Sour Revenge, Chapter 4

Hey everyone, and welcome to the 4th chapter of Sour Revenge. Where did we leave off last time?

Maxy laid Capn down and we examined his injuries. They seemed like only flesh wounds. He didn’t seem to be in much pain either, so Maxy bandaged him up and he was almost good to go. We now had to find Fluffy. We could only hope and pray that he was still alive.

We sat down for a moment, still in shock. We’d witnessed the deaths of a lot of young, inexperienced soldiers. Babies. They were caught off guard. It wasn’t fair. War is never fair. But we have to live with it. It’s our job, to fight for the army and protect the citizens of our servers. And that’s what we were doing. An advantage that came from all the deaths was that there was a lot of spare ammunition now. We went round, collecting all spare ammo and shooting dead any soldiers that were in pain. We couldn’t spend the time treating all of them. It was quicker to kill them, better to put them out of their misery. It’s what we’d been taught in military camp. It’s quicker and easier to kill someone than save someone. Even if it’s your friend.

Dawn had fully broken now, and I switched my night vision goggles off. The world went from green to fully coloured. And only then was it when I saw the full aftermath of the short attack.

There were bodies littered everywhere. Tents had been blown away from the ground, chucked all over. One of the lights at the corner of the compound had been knocked down, and another was creaking and groaning, ready to fall. We decided to get out of its way, and fast. We picked up the last of the spare ammo and went on the hunt for Fluffy. If there was one person we were going to save, it’d be Fluffy.

We searched through all the tents. Under all the overturned trucks. Through the piles of dead bodies. The surviving soldiers had started piling up the dead bodies, causing a great stench. Flies had already gathered around the masses of flesh. It was disgusting. One could only hope and pray that Fluffy wasn’t in one of the piles. We kept on looking. We asked as many of the survivors as we could. But Fluffy was nowhere to be found.

“Come on guys. He’s gone. We can’t find him. He’s probably in one of the dead piles. We should leave now, follow them Nachos. We’re wasting valuable time.” Maxy commented. I shook my head. This couldn’t be true. We can’t have lost Fluffy. He was a good soldier, but most of all, he was a great friend. I couldn’t bare to lose him. He was very good to the cause, and losing him wouldn’t help our hunt for the Nacho base.

Suddenly, just before we were about to depart, we heard a cry. A cry of pain, struggle, stress. It was coming from one of the tents. I ran over to it, and took my pocket knife from my belt. I started cutting through the tent material, searching for the soldier in distress, hoping that it was Fluffy. There it was again. I could identify the voice. I was almost sure it was Fluffy.

“Fluff! Fluffy, is that you? It’s me Splashy! I’m going to get you out, we’re going to help you. Just hang on in there!” I called. I could feel the lump in my throat, the tears streaming down my face. There seemed to be more tent material than ever. It was never ending. I just kept on slicing. I knew I’d reach him soon enough. I knew it’d be Fluffy.

I finally got through the last sheet. And it was him. Laid there, his arm was twisted and a bone was sticking out. I had to resist vomiting.  It was gross. I couldn’t get him out on my own.

“Capn, Maxy! Come quick! He’s here, I’ve found him!” They quickly hurried over. They almost threw up too. It was a truly horrid sight, but we had to help our fallen comrade.

“Oh my… This is bad. We need to get a medic. Maxy, Maxy!” Capn stammered. Maxy came over and observed the situation. He scratched his chin for a few seconds before coming to a conclusion.

“Splashy, cut some more material. A big piece. We need to make a blanket for him. This looks bad. Capn, go look around the Management Tent – there may be some medikits there. We can’t move him, we don’t know the full extent of his injuries.” Thank goodness Maxy had taken first aid lessons at ACPTR, orelse Fluffy would be dead by now.

I quickly cut through some material and handed it to Maxy. He wrapped Fluffy up, trying to give him as much heat as possible. Capn had ran off, hunting for as many medikits as possible.

“It’ll be okay Fluffy. Are you in pain?” Maxy asked. His voice was smooth and calming. He really knew how to handle these situations.

“My arm…. my arm…” Fluffy groaned. His eyes were still closed. I didn’t want to lose him.

“Isn’t there something you can do? Anesthetic? Morphine? Painkiller?” I demanded. I was panicking again.

“Not until Capn gets a medikit. We’ll need a good one for anesthetic or morphine, but any standard one should have painkillers. I don’t want to touch that bone though, it could cause more damage than good. Keep us updated on yourself, Fluff.” Maxy explained. I nodded.

“Is there anything else I can do?”

“Just sit back and hold tight. I’m pretty certain I can get Fluffy through this. What happened? Did you get trapped? Did they do this to you?” Maxy asked. Fluffy wouldn’t say anything. His breathing turned heavier, before he opened his mouth.

“The tent…. I was… waking troops… They found me… and left a… a… urghhh.” Fluffy croaked.

“A what? What did they leave?” I asked. I could feel the fear surging up my spine.

“A… a… a grenade…” Maxy shook his head and stood back. He nodded, as though he’d expected it.

“There isn’t much we can do. Hey Capn! Any luck?” Maxy shouted. The reply was negative. I kicked the floor. Mud splatted over the tent matieral. I was furious. I couldn’t stand by and watch my friend die.

“Come on, surely there’s something we can do!” I yelled.

“No. Nothing. It’d be better to zero Fluffy too.” Maxy replied. I could hear the sorrow in his voice. Fluffy groaned, terrified. He shook his head. Zero. Nobody wanted to be zeroed. Zeroing was simple – getting rid of the dead. Putting a bullet in their head, then burning the body. That’s why they were making dead piles. To zero the lost. I wiped my brow. Capn returned.

“What’s going on?” He pondered.

“Maxy wants to zero him. It’s the best thing for him, apparently.” I explained, trembling.

“Why don’t we ask Fluffy?” Capn suggested. Maxy looked at Fluffy. There was no response for a few seconds, before…

“Do it. He’s… Maxy’s right. Do it. Leave… leave me. Go on. Find and stop… them. I’m wasted anyway…. go.” Fluffy panted. Maxy looked at me. He nodded. I nodded back. I pulled out my pistol and placed it on Fluffy’s forehead.

“Sorry, friend. You were great. I’ll never forget you. Rest in peace.” A tear dropped from my face. Then I pulled the trigger, looking away.

“It was the best thing. Now, help me carry him to the nearest dead pile.” We picked up the dead Fluffy and carried him over to the dead pile, throwing his lifeless, limp body on top. Capn pulled out a lighter, and after a soldier doused the pile in petrol, Capn set the pile alight. I watched the burning bodies turn from green to black, then turned away. We checked our bags. We were pretty much ready to go.

“Hey, soldier. Are there any quads nearby?” Capn asked.

“Err, I believe so. The Nachos missed a few just out the compound. There should be enough for you guys. Good luck. We’ll be right behind you.” The soldier replied. We shook hands, then headed off for the quad bikes.

They weren’t hard to find. They were covered in a green plastic sheet. We pulled it off, I cut some of it up for later use, and we hotwired the quads. I had one to my own, whereas Maxy would drive the other and Capn would take the rear. We nodded, smiled, then drove after the Nachos.


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