Sour Revenge, Chapter 2

Where did we leave off in Chapter 1?

While in the truck, I took my backpack off and pulled out a small notebook and a pen. I was going to write a war diary.

My name is Splashy. I am an ACP Master General. The ACP are at war with the Nachos. This is currently the pre-war. This is my version of the events.

The truck smelt horrible. I couldn’t identify the smell, but I just knew it wasn’t a nice smell. The ride was almost bumpy. By looking out the back of the van, I could tell that we were driving on a track that’d been worn into dirt. We were driving through what seemed to be a forest. Fluffy was stood at the back of the truck, leaning out, presumably smoking again. Capn was getting some sleep while Maxy was reading a book. I was still sorting out my AK47.

We were in the truck for about 5 hours until it stopped. I didn’t know why we’d stopped, but I guessed that we’d arrived at the training and preparation ground. I heard people talking to the driver, then the mechanical whir of what must be an electronic gate rising, then the truck chugged forwards. As I looked back, we had arrived at the camp. We stopped for a security check. The electric gate was coming down, and a lone guard was returning to his little hut. I picked up my backpack and got ready to leave. The truck was bumping about more than ever. It was hard to stay on the bench. Finally, the truck stopped. The driver got out and unbuckled the hatch, and Fluffy jumped out, followed by myself, then Maxy and Capn. The driver didn’t say anything, just got back in his truck and drove out of the compound.

I looked around, taking in my surroundings. There was a large metal fence running around the compound. It was probably 3 miles long and wide in all directions. There was just barren wasteland, apart from a collection of tents stationed in a corner. There was no signs of life elsewhere. I looked back to the forest, longing to leave this war behind before it’d even started. Why did Dj have to provoke the Nachos from declaring war so soon, when we were so weak and unstable? I did not know. I just knew that I had to fight for the army and protect any citizens.

“Well then. Shall we head over to that camp?” Capn suggested. Everyone mumbled, and we started walking towards the camp. The mud was really tacky and thick, and our boots kept on sinking. Within 10 steps, our boots were caked in mud, and drenching in brown water. The steel toe caps prevented water from reaching our toes, but the rest of our feet were already soaking. It was a hard job to get to the camp, which was already a long way away. The clouds were grey and I could feel rain in the air. Today was not a good day. To top it all off, I was very hungry.

After half an hour of trudging through the terrible mud, we finally reached the campsite. Here, there was no signs of life. It was like a ghost town. We looked around the tents for a bit before we came across a tent labelled “Management Tent“. Capn told us to wait outside while he went in to talk to whoever ran this place. He was inside for quite some time before he came back out, struggling to carry a large rolled up green tent. I quickly assisted him, taking one end of the tent and resting it on my shoulder. Capn did the same, and Maxy held up the middle. Fluffy directed us to a spare spot where we could set up the tent.

We found a spot near the edge of the camp. The Management Tent was in the middle, and all other tents were facing inwards, so we decided to follow suit and direct our tent inwards. We erected the tent in around 15 minutes, with some difficulties because Fluffy and Maxy started arguing. But alas, the tent was ready for us to move in. I got a space in the corner, and put my sleeping bag down. I put my backpack on it so nobody swapped spaces with me. Capn got the other corner space, so Fluffy and Maxy had to sleep in the middle. Capn went out with a sheet of A4 paper and a pencil to gather an idea of what the camp looks like, and so we can plan any strategies if enemies were to invade. I decided to go to the Management Tent and get some food and an oil burner so we could have some lunch, and Maxy decided to take a stroll of the compound so he didn’t have to stay with Fluffy.

I managed to persuade the people in the Management Tent to give us some food, water and a gas burner (there were no oil burners left), so I decided to make a lunch of beans, bacon and rice. Everyone needs a varied diet. By the time lunch was ready, Capn and Maxy had returned. While we were eating lunch, Capn explained his drawings. On one side of the paper, there was a drawing of the full compound. Basically, a large square with a fence running the whole perimeter, forest to one said, and fields of wasteland to all other sides. In the corner of the compound was a few squares – our camp. On the other side of the paper, there was a more detailed account of the actual camp. Capn had left space for some strategic ideas in case of an invasion or raid.

We finished our lunch and went inside the tent. Maxy went back to his book, Capn went back to sleep, and I went for a stroll. I left Fluffy to clear up the lunch stuff. My stroll started to hurt my feet, as walking in this state of mud was difficult and put a strain on my feet and legs. I could see nothing in the distance but dirt and fields. The forest was very thick and dense, and due to it getting darker, it was hard to see anyway. I could feel spots of rain, so I decided to hurry back to camp before it really started raining.

It started to rain just as I got back to the tent. When I got back, I could see another truck load of ACP soldiers arriving. They were dropped off, the truck left, and they headed towards camp. They also got a tent and put it up. This happened several times, until a quarter of the compound was full of ACP tents. It was now night, and the lights in each corner of the compound had been switched on. It was raining harder than ever now. I could hear it pounding the waterproof material of the tent. It was a very miserable and unlucky day. In the end, at 10pm, we decided to settle down and get some sleep, ready for an early start tomorrow.


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