The Rebel’s Empire- Part VI

In the second to the last installment of this book, a gusty move by Blue2 doesn’t sit well with The Empire and we see what Blue2, Blue1, Cas, Drust, and the rest are really made of.

Chapter 13: The Article

Blue2 sat at his desk, staring at his computer screen. He had been recently re-appointed to the position of CPAC Head along with Funks.

If you do this, you’re dead, he thought. But it seems you’re the only one left who doesn’t support this. You have to do it. It’s necessary for-

The door swung open and Funks walked in. Blue2 quickly minimized the drafter article and opened the ACP site, and looked up at Funks.

“Need something?” Blue2 asked.

“Yes, yes.” Funks said, taking a seat across from the desk and plopping a folder down on the table. “Cas wants a new article out on the rising of the rebellion, called “Fire is Catching.”

“You take that, Funks. I’ve got other things to attend to.”

“Other things?”

“None of your concern.

“See you later, than.” Funks got up and left.

Blue2 stared once again at the screen.

You have to do it, the thought echoed again in his mind.

And he decided to do it, and set away typing.

Hours later, Blue1 walked down the Capitol streets toward the Presidential Mansion for a meeting with Cas and Drust. He passed a newspaper seller and was appalled to find the heading on the front cover.

“Unraveling the Life and Lies of Casiusbrutus”, by Sιя.Bℓυєsσ¢кωa.Tнє.2η∂

And at that point he knew precisely what this meeting was about as he entered the mansion, keeping the newspaper clutched tightly in his hand. He walked quickly up to the top floor and into Cas’s quarters, where Cas and Drust were already sitting, another copy of the newspaper laid out on the table.

“No need Blue, we already have one,” Drust said, noticing Blue’s newspaper as he sat.

“Good morning to the both of you.” Blue responded.

“Hey, Blue.” Cas responded, perfectly calm.

“Have you read it?” Blue asked.

“Yes. It’s all true.”

“Well then, shouldn’t you be worried?” Drust asked, sounding like this was the same question she had been asking for hours.

“On the contrary,” Cas began, “The people don’t believe it. And as long as the people don’t believe it, nothing will become of it.”

“What of Blue2?” Blue asked, a small bit worried.

“His death will be swift in a public execution.” Cas announced.

“But-” Blue began.

“After a fair and balanced trial.” Cas added.

“Very well,” Blue ended.

“Now,” Cas said, “As the two of you may have figured since you have been called to this meeting, you, Blue, will serve as my Vice President, and you, Drust, will serve as my Advisor.”

“Sounds good, Cas. When will the trial be held?” Drust asked.

“Tomorrow,” Cas said, standing. “You both are dismissed.”

Blue and Drust walked out, and down the hall towards their rooms in the Presidential Mansion.

“He’s gonna die, you know.” Drust said after a while.

“I know,” Blue said. “The trial is a joke. It’s just to make things look fair so Cas can justify having him executed in public.”

Drust motioned with her hand, and whispered, “The hallways are tapped, come in here.” they walked into Drust’s quarters.

Blue sat down tentatively, and Drust flopped onto her bed.

“You know,” she said, not even looking at him, “It seemed so right when we took down Commando. Now Cas’s done exactly what we were trying to eliminate.”

“He did exactly what Commando said he would do.” Blue added.

“What do we do?” she sat up.

“There’s nothing we can do,” Blue stood. “Only wait things out.”

“Yes,” Drust agreed. “See you tomorrow.”

“For the trial of Bluesockwa2.” Blue finished the sentence, and walked out.

Chapter 14: The Trial

“Here we are,” Blue sat with Drust, Cas, and Splashy on the left side of the courtroom, a few buildings down from the Presidential Mansion, in the Capitol Square. On the right side sat Blue2, Funks, and Tomato.

“All rise for the honorable judge Shaboomboom,” a voice said as Shab entered the courtroom and sat.

“We will hear first from the prosecution,” Jcapp began.

“Thank you, your honor.” Blue said, standing and pacing. “We are here to convict Bluesockwa2 of publishing an article against the newly formed empire and its leader, Casiusbrutus. We intend to convict him of infringing upon the constitution of the new empire, which existed prior to Cas taking office.” Blue sat.

“Thank you,” Jcapp said, “We will now hear from the defense.”

“Your honor,” Funks said, standing and sounding very irritated, “We are here to defend Blue2 and the law of freedom of the press as a whole, a law that cannot be trumped by the rising of a new empire.” Funks sat.

“Very well,” Jcapp said, “Will the prosecution please call their first witness?”

“We would like to call Omega to the stand,” Splashy announced, and Omega walked up, and sat.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” Jcapp leaned forward.

“I do,” Omega responded.

“Thank you, Jcapp.” Blue began, “What is your name?”


“And what is your significance to this case?”

“I am head of Archival Affairs in both Commando and Cas’s empire, and also assisted in Commando’s assassination by monitoring the progress of the Black Snow team using the technology of the liberated C.O.B.R.A. building.”

“You assisted in the deciding and writing of Commando’s original constitution, correct?”

“I did.”

“Can you explain the article that addresses the press?”

“Of course. This article of the constitution states, ‘all articles published by the press will either be commissioned or approved by The Emperor, his Vice President, his Advisor, or the head of Archival Affairs.’ It says later in the constitution that the punishment for disobeying this rule is up to the decision of The Emperor’”

“No further questions,” Blue said, and sat.

“Would the defense like to cross examine the witness?” Shab asked.

“No, your honor,” Tomato responded.

“Very well. Would the prosecution like to call their next witness?”

“No, your honor. We have no further witnesses we find necessary,” Drust said, standing and smirking.

“Um….” you could see Jcapp was stuttering, “Very well.”

“A gutsy move,” Funks whispered to Blue2.

“Why does it matter?” Blue2 asked, maybe a bit too loudly, “Shab’s probably already under gunpoint.

“I ask again, would the defense like to call their first witness to the stand?” Jcapp said, sounding annoyed at the fact that Funks and Blue2 were in conversation and had not been listening.

Blue2 ignored his tone, “We need to be just as gutsy,” he whispered to Funks as he stood.

“Your honor, we would like to call Bluesockwa to the stand.”

Confusion spread throughout the courtroom, predominantly on the prosecution’s side.

“Preposterous!” Splashy shouted, but Cas punched him.

“You have to go up,” Cas said.

“Don’t screw up,” Drust advised as Blue stood and walked over to the stand, his own brother standing, waiting to question him.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” Jcapp echoed.

“Yes,” Blue said, still surprised at the turn of events.

“What is your name?”

“You know my name.” Blue said annoyed, and Cas broke out laughing; one would suspect he already knew the outcome of this case.

“What is your significance to this case?”

“Former Secondary Head of CPAC, Head of CPASC, GT Leader, RPF 3ic, and Co-Leader of Operation Black Snow along with Casiusbrutus,”

“What information will you offer?”

“Aren’t you the one who brought me up here?”

“I will ask the questions.”

“And I will answer as I please,” Blue1 said as Blue2 took a quick glance at Funks.

“Are you aware of the clause in the original constitution relating to the quelling of rebellions?”

“I am.”

“And that is states the punishment for any public outcry is an immediate sentence to death?”

“Oh, but my dear Blue. You must be aware that, now, a new empire has begun. And I cannot be punished for a rebellion that succeeded, the public support of us was immense. In this case of your infringement of the article relating to the press, the public outcry against you is huge.”

“I am aware. I was under the impression this case was about what has been done that is against the prewritten law, not what the public thinks.”

“That is what it has always and will always be about.” Blue responded.

“Then my accusation is relevant here?” Blue2 perceiving he was onto something.

“Just because something is relevant in a desperate attempt to turn the tides in this case does not make it true. I assure you, your loss here is imminent.”

“You are here to give information, not to announce the verdict.”

“Thank you for making me aware of something I previously knew.”

“No further questions,” Blue2 said, sitting.

“Would the prosecution like to cross examine the witness?” Jcapp asked.

“No, your honor,” Cas began, standing. “We find the information he gave while answering Blue’s questions sufficient and actually helpful to our cause.”

“I couldn’t get a darn thing out of him,” Blue2 whispered to Funks on the other side of the room. “You know what, nothing can be done here. We need to try to fix things outside the courtroom.”

“Agreed,” Funks said. “What are you going to do?”

“Take the sentence.” Blue2 said. “We’ll work from there.”

“Are you sure?” Tomato asked.


“Would the defense like to call their next witness?” Jcapp asked.

“Unfortunately Jcapp, we’re going to have to echo the prosecution and say we have no other witnesses at this time who will give any sufficient information.”

It was the prosecution’s second time to be shocked.

“Very well,” Jcapp said. “The court will take a short recess for Shaboomboom to leave into the back room and contemplate the sentence.”

“It doesn’t  matter what we’ve done here.” Drust whispered to Blue. “I’m sure Cas has already taken care of everything. Isn’t that right, Cas?”

“Of course.” Cas smirked.

About ten minutes passed by, and soon after Shab entered again, shutting the door of the back room behind him. He sat, and straightened his robe.

“Bluesockwa2, CPAC Head, has been found guilty as charged.”

A smile creased Cas’s face.

“The sentence is death.”


So, what do YOU think? Has Cas created a new kind of empire, or done exactly what Commando did? What will happen to Blue2, Blue1, Cas and the rest in the seventh and final installment of The Rebel’s Empire, coming up soon? Comment with YOUR opinion!

~Sιя.Bℓυєsσ¢кωa.тнє.1sт, CPA Story Central Head, CPA Central Secondary Head


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