The Secret Dystopia- Part I

Mhm, I know I’m also working on The Memoirs, and maybe that other book too, but just read this and tell me what you think. Continue reading



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The Prince: Chapter 15

“So, I’m sort of confused. I’m the son of a legend. Wouldn’t the Nachos be happy to see me? They seem… almost scared.”

Matt looked down at the ground, avoiding my eyes.

“Let me tell you something, Josh. Many soldiers, especially well-known, important ones, like your father, don’t have children. Can you guess why?”

I racked my brain.

Then, it came to me.

“I’m a weakness,” I said, my heart sinking.

“Exactly,” Matt said. “Person would do anything, anything, for you. So what would happen if you were captured?”

My heart sank even more as I mulled over Matt’s words.

“So it would just be easier to kill me?”


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Staff Changes/Staff Warning/Other Stuff

Hello CPASC.

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Splashy: Summer Fun will go ahead at CPASC, myself and Blue are planning on scheduling the first event. More details later.

Sup, people! Becca here with news on some of the changes that the upper staff will be making to the site and the site’s purpose in general.

Note to staff: Please do not unsticky this post, I want it to be at the top of the page for at least a week or two.


1. The Change

2. Sign Ups

3. Advice Columns

I’m not going to waste time going into how I got this idea; I’m just going to get straight to the point:

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The Revolution- Part I

Yeah, I know I’m writing the Memoirs. Just shut up and read. Asd and I have written this plot and designed the characters together, and will now be alternating chapters. I will write the chapters narrated by President Atticus Corleone, and Asd will write the chapters narrated by Governer Reginald Reed. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading

The Memoirs- Part VI

The next installment of The Memoirs as the climax approaches. Continue reading