The Symbol of Innocence: Chapter 8

‘Sup, peoplez! I’m back with Chapter 8 of the Symbol of Innocence.

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“The second theory is that they think the Nachos hired you to kill their own officer, then the Nachos blamed ACP. Some believe that the ACP hate your guts because of that. So, either they hate you or they know you’re on their side.”

“And you’re sending us to the ACP main base tomorrow,” Kate said.

“Correct,” Dan confirmed.

“So basically, depending on what the ACP think about you guys,” Dan continued, “You’re either safe… or dead.”

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The Rebel’s Revenge- Finale

Here it is. The final five chapters and epilogue of The Rebel’s Revenge, where either RPF or CPAC/ACP will prevail once and for all. But I assure you, the many twists and turns in these final chapters will have you understanding everything and having a million questions all at the same time. Hope you enjoy the finale. Continue reading

The Rebel’s Revenge- Part IV

In the fourth installment of “The Rebel’s Revenge”, things heat up as Blue1 orders some controversial missions, and more is uncovered about RPF and their secrets. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading

The Symbol of Innocence: Chapter 7

Hey, fellow readers and writers! Becca here with Chapter 7 of the Symbol of Innocence. This chapter’s a long one, so stay with it.

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“Right now, these children are probably in hiding. Hiding in some lonely little alley, too scared to show their faces because they were framed for a crime they did not commit. Right now, these children are the symbol of innocence. We need to find them, show them we mean them no harm, and deliver them to safety. It shows we care about, that we protect the blameless.”

And also condemns the Nachos, Mchappy thought.

Oagal concluded his speech with a few more minutes of his concise but amazing sentences, accepted a standing ovation and a round of thundering applause and wild cheers, then calmly walked off the stage to the side area.

“Brilliant,” Mchappy told him as he passed him.

“Thank you,” Oagal replied smugly.

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Plazmatic Penguin: Part II (C3, C4 & C5)

Hey there CPASC

Welcome to Part II of ‘Plazmatic Penguin’. Last time out, we experienced a rather drunk Kayden, Plazma checking out the Migrator and then blasting into Kayden’s home. This time, we’re going to see lots more. Read on, and enjoy.

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The Symbol of Innocence: Chapter 6

@Blue: Thanks for promoting me to Head Writer, but I have no idea what that really means. Do I have any responsibilies or anything that I have?

Ello, peoplez! Becca here with Chapter 6 of the Symbol of Innocence.

In Chapter 5, there were a few typos that probably made part of the chapter pretty confusing. Turns out, I put “Nachos” where I should have put “ACP” a few times. It’s all fixed, so if you were confused last chapter, go back and reread Tan’s interview.

Below is the last paragraph of Chapter 5, then click “Read More” to go to Chapter 6.

Then, a square piece of the floor from the floor above fell across the room from Becca and Hades, in the middle of the square two young teenagers, one boy and one girl, who spewed bullets at everyone in the room, and then disappeared from sight by leaping through the hold in the wall.

Joey’s heart seemed to sink all the way to his stomach.

He and Kate had killed Hades.

Joey and Kate: Wanted, dead or alive.

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The Rebel’s Revenge- Part III

Here it is, the next two chapters of “The Rebel’s Revenge.” This is around the time that everything will start to unfold. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading