Fugitives for Freedom, Chapter 4: The Truth Unfolds

Here is the 4th installment of Fugitives for Freedom:

Chapter 4: The Truth Unfolds

I stammered as Lesley continued to ask me what I saw. I still couldn’t believe it myself, as I passed her the pink jar. She read the small white label, and she froze.

“You don’t think they…” I couldn’t continue my sentence.

“We both know they did, but why us?” Lesley pondered. “What did we ever do wrong?”

That thought triggered a memory. I was 11 years old, before the army council was ever built. There was much controversy about it, but nobody thought it would happen because of everybody rejecting the idea. It was just about to pass through this time, but Lesley and I were still steamed about some people to be higher than us in armies. We were all equal, and we thought we shouldn’t have people making our decisions. This time, everybody started to like the idea. We decided to stop it with protests, starting inside ACP, and it channeled throughout armies. This is the reason the council sued us. They wanted to get rid of us for our delaying of their progress! I steamed. I let out my frustration and told Lesley. 

“What?” she screamed as she threw a rock as far as she could out of anger. “I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY WOULD DO THAT!”

“I can,” I replied. “Have you seen the council? They don’t seem like the kinds of people who would let something like that go.” I put the brainwashing potion jar back into the backpack, and it was half full. 

“They probably brainwashed the jury,” she fumed. “And Flipper and Kenneth!”

We ate a meal of apples from a tree nearby, still angry about what happened. 

I finally spoke up again. “Lesley, so what we have this ‘proof’ of the council’s guiltiness. What would we do, put the council on trial? Plus, who would believe two people who escaped execution?

She thought about this. Then she replied, “We’ll make them believe us.”

We saw a few cops coming near us, so we walked slowly away in our special disguises. We just kept moving along around the borders to a large garden, filled with vegetables and various fruit trees. I picked a grape from the tree and shared it with Lesley. 

“I still can’t believe they did that,” Lesley remarked. We chewed the grapes until we saw a woman walk out. We were prepared to run, but then I saw who she was.

“Lesley, wait,” I commanded.

“What, are you trying to get us caught?” she inquired.

“No, that’s my Aunt Susan!” I answered. “I should have recognized her garden!”

“Oh, thank God you’re okay!” my aunt cried. “Come inside.”

We came inside and sat for a cup of tea. Lesley and I scoffed at the bitter taste when she was out of the room. “So we can stay here for now?” Lesley asked.

“Yes,” I said. “She said there’s a guest bed for us.”

“Okey-dokey,” Lesley replied.

We were silent for a minute or two. “We need to show the cops our evidence,” I blurted.

“I know,” Lesley consoled. “But how are we going to prove ourselves innocent? If we go to the police station, they’ll kill us.”

Before I could answer, there was a knock on the door. I looked in the parkway, and saw a police car. He knocked louder, shouting in a muffled voice, “Army Police Department, open the door now!” Lesley and I ran away under the guest bed. I heard a small conversation between Aunt Susan and the PD, then I heard loud, masculine footsteps step closer and closer to our room, and the door was pushed open. He searched the room, and I started to sweat when he searched the bed.

His flashlight shone at my face as he said, “You two are under arrest.”


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