Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2: Part V (C8 & C9)

Hello all, and welcome to Part V (5) of Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2. In this part, Mch & Splashy interrogate Aqua while the ACP launch a search party to find Ken. Enjoy 🙂

Chapter Eight

Aqua woke up, sat in a warm wooden chair. He tried to move, but he was tightly tied up and pain shot through his arm. He then remembered that he’d been shot, and must’ve fainted shortly after. His vision became clear, and he was still in the clone control room. A tall green penguin, dressed in a khaki camo uniform was stood in front of the control panel. And another penguin, identical to the first but minus the hat, came into vision. Aqua looked at him, and spat. Blood landed on the penguins shirt.

“You…… you idiot. You spit on me one more time and I’ll put a bullet in your other shoulder. You got that?” The green penguin finished. Aqua nodded, and was about to spit again, but the penguin at the control panel turned around, with a worried expression.

“Splashy, I have no idea how to turn it off. It’s gone into override mode. If we don’t turn it off, the cloning machine will literally explode. This small expedition would’ve been pointless.” Splashy turned around, showing no emotions.

“Don’t worry Mch. I’ll get it outta him. Even if the thing does blow up, we’ll be gone and we’ll know everything.” The other penguin, supposedly Mch, turned back to face the control panel, tapping at different buttons.

“No, you’ve got to open the shortwire box and hotwire it. Then you can close it down.” Aqua spoke up, with fear in his voice. He knew he wasn’t going to get out of this hell hole alive, but he didn’t want to die in a burning hell hole. Mch turned to face him, and asked where the shortwire box was. Aqua turned his head, and Mch walked over to the small metal box and busted it open.

“How do I hotwire it?” Mch asked. Splashy pushed Mch out of the way and snapped two wires in half. He put one end on the opposite, and sparks flew everywhere. Aqua’s clothes were on fire, and he yelled out in fear and pain. Splashy turned to him. He still showed no facial emotions, but there was a spark in his eye that told Aqua he was going to die.

“Mch. He lied. It’s still in override mode. You idiot!” Splashy yelled, and pulled out a matt black pistol with a big silencer on the end. Aqua’s eyes widened. He didn’t want to die.

“Let me out of this chair and I can definitely turn it off for you. Then you can tie me back up and shoot me. Promise.” Aqua pleaded. Mch looked at Splashy, who nodded. Mch untied the ropes and Aqua shot forwards to the control panel, pressing buttons and pulling levers. The cloning machine whirred even louder, then went silent. It was an eerie silence. An awkward one. Then Splashy loaded the gun and Mch retied Aqua back into the chair.

“Now. We’re going to ask some questions. And you’re going to answer. And if you don’t, it’ll be to the torture chamber for you. Trust me, the ACPs torture chamber is worse than the Ice Warriors, by far.” That Splashy penguin must be evil, Aqua thought.


Chapter Nine

Delta Squadron B parachuted onto the rooftop of the Chinook Recycling Plant at 11:21pm. Then were unbuckled and climbing down at 11:22pm. They entered the Recycling Plant and examined their surroundings a few seconds later. They daren’t turn any lights on as not to give themselves away, so the 4 were ordered through their earpieces to activate their night vision goggles. And at 11:25pm, Asd and Declan were dead.

There were only 2 remaining ACP paratroopers, Carter and Obama. They quickly swivelled around, searching for the killers of Asd and Declan. Obama spotted a gun jutting out from above, and notified Carter. Cart aimed with his machine gun, and one penguin in a black padded uniform fell to the ground. With three more perfectly aimed shots, the room was empty. Only Obama and Cart were left.

“Well, now that’s done, where the bloody hell is Ken?” Cart asked, looking confused. Obama didn’t reply. He was too busy trying to burst open a door. Cart rushed over to aid him, and finally, the door swung off its hinges. Inside, there were a few boxes, an old rotting plank of wood with a few rusty nails in and a gagged green penguin. Obama removed the piece of fabric from the penguins beak and stepped back as ACP joint leader Ken coughed like his life depended on it.

“Thank goodness you arrived when you did! Ten more minutes in here and I would’ve been dead. Thanks boys. Flip sent you, no?” Ken looked up, already smiling.

“Yes, Flip did send us. He also sent Asd and Declan, but a couple of bastards out there shot them down. They’re gone now. Quick, before anyone else arrives.” Cart finished. The duo helped Ken up and the three of them rushed out of the building. Obama spoke into his mouthpiece, asking for a helicopter. An ACP B26a arrived exactly 2 minutes later. Ken, Obama and Cart climbed in and buckled up. The ride back to the ACP base in Breeze was quick and uncomfortable. Ken was sleeping, while Cart was looking out of a window and Obama was wiping dust off his gun. They made a soft landing on a helipad and were greeted by Slider.

“Quick, Flipper wants you and he doesn’t seem all that pleased. Hey, where’s Asd and Dec?” Slider asked. Carter gave him one look, and Slider understood. The three of them helped Ken out of the helicopter and walked to Flippers office. Ken walked straight in without knocking, and gestured for the other three to follow.

“Ken. Let’s get straight to the point. What the hell happened out there!?” Flipper asked, angrily.

“It’s a long story Flip. Let’s go over it some other time. I’m safe now. Unfortunately, Asd and Dec were killed in action. We need to sort the legal side of things out before anything else. Cart, Obama, Slider. You are all dismissed.” The three left the small office, leaving Ken and Flipper alone.

“I was worried sick. Why the hell did you go!? You could’ve been killed! You could’ve at least told me you were going!” Flipper exclaimed.

“Flip. If I would’ve told you, you would’ve locked me away in a room until Splashy was found. You know you wouldn’t let me go. I had to go on my own.”

“You could’ve at least taken a radio or a headset. I’m not very happy. Splashy has been found. Him and Mchappy were sent this morning to infiltrate an old IW base. They should be back pretty soon.”

“Ah, good. Well, I need some sleep. Only contact me if it’s really important. You know where I’ll be. I shall be fine for tomorrow morning precedures. Goodnight, Flip.”

“Ken, before you go, promise me this. Never leave before telling someone, whether it be me or a Sergeant. Goodnight.” Ken left the office, and Flipper got back to some spreadsheets on his computer.


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