Splashy’s Review: January 2012

Hey everyone, Splashy here. I am here to announce Splashy’s Monthly Review. The Splashy’s Monthly Review (SMR) is something I will do every month, hence the name. It is basically a post reviewing all that has happened on the CPASC site in the previous month, posted on the last day of the month. It will involve any stories that have been released/finished that month and a personal overview. It will also include the all new ‘Writer of the Month’, which is my opinion and my opinion only. So, read on for the January 2012 review!

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Retirement Of Coolto5- Buh Bye

I think you can guess what this is all about.


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Operation: Destroy ACP, Part VI

Hey everyone, and welcome to the penultimate (second to last) installment of Operation: Destroy ACP. Part VI features two chapters, Twelve and Thirteen. Chapter VII (7) will be the last part of this story. Part VII will be big, and I will be posting it on the 31st. I hope you enjoy Part VI.

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The Purple Return: Chapter 5

Tomato 8883: Y U EDIT ME POST????!!!!!SHIFT1!!

Splashy: Two things. 1 – ZOMG BLUE WHAT IS IT ABOUT? IS IT GOOD OR BAD? And 2 – I feel sorry for Tomato. We’re taking up his post with edits. Blue, I’ll be on tomorrow, at about 2PM GMT at ACP chat.

Blue1: xD Splashy. Anyway, I need to speak with you on chat next time you’re on. 

Splashy: I want to join in with the editing.

Blue1: Very well. 

Tomato 8883: I wasn’t saying anything about fireing people, I was just wondering if they were still here.  I am looking forward to their posts.  And it would be nice if someone actually commented on my posts.

Blue1: Frankly Tomato, that’s nice. To decide who will and will not remain here is my job. As to Icey, I’m aware. I’ve talked with you multiple times about the site. Klug, however, does need to post soon. But Tomato, don’t just “put things out there” when you don’t know the whole story. 

Icey Cold27: I am still here, to oversee things.

Tomato 8883:  Just putting it out there, Mchappy and Klug haven’t posted yet.

The Justice Alliance has headed to Klondike for their second battle with PR.

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The Purple Return: Chapter 4

After finding out how powerful PR are, the armies are going to have more trouble than they thought.

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Yeah, im leaving for a while

Blue1, my exuse is that I cant ever find time to post on CPASC. Only these slots of 5 mins at school on my ridiculously german laptop.

So yeah, sorry. Cya

-Coolto, CPASC temporary retired writer

Splashy: It’s fine Coolto, take as much time off as you need, I’m sure Blue & Mch will agree with me. Tell us when you’re ready to return via an edit on a post or a drafted post or something….. =).

Coolto: Guys, I have to retire soon; I can’t get on xat because xat have so much brain damage and this is the 1st time I’ve been on for ages, I will do a few more chapters of  ‘The Arising Of ACP’, end it then make a retirement post. I expect to do all this by 31st February 2012, Sorry all.

War of the Worlds, Chapter 2: So PR is not responsable? Who is then?


Splashy: I added Read More…

Tap: Thanks, it was late at night when I finished it (because I didn’t want to stop) and forgot the button, now folks, enjoy the story!

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