Sour Revenge, Chapter 3

Welcome to chapter 3. Where did we leave off last time?

 It was now night, and the lights in each corner of the compound had been switched on. It was raining harder than ever now. I could hear it pounding the waterproof material of the tent. It was a very miserable and unlucky day. In the end, at 10pm, we decided to settle down and get some sleep, ready for an early start tomorrow.

The early start came alright. It was a surprising yet dreadful one, too. I was the first to wake, after hearing a sound. I sat up in my sleeping bag, alert. I rubbed my eyes and stretched, then froze. The distant sound of gunfire. Soldiers yelling. The firing of shells. The heavy pounding of footsteps. I panicked. I shook Capn, waking him up. I did the same with Fluffy and Maxy.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Capn asked, yawning.

“Are you deaf or just an ignorant idiot? They’re coming!” I replied.

“Who?” Maxy asked, also yawning,

“The Nachos! Come on, get ready quick!” I quickly got dressed into my green letterman jacket and boots. I tied the laces as quickly as I could, before pulling on my night vision goggles and Roman helmet. I just had enough time to get my backpack on before a shell exploded outside of our tent, sending us into the air.

We landed with an almighty thud. Everyone seemed to be alright, so the shell can’t have been that bad. There was a gaping hole at the side of our tent though. Great. I grabbed my AK47 from my backpack, and started firing into the general direction of the Nachos. Capn threw a grenade towards them too, and a few seconds later, several Nacho soldiers were thrown away. This battle was already immense. We had to evacuate the tent and take better cover. We quickly got out of the tent and raced behind another tent, taking cover behind it. It wasn’t much, but it was enough.

Capn and I were taking turns to fire at the Nachos. They were becoming more powerful by the minute. More ACP troops were awakening, but they were being killed before they had time to react. This was not going well. Suddenly, a grenade appeared in front of me. I didn’t know how long it’d been there, so I didn’t want to risk picking it up and blowing myself up. I dived away, as far as I could. The grenade exploded, blowing our cover tent away. We were temporarily exposed to the Nachos. I raced for cover behind another tent, but I knew I couldn’t take cover forever. We had to retaliate with force.

I told Capn to hold position, as he was hiding behind an overturned truck. He would be okay as long as a shell didn’t blow it up. I went with Maxy to take cover behind another tent, while Fluffy crept away to try and wake more soldiers so we could get help. Maxy was calling for support on his radio, while Capn and I fired at the Nachos. We’d been battling for about 20 minutes already, and finally, we were able to fight back. Fluffy had returned, confirming he’d awaken more soldiers and they were helping us to stop the Nachos from entering the compound.

This was starting to get tiresome. We weren’t making any ground. The Nachos were moving closer. We had no protection anymore – the fence surrounding the compound had been totally obliterated. Everyone was getting tired, but we couldn’t give up. There were lives to be saved, a war to be won, an army to be fought for. We kept on firing. Surely, their forces would come to an end soon?

Capn soon sent a signal that made me angry. He was out of ammo. I was on my last magazine, and Maxy was running out too. Fluffy was nowhere to be seen. Maxy threw Capn a half empty mag, but it soon ran out. Our retaliation plan was going down the drain. Would it be best to surrender? Or would there be no room for negotiation and we’d be shot down immediately? I didn’t want to find out. I kept on shooting. Soon, I was also out of ammo. Maxy was also on his last mag. The only way we could get more was by making a dash for the Management Tent, or taking it from the already dead soldiers. The Management Tent had been bombed, so that idea was out. But the closest dead troop was in an uncovered area. It’d be too risky to get their ammo. We’d have to camp it out.

Soon enough, Maxy ran out of ammo. We were screwed. I saw something that made my stomach churn. The Nachos had a cannon. But it wasn’t an ordinary cannon, like the typical ones used in medieval times. It was a modern cannon, with 50 barrels, all full of bullets, ready to destroy anything that stood in it’s path. And it was aiming at the truck Capn was crouched behind. I signalled to him, trying to get him to come over, but then I stopped. If he came over, he’d surely be shot down. But he couldn’t stay behind the truck either. I panicked, again. I had no idea what to do. Maxy was frantically calling for air support, but he was getting no response. I called for Capn, but no words came from my mouth. I was paralysed. I didn’t know what to do. I’d never been put in this situation before. One of my friends was about to die, right before me.

Thankfully, Capn understood. He knew that something was going to hit him. He ran backwards, trying to get as far away from the truck as possible, but still use it as a shield. I signalled to him again. It’s about to blow. They’re going to blow it up now. Get down. He looked at me, confused. I was about to repeat, but hesitated. Instead, I dived down on the floor, hoping he’d understand. He did, and laid down, putting his hands over his head. Everything then went into slow motion.

The cannon fired, with smoke going everywhere. There was a mini-shockwave, with the cannon at the centre. It rocked the truck, before the bullets hit it. Upon impact, the bullets exploded. 50 little explosions threw the truck into mid air. It flipped several times, still in slow motion, before crashing down, sending metal and mud in all directions. Everything came back to normal speed, and I dived back, hoping that Capn was still alive. The explosion hurt my ears. I could feel piles of mud falling on my back. I was dreading the end result.

I called out for Capn, but my voice couldn’t be heard over the gunshots and screams of injured soldiers. This wasn’t a battlefield. It was a land full of blood and death. It was a land full of torture and no mercy. It was a land of war.

I fell back, exhausted. There was silence. The gunfire had suddenly stopped. Were the Nachos retreating? Were they returning to their base? Thank goodness. Maxy checked, and it was true. They had turned their backs, and were leaving. Maxy ran over to the burning truck, searching for Capn. He was throwing away pieces of metal, trudging through the mud, hunting for our comrade. And finally, Capn appeared. Maxy helped Capn from under the truck and carried him over. The rain had stopped, and beams of sunlight were emerging from the clouds. It began to get warmer. The sun felt nice on my face. The battle was finally over.

Maxy laid Capn down and we examined his injuries. They seemed like only flesh wounds. He didn’t seem to be in much pain either, so Maxy bandaged him up and he was almost good to go. We now had to find Fluffy. We could only hope and pray that he was still alive.


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