An ocean of blood. PROLOGUE!

Sorry that this took so long!  It’s not perfect but this is gunna have to do until i can finish my exams. I’ve been busy with them exams and stuff :c And i will be inactive for a while as well! Anyway, let me finish such idle chatter. Now, Read on… 

An ocean of Blood.

The girl coughed again and Drust winced. She couldn’t stand it. She hated not knowing which breath would be her best friend’s last. Drust wriggled in her chair and glanced at the silver haired girl who was tossing restlessly in her sleep.

“Is she going to be okay?” Chrisi’s voice floated in.

She shook her head. “I don’t know Chrisi…”

Chrisi came in further and knelt beside April, putting a flipper on her forehead. “She’s burning up…”

Drust fought back the bitter tears that she was so used to hiding. There was nothing she could say to him. She was watching her best friend die, and she couldn’t find any comforting words.

Chrisi looked at her out of the corner of his eye as he smoothed back April’s silver hair. His breath was shaking slightly and his eyes were shining with unshed tears. He was being strong.

“Chrisi,” Drust buried her head in her hands and took deep breaths.

“Drust…” Chrisi put his flipper on Drust’s shoulder but she shrugged him off. “Drust… Go out,”.

Drust looked up at him. Her eyes were red but no tears fell.

“You can’t stay in here forever,” Chrisi smiled sadly.

Drust wiped her eyes on the back of her hand and stood up. She cleared her throat and racked her brains for something to say. She took one last look at April. She seemed to get paler and paler by the second. What little colour her cheeks had possessed was now gone completely. Drust took one more deep breath and left the room. She trudged out of the hospital, not bothering to grab her jacket. She almost let out a sigh of relief as the cold rained slapped into her. Chrisi was right. She couldn’t stay in that room. It smelt like sickness and death. Not that anyone had died in there. Yet. Drusr sighed and willed her legs to move, carrying her forward in an unknown direction.

“Drust…” Dale answered the door, not showing even the slightest bit of surprise. Dale had known that Drust was coming, even though Drust hadn’t known it herself.
Drust looked up from her feet in surprise. Dales’ glowing eyes seemed to bore holes in her and her hair stuck up in all directions. Of course, Drust thought, he would have been asleep.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” she said quietly and turned to leave unsure of how she got to Dale’s house in the first place.

“How is she?” Dale asked and Drust froze.

“I should get back to her…”

“But you came here for a reason didn’t you?” Dale was staring at her curiously and Drust once again found herself lost for words.

“I don’t… yes, I suppose…” She took a deep breath and cleared her throat. “I was just wondering whether… maybe I am cursed after all…”

Dale sighed at looked at the young girl standing in the doorway, soaking wet.

“I must get back,” Drust looked at her feet again. She knew it wasn’t true. She knew there was no curse. “I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

“It’s quite alright…” Dale frowned in confusion and stared after the girl as she trudged away.

Drust stopped as she came back out onto the main road, turning her face up to the sky. The tears spilt over as the rain hit her face. No one could tell that she was crying, so she let it all go. She preferred to cry out here than in there where Chrisi would see her. Why had she gone to see Dale? The truth was, part of her almost wished that she was cursed. It would give an explanation as to why her parabatai was dying. It gave Drust someone to blame… Someone that she could get angry with anyway. April was dying because she had a heart. Yes, that was far better than the truth. Before she had found out that she wasn’t cursed, Drust would have blamed herself without hesitation. After all, she had let April love her like a sister.

Drust trudged into the hospital, dripping wet. She stopped as she entered and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. She put her hands in her hair and ruffled it, letting the water droplets fly. Drust went straight to April’s room, taking a huge gulp of air before she entered. Chrisi sat on the side of the bed, one hand on the sickly girl’s cheek and the other gently stroking a violin. April’s violin.

“How does she do it Drust?” Chrisi asked without looking up.

“How does she what?”

“How does she create such beautiful music? I hold this violin and nothing special happens… when April plays, it is like magic,” he frowned down at the violin in confusion.

Drust shook her head and went over to him. “You need to rest Chrisi.”

The boy looked up. His eyes were red and he looked as if he hadn’t slept in months. He nodded, but did not stand. He looked back at his Best friend, remembering the way she used to smile, the way his heart skipped a beat when she took his hand. She didn’t smile anymore. Not even in her dreams. A tear slid down his cheek as Chrisi gathered up his coats and stood.

“She’ll be here when you get back,” Drust whispered. “I promise… Just go sleep.”

“Tell me if she wakes up,” Chrisi hiccupped and left the room.

Drust knelt down beside her best friend. “Please don’t leave me April. I need you. Don’t go,” every word was a whisper. Every word Drust forced out was agony.

April moaned in her sleep and her breath seemed to get stuck in her throat.

“No April please!” Drust grabbed the Girl’s Flipper. “Please don’t leave me alone! I can’t be alone again!” Drust pressed April’s cold flipper to her cheeks and let tears trickly down them.

April was shaking. She was too cold and too hot all at once and her skin shined with sweat. Her face was now almost gray. Same with her feathers. Definitely not the colour somebody’s face should be.

April mumbled something and Drust looked up. The girls’s silvery eyes shone in the dull light. “Drust…” her voice was weak, barely audible. Her chest heaved as she tried to draw breath and the little air she managed to suck in made a wheezing sound.

Drust smiled sadly. “It’s okay April…” Drust breathed, squeezing April’s Flipper. “I’m here.”

“Will you….” April couldn’t get the words out. Her eyelids drooped and she coughed again. She put a skeletal hand to her mouth and once she stopped coughing, it came away, stained with red.

Drust knew what her parabatai was trying to ask. “Yes April… I’ll stay with you.”

April seemed to relax a bit, sighing and closing her eyes. “Tell Chrisi… I love him…”

The words stung. April never knew. Never knew how Drust felt. “Of course,” Drust tried not to start crying again.

Another cough racked her slender frame. April gasped for air and gripped Drust’s flipper with all of her remaining strength. More coughing. So much coughing. April’s eyes watered, tears racing down her cheeks. She couldn’t find the strength to keep her eyes open.

“Don’t let go of my flipper April,” Drust sniffled.

April gave her flipper a comforting squeeze, as if to say ‘I’m not going anywhere’.
Drust took a shaky breath and watched as the girls’s face relaxed. Her grip on Drust’s flipper loosened and she slipped away.

April died that night. She just stopped. When Chrisi came in to see how she was, he found Drust holding the pale, skinny penguin in her arms, tears streaming down her face, not making a sound and rocking back and forth. Her eyes had been red and swollen. Chrisi had never thought that he would see Drust like that. She had let the walls break down.

Chrisi had all but collapsed onto the floor and curled into a ball. Tears flooded down his cheeks. He couldn’t see and everything hurt.

After a while Drust stood up. Without saying anything, she took the box that contained April’s medicine and hurled it out the window. She let out a scream. It was a scream that sounded somewhere between outrage and agony. She crashed to her knees next to Chrisi and he stared at her, blinking away the tears.

She looked up at him from in under strands of her white hair. She no longer cried. She promised herself that she would never cry again. April wouldn’t have liked it.

Chrisi reached out and took Drust’s Flipper.

Drust leaned back against the bed and stared up at the ceiling. I swear i will kill that bastard Oagalthorp for poisoning April evan if its the last thing i do!

Chrisi wriggled closer to her and rested Drust’s head on his shoulder, trying to calm down. He squeezed Drust’s flipper and closed his eyes, taking yet another shaky breath.

And they stayed like that. Silent and shivering as the cold wind blew in through the window. Neither daring to look at the dead girl on the bed. Neither trusting themselves to speak. They just sat there until morning came and they had to face the bitter truth.


Parabatai means strong fighting partners or something like that. 😛


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