The Gentleman

A burning idea I’ve had for quite some time.

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Inspired by food…

Sooo, as I was cleaning out my desktop, I found this!

It was seriously horrid so I made a L O T of changes to it…

 I still haven’t proof read it yet..

Meep. Enjoy.

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Sour Revenge, Chapter 4

Hey everyone, and welcome to the 4th chapter of Sour Revenge. Where did we leave off last time?

Maxy laid Capn down and we examined his injuries. They seemed like only flesh wounds. He didn’t seem to be in much pain either, so Maxy bandaged him up and he was almost good to go. We now had to find Fluffy. We could only hope and pray that he was still alive.

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Sour Revenge, Chapter 3

Welcome to chapter 3. Where did we leave off last time?

 It was now night, and the lights in each corner of the compound had been switched on. It was raining harder than ever now. I could hear it pounding the waterproof material of the tent. It was a very miserable and unlucky day. In the end, at 10pm, we decided to settle down and get some sleep, ready for an early start tomorrow.

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Sour Revenge, Chapter 2

Where did we leave off in Chapter 1?

While in the truck, I took my backpack off and pulled out a small notebook and a pen. I was going to write a war diary.

My name is Splashy. I am an ACP Master General. The ACP are at war with the Nachos. This is currently the pre-war. This is my version of the events.

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Sour Revenge, Chapter 1

Revenge. What is it? To exact punishment on behalf of someone else. When revenge has been exacted, it is typically referred to as sweet. But revenge is not always sweet. It can be bitter, tasteless, sour. Revenge is always exacted, in some way or the other, in the world of Club Penguin Warfare. But when the war broke out with the Nachos, revenge was required. In whatever form necessary.

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