CP Army Story Central is the center for the most well-written, intriguing, and overall best stories in the army community! We are dedicated to providing you with stories that bring you right into the action; make you feel like you’re there. So, what are you waiting for? Go…. read a story!

~The CPASC Team

CPASC Legends


Bluesockwa was the creator and founder of CPA Story Central. Along with Splashy, he helped to get the site on its feet. He also made the decision to break CPASC away from CPAC after they seized control of the site. He also worked to sort out the issues of the coup war, involving himself, Becca, and Splashy. Blue was one of CPASC’s strictest Heads of Site, and currently servers as Godfather, making all final decisions relating to the site along with Splashy. Blue currently holds the record for CPASC’s longest-serving Head of Site.


Splashy was the second Head of Site of CPASC. He started as a Writer when the site was founded, but soon worked his way up the ranks as Mchappy and Klug, the original Secondary Head and Head Writer left their positions. Splashy worked with Blue for a very long time as Secondary Head, contributing to most important decisions. He eventually tried to overthrow Blue because of a clause instated, but after their differences were worked out, he assisted Blue in breaking away from CPAC. Splashy was eventually overthrown by Becca, and currently serves as Godfather along with Blue. Splashy and Blue had been known to be the most effective team of Co-Heads to date.


Becca became CPASC’s third Head of Site. She began as a Writer, but was eventually promoted to the position of Head Writer after Mchappy retired and Splashy was promoted to Secondary Head. After Blue retired from Head and she was promoted to Head with Splashy, she overthrew him, and eventually Drust filled the second position of Head as Splashy became Godfather. Becca has been known as CPAC’s best writer, both in grammar and in style.


Drust became CPASC’s fourth Head of Site after Blue promoted her to settle the couping war. Drust joined CPASC and quickly became Secondary Head, and then Head not too soon after. Drust was the only one of the four CPASC Legends not direcetly involved in the couping war, making her a perfect choice for Co-Head. She is widely recognized as CPASC’s most creative writer.


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