Inspired by food…

Sooo, as I was cleaning out my desktop, I found this!

It was seriously horrid so I made a L O T of changes to it…

 I still haven’t proof read it yet..

Meep. Enjoy.

Light footsteps pitter-pattered down the monstrously large hallways. Their ceilings seemed to expand for miles towards the sky in the view of the little girl that wandered them. She was but ten years old, closing quickly on being eleven. Bobbing gently on her shoulders as she walked were two little low-set pigtails of jet black hair. The dark strands were held in place by hair ties with a duo of comical looking skulls. Two small black horns created a part in her bangs that just brushed past astonishingly colored eyes; they were not a gleaming green, or a sparkling blue…but an empty white. She wore a large grey sweater which had sleeves that covered her hands with her fingertips just peeking into view. The seams of the sweater were decorated with a swirling stitch and below it a white skirt flared out, with black leggings and a pair of white boots that made a clicking echo with every step. Each boot had a smiling face that seemed to be painted on it with eyes near the laces and spiked teeth on the soles. Everything about her, down to her dull-grey skin, was of a monochrome hue.

The girl was humming a happy little tune to herself, and soon she began to accompany it with words.

“Mr. Crow, Mr. Crow, have you sung your song today?” She began to sing in her sweet voice, the notes coming out high and wavering.

“It’s been an awful long while since you sung last, wouldn’t you say?”

She turned a corner and began down a spiraling marble staircase, feeling her way down with her hand on the rail as she looked up at the ceiling. Between the arching support beams of ivory were several panels of murky glass that let in a sufficient amount of light, but blocked most of the direct UV rays. From what she could tell, it was an overcast afternoon anyways, and didn’t put too much mind to the sun.

“Is your voice still tired, unwilling to bay?”

With a giant hop, she skipped the last step and landed on the black and white checkered tile, causing a loud clap to resound through the massive room. It was quickly drowned out by the swarm of people walking back and forth about their business in the foyer-like room. With a smile, she simply watched the people just as similarly colored as herself race by to get to an important meeting, casually stroll down hallways, or she observed them merely sitting on a few of the sofas provided. A long line of impatient persons, dressed mostly in business suits and dresses, were filed before a desk where two frazzled looking clerks were trying to sort an issue out that she couldn’t quite hear.

“Regardless of orders, your fledglings still seem to obey,”
She squint her eyes to better see a large white door across the lobby that began to open. As it fully swung open, she could see that the woman whose hand was on the door knob was exactly who she was looking for.

She was very tall with pure white skin, hair and eyes (they held a very beady look to them as the pupils were small, almost nonexistent, and the iris swam against a black sclera. The right one however, was covered by a black eye patch with a white ‘X’ in the middle of it.). Her hair was smooth for the most part, with a few sections in the back ruffled up and two very long sections that cascaded down from behind her pointed ears and reached just to her ribcage. Small striped horns curled upwards on the side of her head, alternating in black and white to the tip. From the neck down, she was robed in black garments. They were plain and simple, consisting of a long-sleeved shirt with a tight turtle-neck collar, gloves with the same ‘X’ mark on the back of the hands, a belt, pants, and a pair of boots with several straps wrapped around them. A long, snaking tail as thin as an electrical cord trailed behind her, monotonously swaying back and forth. Every once in a while, the white spade at the end of it would scratch against the floor. Her looks were even more so humbled against her companion who emerged from the room mere seconds later.

She was a tall lady with bright red hair that was fastened into a high ponytail with an assortment of blue, yellow, and green beads and feathers. The colors repeated in her outfit by showing up in various tribal patterns that adorned her tunic and skirt, with bright yellow boots that were similar to a gladiator’s shoe style. Besides her skin, which was a darker brown complexion, the rest of her appearance made the girl cringe. She certainly was a sore thumb against the black and white décor, and even the majority of the people. While not everyone that bustled about were completely monochromatic, they still wore black and white garments that made them more or less blend into everyone else.

The two shook hands and smiled while exchanging brief words.

“Best they do so, or they’ll become your prey – Drust!” Sammy’s song came to a finish as she called out to Drust.

Drust seemed surprised and began to search for the source of the noise. After a quick second Drusts eyes rested on her, and Sammys smile grew wider. The older female got on one knee and opened her arms. With a happy cry Sammy began to run towards Drust. She maneuvered her way through the legs of the busy patrons until she found herself leaping into Drusts arms. Drust wrapped her around Sammy and picked her up, swinging her around once as they still embraced before setting her down. Sammy had giggled all the while.

“Ah, Miss Sammy Ann, what a pleasure it is to see you this afternoon.” Drust said, her voice coming off low and smooth as she bowed to her the same way as she did to the brightly colored woman before.

Sammys giggling persisted as she answered back in a curtsey.

“It’s but 2 in the afternoon. Are your lessons done all ready?” Drust asked, straightening herself up.

“Yes Ma’am!” Sammy replied cheerily, “Chrisi let me out early because I’m doing so well! Roan too – but he went down to the field to train with Jester or something like that.”

“Is that so?” Drust closed the door to the room behind her and began to walk away, beckoning to Sammy with a short hand movement to follow her. “Had you nothing better to do than to visit boring old me?”

Sammy caught up and walked alongside her; with every long stride Drust made, Sammy had to counter it with two or three quick steps to keep up.

“Well, I was going to visit Miss Mayleece and Paprika at the candy store,” Sammy started off in a rather ‘matter-of-fact’ tone, “ but when I went down to her shop it was closed. Then I remembered that Paprika’s school doesn’t let out until a little before three, and her mom doesn’t open shop until then!”

Those who passed by uttered soft “My Lady” phrases and bowed their heads in Drusts direction, to which she responded with a curt nod every once and then.

Turning her attention back to Sammy, Drust chuckled. “So you reverted to your second option?”

Sammy pointed a small finger in her direction. “Yup! You’re plan B! And I want you to buy me candy for my good grades!” Her tone was rather demanding, but her smiling face easily showed that she was teasing.

Drust let out a small gasp and raised the back of her hand to her forehead, tilting her head back and letting out a rather dramatic, “Oh, my! I seem to have had the impression I was important, but alas I am but a second option, and to candy at that!” This seemed to amuse Sammy as she clapped and smiled. Drust grinned and returned to her relaxed posture while they walked.

Down the halls they went in silence. The crowds began to thin out and the bombardment of proper hellos to the demon quelled. Before long, the two were by themselves with nothing but the echoing footsteps on the tile to accompany them.

“So.” Sammy finally interrupted, breaking the silence that wasn’t all that uncomfortable. “That lady you were with…who is she?”

“Ah, her…” Drust mused for a moment before answering. “We’re in the middle of negotiations right now. I want her land to build a new Providence because the city is becoming much too populated, but the prized land is apparently home to some demons that have lived there for centuries, ever since the foundation of my empire. She wants to keep it, I want to own it. Negotiations have gone stale, stagnant in moving in any direction, and we are due for another meeting in a week to see if either of us change our opinions. But… I confess I can’t wait that long.”

Sammy raised a finger to her chin and tapped it, looking back up at the blurry window panes on the ceiling.“You’re going to kill them all, right?”

“That’s my girl.” Drust cooed in an approving tone, ruffling her hair as she did so. Sammys grin grew even bigger, if that was possible, at her praise.

“I’m on my way to see General McRanch now to prepare the plan and troops,” Drust began, “I want to start the offense early tomorrow morning.”

“A plan?” Sammy questioned. “You usually don’t have plans for small attacks on old villages and such.”

“Ah, know your enemy my dear. Though they are few in numbers, they are highly skilled warriors—nothing like the last few villages of stubborn peasants. The leader herself is a very powerful sorceress, skilled with fire to be specific. We have far superior technology, yes, but if we let are guard down we could easily lose to primitive tactics.”

“But…If we just rush in there and take them by surprise; kill them quickly…they won’t have time to come back with tactics!”

Drust stopped and turned on heel to look down at her. For a minute, Sammy feared that Drust disapproved of her strategy, but it was dismissed as she kneeled down to her level with a gentle smile.

“’The best defense is a good offense’, eh? Just like you, straight to the point. I agree, strength is important, but we can’t use or incredible strength if we’re dead, right?” Drust tapped her nose lightly with her finger, causing Sammy to bury her face in Drusts sleeves.

“Right!” Came the muffled reply.

“Good girl.” Drust stood up and stretched. “You may be doing well in your studies, but you definitely need more experience before helping me on my raids. Now run along, I’m sure by the time you make it down to the candy store, it will be open. Be back before it gets too dark, understand?”

“But Dru-st!” Sammy whined, stomping her foot and crossing her arms with a huff. “I can already fight off five of your full grown soldiers before getting tired! I think I can take care of myself after dark!”

“Super strength or not dear, you must be back before nightfall and that’s that. If not, I’m afraid I may accidentally tell on you to Chrisi, and he may assign you extra homework as punishment.”

“No!” She gasped, her hands quickly clasping over her mouth.

From the end of the hall, a single door that seemed to be made from slabs of dark marble groaned open. It was a grunt soldier peeking nervously out into the halls. Behind him, several men dressed in uniforms of all types leaned in to look out the doorway as well.

“My Lady! If you’d please, we are ready.” His voice quivered.

Drust nodded towards him and the soldier disappeared back into the room, leaving the door open. She looked to Sammy who was still in fear over an extra homework assignment.

“Well, go on, be good now, Tell Paprika’s mother that anything you buy is on my tab.”

Sammy smiled with giddy joy. “You know if I say that, they’ll give me anything for free!”

Drust nodded. “For your good grades.”

She gave a gasp, but this time it was out of excitement. “Thanks, Drust!” She cheered, turning quickly to race down the hallways.

“Remember to wear a hood!” She called after. “Cloudy or not, you can still burn!”

Without a response Sammy turned the corner and Drust could hear her run into someone and utter a quick “sorry!” before continuing. She let out a quiet sigh, but a smile still stayed on her face. Turning around, she straightened her expression and walked into the room.

“Gentlemen,” She said, her voice changing into a hissing, icy tone. “Let’s get down to business.”
Drust shut the door behind her with a bellowing slam.


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  1. Who did Drust have sex with to make Sammy?

  2. If I can find anymore then yeah

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