Let’s Have Some Music- Blue1 Edition

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CPASC Clear-Up – Application Results, CPASC Philosophy, & A Few Ideas


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Lets have Some Music.

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The Prince: Chapters 11 and 12

Sup, peoplez! Becca here with Chapters 11 and 12 of the Prince.

Below is the last part of Chapter 10, then click “Read More” to go on to Chapter 11

Something caught my eye. A gleam in one of the trees, along with the tip of something pointy.

I heard a whizzing sound, and then a thunk that sounded very close to me.

The man next to me groaned. An arrow was sticking out of his back. Blood splattered on the fingertips of my left hand.

More whizzing sounds. More thumps. More groans. Screams.

Nachos leaped out of the forest.

We had planned to ambush the Nachos.

And yet, they were ambushing us.

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An Apology/A New Plot Coming

I apologize for not telling you why I was inactive and I will tell you now. I am unable to make new stories until the summer due to important grades I need to make and hosting the SMAC tourney is currently consuming most of my time. On June 9th, I will return to duty.

Plot for soon coming: The Everskull’s Request

I also had a great dream whose plot will come into story after I finish my current series, about a boy named Peter who ventures off from home to fight in a large scale war. But once he gets there, many of his friends are dying in war, and for their side to win, he must get home and retrieve special medicines. However, he cannot exit the war barriers or he will be known as a trespasser, and will be sentenced to prison. He seeks advice from a man, who directs him to the Everskull, a skull several miles above earth with arms of a Taurus, and grab one of its teeth which conceals magical powers. However, the Everskull wishes to make it a laborious task for him, for he does not like giving away its teeth. To save the lives of many will be Peter’s quest, but only if he can save his own against the Everskull’s request.

Drust’s words of wisdom


Okay guys, since I get add a read more bit because I'm on my iPod in the lovely sunshine, you're all just gunna have to bear with me 😉 wait….
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Plans for Domination- Part 4

As we venture deeper into the story, we come across action in one of the most exciting parts of the story.

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