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So I wrote something. It hasn’t really been done before on CP stories, so here you go

No spoilers though. Comment if you want ur name to be included

Kai was advancing on me with a knife in his hands. As my back touched the wall, I took a moment to appreciate that he was holding the Dagger of Wrath, one of the very few one-hit-KO weapons. Outside, visible through the windows, a giant dragon spewed fire onto the roofs of cottages. I could hear the shrieks from here, 10 stories up in a stone castle.

“If only you had listened to me,” Kai said, shaking his head as if he was disappointed. “We could have won.”

“Go to hell,” I hissed, my voice laced with venom.

“Only if you come with me.”

It was times like these where you wonder how you got here.

A few months earlier:


Reality sucked, which was why I drowned myself in virtual-reality. Because virtual-reality couldn’t hurt you the way real reality could. But sadly, reality has a way of creeping into everything.

I could hear my parents arguing from under my helmet. The words seeped into the exciting music of the platform game I was playing, and messed me up. My swing was off, and the sword I was holding glanced off of Bowser’s shell. He gave me a toothy smile before happily ripping me apart. The words, “Game Over”  floated in my vision. I ripped my helmet off angrily.

The light’s of the brain stimulator slowly winked out of existence. I wished I could, too.

I yelled something extremely crude. I scrambled out of my seat as heavy footsteps started coming towards my door. I locked it just in time. My dad angrily twisted the doorknob, banged on the door and screamed obscenities. In response my mom also screamed a couple of curses to tell him to leave me alone. Dad stomped away to shout at her, and they continued in a symphony of domestic violence.

I put my helmet back on and logged onto a chat. It was one of those old-style chatrooms, one with only words and avatars. You can’t see faces and you had to “type”.

Lillie98 logged in. Currently on chat: Caity, ToriToby, Mchappy, Sha-boom, phantom.

Mchappy: hi lillie!

Caity: hey pimp

Lillie98: sup you guys

ToriToby: nothing much, u?

Lillie98: me neither, nothing interesting is happening

Sha-boom: Did you imbeciles hear about the new game?

Mchappy: which one

Sha-boom: Heaven’s Forge. It’s all over the forums, sounds awesome.

Boomer20 logged in. Currently on chat: Caity, ToriToby, Lillie98, Mchappy, Sha-boom, phantom.

Boomer20: back, had to eat

Caity: wb

ToriToby: wb

Lillie98: Shabooby, PC me the download link.

Boomer20: oh yeah, that new game heaven whatever? send me it too.

Sha-boom: Sure Boomer. And Lillie, call me that again and I’ll ban you.

Caity: ooooh lillie got in troubleeeee

Lillie98: stfu cait before i hunt you down and sell you on the black marker for five dollars.

—–Sha-boom wants to private chat you! Accept/Deny?—–

Private chat accepted!



Lillie98: ty and sorry for hurting your manly pride.

Sha-boom: My manly pride is as vast as the ocean, you couldn’t dent it. And anyways, we have big problems going on.

Lillie98: like wut?

Sha-boom: Have you noticed Phantom before?

Lillie98: well yeah, but he/she never says anything.

Sha-boom: Our chat had a ton of hacker attacks this morning. Boomer and I were barely able to stop it, but I was able to get the IP address.

Lillie98: who was it?! ill rip them apart!

Sha-boom: I’m not saying I know for certain it was Phantom, because my doxing skills leave something to be desired. But the address was the same as his.

Lillie98: and why haven’t you banned his sorry ass?

Sha-boom: He’s using a proxy. The ban won’t stick.

Lillie98: goddammit, why doesn’t he just leave?

Sha-boom: Idk.

Download complete!

Lillie98: oh its done downloading. see you there?

Sha-boom: Yeah, almost everyone will be there. We can make a guild or something.

Lillie98: kk

Exited chat.

Start playing Heaven’s Forge?

Are you sure? Yes/No

Loading Heaven’s Forge….


Numbers and letters flooded my internal screen and I had to shut my eyes. This was strange. And was it me or was my helmet getting tighter?

Type in your name.

Is “Lillie” okay? Yes/No

Logging into game…

Okay, no password? No character making? Weird.

My avatar spawned into a crowded, old-fashioned market. There were stalls lining down the street as far as I could see, and behind me was a giant fountain. Other players walked around wearing low-level clothes and weapons. I blinked, and found that my avatar’s eyes also blinked. I flexed my hand. The avatar obeyed. The synchronizers must be amazing, I realized. I looked down, just to see what I Iooked like, and found that my avatar was an exact replication of my real body. Mixed skin, coffee-bean eyes and curly black hair.

What the hell.

I didn’t have time to ponder very long. Something slammed into my back and I was eating dirt.

“Stop standing around, you noob!” someone snarled.

I stood as calmly and quietly as I could while rage boiled up inside of me. Pasting on a grin, I turned around with an innocent teenage-girl look in my eyes. There was a fat, slimy waste of organic matter leering at me with beady eyes.

“I’m so sorry,” I began sweetly.

A nasty smile crawled on his face.

“That you are a piece of shit!” The poor bastard never even saw my righteous fist nailing him right in the nose.

To my surprise, I felt pain shudder along my arm. The lethargic teenager fell to his knees, wailing in agony.

There is something wrong here. I was pretty sure (about 99.99999 percent sure) that making the user feel pain in a game was illegal in every country in the world. So, considering that, I thought that I should possibly get out of this game.

But nooo, I was too stupid to listen to my instinct.

“Yeah, Lillie! Give it to him!” someone cheered off to my side.

A skinny girl about my age was bouncing in excitement. She wore a light blue and white tunic with black trousers and brown boots.

“Cait?” I could recognize that blonde hair and those blue eyes anywhere.

“Lillie, gurl,” Cait talked in a sarcastically high-pitched voice, “you look so adorbs. Why didn’t you send me any pics?”

I responded in the appropriate annoying preppy-girl tone. “Cuz, like, my hair was so, like, not fab.” Because I have bruises all over my face, I wanted to say. But I didn’t. Not ever.

Cait grinned widely and started to say something but stopped and looked over my shoulder. I followed her gaze and saw a red-haired boy around our age just aimlessly wandering around.

“Ben?!” she shrieked and flounced off to her boyfriend.

Ben’s eyes lit up when he saw her and ran to give her a hug. I averted my eyes from their lovey-doveyness.

I realized my own clothes were pretty lame, just brown trousers and a blouse, so I walked off to find my starting mission. Most virtual stimulator games like this had a mission so you can learn the ropes and choose your own weapon. Sometimes you had to walk around, or sometimes a NPC approaches you.

I tried to figure out how to open my inventory. I flexed my hands, said “Inventory” outloud, and touched my pockets. Nothing worked.

“You have to open up your satchel,” someone said from behind me.

I whirled around, but all I could see were crowds of NPCs, and no one took credit. I was getting tired of people coming up behind me, but I listened to his advice (the voice was definitely male). I took my satchel off my back (hadn’t even noticed it was there) and rummaged through it. To my surprise, there was only a letter.

Go to the town square at noon.

Okay, strange. I turned on my eye-clock, which read 11:45. Underneath the floating numbers was my name, HP and my stamina levels. There was also a place for a guild and my choice of weapon, both of which I had neither.

“This sucks,” I muttered.

I wondered if other people got the same letter, until I noticed that everyone was just walking around. No one had weapons or anything. This was too weird.

Okay, time to log out.

I opened up the menu and scrolled through for the log out button. It wasn’t there. I opened everything, from the settings to the terms and conditions. It wasn’t there.

Well, maybe I have to save at a certain place, I had thought. Maybe that’s why they want us to go to the town square, so they could tell us where we have to go.

I was naive.

Fifteen minutes later, I was milling around the crowded square with Cait and Ben in tow. Ben smiled nervously at me. I gave him a predatory smile, daring him to mess up with Cait. He gulped.

My smirk vanished as I was bumped into by a group of college-age guys. I sent a scowl their way; they looked at me like I was trash. My fists bunched up on their own accord. I expected Ben and Cait to come up and flank me, but instead they pulled me back.

“Lillie, you know I love you, but I don’t think we can win a fight.” It was a sad day when Cait was being more reasonable than I.

“Cait’s right, they’re like twenty-something. We are fourteen. They outnumber us. Chill, Lillie.” Wow, Ben too.

“Sorry, guys. I’m just anxious,” I explained.

Cait raised a blonde brow, waiting for me to go on.

“It’s just that, I have this bad feeling. Something weird is going on here. A bad kind of weird.”

“Oh yes, I totally understand,” Cait said sarcastically.

Irritation flashed through me and I turned my back to them. “Fine.”

I childishly ignored them for a while, taking the time to look at the huge crowd of a couple hundred people standing around in groups or alone. I noticed that there weren’t the usual really old guys or really young people, like in most games. Cait, Ben and I were among the youngest. The college assholes I bumped into were around the oldest. I tried to find a reason and came up empty.

I was snapped out of my musing by a sudden silence in the large crowd. Cait gasped and Ben swore loudly. I followed their gaze to the top of a building and-

A man was standing on top of it.

“Welcome!” his voice boomed out. “Welcome to Heaven’s Forge. I am here to inform you that most the people here will die.”



Again, comment if u want to be included. Lillie out


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  1. love it, Lilz.

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