Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2: Part V (C8 & C9)

Hello all, and welcome to Part V (5) of Operation: Destroy ACP, Ep#2. In this part, Mch & Splashy interrogate Aqua while the ACP launch a search party to find Ken. Enjoy 🙂

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The Prince: Chapter 7

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the wait, I’ve been preparing for a school band concert and haven’t had much time to write.

Below is the last part of Chapter 6, then click “Read More” to go on to Chapter 7.

 “When you return to your bunk, look for stickers upon your door. A red sticker means you are not attending the battle. An orange sticker means your squad is leaving tomorrow, a yellow sticker means you are leaving the day after tomorrow, a green sticker means you are leaving in two days, a blue sticker means you are leaving in 3 days, and a purple sticker means you are leaving in 4 days. You are dismissed.”

I was in shock. My body was numb.

I might be going to battle.

I could be dead in a week.

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The Memoirs- Part I

Bluesockwa here, and right after the end of The Rebel’s Empire, a new idea hit me, loosely tied to my previous series. I know this may start out as a bit of a love story, but it will become something much more after the first chapter. This may be different than what you’re used to from me, but I hope you’ll like it. Continue reading

The Rebel’s Empire- Finale

Splashy: Blue, must talk to you on chat ASAP. And, when you’re editing the staff, please delete whoever is being promoted from the previous rank thingy. Now Drust is both Head Writer and Writer. You must take more care.

Blue: On other grounds, Drust/Suzie has been promoted to Head Writer along with Becca. I trust you will continue to write the amazing stories you are.

Here it is, the spectacular finale of The Rebel’s Scandal, with a million twists and turns that will leave you shocked at the conclusion of this book, the conclusion of the entire Rebel’s Trilogy. If you haven’t read The Rebel’s Scandal, Book 1, that can be read here, and if you haven’t read The Rebel’s Revenge, Book 2, you can read that here. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the conclusion of the RPF Trilogy. Continue reading

The Rebel’s Empire- Part VI

In the second to the last installment of this book, a gusty move by Blue2 doesn’t sit well with The Empire and we see what Blue2, Blue1, Cas, Drust, and the rest are really made of. Continue reading

An ocean of blood. PROLOGUE!

Sorry that this took so long!  It’s not perfect but this is gunna have to do until i can finish my exams. I’ve been busy with them exams and stuff :c And i will be inactive for a while as well! Anyway, let me finish such idle chatter. Now, Read on…  Continue reading

Fugitives for Freedom, Chapter 4: The Truth Unfolds

Here is the 4th installment of Fugitives for Freedom:

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