Club Penguin Army Saga – Chapter 2

This is the second installment of the Club Penguin Army Saga that was originally released in 2010. To read more about The Saga and view Chapter 1, click HERE.

Chapter 2

Through the Storm

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The Club Penguin Army Saga – Chapter 1

Years ago, I created a story called the Club Penguin Army Saga using my website, CPA Central. It was intended to be a weekly adventure story that addressed the army community as a whole. Unfortunately, when CPA Central was hacked in 2010, all work that had been done to the story was lost. After much effort trying to recover the story, I eventually gave up, assuming the story to be gone forever. Over two years later, while browsing through the archives of some Club Penguin Army-related websites, I stumbled across two posts on the website of an old friend. In these two posts were the two chapters of The Saga that I had written. Apparently, the friend has liked them so much that he had copied them over to his website and they were saved. Now, I am sharing these chapters with you.

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The Return of the Cokemeister and the Vimtomeister

Splashy: Domain coming for CPASC, in about 2 weeks time. A little celebration thing for 10k views also coming soon.

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The Return of the Godfather and his Awesome Mafia Friends

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Short story

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Staff Evaluations: June

Hello CPASC, and welcome to the late-as-always Staff Evaluations, for June, 2012

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Order 67 Ch.2

Chapter 2 is up! Here you go!

I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.
~ Julius Caesar

Chapter 2 – The Slaughter

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