was sweating. With the combined heat of the sun and tarmac, he felt like just falling to the ground. His legs were shaking, about to give way. Only then did he realise how bad he really was. Before he’d encountered the IW assassin, he had been at the peak of physical health. Only 23 years old, Splashy had been in the ACP for 4 years. He really enjoyed his job, and rose through the ranks with ease. But this had troubled him. It was the biggest hurdle he’d ever leapt. And when coming down, he’d tripped.

Suddenly, his legs gave way. He slowly fell down to the floor, as if life had suddenly gone into slow motion. His head finally hit the floor with an almighty ‘crack’. But that wasn’t the worst of Splashy’s troubles. The colour of the world was slowly fading away, leaving behind grey. Grey sky, grey grass, gray bunker, grey everything. He couldn’t breathe, but felt happy, as if his life was complete. After everything had turned grey, the blackness invaded. It came at him at a stunning pace, before fully taking his vision – and his life.

Chapter Ten

The war had been going on for 7 days. The ACP had lost only 57,561 soldiers, whereas the IW had been struck by bad luck, losing over 255,000. The IW were in a bad position. Their leader had recently been taken hostage, by the ACP leaders. They’d lost just under x5 the amount of troops the ACP had lost. Gordy, Alb & Gill had no idea what to do. Albert called a meeting in the underground protection bunker with Gord and Gill.

“Look guys. We’re in deep stuff here. There’s no backing out now. We’ve started this war, and now we’ve gotta end it. We’re losing too many troops per day, per hour even. If we don’t act fast and now, we could lose it all. Operation: Destroy ACP has backfired, dramatically.” Alb explained, sadly. He was always upset when the IW weren’t winning. But he shook it off, focused on what good things could come.

“I have a part time job at CPAC. I could make an announcement on their radio station, TV channel and website, saying that the IW are sorry and want to be allies with the ACP once again?” Gord asked.

“No Gord! What the heck are you thinking? That’d show our weak side. You idiot. We need to fight back. Somehow.” Gill said. The three brainstormed for a while, before Alb came up with an idea.

“How about we evacuate the area? We could send all troops to the underground prison, as nobody has been there for years. We could hide their until the ACP forget about us.” Alb explained. It was the best idea they had. They went with it.

“Gill. Gord. We will put this plan into action in one month’s time. Enough time for us to prepare. Until then, farewell.”

Chapter Eleven

1 Month Later…….

Millions of soldiers had been lost, on both sides. It was a battle that will never be forgotten. Strategies had succeeded at times, then failed. Iceyfeet was still being held hostage, in one of the very few remaining isolation camps from WWVI. There were over 1,000 ACP soldiers guarding the camp. Nobody went in, nobody left.

Mchappy and Slider were sat in the strategy room, where all of the ACP leaders had led the army to victory. They were reviewing the war records. Several soldiers had kept diaries of what had happened during the war, and had been requested to send them back in to Fort Oagal. There had been over 50 diaries sent in, all with a stunning amount of entries.

Mchappy noticed something, in a specific diary written by an ACP Master General, Penny. Penny had written that the IW had been retreating over the past week, and one month and seven days after war had been declared, all IW soldiers had gone. There was no sign of them. Penny had raided the main IW base with a few other troops, and it was deserted. Mch was very surprised, then worried, then confused. Why had the IW retreated? Where had they disappeared to?

He told Slider to read the diary entry for those few days, to make sure Mch’s eyes weren’t tricking him. Unless Slider’s eyes were also in a tricky mood, the diary clearly stated that the IW had disappeared. Mch rang Ken immediately.

“Ken. You know those diaries the troops sent in? One of them has some fascinating information. The IW have disappeared. They’re nowhere to be seen. Several soldiers raided the main IW base, but there was nobody there. Apparently, the IW’s servers are like a ghost town. What do we do?” Mch asked. He had a slight tinge of fear in his voice. Were the IW planning a super surprise attack? Were they mining underneath all of the ACP forts, planning to blow them up? Extreme measures had to be taken.

Ken put his phone down. Stood up. He was in the only remaining bunker in the isolation camp. He opened the door, and caught Flipper’s eye. Ken’s fellow leader knew what he was going to do. Ken was on a serious mission.

Splashy was stood outside the rehabilitation centre. He was put on drugs after he had been shot, and the drugs had more or less saved his life. Unfortunately, he had become addicted. And if he took an overdose every day, he could be dead within a fortnight.

He had been in the rehab centre for three weeks. He was cured of his addiction, and felt as though the specialists and shrinks had wiped his whole body clear of everything. He felt fresh and ready to go, yet he also felt empty.

But he was still a troop in the ACP. He had a duty to do, and that duty was to serve his army. He had been called to the Commanders Office at Fort Oagal. He’d never been there before. He’d spent his whole career of the ACP at Fort Boomer.

A taxi pulled up in front of him. It beckoned him in. Although the driver didn’t show any signs of the taxi being for Splashy, he stepped in and buckled up.

“Ken sent me. He wants you at his office. Got some special shit for you.” The driver said. Splashy didn’t mind the odd swear now and then, on the battlefield it was bound to happen. But he was annoyed with the driver’s attitude.

“I’ve just been shot, and got out of a rehab centre. So if you swear, you’ll be the one with a bullet hole in your chest. Comprende?” The taxi driver looked in his rear view mirror. A look of pure disgust and hatred was displayed on his face. But Splashy didn’t care. He’d keep to his promise.

The drive took 2 hours to get to Fort Oagal. There was a soldier stood at the gate, waiting for Splashy. He was a Corporal, new to the ACP, but had a big responsibility – to escort Splashy to the Commanders Office.

Splashy stepped out of the cab and looked down at the Corporal. He was a lot smaller than Splashy, and looked scared, like Ken had threatened him. But he led Splashy to the biggest barrack in the compound.

The officer knocked on the door, and opened it for Splashy. Splashy stepped in and saw a smartly dressed penguin, stood in the middle of a room host to a desk and two chairs. The penguin was dressed in a smart fancy outfit, black hat and wide black suit with golden bits going here there and everywhere. The joint leader of the ACP likes to dress to impress.

“Ah, Splashy. Welcome. I would like to apologise about what happened at the old airfield. We did not expect an IW sniper to be waiting for you. But now you’ve recovered, I have some important work for you. It is not a solo mission, and even myself will be taking part.

“We have been observing the enemies progress dramatically over the past month or so. We have recently noticed that they have been retreating, and now they have disappeared. We find this very strange and confusing. We cannot seem to figure it out. But we do know of a place, very secretive and hidden, that the IW may be hiding in. We’re going to send out a small squadron to investigate. I will be the Squadron Leader. I have chosen you to be a Sniper. We will be working alongside 7 other specially chosen ACP soldiers. Consider yourself lucky.” Ken finished. He was deadly serious. He looked Splashy in the eye. The young Colonel had been through lots, but this was the perfect opportunity to make the perfect comeback.

“Who else is in this elite little squadron then?” Splashy asked

“Well. As I already stated, I’m the Squadron Leader. The two Junior Squadron Leaders are Samanna and Moshter. Then, we have Mch and Coolto as medics, yourself and Weatherboy as snipers, and finally, Matt and Kirk are the riflemen. Flipper and I have our full faith in these chosen soldiers, especially you. Boomer also said to keep an eye on you. We know you’re a strong guy. Just prove us right.”

“I’m ready.”

Chapter Twelve

The Alpha Squadron were preparing in a small, cozy barrack in Fort Oagal. Near the rear of the barrack was some showers, and Splashy seriously considered drenching himself in one before leaving. But there wasn’t enough time. Flipper had popped in about 5 minutes ago, saying they had to leave within 15 minutes. In that time, the small Squadron had to prepare their bags, get dressed into combat clothing and have a brief meeting with Ken and Flipper.

Ken was very quiet. He was zipping up his jacket, green with cream sleeves. He was deep in thought, not taking notice of what was going on around him. He was almost complete. The only thing he needed to do was place his Blue Viking helmet onto his head. And he was ready.

He looked at the rest of the group. Moshter and Samanna were checking each others backpacks, Mch and Coolto were packing their first aid kit. Weatherboy and Splashy were loading their snipers, while Matt and Kirk were testing their rifles outside.

Ken went to a table, pulled a chair out and climbed on top of the table. He cleared his throat just as Matt and Kirk came in.

“Okay guys. This is a serious mission. We’re finding the IW. Today. We are going to find them. We will not fail. We can’t, we just can’t. We find them, we neutralise their temp leaders, then get our asses out of there.” Ken explained. Everyone was looking at him, listening intently. They knew that if they failed, they’d get lined up against a legendary brick wall and get shot.

The Alpha Squadron took a ten minute briefing with Flipper and Slider, then they set off. 85% of the remaining ACP were only a mile behind the small squadron of 9, in case they were needed. It was a long, long walk to the location of the suspected IW hideout. Ken was well prepared – he’d spent many days as a young ACP troop trudging through mud for several hours, it was like second nature to him. It was also the same for Mchappy, who was a previous ACP leader. He had led the ACP to victory against the Night Warriors in a legendary war, and they had to walk several miles, in the rain, for their victory.

But for the youngsters, it was proving a challenge. The mud was extremely thick, and their feet sunk several inches whenever they stepped. Mch and Ken were at the front of the group, with Coolto, Matt and Kirk at the back, and Samanna, Moshter, Splashy and Weatherboy in the middle. Kirk and Matt didn’t stop moaning about how mucky they were getting, and how tiring it was, pulling their feet out of the mud only to put them back in. Moshter, Splashy and Weather also hated it, but kept quiet. Samanna dropped behind a bit, to walk with Coolto, as Samanna had twisted his ankle and needed assistance with walking. He was leant on Coolto’s shoulder.

Ken suddenly stopped, and Moshter almost walked into him. Ken stuck his nose in the air and sniffed, deeply. Splashy was confused. What the hell was the leader doing?

“I smell rain in the air. It’s heavy, and muggy. I think there’s going to be a storm. Good job we brought those tents, eh lads?” Ken asked, with a smile on his face. Samanna looked up, scowling.  He was obviously in sheer pain, his ankle causing the majority of it.

And Ken was right. It was a good job they’d brought tents. They’d brought 5 tents with them, one for Ken, one for the medics, another for the Junior Leaders, a fourth for the Snipers and a fifth for the Riflemen. Ken was happily carrying his own tent, which increased the overall weight of the backpack to a staggering fifteen kilograms. Ken showed no signs of straining. He’d obviously done this too many times before. He was a devoted soldier.

Then, it started to rain. Small, fine drops at first, then big heavy drops, lots of them. They ground became sludgy and really tacky, and everyone, including Ken, struggled to walk. Ken finally made the decision to stop and set up camp. He radioed through to Flipper, who was a mile or so away with the rest of the ACP. They were to stop for the night, for a rest, then set off again at 5AM sharp.

Setting up a tent isn’t easy, especially when it’s chucking it down. Splashy and Weather were the first to set up their tent, and quickly clambered inside. Splashy clutched his chest, where he’d been shot. Some of his stitches were coming loose, and he had to retie them with Coolto’s help. He rolled out his sleeping bag, curled up inside it and drifted to sleep…..

Chapter Thirteen

Splashy woke up at 4AM. Weather was already awake, dressed into his ACP uniform, complete with Roman helmet and Night Vision goggles. He tugged Splashy gently, before the injured soldier rolled out of bed and sat up. He usually got up at 6AM, and still, that was too early. He rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, yawning and stretching. Weather was cooking some eggs and bacon rashers in a small paraffin stove, just a canister with a grill on top. Splashy immediately caught the smell of bacon, and ventured to the edge of the tent. Weather was cooking the food outside, for two reasons. One, so the tent didn’t catch fire, and two, so the rest of the camp would wake up due to the smell.

Splashy grabbed a cooked egg with his flippers and snaffled it quickly. He was delighted with the instant warm feeling. He grabbed another, and another, before Weather held his flipper out, signalling to stop. Splashy rolled back into the tent and got dressed. He pulled his letterman jacket on, snuggling down into it and pulling up the collar. It’d stopped raining outside, but the wind was picking up and it was bitter. Soon, the whole camp was awake and ready, and Ken radioed Flipper, telling him to be ready for 4:45AM. Then, they’d dismantle the tents and set off again. Splashy took another bacon rasher before pulling his goggles down.

Ken walked up to Splashy and took him aside. Splashy was still tired, and swayed about a bit on his feet.

“Splashy. I want you to be extra careful out there. I don’t want you to get shot again. We’re hoping to give you a large promotion if this is a success. I’ve told Mch to keep a special eye on you. If you get hurt, I’ll never forgive myself.” Ken finished. Splashy felt drunk on eggs.

“Ken, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry, just chill. Thanks.” Splashy replied, placing his flipper on Ken’s shoulder. The leader smiled, then walked away, whistling. Splashy suddenly realised the huge weight on his shoulders. He was under pressure. He had to perform.

 Chapter Fourteen

The Alpha Squadron had been walking for 4 hours straight. It was absolutely chucking it down, full blast rain, like a tropical storm in the middle of a dessert made of waterlogged mud. Splashy was sick and tired of walking, getting more or less nowhere. The thick, sludgy mud made the trip longer than predicted. Splashy was literally covered in mud. Mud on his boots, letterman jacket, flippers, even on his Roman helmet. He sighed heavily. He was worn out. He wanted to roll out his sleeping bag, just anywhere, and sleep for months.

Ken suddenly swivelled round, facing the group. Moshter and Samanna instantly stood to attention. Ken cleared his throat and spoke.

“We have been walking for a long, long time. I approximate that we are almost at our destination. I estimate that we only need to walk for another half hour before we arrive at the supposed IW hideout. That is all. We may all resume.” Ken turned back around and carried on trudging through the tacky, thick mud.

Ken’s estimate was way out. It took them another two hours before they came to some battle damaged wire fencing. Ken inspected the fences, before finding a suitable hole big enough for everyone to fit through. He pulled out his Stanley knife and made the hole a bit bigger before demonstrating to the group how to climb through a hole.

“Ken, not to be rude or anything, but I think everyone knows how to climb through a fence.” Mchappy spoke up. Ken glared at him, before smiling and nodding his head.

“I suppose so. Come on then, come join me!”

The rest of the squadron clambered through the hole and joined Ken on the crumbling tarmac. It was a rather big fortress, with lots of rubble here and there and moss sprouting through the tarmac. It was a relief to be stood on dry land, instead of mushy dirt.

Ken looked around him, then headed off in accordance to his compass. They walked for about ten minutes before coming to a large hill, which had a forest nicely perched on top. The mud on the hill was strangely dry, like somebody had laid a blanket on it. It was just starting to get a bit sloppy as the Alpha Squadron climbed up it. The rain had eased off, and it was slightly foggy and dark.

They reached the top of the hill and wandered through the forest for a further fifteen minutes, before the trees and bushes cleared to reveal yet another fortress. This was much smaller, with nothing in it. Just an electric fence surrounding it. There was a hole in the middle of the fort, covered up with wooden planks. Ken ordered that the Snipers held back and waited at the top of the hill while the rest of the squadron went inside the base.

Splashy and Weatherboy settled themselves down on top of the hill. The rain had gone off a lot by then, and it was just drizzling. The rest of the squadron were messing about down at the base, doing something or other. Splashy guessed he would be laying in that position, looking through his snipescope, for around an hour. But most importantly, they had arrived. They were one step closer to busting out the Ice Warriors, once and for all. They were almost there.

Chapter Fifteen

It was all quiet in the sewers. The IW had been in the stinking sewage system of Klondike for weeks. The ACP hadn’t noticed. Klondike was the only free sewage system, and that’s why the IW had been staying there.

Back when the IW owned Klondike for 2 months, they’d built a prison in the sewers. The sewers were now extremely overcrowded, but they’d been there for three weeks, unnoticed. Either the ACP knew they were there and were planning a surprise attack, or there had been a quiet nuclear war and everyone had been wiped out.

Albert was sweating. He’d never been so nervous in his life. He was sat in an old cell that was rotting away. His cellmates were rats. He was stressfully looking through some reports Gill, Rugrat and Gordy had given him. Several troops had suffered from malnutrition and died in the sewers. The IW were down to a mere 150,000 soldiers. If Iceyfeet did return, he would be extraordinarily furious.

Albert was tired. His flippers ached and his eyes felt heavy. He wanted to burn all of the papers and go to sleep on the flat mattress on the floor. He looked at the stinking mattress, flies hovering over it. The thing was covered in stains, and smelt like a cow’s backside, but it was somewhere to sleep, and Albert wanted sleep. He got up, out of his chair, and was about to lay down on the mattress when he hears shouting, in the distance.

At first, Albert had no clue what was being shouted. It sounded important, as he heard the clatter of footsteps. The shouting got louder and louder, then the shouter rushed past Albert’s cell followed by hundreds of IW soldiers. Albert just caught him saying ‘the ACP are attacking’ before more footsteps drowned out the sounds. At first, Alb was unsure. The war siren confirmed everything.

Albert grabbed his Desert Eagle and raced outside. He was caught up in the mass of troops and carried along the smelly sewer. He was splashing in green murky water, which gave his boots an unmistakable stench, but if the ACP were attacking, safety was Alb’s main priority. He came to a sudden stop, and barged his way through the string of soldiers to the front. He was confronted by 7 ACP soldiers, all heavily armed. They weren’t doing anything, just staring at each other. Albert instantly knew that the penguin at the front was ACP joint leader, Ken. And then, all hell broke loose.

Ken fired several bullets, all in Albert’s direction. Alb fell to the ground, dead. The other ACP soldiers also opened fire, and several grenades were thrown. As the IW were taken by surprise, they had only brought either pistols or sub-machine guns. Soon, the sewer was filling up with fire, smoke, and flashes of green. More and more ACP soldiers were coming and dominating. In just under an hour, there was 1 IW soldier remaining and over 1,000 ACP. That one IW was called Herbinator. She was one of the toughest female troops the IW had ever seen. And she was shot dead by Splashy.

Chapter Sixteen

“Ken, Flipper, welcome back. I hope you demolished the Ice Warriors, just like you said?” Slider asked. He’d been at Fort Oagal all along, watching over the remaining troops.

“Yes. They’re dead. How is Iceyfeet?” Flipper replied.

“He is on his deathbed, literally. We gave him a mattress and a few sheets, and he is almost dead. We estimate that he has just under 60 minutes remaining.” Slider concluded. Ken glanced at Flipper. They needed to give Icey the final interrogation, before he dies.

Ken arrived at the abandoned prisoner of war camp, accompanied by Flipper. They went straight into the bunker and Flipper grabbed Iceyfeet by the scruff of his neck.

“Oi, you. You’re nearly dead. Before we finish you off, we want to know some things. Don’t talk and you die. Tell us the wrong stuff and you die. Either way, you’re gonna die.” Flipper said, before pushing Icey back down. The IW leader was in a poor state. He was cut and bruised all over, and he had black eyes. He could barely see, but identified the voices of Ken and Flipper, his arch enemies.

“Look…..I can’t talk much……Whatever you ask, I can’t answer…” Icey stammered. Ken took over.

“You’re going to tell us what we want to hear. If we’re not pleased with your answers, you’re going to waste away. Slowly, and painfully. So, tell us Icey. What was the motion and thinking behind the IW attacking the ACP?” Ken demanded.

“We…we wanted to be the almighty…..We wanted to be the biggest and best army…….in the whole of Club Penguin……I’m sorry…….Please…”Iceyfeet stuttered. He was close to dying.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Ken replied sarcastically. He looked at Iceyfeet, straight in the eyes. The IW leader was at death’s door. Ken revealed a pistol and shot the IW leader, in between the eyes. It was a nasty way for him to go. He’d been tortured for exactly 1 month, 7 days and 22 hours, and had been shot dead by his worst enemy. Not the way he’d intended on leaving the world, but still, a dramatic way nonetheless.

Flipper stepped outside, quickly followed by Ken. They were relieved with the immediate sense of fresh air, no more smell of torture, blood and pain. Just the smell of fresh air. Ken stretched, and Flipper smiled. They’d just eliminated the biggest threat they’d seen in a long time. If Iceyfeet hadn’t have been killed and the secret IW hideout destroyed, the war would’ve definitely evolved into World War VI. Ken patted Flipper on the back.

“Job well done, Flip. Nice work.” The two ACP leaders smiled, looking out into the beautiful sunset which was forming on the horizon. It turned the sky a marvellous reddish pink, and the duo were stunned and amazed at the sight. It was a perfect moment. But all too soon, the trouble would start again. And strangely enough, Flipper and Kenneth longed for that time to come sooner than ever.


For starters, thanks for reading my story, Operation: Destroy ACP. It is the first ever story I have written to the end, and first I’ve ever released to the viewing public. I would like to thank everyone for reading it, commenting on it (whether it be criticism or praise) and thanks for the encouragement that made me continue with the story. I have highly enjoyed writing it, although at parts it got boring and I thought ‘will this really be good enough? Will people like it?’. But it turned out to be a good hit. It’s also the first time I’ve done Prologues and Epilogues, thanks to Blue1 for that.

Talking about Blue1, I’d like to devote this whole paragraph to him. Blue1 has been a great friend to me this past month and 3 days. He has promoted me to Head Writer, then Secondary Head. He has been very kind to me, on and off chat, and we’ve had some good conversations too. Overall, he’s a great guy once you get to know him, and he’s supportive with whatever you do. If you haven’t already, get out there and meet Sir Bluesockwa the 1st. That is a command. Disobey at your own risk.

I would also like to thank all of the people that left nice comments on the several parts of this story. It is a true shame to see the end of it, and I wouldv’e loved to make it a never-ending tale of twists, turns and fun. I have enjoyed writing it, and from the comments I’ve received, people have enjoyed reading it. Everyone has been rather kind to me, which makes me feel nice inside.

Now that part of the Oscars ceremony is over, I’d like to finish off. I am in the ACP, and I am biased towards the ACP, however much I try not to be. It is like instinct to me, like second nature. It is very possible that the IW and ACP could go to war, and the IW or ACP could win. I have tried to match every main character to their personality, but it was relatively hard. So, on that bombshell, goodbye for now, thanks for reading and the support, and I hope you enjoyed………


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  4. Wow! I finished reading “Operation: Destroy ACP” about ten minutes ago, and I think it’s one of the BEST ACP/IW war stories EVER!! To everyone who hasn’t read it, you should. It’s such a great story, it will blow you off of the site by the time you reach Chapter 16, you will be blown away by it’s awesomeness.
    I also finished reading “The Rebel’s Scandal” about 2-3 minutes ago. It was… kinda boring.

  5. “Operation: Destroy ACP” was AWESOME!!!! That was one of the BEST ACP/IW war stories ever!! It will blow your minds by Chapter 16!! You should TOTALLY read it!!! On the other hand,”The Rebel’s Scandal” was quite boring.
    Your ACP friend,

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