The Rebel’s Empire- Finale

Splashy: Blue, must talk to you on chat ASAP. And, when you’re editing the staff, please delete whoever is being promoted from the previous rank thingy. Now Drust is both Head Writer and Writer. You must take more care.

Blue: On other grounds, Drust/Suzie has been promoted to Head Writer along with Becca. I trust you will continue to write the amazing stories you are.

Here it is, the spectacular finale of The Rebel’s Scandal, with a million twists and turns that will leave you shocked at the conclusion of this book, the conclusion of the entire Rebel’s Trilogy. If you haven’t read The Rebel’s Scandal, Book 1, that can be read here, and if you haven’t read The Rebel’s Revenge, Book 2, you can read that here. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the conclusion of the RPF Trilogy.

Chapter 15: A Desperate Attempt


“Why are you here?” Blue1 didn’t even turn around.

“It’s become apparent to me that I cannot fix things in the confines of a courtroom,” Blue2 began, leaning at the door of Blue1’s quarters. “And I figured you were the only one of any sensibility to talk to.”

Blue1 got up and walked over to a bookshelf. He removed a book and flipped a switch behind it, and a small crackling noise was heard.

Blue1 sat back down, “I insisted on the installment of a device that allowed me to turn off the device that records all that is said in this room. Hate having these rooms tapped. Now, sit.”

Blue2 walked over and sat across from Blue1.

“Don’t you see?”

“See what? God, Blue, your life is ending in a day. Possibly you shouldn’t be so cryptic right now and get down to the point?”

“Cas is using you.”

“Quite a desperate attempt to get yourself out of this execution,” Blue1 said, grabbing a bottle and pouring himself a drink. As he sat back down, Blue2 smashed it, glass breaking and it spilling everywhere.

“I’m here for your help, not to watch you sit idly by at my execution.”

“Then continue, I don’t have all day.”

“Cas is using you as his pawn. He wants to gain power through you, as he has. And leading Black Snow with him and being the one to actually kill Commando was that affirmation that you are on his side. You’re his pawn, which he will smash to pieces after he is finished using.”

Blue1 tapped his foot idly.

Blue2 decided to take this opportunity, “And I fear he will have you reaffirm your complete allegiance to him tomorrow at my execution.”

“Which would be?”

“Blue,” Blue2 studied his brother.

“He’s going to have you kill me.”

Blue1 paused, letting this settle in.

“You’ve been sentenced.” he said finally, not really knowing how to respond.

“You’re kidding, right?” Blue2 stood. “I got you to where you are, don’t you remember? I’m your brother! And you’re going to let me die, just sit idly by.  But not even that. You’re not going to sit idly by, you’re going to kill me personally, aren’t you?”


“Blue nothing! You have fallen as a pawn to this empire! I thought after all the rebel you had in you, enough to disgrace your CPAC career by trying to kill Commando, Sergie and Aber and stop their empire from rising, enough to overthrow Commando’s empire completely! And now, as something exactly the same has begun- well, you’re blind. You find Cas’s empire completely different from Commando’s I tell you, it is not! So go on, kill me, and live-”

Blue1 held up his hand. “Hello, Drust.” he smiled, as Drust leaned on the door.

“I don’t want to interrupt any brotherly argument,” she said calmly, walking forward, and then glanced towards he bookshelf. She mouthed to Blue1, “You turned it off, right?” and he nodded.

What she said next took them both completely by surprise, “Blue2’s right.”

“Suz, even you would know-”

“Blue. Just because we’re friends, just because I hate Blue2-” she paused for him to take offense to this, but he didn’t. She continued, “Doesn’t mean I will always agree with you. You can’t let Blue2 die. You’ve got to do something.”

“He probably won’t even have me kill him,” Blue1 tried.

“You better hope he doesn’t. For that is the only way you can help.”

“Blue2, if you’d kindly leave. I promise I’ll fix things,” Blue1 said as Blue2 exited.

“Any plans?” Blue asked, sitting.

“You idiot. It’s so simple. Just hide Blue2. Make them think he died; they won’t take the effort to find him.”

“Suz, you’re absolutely brilliant.” Blue1 stood.

“I know,” she stood. “Now, tomorrow, meet me in the front foyer of the mansion, and let Blue2 know to do the same.”

“Of course. Thank you.” Blue said.

“We’ll fix things,” she assured him.

“See you tomorrow,” he said as she exited.

Chapter 16: An Imminent Execution

In a surprising turn of events, Blue1 now sat with Cas in Blue’s quarters.

“She has been taken prisoner, and will be held captive until after the execution so she cannot disrupt anything, when we will decide an actual sentence.”

Blue1 remained silent.

Cas acknowledged this, saying, “Honestly, you didn’t really think I would let you un-tap this room? Preposterous. Anything who wants a switch like that wants it for a reason.”

Once again, Blue was silent.

“Now, I suggest you be in the Capitol Square at ten for the execution-”

Blue braced himself.

“As you will have the honor of executing him.”

It was coming, Blue thought. But, still…..

Blue snapped back into reality and watched Cas as he walked towards the door. As he reached it, he stopped, and, not even turning around, said,

“And Blue?”


“I assume your allegiance to myself and The Empire will not be swayed again, hm?”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

Cas shut the door behind him, and Blue just stood there, his mind racing. His accomplice had been taken prisoner, and he was going to execute his own brother in less than two hours. For no apparent reason, as if guided by another force, he walked over to the bookshelf and once again removed the book where the switch was and threw it on the ground. He smashed the switch with his fist and took satisfaction in its surging.

Then he picked up the book, and noticed a sticky note taped to it. It said,

This was coming

It doesn’t matter they got me; you

need to do something, with or

without me. Remember what’s right


He dropped the note, and once again a million questions flooded his brain. But this time, it didn’t matter. For one predominant question pounded his head.

You must do something,

An hour later, Blue1 stood in a white shirt, black tie and black suit in his quarters, holding the note and reading it again. He placed it on the table and exited the quarters, down the staircase, through the courtyard, and into the main foyer. Tucked under the stairs, he noticed a strange blacked object with another sticky note attached to it. It read,

If you can’t figure out

what this is for,

you’re sad


Blue picked it up. It was a pistol.

Now what?, he thought. Was this note left after, when they were taking her away and she realized there was nothing we could do? Is this to kill Blue2? It must be.

Blue pushed opened the door, not even having the mental energy to finish the thought, and walked to the Capitol Square. He arrived ten minutes prior to ten, when the execution would take place.

He ascended the stairs to the stage, and saw Cas flagging him down.

“Decided to use your own pistol, eh?” Cas asked.

“Yes. This is the same pistol Commando was killed with,” Blue answered, hoping Cas would believe him, and was relieved to see he nodded with satisfaction.

They continued talking until their conversation was drowned out by applause erupting from the crowd as Blue2 was brought out by two soldiers with the words “The Empire”, in silver lettering on their uniforms.

“I’ve gotta get to my podium,” Cas said to Blue, “Good luck.”

Cas disappeared, and Blue1 watched Blue2 being chained to a circular metal pillar. He looked around at the crowd, recognizing a few faces: Splashy, Mchappy, Cart, Omega, Flo, Tomato, and then his eyes fell on,


His heart started beating fast, looking at Funk’s solemn expression. Blue2 and Funks were fellow heads but also best friends, so Blue could only imagine what that would be like.

What if I was in that crowd, watching Splashy, or Drust, or-, he almost added Cas, but disregarded the thought. He didn’t know what to think of Cas. But still, the thought of it was unbearable.

The applause started again as Cas reached his podium and waved to the crowd. As they quieted, he began,

“Welcome. I am your emperor, Casiusbrutus. This is the execution of a tyrant of a man who went against the empire by defying not Drust, not Blue, but myself! The emperor himself!”

Shouts for blood erupted from the crowd.

“Quiet down, quiet down. I assure you, his death will come. Blue, his own brother, shall be executing him, to show that allegiance to the empire overrules all.”

Blue couldn’t help but thinking this was directed at him after Cas had discovered Drust and his plan.

“Now, I believe…… it is time.” Cas clapped his hands, and the unmistakable loading of a pistol was heard.

A shot rang out.

And the chaos began as Casiusbrutus plummeted from his balcony.

Blue1 rushed forward, ignoring the screaming, advancing crowds, crying for his own death. He grabbed Cas by his tie and ran over to Blue2, firing multiple shots to break his chains.

After what seemed like an eternity, they did, and Blue1 and Blue2 ran, Blue1 holding Cas by his tie. Blue2 followed Blue1 into the Presidential Mansion, where he bolted the door. They ran through the courtyards, through the garden, up the spiral staircase, past Commando’s former quarters, and to none other than the balcony.

The same balcony where Commando took power.

The same balcony where Commando was pronounced dead and Cas took power.

And now, the same balcony where Cas would be finished off once and for all. Cas coughed on blood as Blue2 backed away, looking at the huge crowd pounding on the doors of the mansion. Blue1 stayed focused on Cas.

“Well, you- you’re quite…. th-the little bastard, aren’t you?” Cas smirked, and then coughed on more of his blood.

“The only filthy bastard here. Is. You!” Blue shouted, and shot him again, this time in his neck.

Cas slumped to the ground, blood pouring from his neck and chest, staining the granite balcony.

Casiusbrutus, Grand Emperor, was dead.

Chapter 17: The Rebel’s Quelling

Drust sat in her cell which blocked at all noise, having no idea if Blue1 was dead or if Blue2 was dead. She just expected one was. Suddenly, she heard footsteps, and a rattling of the cell.

“Blue!” she shouted, and sprang up, hugging him.

“Hello, Suz.” he said. “Don’t get blood on yourself, now.”

She backed away from him, looking at him in disbelief.

“You killed him? You killed Blue2?”


“Then…. what did you do?”

“I got to the root of the problem.”


“I killed the emperor.”

“You killed Cas?”

“Yes. He’s dead. Been dead for almost an hour now. And you’ll be happy to know I used the pistol you left for me.” he handed it to her.

“Keep it,” she offered. “You killed him, after all.”

“It’s over, you know.” he said.

“Yes. Now, let’s blow this hell house.” the two walked out of Drust’s cell, which was actually in the far bottom of the Presidential Mansion.

They met up with Funks, Blue2, Splashy, Cart and Mchappy in Blue’s quarters of the mansion. Blue poured them all drinks, and they sat.

“First off, welcome back, Drust. You missed quite a show.” Cart told her.

“Believe me, I know.” she responded.

“The public’s still in an outrage,” Mch broke in. “We might as well stay inside until things calm down. Blue, when you wish to give a speech, you may.”

“No,” Blue said flatly, “I think the best way to do this is just to let armies get back to normal themselves.”

“Blue, you can’t-” Funks began.

“Yes, I can, Funks. Speeches lead to wanting power, and sooner or later I’ll end up the third emperor, and all I would have done is killed Cas to take his position in the public’s eyes.”

“True,” Blue2 began. “Commando should have been killed in the first place, but Cas didn’t want him killed for good. He wanted him killed for power.”

“Just like Commando told us,” Drust said.

“Yes,” Blue echoed.

“You know Blue,” Blue2 said, “For a while there, I thought you were going to kill me.”

“No comments on whatever the hell went through my brain in those couple of days. From meetings with Cas to notes and guns from Drust to the actual moment, I don’t know what happened. I just did what I did.”

“And it worked out just fine,” Splashy finished for him.

“Well, then.” Drust stood. “A toast. To Bluesockwa, and the end of all this. A toast to Bluesockwa and the rebel’s quelling.”


By: Bluesockwa

I’d like to thank you for reading the third and final book in the RPF Trilogy, and my personal favorite of the three. There isn’t too much I’d like to say about this book, I’d rather let its message, one I think is very powerful, not be clouded by my closing comments. But I’d like to acknowledge a few things. First, my favorite character in this entire trilogy: Cas. Cas was a brilliant character, who contributed very much to the entire message, the hunger for power. And, more importantly, the loosely held power never, never, lasts. To be powerful is to have a strong grip on your position, and not to let others influence your choices, or, most importantly, remove you from power.

In the final book of The Rebel Trilogy, Commando, even though his assassination is played to be and suspected to be the climax of the book, it ends up not being. When this book, this series, rather- was originally planned, it was to end with the assassination of Commando. And then, I decided on the addition of two very important characters: Casiusbrutus and Drust/Suzie, who basically formed the entire second climax of the book by my choice to add them in, the first climax being Commando’s assassination and the second being Cas’s assassination.

Alright, now I’ll shut up soon. I just hope you remember this book, this trilogy, remember its message, and remember the number of twists and turns that made this book what it is. I hope you all enjoyed the story of the rebels: their scandal, their revenge, their empire, and their quelling. Thank you so much for reading this series, and a tip of my hat to you all.


So, what do YOU think? How was the ending of the third and final book of The Rebel’s Trilogy? What should I write about next? Comment with YOUR opinion!

~Sιя.Bℓυєsσ¢кωa.тнє.1sт, CPA Story Central Head, CPA Central Head


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  2. I am so upset that the trilogy is finally over. All three books were amazing, but I have to say that this was my utmost favorite.

  3. Marvellous. Absolutely marvellous.

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